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The pickme singal has been lit.Snack bar manager quitHere is something I wanted to admit (it is long make time to read it)Last night I dreamt Alfonso Ribeiro invented a new danceDidn't find out the gender like we expected 😮 but here's baby's ultrasound 🙃Another day, a little sadder...should i go later or early to this interview?New Game i found on Google fact about me ^^The brain computer interface(BCI) has allowed a paralyzed man to walk again using his thoughtsYou could play Bingo with the image feedWell that's my course done for they year time to celebrate with this bottle!The acoustics in my apartment building hallway are so wildThe reason why it can be pretty problematic if Aishu saw my message in which I asked her out. Do you agree too?Something that happened last nightIf society turns distopian, will you survive?What sort of insults will be hurled during the 2024 presidential debates?SW needs to recruit more cross dressing men in their 60s!Christie throws his hat in on TuesdaySometimes I feel like talking about my childhood abuse experiencesI am feeling alive and good this morning! Good morning 🥔😚Ok i just got in trouble. Any help on what to do?I understand the addiction mindset now. Tho I know its more complicated than this, its just part of it.Working at the mini golf complex this morningDo you stay a while then go?I seen some fat lady at walmart.The new norm (for me)What is your opinion on people who watch snuff films?An interesting take on NATOI see a lot of people complaining about their life hereDisciplinary servicesI’m 5’0 and 102lbs. How can I put on some weight?That awkward moment when you ask if they have any werid fetishes and they anal...Hey. The English language is sort of wackIt’s amazing to me how some people can complain in post after post…If you're naked and you show it you'll get blocked- if you're naked and you show it you'll get blocked-My Point Of View Of LifeWith user ratio across all forms of social media/chat rooms being 75% penises,Phishing TestIs the apparent return to cold war style USA versus Russia something we should all have expected?People that got the vaccine do you regret it yet?Are there subjects that prompt a complete mood change for you?Do you drive or ride a bike/scooter/motorcycle to work?Real life kisses vs movie kissesWhen is a priest (or someone equivalent) obligated to tell law enforcementTravelling the world. 🧳Ugh.... seriously. Just me who thinks this?and he came (a drawing )“Gays are fleeing Florida!” Wait . . .this kinda sounds like BS, doesn't it?She told me I always seem suspicious to herI never was close to my mom's side of the familyExpectations : why isdatibg so hard for you?Heavy ventQuestion for Trump SupportersWhich are you?Damn they have such high air pressure in the apartments currently that it's difficult to open the windows and it makes a roaring sound.AI chip will allow ANYONE to become a programmer - just by SPEAKING to the computer?Tell me what you think.will AI end up taking over humanityThis is a WOULD YOU question.Agree or disagree?Tell me something that makes you happyWARNING TO BRITS PUBLIC PARKING SCAM PLEASE READ .Nina's Blog - Wednesday 31st May 2023TW - Kalvin - 4/11/23 - Sub - pg. 6What I want ..😍Where have all the nude girls gone from the image feed? 🦦OMG, now he's selling Trump bucks.Not the best confession to make but yes.My streaming servicesMy online girlfriend wants a Walmart gift card and some E code I should send her on some site seller platform what should i do?Friends with benefitsEver noticed Superheros are either saving small local stuff stores or towns very big universal like saving the world or the galaxy but never in betweeReal or notSomeone recently told me about tubi ( free streaming app) and im hooked.One Way StreetTW - August - 16yrs old - he/they - Repost from 4/27/23 - I'm not sure how to feel about how my mom used to do things to me because of my chest binderConservatives love to talk about how they're treated for "having a different opinion" without saying what that opinion is.TW - Kalvin - THEY'RE ALWAYS WATCHING - Sub - 4/11/23 - pg.3-5Loaded and unloaded 55 bags of soil todayDare I say it....Denmark is expensiveMusic writers, producers, and artists: Where are you all?The joys of forum debate.What if you just started answering all the posts with your own posts instead of commenting underneath things all the time?Is it racist if I think positive stereotypes?The first time I was taken to the Institut, and the second time.There’s this girl I REALLY like. Not in a romantic way. In a friend wayHeading to BedI think more often than not there's a power imbalance in open relationshipsBlack ThoughtsWhy does it feel like the older women here who are 35+ are ghosting me?What is your pet peeve in traffic?Some people don’t care what they say to you or how cruel they are…I wish I was just beautiful to someone rather it be him or someone who is just interested in Tom boys"“To be happy is the natural position of all living entities but by our wrong doing we ourselves are inviting miseries. Once we correct our mistakes oMy cheek right now.I saw the new little mermaid movie...Hit me up babiesssWhat is Addiction?Please HelpWhy is this still happening?Short story on gratitude ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙💕💕💕I took a nap earlier…Will you pray with me?I Just Really Am Looking For Some Sort Of Advice...Old men commenting on vageensYour energy = 🥹What ages do children?Not all policies are sexistGirl belly Interrogation 😊😊Ever so often I dream I’m back at collegesorry haven't been posting much but just an update posti hate it here.So the Freedom Caucus doesn't like the deal.The Best AirlinesIll probably regret this and be mad at myself but im not setting my alarm for the gym.I'm watching the saddest film i ever saw nowWho wouldn't want to gape at a nun who died and was buried 4 years ago without being embalmed and whose body shows not sign of decay?Why does my boyfriend want to do this? 🤔🤔That's quite the dedication to your job...So North Korea will start threats in June which is days awayI had a YAG capsulectomy today…Walk with meGetting a behind the scenes scoop on that play my sister’s gonna star in in June 🧐Any recommendations to stop night terrors?Everything Has Changed 💜Just found my blue stretchy COVID's actually use for something at least. I've turn it into a Sweatband. Especially for cooking in KitchenI think we are already at a point where we could say that there are probably only 3 or 4 cultures on this planet.The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole fall apart , and all they can do is stare blankly.Suddenly Kevin McCarthy seems like he understands his job is to govern while his Republican critics search for air time...Holy.. this movie is so so suspensefulChick-Fil-A gets "the base" treatment for promoting diversity and inclusion among their employees with a call for a boycott and ban.Omg cops shot two dogs here because they were on the roadThis is how disgusting the school system is now…My mom found an old pic of me, my cousin, and my brother from the 90s 😅You won a trip to south korea for free plastic surgery will you be going to claim your prize? Will you give it to someone else instead?Apparently my sister calls her daughter PG-13 😆I just learned that this animal exists……….Incased………Why are Republicans chasing "the base" so obsessed with dark-themed narratives, vanquishing people who don't agree with them, and creating a worldWe now exist within a society where most people choose to disconnect and isolate themselves from anything which makes them uncomfortable......Conservatives are calling the liberal boycotts "cancel culture," "wokeness," but Conservative boycotts are anti-woke boycotts? 😂 It's the same thing.Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton StoryMy attire to work todayMovies watched in MayMy bf is giving me a cutting of his gorgeous Monstera plant 🪴My sister paid me for fixing up her party pad 😰What is something embarassing you used to do growing up?If you love someone ___________I just reheated some of the rice and added some lime leaves because I felt for something different“Biggest Part of Me” – AmbrosiaIf u need an emergency doctor, u may be out of luck...Literally HATE being hung up on 😤 especially if you ask me a question and I’m answering it. If you don’t like the answer don’t ask me shitI bet I can get mad youtube money as the rogue camper who quit his job to live in a well hidden tent.Oh yeah I need to sign up for a gym because the elastic waistband in these shorts have imprinted onto my actual waist. What have I become?What a vote 1 for 6 againstWell that was oddYou know everyone has shit they dont talk aboutA beautiful evening here in northern Ohio :)Buenas nachas oops nochesGuys, I know it's cringe af, but I love singing and I'm doing it just for fun... so I hope at least one of you enjoy the funnies of it as well 🤗I wish I was one of those people that wanted a skinny faceHe told me not to talk to him after an argument about my daughter's plates.Such an overachieverI've was reading an article recently about famous people who have died of lung cancer.Cholesterol struggle but down.unicorn of the fake generatorI think UPS workers should be given enough money to buy UPS stock.I don’t know how to feelThis Could Be The Biggest Strike In U.S. HistoryThe common pedophile is a better soul than almost every single judge in america.Needs a unicornWith any luck though the conduct of our judges in the Judicial bypass process will destroy whats leftI saw the worst thing this all the adoring employees and the dominant employersI haven’t totally figured out the why yet. However one of their goals seems to be that the sex one is born having is meaningless.How long can O'Biden and his satanic acolytes keep this illusion going before the whole financial system comes crashing down?Cannabis is now legal in all the adoring employees and the dominant employersto all the adoring employees and the dominant employersIs ANR even real in Cali? Or am I just chasing unicornsto all the adoring employees and the dominant employersHas anyone been very suicidal and gotten better?Day 1 of spilling my emotions online 😓One day you hear a song that you haven't herd for like 30 yrs lollooking for a nudist girl 18 to 27I want to be pretty and dress eccentricallyFirst post yippieYou can't report the videos any longerTwo more days...Never been so happy to take my bra off 🥹my brother in law was eaten by a alligator in slidell,laAttempting to workAs Many As 32 Drone Attacks On Moscow Near Putin's ResidenceThe other day I thought my aircon was broken because every Time I put it on heater , it wouldn’t get warm , but my sisterI am always hours early when I flyIt's insane that in the united states laws are able to be enacted that impact the livelihoods of citizens in entire states without evenwe saw Kylie;ie mingles house in Hawthorn my friend said look see the camera and he was like its Kylies houseThis random lady asked to take pictures of me today 😂I’m happy it’s rainingMoney payments"You'd be drinking like this, too!"Ok that's it. No more answering the phone when my friend with 2 kids calls.I never thought I would appreciate a dental splint so muchWho is your favourite Impressionist artist?At least this day has been surprisingly easyAnyone got "Trump Bucks" to sell??Has anyone written the story of their life ( even a short version)WOW! What a beautiful spot on earth!What am I working for?Why parental notification and consent laws are a solution in search of a problem.Do you like to travel?Can someone reply on your post and immediately block you?When people sneer at free food.Which version of this song do you prefer?Maybe you can suggest the title for this jokeHow many of you are stuck in the fuckbuddy zone instead of the friend zone? I'm stuck in this with my crush🥲What bothers you most about other people ..Please tell me this is my depression talking and not how it really is.Why do people care about another person body hair?Sooooo I’m pregnant 😳😳😳I just got here and I've already had someone harass me, flinging insults at me in my inbox and then block me.Has anybody here used hot peppers for breathing problems?Do they sell fresh moozerella where you live?Ever wonder what goes thru the minds of people sometimes?Cry-Baby-trump claims he would start to dismantle the Constitution if re-elected (or reinstated) without knowing what the Constitution contains...Most memorable death I've heard ofI’m stressed outHelp with shoesI had a weird thing happen to me at workHaving Narcan vending machines means it is okay to do drugsI thought my wife was coming back tomorrow, but she actually comes back Thursday 😞Dems are morally corruptPROOF DR. BUTTAR WAS MURDERED BY BIG PHARMA, EXACTLY HOW HE PREDICTED?I placed a bid on two different airsoft guns online, but some sweaty nerd apparently thought that there was nothing better in life than outbidding meDamn wrap guy calls with an estimateThe pullout method is actually REALLY easy to use correctly.Fell out with ex, hooked up with someone, now trying to fix itCyatic nerve pain suxLately I've been thinking about my mom a lotAre you an Italian-American who is proud of Governor DeSantis?Those random family outbursts.....Suddenly want Jiffy Pop. Don't know why. Haven't had it in years.Suzie Kokoschka in Hey Arnold wasn't that great of a personThe very best Pizzas in the world?OMG this is me 🥹 I’m sorryUgh I think I exercised myself into a fibromyalgia flare upI forgot I had to drop something off at my parents house and my mom saw my face and started freaking out. Yay mental health I guessAITA for getting upset about a cancelled party?So basically....I'm kinda confused wth is going on when the Cops shows up.Pepsi says i need to raise my pricesYou Matter Because You Are.I threw together some Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Pasta with what I had in the kitchenRon DeSantis says he will ‘destroy leftism’ in US if elected presidentI would never use ChatGPTLjubljana University Medical CentreHealthcare in SloveniaSo now that Florida has officially decided that LGBT people are child molesters, and child molestation gets the death penalty, how soon...Inner feelings , toxic ex friends and fantasiesIdk what's going on. Last night there was this weird sign hanging on a Telephone pole saying "These Cops are Racist and I have Video Proof"Trash left behind at Mt EverestWorking in my studio, all year long!Aishu still didn't reply to my message in which I asked her out. How much more should I wait?Youngest memoriesWould you be surprised Bud-Light didn't lost that much compare to Target?Look Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdomScandalous nudes: what's all the fuss about?i hate having ptsdSummer wishesLet me get this straight ...why are people with disabilities treated badly?I never leave the hotel room without him🥲I would like to share a spanking memory that i had a long time ago.In a relationship are you the one who always wakes up first or last?What is the best thing that happened to you here on Similar WorldI'll try one more then I'm out:I can't believe Tomato Juice went up from 4.19 to 5.49 nowRussian president Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of terrorist activity and claimed Kyiv has chosen the path of intimidation of Russian citizens.I haven't used in a week that's something I suppose. Am I cranky? You bet I am.My coworker watched a videoMy little star children:When it comes to relationships does race/culture matter to you?It’s hard trying to keep friendsNose to almost nose with lavender and rosemary in my garden. Inhale deeply. Intoxication. Putting out garden sculptures, decor. This is the life IAccording to the multiverse theory is it possible that 2+2 doesn't equals 4 in another universe?The downside of having long weekends is there's almost always work piled up for me I gotta deal with the day I go back to workAges ago, I created a song to someone I met on EP. I hope I can find him.Ugh coming off these meds really sucksDo you make homemade pizza?New Nemesis track at Alton TowersWater park stocked up on ice cream for the week i hopeYou was happy the other day when we was togetherI love wearing sexy lingerieThe awkward moment the lovebomber forgets to lovebomb and accidentally let's their true feelings slipBet you didn’t know this about sexChris Christie is planning on running for president?I did not sleep a wink again...beautiful , good night all the true romantic that is me the way every couple should danceToo much, too soon (Warning: mention of menstruation)I'm so disappointed in the Dallas StarsVanishing soonYour very own Conspiracy, go on have a go,:-)I often wonder.Do u think that Ron DeSantis should be president of the USA ? 🤔Differing values.Annoyed by Beauty StandardsTITsy-Bitsy TuesdayI'm killing myself my face arms and legs are bleeding because i scratched myself up. I cant fix my glasses because i cant see. Im stranded in my carWho's still watching Grey's Anatomy?My cousin brother is already happy thinkin'random thoughtMemorial DayInsecurityWhile Biden signs away US sovereignty over to the corrupt WHO, the convenience drones sleep .......Why does this band's songs make me sad when I hear it? Do they sound too emo in your opinion?On this date 1814Report cardYour trauma is validNipple erectionI Want , just my thoughts...Don’t shoot at the king…Making love while being high together is amazingI have no gender. I have no age. I have no political axe. I just L♥️VE.If You Don’t Like Nude MenI apologize.I hate hate hate hate having sleep apnea.When I was 8My parentsFor over an year, I like a woman, 50+ something by age but looks 30 - 35. I talk to her on and off but had not been in touch for a while.Would you cheat if you know you wouldn’t be caught?If only there was more interaction with people on this siteCan’t sleep…So if the Oath Keepers and Proud boys are guilty of seditious conspiracyI cant even say the traitors name. He will serve time guaranteed. Jack Smith has him bye the Cahoonas. Also,Georgia is no jokr. New York, hes througIn the meantime I flew to China ...Paranormal activityYummy and healthy Sugarcane juiceImagine goldfish...I shared a picture of myself with some text on my insta and fb and I feel bad about it now!!!Girls on the Stand: How Courts Fail Pregnant Minors Kindle EditionAre you prepared for what is coming?Desantis over trumpTicket To RideCircle the Wagons – Tesla coming is coming to Texas . . . ?Nina's Blog - Tuesday 30th May 2023Guys are never going to understand what you went through my bloodlineWould a 40 year old woman who has never been in a relationship be as inexperienced as a 22 year old guy who too never had a girlfriend?"Why do you keep talking to me then?"How much pain can you endure?Good School GirlJust got out of mental hospitalI Love NatureDo you know that I met the Queen Of England in my sleep rather shortly before she died?Monarchs of musical genresPrescriptivism > descriptivismUpdate again....Am I really breath taking or not ? I think I’m ok but not that great looking?This guy just randomly come to my dm. Ask me where i live and study, and when i refuse to corporate, he start abusing me. WOW...JUST WOW.I got pranked so hard I thought Aston Kutcher was on my patio.......I hate being meanJust being able to afford to live is now the aussie dream - forget having a place to live."assigned at birth"if this doesn't meet the standard for "Judicial misconduct" then the standard is the problem.Oh me gosh, the thought of Joe Biden nuzzling his nose into my ear for a sniff…You kinda have to be a psycho to survive in modern societyEverybody needs to calm down… The situation at the US / Mexican boarder has never been better.MFW(my face when) the intrusive thoughts come out of no where at 1am. Now I will probably be unable to sleep.This world scares me.I just watched an employee whoop a dudes ass in the parking lot at the gas station 😂Romantic ventButterflies by Michael JacksonWill you pray with me?It’s crucial that liberals strengthen the IRS.The truth of creationAll must attend the Holy Church of Leftism!#relateableWell... my Memorial Day got kinda ruined, but not.Me and my GF have no equal sexual powers, what can we do for our relationship to continue?You’re falling behind in life and failing miserably every single day.The state of Oregon has seen fit to make it illegal to have sex with someone when they are drunk.Lunch with DonThe voice: Both these men are aboriginals..Butterflyz by Alicia KeyzThe cultural rot in America is accelerating.I'm too old to drive at nightIf u think about itI absolutely LOVED Bette Davis!I identify as (Enter thing here)Is Death DeSantis claiming the purpose of his candidacy is to destroy leftism like Hillary Clinton calling "the base" deplorables?If you had to run from the law tonight.. would u know how to do it? Where to go? Do you have enough money ?Strange ASMRRussia issues arrest warrant for Lady GI’m sick of everythingWe're breathing a sigh of relief nowYou were missed today Uncle Joe.What time would you say it's inappropriate to call someone you are not close with?How much nationwide success will Death DeSantis have as he brings death to business growth and tourism to Florida?DarkHeaven Radio Memorial Day.Back when I used to work at a brewery, this kid would keep trying to make three point shots with the dented Trulys into the binand these feelings rush on inThank you everyone ❤️Harlow, minelove you like thisThis Old ManThe Northeastern coast of the United States could be headed for another "JAWS" movie encounter!Spent the last 4 years of my life studying chemistry, just so that I can spend the next 6 realizing that I don’t know anything about chemistryWho would you choose as the running mate for Trump in 2024?Trump is number oneI didn’t give a shit about musicals until I heard my sister was starring in one soonCould you have sexEver feel you need a miracle?Poll movie genre you likeAsk me anything…Have any of you guys seen the show “Surviving Summer”? Or even heard of it?The difference between a Slytherin and a HufflepuffDoes anybody remember this show Raven’s Home?If you're throwing money around like it doesn't matterDid you ever have a waterbed?Stanley Cup Final - What’s your vote?After 73 Years, This Hero Is Finally HomeBLM Boss Nailed with More Devastating NewsTitle or QuestionChicago’s Endless Summer Violence: 34 Shot, 8 Dead So Far This Memorial Day WeekendJane Fonda Blames White Men For ‘Climate Crisis,’ Demands Their ImprisonmentI wish I could permanently work from homeThe Tale of the Twelve OfficersWhat happened to Karyn Parsons (HIllary on Fresh Prince of Bel Air)? She was smoking hotGunfire Forces Popular Chicago Beach To Close Hours After Opening For Holiday Weekendpost a picture from your youth.Biden Family corruption and selling influence is being covered up?Maaan this song is crazy 😶Some weirdo woman ran her fingers through my hair and said I had pretty hair. Apparently people think this is fine to do.I think I have pink eyeMay 29, 2023Can You Believe This Bullschiff From The FBIR?Generic appreciation post - SWeople ❤️💙💕One thing I'm NOT going to do, is debate Queer rights on my postsWithout JudgementWhistleblower Blows the Lid Off Blue State Crisismy domestic violence incidentListen, I just want Hulu and Disney+ with no ESPN and with no ads. Is that too much to ask for?The only reason I don’t want you to come over is cause I know you’re going to want to fuckBefore the day endsSo at the gym awhile back I found a blue pill that looked like someone took a third chunk off of a tic-tac in the bathroom stallsI like how the climate cult have turned every day tasks into challenges..talking abt life?The Promise God Made Still Stands, Is Still In ForceI'm back to my home city after a year and 10 monthsHow to get my right hand to stop shaking?I have a massive disagreement with economist myself on one key issueSW says everyone is allowed two alt accounts. How do you make an second account?My attire to work todayAmazon Left A Package At My House & It Has Some Other Woman’s Name & Address On It…Everyone have a great night!Does anyone wanna make a guess on what the baby's gender will be? 👀i need a professional notet: on a budgetWhat is the psychology of people who like to watch fictional wrestling?If this was The Wizard Of OZ how many people's theme song would be "If I only had a brain?"i know im not aloneWhy do some people have so many children?How can I get rid of Japanese Beetle?Close Your Eyes And Imagine In Your Mindtell me a work horror story.I have decided to move on from Elliott North I can’t wait around for him foreverTitle Or Questionjust want some validation . THANKSWhen somebody's life is crap and they become a moralizing little monsters over a perceived slightGeneral Order No. 11Memorial Day in the USAWhat is the best thing about your home? It can be the atmosphere. The people there. Or something else. Tell me what. And how it feels. I am home againWhat is your opinion? Tina Turner is the greatest singer, dancer, entertainer who ever lived, bar none. Be honest.A Moment Of ClarityWhat’s up with people wanting second chances with me?More strangeness: if you're going to do someone a "video" why ask them what photo they want you to use?Should I just get a business degree to fall back on?Trump could face espionage chargesA quote about hopeApple is Poison on Technology, it is taking the world of Tech in the wrong direction and if you want to know the damage they are doing read on.New cute guy moved inIf we aren't monkeys, and evolution isn't real, then explain why there are two butt cheeks (on average) for every person (on average)me(enraged + adrenaline) Vs William Afton (Remake )If this is the age of aquarius, aquariius is dystopia hellI took a university test to be able to compete better for programming courses in the futureHaving a moment.Sooo AI could destroy humanityI'm getting tired of calling the pharmacy and hearing about Covid vaccine updates.I had a dream that my grandma was in dream my late grandma the one that die in 2017A guy blocked me for not responding to his message.Time Away (The world turns)You ever try to reflect what someone is saying and agree with them .. and then they say “no that’s not what I mean”another thing that employers could do to submit the employees and remember them who is in chargehow can i find the courage to go to a social event with social anxietyAfrican American - Black History · Mary Fields, also known as Stagecoach Mary, (born 1832?, Hickman county, Tennessee, U.S.Rep. Chip Roy (TX) Says McCarthy Agreed That Republicans in Rules Cmte. Must Unanimously Pass Debt Bill to Send it to House FloorDisciplinary services (online and IRL)Ahh good old instagram…Ughh relationships require so much upkeep.Have you ever battled obsessive unwanted thoughts? Song included.I really have difficulty understanding why people ask for advice like thisthe "guardians" of this prison planets are part of the criminals responsable for the crime of adrenochrome , you knowHey you. Yeah, you 😏Not a huge fan of the series but able to at least engage with and discuss it.Thigh Pillow: A Dennis StoryHave you been productive today?Who else remembers or uses this foundation still? Besides me of courseScientists say the universe is made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. However, I don’t recall anything about morons.Now that's delayed gratification!I think I'm gonna be sickI still never fully understood why my aunt never let me play with my all the people like me who are good , righteous and just want to kill the bad guys and put an end to this bullshitThreesomes only exist in porn right ? That’s like sharing a personal pizza with 2 other people !I probably got laid off two times in the last two years because I was a lazy piece of shit and didn't even know itWould Putin, Xi and Biden all benefit from more global war?My favorite poemThere's dining chairs I want to buy, they are €205 eachWould you trust a guy who lies about his age?Do ‘first impressions’ always last?Branson bound tomorrow morningBeing a single parent and having a full time job .. the only things you like to do outside work is .. sleep and eat ..Found a new route for hooking lolHow is it possible to be nostalgic for a time that I have never experienced?Ok, this is really weirdIs it just me or?Beauty beyond belief.Something I've noticed about the Star Trek movies....Don’t say something in jest to a mafia man!I deserve another chanceI get randos messaging me sometimes and then immediately its like do you have what's app?If only I had a bitcoin for every time I got an email saying my coinbase account had an issue...When testing an outside air fryerIf you had an inground pool, would you charge strangers to use it?Toxic ex relationshipLosing everyoneWoo Hoo! What A Lovely Weekend!I'm feeling kinda shy about seeing himSecond biggest lie of satan (first being that he does not exist) is that this is life. That our brief stay on Earth is the life.I did my walk but had to cut it shortMy handsome young soldier friendThings I refuse to cheap-out onUpdate: I'm alive!👌👌Has anyone called out Sam's Club (WalMart) for carrying 'PROUD' clothing with rainbow design in children sizes? I saw them in thereShow a time you were at your lowest and nobody knewNew GobRAT Remote Access Trojan Targeting Linux Routers in JapanThe Lie: God Is Evil - The Truth: God Is Goodhow do you debate someone who's opinionated, who has a big mouthDid you know that Arnold can smoke his stogie anywhere he wants?I'll bet if it was a bunch of Democratic protesters breaking down the door to the Capitol building in 2016, you'd call them what they were.Adult popsicles are goneLiving on a ranch means all the animals gotta be taken care of if I leave somewhere overnight😩What happens in this video from start to finish in your opinion ?I found a certain Guitar man's favourite priest!for all the retards who send porn pictures because they don't understand that virtual role play it is fucking retardedDo you capture people’s interest quickly and then lose it quickly as well? People get interested in me then get bored of me real quick😬Guilty Pleasure ShowWords of wisdumb* random cherny thoughts*You say the word…whoever can and want to destroy this planet with nuclear weapons , please go on , erase this fucking shitty error of creationNew lipstick colourMy partner looks like Burak ÖzçivitWhat's a big turn off for you during sex?Don’t click if you’re watching or plan on watching Love Victor…I get to do the dirty tango today with a handsome manto all those assholes who keep blabbering about moral relativism, thinking that it is a way to make us keep calmPretty much knew this was coming fishing sponsor ask for a partial repayment.I'm a bit uncertain about how to do the city life, I want it to give a bit of japanese carnival vibesHave you ever laughed so hard that you end up crying?President Eisenhower quote on the Military-Industrial ComplexI have a gas grill.Getting close to ten thousand views here. Do you think I should remain on here after that, with how I have been treated?How do men cope with any of these?Today as I contemplatedWhat made you blush?Lukashenko Health speculationmy diet is boringSummer is here!Show Me HowI have two hours left on this job todayMy last night in Korea and I'm spending it sleeping in a Korean bathOne thing I miss about my exNot sure just what the new meds are doing...I've learned more then I ever wanted about my family throughMy weird relationship with ChinaBusiness & FamilyThe taste of us …☺️I had a weird dream.Honestly I think the only thing that would bring me happiness is to move to a Buddhist monasteryANR in Frisco, TXBig plans todayYou Matter, Because YOU Effect OthersPublic service announcement for all of you people out there into alternative medicine and health/spirituality productsTodays special is Dr Pepper 20oz drinks and Pepsi 16.9 ozI am fucken Loving someoneThe reasons why I felt Kodaikanal is the Falakata of South India. Whats your opinion about the reasons?Good Luck To The Owls..How the tables have turnedMemorial DayUgghhh I fcking hate sharing the room with my sister.Democrat Party Treasonous acts are running rampant, and going unpunished?Men, do you have no shame hitting on a woman 10+ years younger than you?I found out myThere is a direct correlation between my relationship and my nightmaresVery good update on my grandfatherMY Fave villain quotes ( Part One )I can’t get motivated to do anythingLie..cheat...steal: an old Irish word of wishesIf you move out of your parents later on in life then when other people usually would what would be a good way to hopefully make up for the lost time?Any ladies in Ottawa, Ontario interested in an ABF or ANR relationship?Six small packages of brats and a big bag of onion rings.Do you own a lot of ear rings/studs and or belly button rings?A lovely old song, I love to sing it aloud.I am bored :(In Flanders field, the poppies blow.I bought some lysol that smells kinda like cologneA wonderful holiday weekend!Happy Birthday Peter Higgs1 year anniversary, since I got Bruno On July 27th...There are so many UGLY people here, who are scornful of making conversation, because they are themselves dumb!Any kind hearted man to provide me with a amazon gift card?I just pulled a hair out of my ear 😖Could you help a fellow SW-er?I was swerving a bit while todayHave you ever known somebody who wasn't much on photographs..Dark night of the soulHazy but Hopeful for Clarity: Anthology from my written journalsMemorial DayHappy Memorial Daythe start of summerDisciplinarian servicesyou can't express yourself freely anymore it seemsNotes to selfI don't understand why people let money ruin a friendship#google Check out their #homepage for Memorial Day. All #gray and #no #American #Flag. We have to endureThere are various ways to do a work. My mind always computes various permutations and combinations and due to this my ability to do a task always getsWhat is your most embarrassing face time moment?Memorial DayWhy does nationalism still hold us enslaved in the twenty-first century?Do sportspeople, like most celebrities, believe they are above the usual responsibilities we have as citizens?Presidents Zelenskyy and Putin congratulate Erdoğan on re-election as Turkish Presidentit takessss an ooocccceaannnn not to breakkkkkkk it takessss an ooocccceaannnn not to breakkkkkkk it takessss an ooocccceaannnn not to breakkkkkkkI know a bloke whose wish came true.. he wished for the body of a God..NGL it's kinda strange seeing people trying to get over their dark past and there's always millions of quotes for that aloneA man ran home from work, pulled his wife into the bedroom, threw her on the bed and pulled the blankets over them.4 TRILLION Chinese Yuan – Yikes!!! Wait . . . how much is that in real money?Looking for men for an abf relationship in the san antonio texas areaHave you noticed the angriest, meanest people on social media are those who realize they are freakishly abnormal?It's just too much, I can't live with so many people anymore.Wanting to end itThe way in which i am not politeSunshine from a friendMy Mother is home with me, today, ensuring that I eat!How old do I look , do I look like I am in my early twenties or early fiftiesI had a dream I won a cruise tripWhy is net worth so focused on property owning and investment?My grandmother Dobroniega.Same Sex marriageNina's Blog - Monday 29th May 2023Honest opinions ruffle feathersSometimes I can forget about the health stuff I’m going throughHappy& Blessed Memorial DayI have an outie and i'm a little bit shy of itCan a cop get in trouble if he draws his gun, points it at you and cusses? 🥺Sex / masturbation after spankings?Pussy spankings?Was I being unreasonable?the anonymous snapchat messageHow's everyone?How bad is the drug epidemic in the US really? YouTube videos from some streets would make it seem like a zombie apocalypse but is that just a fewAm I the asshole?It's that time of night where I wonder if he still loves meLet's take a moment todayI hate when my anger turns into tears.If women did not have boobsI asked Bard if goldfish can hear their owners even though they're in waterWhat’s your opinion on magic mushrooms or “shrooms”Hayes: What the Republican debt ceiling threat is really aboutAnger has no enemy or friendWill you pray with me?Sorry for what I did and said to youBesides the obvious that it gets you high I have no Idea how/why people smoke methBreak my heart againChristians in America are fighting back. Kudos, but really, most are hypocrites so why support the American church?Pride MonthIf you met a sexy girl but was the dumb airhead type, would you still want a relationship with her?Why would smart people like Americans tolerate privatized political parties running their country?pickingDo you rarely feel anything when people die, but get upset when animals die?My attire to work todayTechology and social revolution: Steve Wozniak at TEDxBrusselsThat would be just Mi Luk…I worked out today for the first time in so longIdk where's my mind HAHAHAHAH# 26 #Whispered echosWho are the worst drivers?She Shows Methat time I intentionally got someone put in jail for annoying me with their "music"Happy MondayAbsolute perfect truthI think I may have ran over a kittenive played some 'the old republic' todayThe songs on these musicals are always so good!Dude will hayfever please fuck off alreadyThe visual medium as meditational deviceAs I Clear My MindDo kids not want mentors?Here to face my phobia - public speaking on social media. there i did it.Are bisexual men more likely to abuse their girlfriends?Today my brother gifted me a new album autographed by the rapper himself 😮For you …….Got to love YouTubeI predict a whole bunch of fatties suing the medical system..guy says he wants to go on a date to the movies so he can kissIts so fukin hot outsideWhy is it that introverts have the internal struggle...Had a great dayI wonder if someone should tell her that boys younger than 12 can get girls pregnant?I feel myself improving everyday.What are the easiest and hardest emotions for you to express?My Therapist shot me straight the other day.What is the best Prince album?Oh my goodness, Love Victor on Disney plus is the most angsty gay love story I’ve seen in a long freakin time.Unbelievable how I keep getting ADs on Youtube for small chested bras!!! How does youtube know, I have NEVER EVER shopped for that online!Why does my profile picture keep being removed?Puppy woke upMy kitchen storiesWhat if quantum vacuum decay has already happened, and the expanding universe we ponder is actually just remodeling an older universe into this one?update: ANXIOUSTo the liarAdulting is hard 🥔🥴A shark and a tuna have to continually swim to let water pass over their gillsTHE ISLE OF LESBOS - Everything you ever wanted to know about Lesbianism (and maybe some you didn't but were too afraid to askSo dang EXHAUSTED 😩🙄My Doorway AdventureWife in hot tub joined by footballersDon't let Turkey Exit Nato on their terms, Have them Expelled.Curves, Confidence, and Fashion: My Macromastia JourneyEnd the alliance with Turkey.I Think The Military Is A Great Training Institution...What's is your favorite styles of BBQ?Life According to StreamyReaderI am pretty sure my mother caused my asthma because she is a pathetic human beingEat more than one burger at McDonalds and people think you’re a pig. But only eat one burger at a barbecue people keep offering you more.Have you ever had someone get upset with your body language?So, today was fun.Did I do the right thing?Honda it tuned up found out is has a v-tec 2.3L engineSomething I ought to publically disclose about my own sentiments and why I'm reacting the way I am to this latest drama.I'm in a dark place.Made my own lil pizza today 🙃I love when we spend the weekend spoiling our girl 🤍I miss what I've never had, more than anything I've ever had but lost.The greatest understanding of lifei feel like my parents are getting divorcedSo Biden and McCarthy make a deal on the debt ceilingI CAN'T RELAX!!!Alien Contact Science Fiction or Science Factis there any japanase lady employer in this site ? if there is then i encourage her to read my recent posts about employers and employees so we canMy Oculus Quest 2 VR HomeState farm will no longer offer Insurance for Homes. Summer is coming for Fire seasonHappy camperspor siempre soloCan performing barefoot improve athletic performance?Love good covers of songs on youtube - a song that I have loved for close to 50 yearsMy dog is funny.My sister gave me this yesterday. Had to laughWhere/what is your happy place?Sometimes it’s just about getting home…I know he wasn't right for me but I really miss him.Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking… Nerf herder!People who I thought were friends on here have disappointed me beyond beliefTrain to BusanWhat are your pet peeves? 👀False Flag Incoming?Today was supposed to be a relaxing dayis it getting that way now where you can't express yourself freelyWhat is the funniest movie scene for you?Decided to change up the colors on the golf cartsNo offense and I’m not trying to be rude, but how come most autistic people lack picking up social cues or listen well?Linda tickles JennyWow it's one of those days where the moon is larger than normal!In other news. We will give you an Update inside Joe's Thoughts..............."Loading"..........."Still Loading"Finished George’s portraitDamn amazing how much one can do when the tablet is shut offTower BridgeI love mountain bikingPresident Dwight D. Eisenhower on endless defense spendingIs there such a thing as pretty privledge?One Of The Reasons Why Television Is Called "Programming"Hung Sheffield UK Guy Seeks FWB with Older WomanThe $6.99 SpecialI just realised that Amazon sells pet enclosures for jumping spiders. I can't even.Where are you now?Loyalty is the most under-appreciated personality trait in the 2023 dating cesspoolPost a photo of a classic vehicleVENEZUELAN MARXIST CLAP BAGS COMING TO AMERICA SOON?Who else has never worked fast food?My sister choke-slammed me through a tablewould this be a 'strange' thing to do or is it my choiceHuge construction crew at my condo complex in Los Angeles. All Hispanic.When the only toilet in your house isn't working so you have to go to the McDonalds at the end of the streetThis app gives me the nostalgia vibes of the older version of FacebookI Am a DreamerThe middle-aged dudes on this site think they're young hot womenYes piss poor planning does mean it's an emergency.would it be alright to do thisnet migration a huge problemI feel like imma die from excitementAnother song from the memoryThe anti-sexual path part 2I like this songCMNF dessert... BirdieWhat kind of monster steals someones medicine?Poll about musical genresToo young to know…it sucks how quickly we feel the need to grow upA kid at work gave me a Mr Beast plant-based cookieschool memoryI’m stuck in lifeWould you look if you were sitting on a beach and a young teenage woman went topless?I feel like I have to say thisHow the hell did I not know about Htipiti before?!Can you be happy loving just one person, monogamously, for your entire life?When you're joking around with somebody on here and then somebody who cant mind their business has to butt in and ruin eveerything 🙄🙄The post exam depression is creeping in again; I think as I stare out the window, listening to the birds and children.Age of my tattoos.I'm not leaving SW but...I found these painted rocks and picked them upAnother reason I love training: it's such a great anchorTo bear or not to bare, that is the question?Weekend MorningsA Memorial Day Thought...Now there’s a ChatGPT for LawAny Battle of The Network Stars fans?Will my betrayal trauma carry into my new relationship?Today is gonna be interestingWhy am I bored unless something is entertaining me or using my attention?Beginning from tonight, I'll get my sleeping schedule slowly back in tact...i really fucked upCost of monthly housing bills?What do you do if someone sees you walking outdoors nakedClean up your toys! Why? I’m just gonna take them right back outLazy Sundaynet migration in britain, is this trueA nosy question, lol.Update TimeGoing on holiday/vacation.Why don't Scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.Learning from mistakesPersonal ImagesI've spent the last 5 hours just animating a belly dancer 😰To clarify......Happy Sunday!!Why are people so rude?Hello gyes, i have a idea for making a better our life.I need a people to my team who now how to make websites, application and other.Text me plsWho are inclined to read or write poetry?Tell us about your current vehicle.Korea by nightKinda disappointed in this stuffThe love of McDonaldsHave isolated myself from EVERYONE in my contact.“US leaders gamble with the worlds most trusted asset” . . . and lose ???My bf's baby mama sent him some photos she took of their daughterI keep having dreams where I am a womanThese are the leaders of the GOP? Seriously?The Škofja Loka Hills and Caves: Lubnik and the Kevderc CaveCrazy storm over 3 days of Memorial Day weekendA very happy Mass today, Pentecost Sunday.Sunday Fundayrespect for the hostIs this the best possible deal for the debt limit?what does it mean to be indigenous to a countryActually I am loving this phase of my life which is telling me to focus in my hardwork, my Lord Shiva and be fabulous as much as you can.US congress and Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent?The Pain of being born into a Family made of mentally exhausted and problematic peopleChildren aren't allowed to be children anymore.So much so it reminded me of you.Netflix BingeI've had so many crushes over the years but you...Be careful when it comes to the mark of the beast:Naked bottomsI hate misinformation.I said to myself, "Self." (and I knew it was me, cause I recognized my voice, and I was wearing my underwear)Tired of himNina's Blog - Sunday 28th May 2023Maxayn - The Finger Points To YouThe people and political preferences.Get out your Pogo Stick-Break a Record.I just had the dream to the next jordan peele movie it seemsAnother Sad DayThe whole Phillip Schofield debacle is just getting worseLate night thoughts…I’ll see you again one dayToday's agenda...The other side of Prince, 'Insatiable'If you are trying to be in a relationship with someoneGusman's song of the dayi swear the mods are trolling me with the main feed of threads i see on this siteWe’re secretly out of controlSometimes, I just wish that I could go away for a while.Dang, I got blocked by our recent thatThe UN was founded to stop human rights violations, stop wars from happening and work on achieving world peace, they are fucking awful at their jobsDon’t forget to donate to black lives matter!!Jealousy is unattractive...Not me playing Oregon Trail for 5 hours straight.Last name: Marusic (just found this on the internet)Mom living with my exThe struggle goes on!Sade ~ No Ordinary LoveThe "Stop The Violence" rap collaborations, 1988-1990I forgot what day it was.Is there a law that pictures of wives on SW have to be grainy...I wish for one global society strictly controlled by a heavily centralized, authoritarian left wing regime.What's the tone of your life's song ? Your life's voice ..?Just tell me to go to sleep!I don't know how people's can borrow lump sum amount of money from other without having any idea how to pay that back in future.409 days SoberMowing the lawn is a good thing to do on a Sunday and fosters well being.I’m the cool mom! 🥹I'm going to start posting trump quotes on a Latin American reddit thread just to fuck with themL. Cohen ~ Night Comes OnFelt something tickle my arm. F'ING SPIDER! Jumped up screamed and stripped off my shirt.i just need someone to vent tooIn spite of what Ron DiSanctis says, being "WOKE" is not a bad thing.Indian official drains thousands of litres of water from dam to find lost phoneCan’t ImagineI just found a new fetish on the internet, I didn't think there is anything left to discoverToday, Daisy was upset because I didn’t order her her Puppuccino from Starbucks 💀💀Will you pray with me?It appears I've finally reached that point where I click on a post & quite a few commenters have me blockedSuddenly, The Jusse Smollet Hoax Doesn't Seem So StupidManu Chao, "Me Gustas Tu" (2001)Instagram and Twitter are getting on my nerves 🙄Crime is everywhere, or is it?My house mate hit me last nightMark Knopfler & Emmylou-Harris ~ Our Shrangri-LaI kove my Bicycle.What I think of death and my fear of lifeIdle musings.I want friends that I can chill with every day and go out and have fun and go out to eat or to a party or to the bar or strip club or go to the clubAlmost every time I get drunk, I find a whole bunch of drafts on here I don’t remember making 😳What do you do when both sexes want you but you don’t feel like either of themI applied for diploma in nursing ( enrolled nurse) at Alex hills Tafe and certificate iii in community services, I think if I pass the numeracy andeBreastaurants are for losersSorry i disappearedHow does the light shine?May writing prompts- Unraveled.Hey Honey, let's go quit our jobs, with your father's moneyHow far have you gone inside your own mind? Sober or under some other influenceWe need to focus on getting every Democrat voted out and end this national nightmare of Biden/Democrat rule?about the Alert Sound that lets you know a comment of message has hitLooks like my building is going smoke free this includes cigarettes and pot. I smoke so this ought to be fun.Do you alway seem to have a song playing in your head?Dinner for oneare you a bully or an employer ? i would like if you tell me , whatever you want about how do you feel superior to some people andHappy Sunday. Just a daily reminder that it’s been 1,419 days since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and we still do not have the list.Imagine being bribed with food, cooed into coming down after you've fucked up and realised you had no way downHuhuhu hey guess what? Remember when Science was Manipulated by COVID and Vaccines? Well Science can now claim getting Fat is normalHow far behind public school isWhy do people put carpets inside kitchens and bathrooms?How difficult has it been for you to make and keep friendships as an adult?He's a 'Dirty Grandpa' and a Proud Papa! All About Robert De Niro's 7 Kids.Being high kind of feels like dissociation, like straight up dissociation without the feel good stuffIs Death DeSantis hoping and praying prosecutors will side-line Cry-Baby-trump for him while claiming they have been weaponized to cancel him?Replace a word in the title of a Movie with ButtholeReasons to HopeWelp, no Memorial Day weekend would be complete without my old man putting on archival war footage.I never understood why guys get so offendedAnyone have idea what this may be?What is Death DeSantis’s plan for reinvigorating the American economySasha ElektronikerLove the thought of another guy seducing my wifepets in distressDo you appreciate the amount of time and effort women put into their outfits and makeup? And women do you feel like it’s recognized?Drove my son and 3 of hisRetro topless wife picI ordered a salad with chicken and my chicken was undercooked on it but i was afraid to send it back because i didn't want to be a karen.Anyone have BPD?What someone told me made me cry.See Thru Saturday! Celebrity Edition!Some stuff from Nanori Land 🥔🥴My coffee table 💙Normally on Saturday evening i restock a few soda machinesan important question for the foot models out thereMy husband got mad at me.What’s a big life lesson you’ve learned? I’ve learned to always be myself…Sony's Wii U Is A Big Pii U!When you were growing up, did your parents routinely have "before dinner drinks"?Sony's Wii U Is A Big Pii U!Bad news for Ken PaxtonOh boy - I have a political prediction: It's going to be ugly as people start the Trump-DeSantis debate...Have you ever been had one of those jobs where you’re in a different city every day?Writing goodbye makes me feel so calmThe whole world knows meMy health hasn't been good in a while.I know I'm a shitty person online, but I always try to be a decent friendHey everyone! Be sure to support the Target corporation in their goal to sexualize children!!Why would God allow me to go through this?Expected outcome in TXDinner time. Chose to sit outside.I always thought that I disliked lasagna, but it turns out that I only dislike a kind of lasagna. That is the healthy kind."If you can't prove what you want to prove, demonstrate something else and pretend that they are the same thing." ('How to lie with statistics', book)Tourists can ruin the city for you