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Does anyone else enjoy showing off their spouse?I guess you wonder where I've been I searched to find a love within I came back to let you know Got a thing for you and I can't let goI want to talk to other ABDL’s"Dancing Girls "Does science get mysterious when you study it long enough?According to Brahmins, if in a family husband is not dominant and wife is not submissive then that family is corrupt, evil and dishonest... That kindMilk question.More pretty thingsJoke:::: 2am joke VERY VERY LONG:major scroll🌽🌽🌽totally worth it 🤨I think there should be some point added to the ppl who respond to any post first !!I heard that if space was full of air instead of a vacuum, the sun would be really loudDo you have any advice for someone who can't just have 1-3 beers and has to have 6?The art that I love - 12What is this shlt? This is the worse Vape pen I've ever triedHoly crap. This journaling + AI Insight app is better than most of the counselors I’ve tried 😆The thought dump journal.It's the truth as of late...Jackie Scott WalkerWho remembers this?Is Mitch McConnell the lesser of multiple evils... now that he has resigned from Republican leadership... effective November 2024.Ar Log Welsh Folk TunesDavid Martin Exposes Timeline of Biggest Democide in Recorded HistorySome changes occurredLet’s Get This StraightIt's been 50F for 3 daysMeanwhile in the dad joke world,this is going aroundAnyone want to Connect?Potato guilty pleasurecant wait to finish workkkkPosobiec should be arrested for treason for wanting a theocracy,Hey cons, keep this one thing in mind this election cycleWtf happenedthere are predators here who just can't seem to get a lifeIllinois Judge removes Quad Indicted from the ballot!I don’t want to study when I don’t have to workArt project 2024 in the making , what else needs to be in it?I have an unexplained big bruise on my lower left abdomen.Alright how the hell did I get a huge boil pimple thing on my thigh? It just appeared out of nowhere.Dessert hack baby!when i fall in lovegame theory: prisoners dilemmaI really dislike the professor overseeing my thesis,,,,Want another reason to vote blue no matter who? If trump wins, there's literally nothing he can't do.Ecclesiastes 10:2, Republicans and Democrats?Just once I would like to not be judged for struggling with addictionI once again applied for certificate IV in accounting and bookkeeping at south bank TAFE in July 8 thrise up this mornin', smiled with the risin' sunOur therapist told us that we gotta have "social support"What song are you listening to or is in your head lately?I got my missing w2. Of course they gave me a hard time about it.I remember once, back in 1994, there was a never-before-released VHS copy of Fantastic Four floating around conventions...According to Brahmins, humanity is about following strict traditions. love, compassion and empathy is bullshit and fake things...I want my chair back, but the cat has it.People stop me on the street all the frikkin time...I didn't realize my desktop is that oldEver wonder what the last dinosaur must have thought?I wonder if it's possible...You ever feel like...Good Morning!USS Yorktown CV-10Would you pay to see this band?Supreme Court to decide Trump immunity claim months after they had the opportunity to do so.What are your kinks babes?My coworker emailing our supervisor saying "it takes the same amout of time for you to throw in in the trash as writing us a note to do it"I think now that I have my period, I feel a lot better, less anxious about my course, I feel more confidentThe Supreme Court has agreed to hear if trump has immunity to be a criminalI See You picture 4Making New Gamer Friends!Isn't the troll thing a bit overdone?Love my wife in a thongI'm taking two edibles tonightLooking for friends!low key in love w that one security guardDo you think that youtube/Instagram were created for good purposeA married woman spat at me.I See You (title is too short)Hey listen. If I asked you to have dinner with me tonight..How unstable and hot mess can someone beDo you have the new iPhone?GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith blocks legislation protecting IVF accessWhat is your favorite book genre?I once again applied for certificate iii in health services assistant, at south bank TAFE, in July intakewould someone please adopt me?I drive alot for work. I do take alot of work calls but sometimes i just wanna call a friend and ask about there day.America is just as great as when they landed on the moon the first time, just privatized in space.Have you ever pre-grieved someone? To attempt to mitigate later pain by just the fraction of a hair?Finally, I had her...I've pulled the peeling skin on my thumbHow will the US get China to engage over Taiwan?Caring for an extremely obese partnerTrump appeal shot downWhat is with people asking if one knows how to use a knife for personal defense?Apparently only gentlemen will understand? Is this a Zona thing? Please explainThe financial system is imploding……DerealizationSo I got rated out of 10?Where have your Wednesday Bible Studies gone?anyone else worried about your gmail accountIn A New Hope when R2D2 and C3POGilead takes another step closer...Bibliomania for an idiotI just did a favor for a customer and he blamed me for the complication.There's been a long-standing rivalry between ducks and swans ever since The Ugly DucklingThis city is built under boulders that legit hang over the streets and houses covering the whole villageWhat has happened to you in the last three monthsat my little country store that sells a little food and liquor- I bought a Wednesday bingo cardsI'm starting to think that George Soros influence these Elites to secretly invest in stocksClown Kid Standing AroundWhy is being 'A'sexual/romantic commonly lumped in as part of being a member of the 'queer community' ?So I'm sitting at a traffic light ...Certain people have been making very hurtful remarks about my choosing to wear mittens rather than gloves...Some people say the Sun and the Moon are quite far away from us but this is not true. Science is divided about the distanceWhen you realize you haven’t eaten all day due to forcibly keeping yourself busy so you don’t focus on how late the workers you hired are…Tithing: should I/do I have to?Top Tip. Do not waste water and soap cleaning these pesky leftovers from the plates on a Sunday afternoon. Simply lay them out on the floor for theHave you ever ran out of breath you felt that you might just die?I feel that the bodyguard industry really needs to be disruptedIf you're dumb enough to get a chick pregnant on a pull-out couch. I just can't feel sorry for ya.Wouldn't it be ..Capital one just bought Discover worth over 52 billionHave you mastered the dream state?ANR - for real!If a peron commits a felon they lose the right to vote?Why are people so surprised when their attempt at being annoying is annoying?Upon diving into Aeschylus' Oresteia trilogyWorks appreciation... Motivational card things.Do you think when people started domesticating dogs, there were people saying it was a bad idea to take wolf cubs out of the wild?Hey buddy do me a solid right quick?It's hard to take conservatives seriously when they say words like "racist" and "homophobe" are bigoted things to say 😂Sometimes I wish I could live a dogs lifeif you easily take offence with peopleIt's WhOpPer WeDnesDayWhen did you start developing memories?I never understood people who don’t poop or pee in publicHow do you tell when you've been in the woods too longTrump Says He Might Have to Sell Properties to Pay $454 Million PenaltyMitch McConnell stepping downI left the Lutheran Church I join Jews for JesusStory time, got food poisoning.I am so late.McConnel to step down as Minority Leader.Friends IRLI've set aside Hammer for Halo infinite's Forge.. for a bitI Really Wish I Started Living a Nudist Lifestyle WAY EarlierMitch McConnell to step down from GOP leadership Senate positionMy daughter who is 10, has my phone ..The US economy desperately needs immigrant workers to exploit - why is the line at the border moving so slow?Apple Ends Multi-Billion Dollar Effort To Build Electric CarsAny Female Ticklees Near Troy OhioIllegal Alien Arrested For Murdering ToddlerI can’t think of a meaningful titleI’m he worst person to watch movie with.Chili updateWill my husband really change after cheating multiple times?my friend Souad is; good muslim ladySurely will be a big theatre buy soonBitcoin - Placed hours ago, based on my Last Post:Willy Wonka Experience in ScotlandThe McFailure RINO Removal Trifecta Nears CompletionHas anyone had problemsI kinda hate seeing bodies like mine being used as examples of a mom body 💀not a day goes by that I can avoid thinking about rap or World War 2Every time I see a car fail video with a Mustang it fails in the same way; they try to do a burn out and fishtail and hit something.China Flooding US With Illegal Auto Sear Switches For HandgunsWhen I was young I could only drink about 8 beers and I'd feel like shit the next day.I'm starting to notice that the salads I make tend to be a bit on the "dry" side...Ordered gas station pizza for lunchI've accomplished some of my goals I set this yearGot almost four pounds of diced rump roast and strip steak,Shopping for myselfWhy I am the way that I amThis morning on my way to take my kid to school she said “momma…you’re the best mommy ever, okay, I just wanted you to know that” 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹I've decided that from now on every time I want to go out I will just put the money into my brokerage accountfor those who care, I won't be on here as much in the next few monthsI have come to the conclusion that Kentucky weather is CLEARLY dyslexic!!How’s your day going?Idk why but I keep having flashbacks from when I was a kidGargi rejected me indirectly sadly. Was it really because of my shyness?Whether people want to believe it or not we and most of the entire world have entered a DEPRESSION..…Religion is the root of all evilApple unplugged (it's electric car project). What happens next?Controversial jokes about the Catholic religion I wanted to share. So, if your catholic and offended pass this by, or say I warned you!Why couldn't we spend my money this morning?one of the whole reasons I started getting into foreign music was because rap basically took over the worldImportant info and video on dangerous MRNA technologyQI will be screaming victimhood yet again. He’s a victim of his own inept legal staff.Look what found me today?Gaining confidenceThis what happens when you let a carpenter work on your carJust missing my best friend todayDoes Atlantis exist, in another astral plane?The Bible and EvolutionWhy would a woman ask a guy if he's close with another woman?Boo-Boo Is Getting A Bit Bossy…I am obsessed with but fail at organizing tools and supplies.How many of you?I had to sleep on my couch last night after a couple of hours of dealing with three snoring and shifting logs on my bedDid you ever hear your alarm ringtone and get triggered?Have Read That The Walton Family Is Selling Off Huge Amounts Of Walmart Stock….I made my first working Skyrim mod yesterday.According to Brahmins, theory of evolution is false because it is against the welfare of humanity, so if anyone apply theory of evolution in theiris it normal to stalk my crush?There’s A Mouse In The House….Thanks To A Strong Cold Front That Blew In Last Night…And what do you know, The shooters at the Chief's Parade is getting away with it. No Justice for the remember kidsKnoxville to Charleston what a beautiful rideIt's my day offfffLauren Boebert’s teenage son arrested in ColoradoWhen he thinks he's getting close to you and starts acting like the jerk he really is, it's always too soon.2 pricey even if eligibleGotten so used to warm air and sunshine that I forgot how brisk and invigorating the cold air and cloudy skies can be.The Queef dictator finally did it. Hit a new fvcking low in CanadaNina's Blog - Wednesday 28th February 2024Born on this date: Linus PaulingI'm speechless. The grocery delivery person left me 4 packages of bacon.anyone heard worrying rumors gmail is going to shut down or some users are going to have their accounts deletedDems want to give three times more to Ukraine than for border security? In addition to all our prior money given to Ukraine?Have you read that MAINE wants all government vehicles to be electric by 2030?Saw a video on Tiktok where a guy calls his wife from the bus..What do you do when your wife puts you in the "friend zone"Do you think politicians make up their own facts or twist those available to them?Theatre of the mindAs someone who has Survived* real panic attacks, I don’t not appreciate people using the term “having a panic attack” casually. It needs to stop.Pokémon Fans, Are You Excited For Pokémon Legends Z-A?I am feeling extremely angry and frustrated and also feeling like cryingadblockers no longer working on youtubeVerse of the day...Busy day todayWhite House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized President Biden's urgent call for Congress to support Ukraine in its defense against Russia'I have not used a cell phone in 15 years........ Sunup joke over the corn 🌽There's a few problems in the UK Parliament is one of them.79° yesterday afternoonI did my makeup. How did I do?When will the drone’s realize how much damage was done to kids and the continuing damage that is occurring to kids today due to covid lockdowns?What other names do you call your pet?Juilius Caesar was about to cross the Rubicon.....5:28 am jokeBlissed out zombieFavourite nightsDemocrats now to protect voting fraud by paying students to register people to “vote” ?According to Brahmins without spirituality and patriotism, there is neither peace and happiness nor wealth and the crossroadsMadness or GenuisSeries of sickness, is it a concern of negative/dark energy?After following the participants of this site closely...Asmara, Eritrea and a visit to rememberMy money tree died and it broke meAn Octopus with arms on every lever of powerJust when I think I've got her trained, she brings a live mouse in and lets it go... in my bed.Adventure of Lifejoke::::long A Jewish son tells his father he is moving out......... 🤦‍♂️A realistic and utopian futureWhat is a 'girl next door' or similar?When you first encounter a woman what does she see about you unique?It's true that religions and racism are greatest enemies of human development and progress but it's also true that most world powerful leaders haveThis is not pro drugs, I'm really asking people who hallucinate anyway... Just wondering do you ever see hallucinations behind you?The blissful lonerwhy is she so psychoSorry to be serious for a moment... I just want to deal with some rumours that seem to be doing the rounds...I think the Tigers Leadership should be to blamed for the conflict.You ever fix something but had little idea of how you did it?🤔Makes me feel so badAccording to Brahmins, if you love God then God will give you peace and happiness but you will gain wealth and power only by loving Satan...Fibbi Town - AAF Marketing.coJust had a spicy memory of an argument I had on Telegram once.Let's say one day SW is gone for good...How do i stop my buttcrack from showing? Ive tried everything, i lost weight, different pants, even belts still expose 2-3 inches of my buttcrack.Blacklight posters: a fixture of my teenage years…My Playwrights CollectionApparently money is coming to me on Friday really?let's make fun of people behind their backs...Optus is over charging me , it’s $20 less, but I’m paying $100.08 a month it’s so much, my mums with vodafone but pays $50 a monthReally don’t understand how people are so meanBaseball Buttcrackthrottled myself into a manic frenzy to survive that funeral and all its related goings onDo you think older women appreciate men more than younger women do?Grass fires near Amarillo, TXWork from home or office?Is sociopath correct diagnosisI was watching a documentary on the making of Michael Jackson’s album "Thriller"Could someone give me a job?I got bittenWell damn.. this sucksHe just made me delicious dinner with mussels ceviche and now he's installing plant lights for me“Hee Haw” Star Roni Stoneman Dies at 85There’s nothing wrong with being white and pale if that’s the way you areI can’t like this feeling of loneliness 😭 how do you fuckin men do it ! Suffer in silence. I can’t do it, I need to cry it all out all the time"Never-Surrender-"Cry-Baby-trump Donald Trump pays $392,638.69 he owed The New York Times for legal fees connected to a frivolous lawsuit he filed.According to Brahmins, every women treat their husband like a God then she will get the power to enjoy greatest pain and suffering...How do you learn sexual attraction? Why is the focus of dating all about women's boobs?Eve of Destruction -Barry McquireI accidentally outed myself to a friendJustin Timberlake keeps on sending friend requests I accept them we talk then I block himThere is a child inside every manReturned to the book storewelp, i'm stoned againDo you have interesting dreams I don’t remember all my dreams but when I do they are weirdI reapplied for certificate iii in health services assistantComment with a question and my legally impaired wife will consult the tarot for an answerToday’s my parents’ wedding anniversaryAdvice about when the relationship starts to go badwhat was your headline story on your local news channel this evening?I'm about to get my ass looked at by some stranger with a medical degreeWhy have women been flirting with me in the past three weeks?I wonder how my garbage can was moved all the way to the other side of my driveway. 🤔I had one of the worst headaches yesterday and don't know why.I think intuition is wrong so often cause it's not intuitionBest place to get a $2,000 loan?Maybe my problem is that I think everyone is planning to attack me.I hate it when people try chatting with me when I’m out in publicWhat is it with people on this website suddenly deleting all their stories or their whole accounts without warning?Just a little rantIs it just me, or is it since charmin came out with the six roll equivalent does the four roll go faster?California Is At It Again With More Gun Control InsanityJesus Christ knew that many false prophets will come after him and will propogate false doctrines.Those people who are born and brought up in Europe or America andMy boyfriend gave me another driving lesson todayFeeding the BuildingLets read the Bible one chapter at a time! Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.I'm an idiot...(toyboy from last year)A Deal May Be In The Making To Fund Ukraine And IsraelI get tired of pushy commercials.So innocent.. can’t distance themselves enough from it..Well, well, well.If I signed up for disability and work full time. If I'm accepted, do they just give me a certain time to quit work?Morrigan, great queenHas anyone ever met the messaging limit?Can psychotropic medicine make you dependant on alcohol?I need your help. My chest hurts.The Wife of Usher's WellDrink carts had another record breaking dayI nearly called the police after hearing my neighbours screaming and things being smashed.I have a superpowerThe Lowly HandjobImagine the Government Tax you for breaking up your girlfriend because they can't afford from a single person. They need couplesDoes this guy trim his pubic hair or is he one of those guys who doesn't have much pubic hair?Why am I always counting down the days and rushing time?My sister told me to keep eye contact with the guy getting in his carDid you know a simple table/soup spoon is a deadly weapon?Woot, my mom actually liked that new punk song that’s stuck in my head 😄Hoarders is such a realistic showapple cider reminds me of summer time... apple cider is good even if it loses its carbination, flat apple cider is apple juiceHave you ever had a single male friend who didn't try it on?I never realized how big ravens were!The Worse game to waste your money that are worse than DLC games in ConsolesWho would've thoughtHere’s A Real Work Of Fiction That Needs To Be Banned, As Long As “Conservatives” And The A$$holes With Casseroles Are At ItI think I might just become tik tok famousLadapo—FL’s very own public health disasterArtemis updateWho got a pair bigger then me?Damn,son in law can't take a hintMy morning has been rather interesting thus far...I hate being sensitivedo you fear ending up on your ownHave u ever experienced this? When i was young andYou know sometimes I can't express how you make me feel...So this guy who claims to be a patriot and has only 96 brain cells says we should bring gulags to America. Do you agree?Scrolling through my pictures of the dog who opened my heart after I lost my beloved furry baby and the now grown puppy he fathered…You know what I don’t want to do anything anymore if you want me come to me to my house and pick me upI cannot understand whyHow Many Democrats Will Vote 'Non-Commited' in Today's 2024 Michigan Primary in Protest to President Biden's Middle East Policy?About time we exposed the scam of religious preachers. Their beards, their hats, their songs and hymns. Comedians they are.Putin Says Biden Is Better For Russia Than Trump 🤣Rust trial is very spicy today🌶Overnighting with three cyclistsI’m bored any diapered ladies?Rufus Wainwright - Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaPutin Advises Trump, If Elected, to Set Up Gulags Like Russia Has on Siberia. Trump Says, Yeah, "We Can Do That in Alaska."can you remember what you were doing back in 1985Former Freedom Caucus Chair Floats House GOP Nixing State of the Union Invite Over Biden Border Policies.Justices Hint Florida and Texas Social Media Laws May Be UnconstitutionalNikki Haley Warns Electing Trump as Republican Nominee Would Be 'Suicide for Our Country.'The Way …new BBC dramaMy childhoodIllinois bill redefines ‘abused child’ to minor whose parents refuse abortions or gender hormonesWhat do you like to do when everything is quiet?my friend souad good motherI know I probably sound like a broken record butI shouldn't have binge-watched all of Hazbin Hotel over the weekendWhat is the most tired old gimmick, line, or joke that you have heard or seen a million times but everyone still laughs just to be polite?My Dad phoned me during the night Putin first attacked us, I was away from OdesaR.I.P. Alan Robert Rogowski (Ole Anderson)Time to Up the Ante: Tell RUSSIA We'll Consider Putting NATO Troops In UkraineI don't want to post my photo on hereThe Answer: "It's smart. It's called being an intelligent person."Finally gave chocolate to this other girl today but was it pathetic of me that i was so shy?And the Answer Is . . .not even 8:30am and i'm already thinking about alcohol...We all have them, what's your biggest insecurity?Sometimes I wonder if I am too picky or people are just annoyingThese people who apologise for being distant to everybody on their statuses and storiesBiden may make gaffes, but he doesn’t forget his wife’s name, unlike TrumpI gave you guys a break yesterday....Non BinaryWhat should be done to stop Putin's genocide in Ukraine... as opposed to what has been done to date?Welcome to single depression cookingToronto milky mommyHow do I become a stay at home?She took chancesWell i feel the newest addition. Id say they did pretty well last time.Permission granted even though I wasn't asking for it,Attitudes Changewhat’s the silliest thing you have done recently?I can't believe February is all most overTo be honestNeed to sleep for workI got a splinter under my fingernail yesterday and had to pull it, and it stung like a bitch.What shows did a really good job with costume design?The treadmill company I started is retaining a lot of customers. ...............I can’t remember the movie name. It was an old movie.Last post for nowWhy does my heart race when i talk with my new crush?Biggest decision of the day gave me a headachehow should you 'deal' with someone who judges you, when they don't know youThe same bar that gave me a free hotdog wanted me to come back to eat free lab grown salmonThat moment when you're taking a nice shower and slowly coming awake and the water pressure suddenly dropsFlorida condo prices in a death spiral. Is this good news, or bad?Dunno what I believeJust having thoughtsYou are making me laugh. You do not know the difference between confidence and arrogance. That is on you, not me. When was the last time someoneIt's such a too much funOur whole country has been corrupted beyond imagination. MONEY LAUNDERING AND BLACKMAIL are what is driving this corrupt system….Rufus Wainwright ~ Unperfect Actor (Sonnet 23 - Shakespeare)If there is no romance, no love is make in sex then sex will also get boring one day... Kinky sex will no longer exist... Only psychologically abusedStruggled growing upGirls, do you believe everything a guy tells you? Guys, do you expect a girl to believe everything you say?Rice Purity Test Score | Innocence test | Rice purityBorn on this date: Peter De VriesA.I. image 60: “Happy Valley”Name Your FavoriteThis stick relaxes a lotDamn youngest at Starbucks ask if I wanted to leave a tipWWE fans, are you excited for Wrestlemania 40?My hands or feet shake when I eat or hold onto my phone sometimes I think I’ve either have dementia or ParkinsonNoooo not more doughnuts !!do you like flavored black tea? which is your favorite flavor?Nine out of ten times Tuesdays end up being my Mondays.Verse of the day...Your delicious ..Big Clearance 2: Diving deeper into layers of LET GOThe lump is sore and red and hard under my arm I want it to spread if it’s cancer don’t cure itMy chain keeps slipping offEver heard of that, up to 8 people joining a group makes a nice number for people to actually be able to work and communicate with one anotherTrying to find an intelligent twitch streamer is like trying to find a cure for cancerHow many shards was your personality broken into when they tried destroying you?The Queensland Supreme Court has found mandatory COVID vaccination for police officers and nurses was unlawful and in breach of their human rights.I tell you there’s a lot of people with horrible voice made it as a singer or a musicianEvery time aunt Flo comes to visit I like to treat myself to a videogame bingeAccording to Brahmins, politics, business and financial analysis is lower caste people job... It takes you away from religions and spirituality...Men have more IQ. YayNina's Blog - Tuesday 27th February 2024Thank you all for adviceYes it's happens with me , tooAnd the fake page sent me a friend request. Ugh these ugly jerks are crazyHospital tips for a very obese patient plus mistakes we madeThere is 2 fake pages up of me. Report it. facebook won't do anything when I just report it.I applied for music again I hope this time I can get it I prefer that over anythingA fake page been up of me for a year & it's make me mad. Please report itFree Yankee Book GiveawayI will do health services assistant because it’s my duty to help peopleCan't believe I was that guyIf feeling a hundred percent “Good” feels “uncomfortable”, then wouldn’t feeling 5% “Bad” be better and Actually “Good”?I Hate Monday'sWhat kind of shoes do dad joke tellers wear?Do you prefer to pee or poop your diapers?Who changes your diapers?Had A Fun Day Yesterday!When you totally miss the point:::joke... Long//SW maintenance joke 🌽🌽How many peopleI don’t care what you think if you think I am crazy I know whom I amYour 3 top favourite songs recently?Can you drive long distances without satnav?I know I told you I’m Jesus Christ it’s true though and Jesus Christ was a femaleTo have or to have notYou need to put on your swimsuit.......long:::🌽🌽🌽 huskyDoes Atheism make you cruel to animals?Professional Bio Writing 😶😶😶Who remembers this television show from the past?I’m anxious to do any courseHispanics have like 1 of 10 last namesHad a guy tell me that video games are stupid, violent, and don't prepare you for the real world.Bearing fruitI got three sets of fast food coupons for next month,I was thinking of doubling my edible dosage next time since I’m not feeling it much right nowSpasticus Autisticus-Ian DuryThe best way to deal with negativity is to meditate, read the negative energy, and share that emotion with people but never make others feel negative.Will you pray with me?Near-brain-dead Cry-Baby-trump confuses his wife's name and calls her "Mercedes."Do women still have orgasms if they're pregnant? Is giving birth orgasm-like at all?I’ve been watching "Bosch". An interesting show; I always liked Titus Welliver…No matter how strong, for a human to fight a monster means he has submerged his humanity and transformed himself into a greater monster.At first I stopped doing housework because I was taken for granted in my family, but now, I can’t be bothered doing anythingPlanned Network Maintenance in our Data CenterI hear shit when I’m high 😅Has Chesebro’s deceit screwed him over AGAIN?There are five days until a partial government shutdown, and lawmakers have yet to reach a deal to avert itGotta take the good with the bad, the good the bad and the ugly!Stinky Donald knows nothing about bathingI started working with my friendYet another court case fiasco for Quad Indictedi don't have a job but if i hadNeed iPhone App for Similar WorkdsHey, Jerry. If You're Tired of Playing at Comiskey II, I Hear There Will Be a Ballpark in Oakland Available Next Year.I have once again applied for certificate iii in health services assistance at south bank TAFE in Brisbane AustraliaUgggh ...imma giving up.trump seeks to block Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen from testifying at NY hush money trialSo how was everyone day so fare?question for some of the younger people....……….Explosion………My mom calls I miss it.Why Mary Poppins has changed its age rating to PG due to ‘discriminatory language’Chicago Jewelry Store Worker Blasts RobberI was told in my dream I will die I don’t know when but then I’ll be revived by true loves kissLA Model Found Murdered in ApartmentNothing on this planet earth will convince me to buy a Stanley cup.Remember that one time"Ribbed for her pleasure" it ?trump appeals New York civil fraud verdict at the low, low price of $1mil every 9 daysMan I feel like I'm going to die from being pissed off and stressed out all the time.Tonight’s selectionLet’s talk about tabooMy dog has been sitting under the nook of a tree in the corner of the yard staring at the corner for the past hour.With the internet and cell phones, are pen pals still a thing ???There’s a difference between couples that enjoy sharing their spouse’s sexually than the partner that chooses to do it without her permissionAre corporations Amoral Monsters?Knowing what to doI want to shear a sheep 🐑According to Brahmins, science and fundamental education is designed for lower caste people, the religious people need spiritual knowledge...If Most Americans want someone other than Donald Trump or Joe Biden, why do you have such trouble talking about electing someone else?Sometimes i think sw is the best place, and other times, I think it is the worst placeWhy isn't there any nationalized supermarket or food industry?I wish I could go back to when I was a kid / teenagerThey want me to activate the utilities to my new address before I get my keysWhat would you rather eat?let's get stoned in a cheap hotel roomColorado Democrats Kill Bill Penalizing Raping ChildrenI love obese women and love helping slim girls get fatSuddenly feeling very babyishIf you want wealth and power then do hard work for it, otherwise you don't deserve it... A fruit gained by without struggle is just like a poison...We got three people (my self included) to operate all of breakfast tomorrowTonight I'm back to Elijah Craig, because they were out of Buffalo TraceLaws and more rules (targets)Should I marry my girlfriend so she gets fat?Question about New York City?A conversation with an English teacher.Quote of the dayIm at a cross road. No idea which way to go. Do i take the leap of faith and risk it?I'm getting damn sick of Alberta. Trudeau is rolling out a new universal pharmacare plan which, among other things would see insulin covered.On Israeli TV, You're an Antisemite if You Dare Mention the OccupationRemembering a dear friendI will be the last generation of my family. Nobody could have predicted this series of twists and turns. It all stops when I turn out the light.another smiler jokedo you like animals and birds better over human beingsDo you go through times where thinking about sex is actually a turn-off ?Am I experiencing an anxiety attack or something else?Do you enjoy seeing your husband deliver an orgasm to another woman?I know winter's almost over up here in the northern hemisphere, but climate change has made this winter bad for spring gardening.Name That Song and Singer GameIf I was a world leader I wouldn't want to put my people at risk of dying an appointment's war. I would simply challenge the other world leader to aKafta or kofta as Egyptians would call itYou might want to understand what agrochemistry involves.WW2 ship & subWhy hasn't anyone sued the living hell out of Monsanto for not containing their fucking trash seeds?!🤬Did you see the Zelesky Interview with MSNBC Host? I woukd pay to watch itAs a third party race and secular person I don't see why Jews are in the spotlight about anything whatsoeverIt's so confusing. (family issues)How Is Everyone Doing? I'm Kevin And I'm From Philly...Tell Me About Yourself and What Makes You Unique And How You Have FunTime to play Hogwarts legacyThe housing complex finally called me and my new place is readyI never gave my ex closure before I ghosted her. So here it goes.Life isn't easy , but what is?Not in the mood to trust a politicianUS airman protesting America's support of Israel war in Gaza dies in the line of duty.Is it true that because Trump has a mug shot, he is now more accepted by the black population as he claimed at his most recent rally?since im awake until the early hours of the morning monitoring my ill granny,I lost my dog to CancerYesterday was a record breaking day of sales on the drink cartsKinda heartbrokenWhy don’t the baby makers make men like they used to…what can you do when you miss someone from long agoIf you're as positive as you say you are why are you so affected by the negative?Why I love and choose WiccaJust a curious question?So, Trump appealed the judgement in the NY fraud caseThe Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio 4Artemis UpdateBlack Robe And HoodSometime I Wonderbalcony nudeTwo foreign immigrantsdo you have any medical problems or physical ailments you live withAnxious Attachment 😩Braless at Work PlaceI've had an hour sleep today and it shows.It’s over …💔If anyone tells you to get goldfish because they're quiet pets... They're lyingToday I learned some people have a cast fetish...If Joe Biden gets reelected what will be your reaction?Can’t believe less than three years ago I was extremely depressed and wanted to off myself.Sitting back just watching mini golf and the driving rangeis it understandable to worry about your countryWhat is males term for not behaving according to common gender role?Wait – now NVIDIA's stock price is the reason the Fed isn't cutting rates????A cute girl and her grandma stopped me todayOk so i chose a store.Okay, I wasn`t going to ......Just noticed that Bitcoin's price has been reacting to these Trendlines I drew & haven't modified since early 2023. 📈 🤔Hello beautifulMarch special will be 16-20 oz sodas for a dollar at select machinesThis place is so negative...let's lighten it up around hereSarah balabagan super momSince its starting to get hot out, im gonna start wearing crop tops again. I should've wore one today but my mind just didnt think about thatWhat is my planned second breakfast?how best to respond to a man that's 'abrupt'Repackaging operations ceased, shop is closedMaterials are junkWhere does Trump get his support?Am I the only one turned off by Republicans always howling about revenge, retribution, and destruction?The Crisis at the US Borders - Compromise in sight but probably will be rejectedSo much for professionalismAre Pantyhose making a come back?Do you have an electric bike? / Do you use the motor to go everywhere or do you use the peddles to?I know some doods who make fun of the stereotypical female who always chooses "diet soda" and counts calories etcIs anyone on LetterboxdIt’s sure looking like E. Jean Carroll will be starting collection on March 7thToday has been a pretty bad day for me. What do you feel about it?Ok...I knew my wife did cmnf...I got goosebumps at home for the first time.OMG I almost answered their phone 😂Relaxing in my diaperIn reality a balance has to be struck between be yourself and be someone people want to engage with.Will you get a ticket/fine if u have license plate blocker product(s) that mess up speed camera images I don't know is it okay for essential workers?we've turned into those older couples that spefically go to garden centres for lunchBorn on this date: Tony RandallSister in law pregnancy updateWhat Are Some Art Projects You All Have Done or Are You Currently Doing?The Iron Claw movie is my new fav movieDecline of House Sparrows.So how would you describe the wizard of Oz ?Monday is here. My day/night off work. What 3 things are you doing today to make your heart happy? And a random word to see if you made it this far.People want you to live but they don’t want to live with youIf the story below is to be proven true, we have reached rock bottom as a societyIt's strange when the people you cared about get sick of you and start ignoring you.would an online clothing /footwear company, intentionally send you out defect productsI adore nature. I really do.Last week I made a friend and an enemy of the same person within 30 seconds. 😂Look at you showing up to the same job everydayAre u afraid of aging?Rip to youngJust thinkingThe taste of us …Verse of the day...Now showing: Gun vs Fire...The Twentieth Century was the bloodiest period of human history, what will Twenty First Century be?I love how you ignore me.Derogatory NamesHow can I make my ‘about me’ section more interesting?I realise it’s not just Putin who has slowed my life down a little!Economy on life support, important video and article below…I am worryWhat are your life struggles?Reverse racism in America and a “woke” society and media…the unfair treatment of basketball star Caitlin Clark….My public album is transitional!So what had happened wasMarried couple::::last call for alcohol joke 🌽Back to work, I don’t like Mondays anymore!WTF is wrong with that Sushi chick?"Fire Up The Night" by New MedicineSuperstition indicates a slightly different meaning to super than is the common normI want other males to give me enemas followed by protected anal.Spirituality can't relief you from pain, depression anxiety and diseases unless it's doesn't comes with some evolutionary research and analysis...From the Church in IranDid you know….Nina's Blog - Monday 26th February 2024What's a great song for an exhausted hopeless playlist?This is the GRAND-Dad of Jokes,98 years old:::Long Enjoy 🌽Hailing Frequencies Open a Total Nerd out!Dad joke////Mercifully shortIt’s ah Yamaha tonight at our house it’s a Baha’i celebration like Christmas it is where we gather pray and eat food before fastingSpirituality and patriotism is nothing, it's just about people inherited beliefs from which people are brainwashed to follow some rituals andUssbbw beautyThings in my life that suckWhat kind of friend are you?I’ve applied to a recent course in certificate iii in childhood education I think I’d be good at that oneThe guy sat next to me on the bullet train pulled out a photo of his wife and said, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”Ok I believe I give my babies to friends and family I’ve known this for a while now just thought I’d tell youI’m trying not to withdraw but I have waited all day to be approvedI’ve seen enough… Time to call it a night 😐😴Fatal Fury/Garou: Mark of the Wolves frase referencialI'm going to try to sleep on the couch tomorrowI don't hate writing.You Know What’s Really Sad The Only Way People See Success In This World Is By Being Of The WorldMoney ,Job, Status Etc When None Of That MattersLiterally so done with my mum rn.Who decides what animals make the cut in the animal crackers.. who tf thought leaving out raccoons was a good idea?Mcguiness Flint-Let The People Go/Wings-Give Ireland back to the IrishIf the Electoral college is too antiquated to be relevant. What might take its place?The classic felix the cat clockHad to sell :(I just want to be skinny. All I ever wanted.I applied for certificate iii in visual arts I think I can do that one betterIf life began by evolution, then why didn't any of the other planets have everything we have, on them?Ladies does your body follow a white moon cycle or a red moon cycle?The Way It FeelsJoke,long.......Sunday Despair joke (Dark) A man has been at the Pub all night drinking..... 🌽🌽🌽I COULD post a cleavage pic as my avatarStronger (Pathway to peace)The longest and most mind intensive part of my jobHealing eraAre We the People Under-Represented? Yes.Remember when the radio was actually awesome before the 1996 telecommunications act deregulated the market?Cockold cocksmen,,,I’m so desperate to have a career that I’m considering doing a spell to conjure one. Is that wrong of me to do?Oh no you can't eat it, raw egg.gonna pack another bowl because i cannnnnnA married woman sicked her dog on me today.I don't understand my feedIt's noon and I'm still here laying on my bed.What do i tell the other insurance company to make sure they accept my claim and try not to pull a fast one?Charlie Kirk Wants Coca-Cola to Sponsor Televised ExecutionsThis song changes character.Dont feed homeless animals feed the hungry humans!I don't know where my hub is getting his energy from.I’m exhausted I applied for work with McDonalds and kfc and I got rejectedThe new world order writing is on the wall…..God has shown me a room at the end of timePotato is so excited and just can't hide it 🥔🥴This is how division and racism gets started, for no reason.Ladies --- are you ever surprised to learn your CORRECT bra size?FOX Noise no longer covers this sh*t show... It's where "the base" goes to find out what they are supposed to say and believe (in that order)...Did you know that you can adopt a donkey?24yo Hungry Guy from Hungary!😊i invented your passive aggression. thats my gimmick!making s'ghetti but trying something a bit differentMy Cousin KatieRepublican lawmaker runs in terror from 8 year old trans girlSigns and symptoms of compulsive lying - Can you be the 'fool'?I don't know if I mentioned it on here but I was born with a hole in my headi'm beginning to think my dating life is screwed....who the f wants a 50 y/o male?I really hate how pissed I look when I’m focused on my jobThe Beatles – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (Love version)Are left-wing social activist protestors motivated by a desire for social change . . .Everyone laughed at me and called me an old lady for buying chocolate Digestives and cold creamDo You Ever Feel Bad About The Killing Of Animals So We Can Eat Them? 😔Finally a decent day for the golf cartsThe Y Chromosome is disappearing.have you ever been associated with people you're nothing to do withI had a wardrobe malfunctionI love this sunny dayI think he feels intimidated about me going to schooltell me a lesson you've learned this yearPanties showing at workI have this weird superstition where I wont tell people exactly what im trying to achieve for fear that their lack of belief will taint my oddsTook my cat for a walk.Im gonna call her ArtemisUS Military Serviceman burns himself alive infront of American Embassy in Jerusalem.STREET PREACHERS...I know this controversial. I mean no harm by this. .How can you make your families and churches “woke-proof”?what's your accent? i might sound funny like a goose...but i don't know.Why is it always the second guy who treats me right not the one I loveThe cashier looked super familiar and I couldn't remember where I had seen him fromAlways good to see.Wait, the government wants to forgive all college debt? But it won't let parents of new students deduct their tuition?whoops i got stoned againI want to get blinds, but they seem to short, about an inch into the width of the glass, but the next size is quite a few inches wider"Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits before his throne, and from Jesus Christ,if your door was knocked at 3 am at night, what would you doReal estate agent called with an offerIs it really a "DUI" if you're riding in a self-driving vehicle?What colour should i dye my hair next?sitting here thinking about an old friend with benefits and want to call her...I might be okay with the idea that people believe in God but the idea that people believe in the bible is crazy to meI'm torn....... Title is too shortThe water company just stop by. Saying i have a water leakhi..,I'm daria,felt like i need to share my feelings to other peopleHe killed his own cousin over Hot Sauce.....Would you date a guy who playfully flirted with other girls?Have worked all week on getting the cabins ready for spring.Find Me ThereWhat makes a woman (or a man) 'beautiful' to someone else?Maths is fun!movie reccs?True or falseDo you have certain issues or fears you feel will never heal?Next Step (Crossroads)Wife found her new favorite storewhat's something you did (or did not do) today that would have irked your partner?Jesus said unto him, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.The Last Embrace.not too long until spring...and then summer.Who wants an awesome joke?How have felings for my friend, but I don't want to harm our friendshipMildred’s WorkoutWe are about to watch the old movie called 'Citizen Kane', have you ever seen it? What did you think of it?Nowadays having knowledge and earning money is easy but keeping good behaviour and have love in your heart is pretty hard thing...How far do you think AI will go?Healthy Eating Day: what's wrong with Ukrainians' eating habits?Nostradamus V. TrumpasaurusWhich words can be used to describe you?Who still has one of these?I can drink at the bar, but not at home… fair enoughA few words more about the Gothic Quarter, BarcelonaBeach walkHave you explored Barcelona using the Barcelona Metro?Would Sarah Connor T800 will know who Linda Hamilton is?Do you have a favourite era of style?End tally for me and my sister’s breakfast (and drinks) this time: $74Delivering most of the finished product today 4 loads going to SpringfieldI wish my boyfriend would stop losing weight 🫤I learned two new words today...Why does my friend copy everything I do, buy things I have, and try to achieve my goals first?Surprise cuckoldSix Nations round 3To those who are single…(well, anyone can answer, really)i think im running away tonight...What makes all women think that all men within 500 feet are stalking them? 😂😂😂😂😂The Intruder by Roger CormanJust how far in debt is Rudy The Red Nosed?do you drink plenty of waterTime for me to resurrect this post under a new name :) What went right this week, Week 5 :) Bad news sells, but good news still exists out there.Sister duck is so sweeeeettt! ☺️Solar saves you moneyCan you say you are loved?What electronic device has made a positive impact on your life?Cave of the Crystals, Naica MexicoAccording to Google, Adults should spend less than 2 hours a day on their phones.sometimes i hate being a teeni h8 transphobesWhat does being “dominant” mean to you?🤣 it's always the insecure 50 year old men on here that project there toxicity.My sis: where's your toy ladybug?Illinois court gets green light to consider removing Trump from their ballotAccording to Brahmins, business and politics is very bad thing, but it's also true that human beings are still so stupid that they can't surviveIt may be just me but...Do you ever browse your steam library and you're all likeMy sister wants to go out to breakfast with me this morningStill can't get over all the cracks that are appearing in my dental splint 😅Shall I visit Morocco or Turkey?Meaningless Titlewhen u outdo a karen that she runs from uto people who care, I'm taking a bit of a breakHad a beautiful day today at the African Renaissance Monument. It is a remarkable work of art.One at a time…Under Biden Renewable power is the No. 2 source of electricity in the U.S. — and climbingGOP Official Refuses to Pay Donald Trump Legal Expenses With RNC FundsConstipated diaper and pleasure reliefAm I ghosting?Those of you who are someone's favourite person, how did you manage that?what can be done for excess glue stains on nike trainersHow common is cuckholding?What do people get from continuously commenting how attractive someone is?Great butt crack storyRufus Wainwright ~ Go or Go Ahead (Mature)How to come across insane on a date with a dude you’re not interested in so that he never contacts you againYou can tell the formula 1 season is about to start, after months of tumble weeds my Twitter feed has lit up.StarlitflowerII reminded me of a story. It was a Sunday morning, nice weather so this guyI lived in Rome, Italy, only for around a week, yet the memory seems to be more.Autism & Asperger’s in Women & Girls: Signs & SymptomsThink twice before posting your kids onlineWhat song please?I agree with this statementDoes anybody else have a BJ's (warehouse you pervert) membership?I'm a walking catastropheLamest excuse for blocking someoneThat was a great Birthday meal!I must get me henceFelt like a kid againCompletely soakedAlways remember boys and girls21st of march is naw ruz ( new year) for Iranians and many middle eastern countries are you all joining us you don’t have to be middle eastern justIs it just me or...Oklahoma Senators' stance on LGBTQ people.With the accounting course I can either work for a firm or work from home much better than nursing where you have to work outside of home which suitsI had pasta today and I hadpasta an hour ago and right now I had Coke Zero sugar I then felt sick I throw up and my brother instead of having sympathyLife's hard knocks.A warm Wintry day in BarcelonaNina's Blog - Sunday 25th February 2024I applied for certificate iv in accounting and bookkeeping I think that’s better than working as a nurse/ doctorDad joke aheadLast night I ate at a restaurant offering a fusion of Chinese and Middle Eastern cuisine. It was called...I don’t know why I went to school when I could have just wasted my days at home none was around to notice itIf I saw the signs I'd live another lifeWhy is it nobody gets where Israel is coming from?Why are German people perceived to be scary of what happened a long time agoI love EVERYTHING about pooping in pants 💩👖There's nothing left, but one more breathI think that anti-capitalists obsession with Karl Marx is misguidedDo you know what “stimming” is?Im hearing gooses at night. That's not good. Some natural disaster is going to happenHas anyone broken your heart when still in love with them then decided to come back to you when they had their fling and decided they can’t liveI’m scared and excited about my journey into medicine, haven’t even been accepted into health services assistantsI wish people in my family would just stop dyingAccording to Brahmins, a women deserve to have sex only with her husband, if she try to be sexual with another men then she deserve to eat shit,Every time I hear the phone ringGuess what?!!!!Watching the 2021 Dune part 1 so that I'm up to speed to watch part 2 that's coming outI Kiss Yousmh it’s like you can’t be cruel to a woman on the internet without her getting her panties in a wadRandom thoughtsI’m hangry I get angry not in a dangerous way just a bit grumpySources for a couple great operas are the🍒ontopI’m kind of anxious and worried to work even though I have no jobSimple yet peaceful.Looking around for a moment everything seems good...:)I look like a alcoholic. I got 3 different bottles of liquor out at once dear Godit's kinda amazing how civil and otherwise orderly this place is considering there's what..2 mods in total?Take my clothes off pound me hard don't worry about asking me for consent piss on me and in me call me names beat me up and don't worry about stoppingAnyone want to hold with me?My mini lab at homeI fucked my hairline up from the stress im under. I kept pulling my hair under all the shit thats been going on.Every time two people have an argument between one another on SW... This is how it pretty much plays out for me when I'm watching them..Time for late night deep talk. Cause why not, have a seat.Does anyone have X? Formely known as twitter?I gotta say…..what's your all time low...? bet ya can't admit it...Lesson LearnedJudge Dread-anything by him!SCOTUS to MTG—pay up, deadbeat!Why do u SW?HAMAS, LOVING PEACEFUL ACTIONS FROM MUSLIMS 8Will I get 100 points on assessments in tafeNeed to vent...I wish I could work sometimes I think majority of the times work benefits us not just getWell , that was fun roll or not to roll...Do you have to let it linger?Boy-Lindsey gets booed by "the base" as Cry-Baby-trump smiles with pleasure and looks on approvingly as he worships at the alter anyway.You know what I just realized?Guys, someone super close to me saw a wardrobe malfunction that is also apparently my fetish.These lyrics are so Badass!!Reddit is an AMAZING website...that is till you post an unpopular opinion.Gay thoughts StruggleThis woman tried to kiss me on the job...part 2 💔💔💔 ?I applied again to certificate iii in health services assistanceWhat's something that took you far too long to accept?i saw someone was a 1d fan hereYou do NOT want to know what goes on in this forestA woman that was expecting twins starts going into labor a month early:::: Long,joke 9:14 🌽🌽🌽I applied for certificate iii in health services assistance I have a chance to do something and make a future for myselfThe immortal experiment.RandomnessMan Dies After Beating at Kroger SupermarketClarity I found on my hikeThe Perfect kkk Trial.We're watching Fargo and they showed a dead dude's head that had been crushed by a falling air conditionerI sometimes want to work but now I’m more stressed because I tried to apply for work with kfc and McDonalds but I didn’t get anythingWeed is not that greatFox News Star: Black People Will Vote for Trump Because ‘They Love Sneakers’The problem with an anonymous relationships they make you sound and look crazy when you say you’re married and you don’t know who it’s withYou wanna live it up?!If you ever encounter a bear while walking alone in the woods, making eye contact is extremely dangerousIllegal Immigrants Released Onto Streets Of San Diego, Given Court Dates At Cities They’ve Never Heard Of BeforeMy body feels week I had breakfast before 11:16 amHow do i stop my buttcrack from showing?Give me some advice on how to "slide into someone's DMs"?My Top 10 Best SNL Cast Members (not in any order)Before, right after my training, and todayI like to....(the title is not too short 🙄)Right wing websites in declineNew diaperTrump Wins S. Carolina, Beating Haley in Her Home StateIt’s time to go on a walkaboutWhat do you think of those people who are unremarkable but come from a family that were noteworthy 1-2 generations agoHow to comfort your girlfriend ?Why do women love wearing bathrobes before and after sex?Latest lawyer to lose his law license thanks to Quad IndictedOur healthcare kinda sucksHow many times are we gonna hear “nobody’s better at [insert any random thing here] than me!”Tim Scott for Trump's VP? Kamala Harris Will Absolutely Destroy Him on Choice in a Debate.Will he survivelooking for a longterm abf partnerWhich Were the Last Two Foreign Powers to (separately) Occupy Moscow?breathe - a poem by becky hemsleyThat look you get...How do I know that the Kool Aid Man wasn’t Canadian?My dog is always telling me when to go to bed and insists on leading me when she gets familiar cues..I'm tired of being ignoredWhy does Facebook keep showing me ads for hotels in Phoenix and Boulder?Dying to breastfeed 23Fso i cant do this anymoreI feel like donuts but I can’t have them today because I have no money till tomorrowI'm really happy for this guy, that he's fitter and more successful than most game devs... but lets be real for a secSeriously!!Vote for the U.S. Presidential Hall of Fame. (Election #5)I've been using the Hide Post feature a lot Today☺️🥰🥴😊😌🤩💃 (blah blah blah...title )Vote for the U.S. Presidential Hall of Fame. (Election #4)It's really confusing when Baby Boomers start complaining about the way they raised their children as if it's the kids' faultVote for the U.S. Presidential Hall of Fame. (Election #3)Vote for the U.S. Presidential Hall of Fame. (Election #2)Man, head doctors really like to dole out the meds don't they?Vote for the U.S. Presidential Hall of Fame.Remember in high school, how we had those standardized tests that're required to graduate?Yes I gave him a secret to the storyline but short.Latest News from Ukraineif someones talking a load of Nonsense, do you have the courage to tell themSo Xi is going to try to stab Putin in the backMy Dad mentioned the idea of losing someone who is valuableI couldn't stop stocking up on the plays and stuffSugar Free, Gluten Free Pumpkin Apple CustardIm terittorial and fiercely protective over my women.If you are ever having trouble understanding a right wing perspective or opinion, inhale some nitrous oxide and think about it again