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I can't walk with you through your own Helli started watching the movie Mega Piranha on Youtube and these were some of the comments under the movie from othersYou lot ought to be happy I'm not in charge of the USGun control?Nina's Blog - Thursday 26th May 2022Shootings we make it to easyI'm not doing so greatI think guns are stupidPlease help me (trigger warning: eating disorder and self harm)Your words ripped my soulIf you could come up with a new religion, would you make it mandatory for everyone to have sw account, smoke weed and have cat pets?I need help📿🛐Give me a new religion to convert to⛪🕌I'm having two smokes in a row so my ice packs get harderI relapsedTelling people that being rich or having more money will not help them with their depression is a lie.Weight loss leaving me tiredIf you are vegan, and are thinking of bringing up your children as vegan (Not a problem for me :P )...I don’t feel I need a relationship I’m content with my life I don’t need anymore than what I have I’m not lonely I’m not needing companionshipPolice officers struggling as pay lags 20% behind inflationIf I do get my money I will be happy but if I don’t I’m still happyIf guns are supposed to keep you safe...Going commando is something that may sound more silly than it does practical, but turns out going sans underwear can actually do your body some good!Texas school shooter in hellMe thinks thou doth protest too much?The Definition of Morality First published Wed Apr 17, 2002; substantive revision Tue Sep 8, 2020Oh, it's a "type it all out and delete it" kind of morningA colour-coded guide to vaginal dischargeevery day i dread opening the computerThoughts of darknessHow do you prevent panty lines?thinking about going to the gas station for junk but I fear they might be holding soul train there again1920s Vintage glamour.MItt Romneys funding from the NRADisabilities and dating...GLM Gun lives matter anyone?You know you’re never going to be good enough.I feel blank, deep, stupid and worthless.Im NoivousssI m still looking back to yesterday and what happened. A part of why I completely lost the ability to regulate my feelings and actions was my brotherThe depiction of this supposed Jesus looks like a White-European-Japhetite, far from any resemblance to a Shemitic-Hebrew born of the seed of Abrahammy roommate’s stepbrother is trying so hard to f*** her and every time she talks about it i swear i hear faint banjo playing in the backgroundDavid Zaslav Will Make DC Movies,Great AgainGained access to the tv at 10pmAlready dressed up and everything but suddenly it's raining. How do I go to Prambanan? We already rent motorbike till 9 PM.. T_TScrew your damn titlesI can't sleepPlease message me on my whiteboardWhen people try and insult my appearance why don’t they ever go for something that is actually a part of me?I’m kind of glad I grew up in New Jersey.try and write this one down before i forget it -night terrorsMy Happy PlaceWhy is it so hard to walk away?Appreciation post for TheRascallyOneNATO deserting Ukraine....(Kyiv Independent)Another shooting has just been stoppedFrom 2009-2015, 10 countries had more deaths per million people from mass shootings than the US. ~Give out all your coins and buy gifts every night before you go to bed ! .. makes people feel special 🙂♥️💙♥️.. it made me feel special 🙂🙂Donuts and Karma...A Dish Better Served HOT.Just went through my notifications. Touchy touchy people.When someone be looking for his kingdomWhat if I do a slightly less violent take on what GG Allin did in his show/gig? 🤔Why are mass killings so common in the US? Is there really no way to prevent mass killings in the US?Just so u h happening at onceShow off one of your tattoos?Great so the Texas shooter was Latino??Rick Perry says Republicans want to take Social Security and Medicare awayI just want to say- All those who are mentally and physically healthy have everything in life.'How to Murder Your Husband’ author Nancy Crampton BrophyCandlelit FaceI’m getting ready to watch Euphoria on tv?Got to wait until the kiddies go to bed and start cleaning up after them. Can’t wait until they understand “Hurry up”!!Speaking of Cracker BarrelYay I survived!!Goodnight My FriendsFederal gun restrictions doomed in the Senate. Can we give up, now libbies?According to trusted advisor, Kellyanne Conway, that fat slob she served used to whine to his wife about her husband criticizing him all the time.Question for men.. do you own a suit?“Do you have any idea how love works ?”What do you do on the daysDon't mind meEven avid gun ownersWhen an SW member interprets doctor's advice...Why does Greg Abbott always seem to wear a shirt with him name on it?Naked Man Bites Police Officers Instead of a Big Mac. "Where?" You Ask?I just realize my life is so nonstopWas a dreary day all day. At work tonight it's actually kind of pretty.A friend of mine in America just told me she loves guns so much she just named her new baby BulletsDiver Dog- NaidaWant to Name Your Baby? Parents Are FAR More Likely to Pick "Rebecca" Than "Donald"Should me and AlexaSmilez open a joint bank account together?Texas is leaving the National School Boards AssociationName the characteristics of the users here annoy you the mostwhat does it meanI Thank God every day where I’ve had hard times he’s made sure I’d be safe and good he never let me go hungry he never let me on the streetsThe world's overpopulatedCan we please get AOC's take on the tragic shooting there in TX?Does anyone on here who voted for Biden regret it now?Which southern US state has the most mountain and beach towns?Right to Life? In The US?The Angry Armpit finally got mad enough to block Corvus today, lolI Think I Want To Start My Own Drinking Holiday....People have always named children after expensive things.My posts always get less views and comments in the afternoon, my timeThe TX school shooter wasn't white. I'm confused.. I thought that white supremists were the most dangerous threat to America. That's what is saidI wrote this and called it a poemWhat's wrong with people..?Another American TragedyMe and my drinking problemsDepleted (And again - this title is too short. WTH [@nuno]. This is the VERY MEANINGFUL 1 word title I wanted. Why do you hate one word titles so?)I think it would be a good idea to harvest organs from murderers who are proven guilty without a doubt?Going with mainly small shelvesGirl at work never stops talking EVER.. walk away and she keeps talking.. saying hello opens up an endless conversation ..The Supreme Court just ruled that if State Court interferes with a defendant's rights they can no longer appeal to Federal CourtShould children be allowed to be exposed to adult content?Entry 20 "Doesn't matter how much furniture you stack at the door"I knew there was something I wanted to share.a dead poets voiceMen do you not feel embarrassed when asked a question about your child and you have to say "let me call my wife"What would you do if your best friend was killed?My mom ruins my jobDo you think an unmarried person should do work more because they don't have commitment?"There was no known mental health history for the shooter." "Texas will improve access to mental health professionals to prevent mass shootings."But I got this oneI'm really glad I didn't have kidsGet the hook..joke deoartmentThis is awesome in light of the fact that the debt bomb is likely going to explode soon.House Rules - Spanked by my In-laws..... BirdieFuck you whoever jacked my Sony earbuds !! Now I gotta shell out another $50 for new ones .. and that’s just to watch porn !!😡😡Just 6 hours to goThe reason those kids in TX got murdered is because the US gov gets off to human sacrifice.I heard a brilliant oneBought four boxes of RTV (return to vender) stuff this morningWhy use a different account to be "new" around here when all you've got to do is change your profile pictureI don't really wanna know what it's like having a penis, because clits are more sensitiveHormone treatmentI changed the cereals that I eat and gave up cows milk because of how much phosphorus they have in them.Isn't it kinda weird that the worse consequence from using marijuana is what the authorities will do to you if you get caught?If I'm elected President, I'll do an Executive Order that All Men must wear Kilts or Skorts forever more!I Am ScottishThis is why I don't talk politics with people anymorelittle lost girlNo Love. And I'm sad I may not be in love anymore.Walking with a friend, minding my business and some dude sitting on a bin whips out a small laminated paper in front of us.The law of attractionLol walking to my community garden in my shitty clothesHow long before stockades in the town square?Have you ever had an "inside joke" with yourself?Many people assume that, apart from the Bible, history is silent concerning Jesus of Nazareth.Is confidence attractiveWhatever it is, leave me out of it.It seems a lot of people here still think I'm actually marriedSomeone Calling It Like It Isscents for saleImagine if you willI'm just writing...Jumbo loans ? Private banking ? Anyone high-net-worth people here using these things ?It’s so weird that someone out theredo you know someone who overdid it with tattoos?Is there like a place that uploads political memes everyday?Gun ViolenceInteresting details about gun lawsCalled to work while I'm on withdrawal.One of the billion reasons why teacher morale is low...busy day at worki don't wanna be alive.Omg I just had the write up meeting with my boss and the insane coworker.Who should play Susan Storm in the MCU?If the Columbine shooting never happened, do you think there would be such thing as school shootings? Because thats what started it allLet's make our Congress persons swear they will take no money from the gun lobbyIs that even a real number?Son took me to lunchStuttering while talkingWhat’s with all the boob content around here lately? 🤔Omg I feel like I'm going to freak the eff out on my ex that won't leave me aloneTypical Bully Tactics; If Schools Don’t Let Boys Into Girls’ Bathrooms, Biden Will Take Their Lunch MoneyNormally I'm a pretty decent shotMy assistant just went up a notch in my cool book 🤣Five Naughty QuickiesI had to go toCan you use Cool and Heat pain Relieving cream on face?Out for deliveryThat fat, slimy self-absorbed do-nothing slob who wants to be reinstated as president wanted Mike Pence hung and expressed dismay he wasn't.Got it. I'm not allowed to be friendly to the duck.Today is unbearableIt’s tempting to go back to the coffee stand just to ogle the sexy new barista 🥴If you spend so much time being singleToday is canceled..My doc said not to worry about the function of my kidney, that I'm not at risk because I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure.I am waitingMost of my friends are either dating or married now except for meShould I post...Stick to your gunsI just have a question after looking at posts here from both men AND women…What's the real US population?Hopefully he knows how to duck and cover.What's the weirdest thing that you've put your dick in? 🤔Bleeding out the heart 🖤🩸First case of "send nudes" ever...when i was a lill child..Listen, there’s nothing stopping you from sneaking out of worki put on weight, how to not lose heartA study has shown that 47234653396486787984527 people can't be bothered to read long numbers. You're one of those people, aren't you?True or falseWelp, Bill Cosby Is Headed Back To Court Again…so much venting about gun rights\violence...has anyone thought what might be the motive for the violence instead of the chosen weapon??Monkeypox? Wtfshould i sell my $394 in stock before i lose it all?Beto O’Rourke Had To Show His Ass At A Texas Press Conference….Magnolia grandiflora trees are blooming everywhere here right now, but I never realized the flowers are supposed to be edibleIs human life really so cheap that ownership of guns outweighs it?Right I've told her that I need to not be there anymoreIf i had to guess, id say the average person doesnt really change their cabin air filter or their engine air filter in their car, do they?i just had a nightmare where these huge men in bunny suits were chasing my friends and i around a giant house and nailing our organs to the wallKissinger-Ukraine must concede land to RussiaI shoulda known this day was gonna be strangeWhy are people on Q&A sites so mean ?Erotic Story - An appointment to rememberThe Three Branches Of GovernmentA story of Hannibal and Roman evenge.I have a good friend who loves meBeen a lovely few days!!The "its natural" or the "it's unnatural" argument...Spiritual Beings€4.50 for a single bottle of Corona beer 😕Mom love TunisieGrowth In The FieldUvalde ShooterWhat's the most brutal place on earth that you've lived in?Hungry for a little Asian persuasion food?Why I can not sleep imagining someone is breastfeeding me?when you open the window and smell fishUsually when i am hungry…Y’all, pray for me 😥He sent me a tiktok saying this.. like i want him to just ask me out.This guy at work hates me and i did nothing to himMy Shitty Hot Take from pt interactionProduct testingWhy do i only ever fall in love with hoes... 😩Hopefully I didn't break my coffee machine. Eh it probably didn'tin good handsI cried at work todayI feel I earned itHow is it that squirrels are smart enough to get into a squirrel-proof bird feeder ...Americans at war in Europe, bringing NATO to Russia's door, said Putin is the aggressor, not them?Random thoughtNot sure what exactly happened last night.Arms and amo manufacturers target crazies the way big tobacco targeted kids.That new barista at my local coffee stand, oh my... 🥵Erotic Story - A Scottish HolidayThe next mass shooting is not news-. Just conservatives gloating on TV about their "right" to shoot guns.It's easier for crazies to get weapons then is is for a 12 year old to get cigarettes and booze.Spring cleaned my house, worked on a paintingEver feel like you have to buy people?C a n d l e l i g h tErotic Story - The real story of the McFly's - Part Twowhen they tell you they hate this reactionDo good doctors exist anymore?I'm sorry but this dude's vibes are fuckedErotic Story - The real story of the McFly's - Part OneI want a Set necklace.Why keep blaming our leaders every time we have a crisis,I drink thea bio from Morocco for sleepingBecome a RussianWhen you have unwanted thoughtsNo regrets bc in the end time will forget phrases and faces.Well that was weird.But you aint and i aint soI had a dream that I got shot on my left side of my head.Stay awhile, and listenOui. C'est malheureusement vraiReligious or political posts are the equivalent to spam junk mailI always wondered if the 1970 Ferrari Modulo concept car could actually turn its enclosed front wheelsDo not look awayWhen I donate it's always localEww - what’s with all the political posts?Why doesn't SW feed display all the questions in chronological order?Who the Eff in the right state of mind will say buy more guns and teach teachers to shoot?If you were president of your country, would you make it mandatory for everyone to make 10 posts on sw everyday and ask sw for your share ofThe Rising Fuel Problem Around The WorldVisious CyclesI wanna kmsHow the US Views its Second Amendment.I can look to the left and a little to the right today!👍😜(got hurt Thursday)Breaking news: Intelligence reveals Putin close to death, suffering from several chronic conditionsSo completely sickeningAnother mass murder of children and teachersUpdate on what's happening nowWhat do you think Trump will have to say about Brian Kemp defeating David Perdue in Georgia?Just heard the most beautiful song 🥲Pray for TexasOn your bday you should be allowed to indulge in anything you want for your special day. So if it’s your dogs bdayHave you ever seen a dog walk in pet shoes for the first time? It’s hilariousHeaven and HellQuick little meeting at base campI saw a poll up on Twitter todayI have BPD and I am often confused by lifeI had a really bad day at work today. Got into trouble because of someone else... Which could have turned major.I love being home aloneWhen my co-workers ask me “do you have a Facebook” and I reply “ I don’t have any friends “ and they go “what about me”?!! 😌Hope Joe has not forgotten who is the current US president! #GovernenceAtitsBest #TexasSchoolMassacreKanamat Botashev Killed.Hi I'm a new member of Similar WorldsFood for thoughtBeen spending way too much money on food takeoutHeroin/Fentanyl Withdrawal Day 2Asexual Agenda~how to create millions of jobs, make agriculture thrive, and save the planet from our oil addictionJ'ai quelque chose à dire.Because PEOPLE support globalists their plans and dreams are coming true. Without peopleMy mum had eggs boiling after 8:30 pm she was in bed and they so over done they blew upRight I'm just gonna cut down firstJ'ai quelque chose à dire.I’m confuse why people would think their government is spying on them. You’re actually not that interesting.Can people do nice things without being jerks?Finland and Sweden joining Nato will thast be Putins legacyRussian kids lessons...Senseless ActDaisy, what happened to you 🥺 you were my little baby 😭😭😭Would a Poll Tax ever work if any country tried to introduce such a thing now?I wanna do good and hire my relativesAre you a fast, steady or slow talker?Aren’t there lots of gun laws already on the books?I was in an Islam country airport full of Islam men with some wife’s covered head to toe and face coveredDealing with insults is part of the job!The most dangerous virus is the time virus, Another subtle yet devastating aspect of the global conspiracy is their manipulation of calendars, clocksTime travel to connections we never knew existed ⏳Roxette - Fading Like A FlowerI got free wine glasses that I didn't want 😡😠🤬Being Pro-LifeStill better than upchurch.Mobile phones aka cellphones - what's your poison ?Smoker when drinking - WTF ? How does drinking make smoking 'ok' ?Are you imaginative? An idea’s person?I wish Doraemon's anywhere door was real. Do you feel the same too?I have glasses nowRoxette - Listen to your heart ( Sanremo international 1990 )Boob(s on Your Tube) are a Thing, but nude men are considered 'porn'USA - you disgust me! Another home-grown terrorist shooting kills 19 kids and 2 teachersQ: Ok, I'll do the seemly popular thing do to just prove how ludicrous extreme polarity truly is. Which is better on the gun issue?Its kinda scary how easily influenced people can be... even when they claim that they are aren't easily influenced 🙁This is why people attack once you begin to question things like the official version of world history and the cause of world wars and all wars,Canada’s train carrying fertilizer crashed and turned over.... another scored goal for the manufacturers of global food shortages and famineWell I didn't lose any weight... and I'm still chonky as heckWhat's one thing you miss from your last time travelling?Shes on the move......🙁Just taking a poll here quickly only for the ladies.I don’t have a birth certificate I’ve never seen it it’s not my fault I don’t have one44 reasons why Evolution is just a fairytale for adults:If i could snap my fingersEver had a really good conversation with someone in person who knew you wellWhat would happen if a Karen demanded to see a manager and you told her we call them personagers now?We all think Kim Jong-Un is deranged for shooting ballistic missiles at the seaHave you ever?Why am i eating so...Co sleeping with my babies tonightAfter so many school shootings, Do Americans have shallow feelings for children?my favorite passtime is watching my dog try to shove the entirety of his toy, which is the size of his chest, into his mouthMy top surgery is TOMORROW!!!My heart hurts for all mamas tonightMy name is Kevin kelly and im a downlow Jamaican in EdmontonWhat the human race could use more of today is some dog cum up inside ya. You know what I'm talking 'boutWhen you can’t keep your kids safe from flying bullets at school, nationwide…How do i come out of the closet as a downlow??My 9 ½ hour journey begins tonightIt’s that time again folks…So, how bout we give up and let conservatives have gun rights and war in Europe, Asia Africa and the Pacific ocean,?This crazy dude is talking....I should probably make some male friends somehow... let me think about thiscan people on my white board read what other people write on my white board?It's that time again...Does anyone ever feel like life is just too much ?Something good that Benito Mussolini did?Heroin & Fentanyl Withdrawal/restarting my lifeUGHGKW#OLNCB:OEC O:EC)#W{( _@#_$My life is a sick fucking joke…..The Storm…..No means NO!If by a horrible stroke of fate, all 19 of these babies shot and killed today all happened to be the children of our congress..Why not trySo if gun control isn’t the solution what is?Do you ever accidentally feel guilty instead of really grateful when people are kind to you?Heroin/Fentanyl withdrawalWhen you are newly in loveThat fat, bloated, slimy slob who once pretended to be president with his First Lady daughter takes credit for...The Texas shooter was of Hispanic descent. He was not an immigrant, legal or otherwise.How about no more sympathy and caring for the people who get shot?So much for the missus and I being back on good terms last nightAppliances prices through the roof. What high price items you encountering?Texas logic: Let's make it easier for anyone to get a gun. It will keep us safe - Let's own the libs.There's a random Youtube video playing on my TV and I have no idea what it's about.BREAKING: Texas Elementary School Shooting Leaves 14 Students, 1 Teacher DeadSociety, I have a cure to your corruption!If you like having your nipples sucked but find it challenging to get them sucked all the time ive found the solution. Have a baby!Gave myself a scare. I was at work and I opened up my phone by my boss and I still had porn up.Is smoking resin from the pipe (when one runs out of weed) even worth it?Would US gun control be more likely if...G'morning, sunshine!Can we stop trying for"single payer", Medicare for all, already?Stupid car keys making me feel like such a quackhole! 😩The next shooting is not news, so why do people keep whining about the results of our Gun Rights?Have you ever had a drug problem?I forgot to put a cinder block on the toilet lid once I was done with it. Now the thing in the sewers has escaped into the houseWhat should I pack in my backpackBaby girl found the strangest of hiding spotsI overheard a couple females walking by on the curb talking aboutanxiety sucks so badWhat're the odds that the population of Europe isn't totally happy with NATO being there, right now?jazz ensembleDo you think this whole crypto currency shit is worth it?I do not have a hard job.Remember when I got called a gutter trash crack whore because I wouldn’t explain what the word care means?That fat, slimy, cry-baby slob who once pretended to be president with his First Lady daughter is denied vengeance in Georgia Governor's Primary.Should martial law be declared in areas with mass shootings?Parents send their children to school to learn.I just made the worst cup of coffee in the history of coffeeMy mom won't let us go to the apartment basement unless she's home and we can't be out late at night when it's dark out because of sketchy stuffMy country is dumb and what the people "Want to hear" is dumb too and untrue.Russian state TV called MAGA a cult with elements of fascismpretty pathetic how folks can talk about any other religion: paganism, Satanism, Islam, Buddhism, HinduismI want to be piedMore of the sameAnd Another One Bites The DustDo you fear God or do you have a friend in Jesus?Today I went hyper thermo ballistic on my supervisors at workI know a few people who say they don't care about moneywomen who say "I don't get along with other women" give me red flags vibes"The base" gets their wish granted... again: a new school shooting in Texas. Texas Attorney General beams with pride. Calls for more guns.I don't think age should be a valid social measurement of anything meaningful. It's experience and maturity that counts.I would love to find a female slave to become a ballet slave??Horn-Honking CowardsJust Wanna CryI had an old classmate "slide in the DM's"...Stuff that makes me feel uneasy..Seashell … 2020 photoAnother mass shooting because the shooter had a gun. Should we focus on the other details?If guns got banned because of the texas shooting would people be better off or worse without them?Leave them on for a whileThe best defense in lifethis place is fun because it’s like i’m in a room yapping about everything under the sun and y’all are tied to the chair being forced to listen to meWhy did my Aunt trick me?14 students and 1 teacher dead, elementary school in Texas… some Ramos guy who killed his grandmother first…😞Would you get rid of your pets if your boyfriend doesn't like them?Update: 14 students and a teacher killed in Texas school shootingreligious fundamentalism is literal brain lesions. According to science!So this is a depiction of love. Would you say you're a loving person.?I was 9 years old when this movie came out. I loved her my whole life.Why does everyone wear the same thing?I like to voice record myselfEver learn something about your parents that shocked you?18 dead in Texas school mass shooting...your thoughts ? 😔 💔Need romance ASAPAny useless facts to share?More Gun Insanity in America: 'Active shooter' incident at Texas school, Multiple FatalitiesDo you wear glasses?My 3rd and last post in my series, finishing this demolition of germ theory. Now, (PCR tests) To Fool the People – Is the Test the Key?Another Second Amendment Special Operation Shooting at Elementary School in Uvalde, Texaswhat is emptinessWith the water shortage in lake Mead dropping...I was going to write something personalPeople in the comments have been comparing this person from Johnny Depp case to count Olaf from A Series Of Unfortunate EventsI'm in love with someone I can't have and I can't get over him what should I do?Keep your religion to yourself 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮At what age would I be considered the disappointment of the family who shows up to events drunk?Anyone know how to make friends or talk to people at an event in real life?The extent ain't evident when these waves crashDid I just choose the color of someone’s styleMore Germ Theory Refuters. Lets continue:Real ID IdentificationOkay customers aren’t that bad today.How can anyone get angry while high?I'm watching the ABC News app on my Roku TV, and the governor of Alabama just said they're all family.Nothing like seeing my favorite type of jewelry to lighten my mood a little ☺️Am I the only one that can't think about the current state of my life without tearing up and feeling suicidal.I wish I could go back in time to reassure my younger self everything would be worth itThe Saga of Freyja EgilsdottirRunning a get ready for Memorial Day specialSo, I have a question...I’ve got that new relationship buzz and it’s really starting to take over my life.Verizon is getting outrageousDid I really get served ranch dressing with my caesar salad?! 😡If peace between Russia and Ukraine threatens NATO, and a gun free America threatens both parties- ?Finally a good dayOne day a blind man goes to a restaurantAnimal ShrinkDo you wish for boring days when we decide if we'll go swimming based on the weather?McNeal Hospital ComplaintFriday night we are going to party so hard, because after that I have to start tearing my apartment down and getting ready to move.Are you going anywhere or doing anything for memorial day weekend??Power of suggestionOh glorious day!!!How little they know me…Written by a homeless man that has Superman's diseaseHappiness is.. feeling the singing of birds through your beiToyota found a temporary fix for the cruiser.Do u think some chicks while in the middle of filming a porno come to the realization of what they are doing and get ashamed and ask to stop ?The lone wolfMy last words of wisdom to my students this year. It's the code I try to follow.Turns Out Laid back Girls Are Actually The Best GirlfriendsRemember when I was all 'ooh a cute guy moved in the cube across mine at work'When you finish all your work in 2nd grade computer classShare a song, get a new song back 4️⃣🎼I'm extremely upset right now. My time has been wasted. I HATE men“What’s schizophrenia and mental illness like for you, especially before you even knew?”Anyway, I kissed a girl the other day.Are you one of them girls?My @ss so fat that even if he leave up the toilet seat I will never fall throughSometimes I wish I had real friendsTrying to find meaning in a life that has no meaning. Not sure where to turn. Considered going south for a job that would be more fun with no customerI'm Kind of Scared...I remember me and my mum used to play this game on the NES called LoloSo i did a short zoom...Untitled - your title is too shortComment and I’ll tell you what I love/like about you?I tend to forget names. :/Everyone saw right through him"The police found you in my car 6 hours later, asleep, high on crack!"Enough with old white men, alreadyMike Pence rebukes that fat, slimy, cry-baby slob he used to idolize, by claiming the Republican Party is returning to be the party of the future.What would you do if your boss did this?I couldn't say anything about the wife taking stuff out of inventoryI seriously don't know how back biters and buttering people's gets the highest position. Ohhhhh maybe be it is the formula to get higher position.One of the weird things about religion to me is that the Muslims and Christians have been at war pretty much as long as their religion's have been arolets play a role playing gameI’m just going to eat an edible before workFeeling pretty….it’s been hard for me latelyThe awkward moment when someone you "used" during lockdown is asking naughty questions..Why is a cats purr the most relaxing thing in the world 🥰Do you care about your health?People are funnyThe USA must withdraw from dependency and become self sufficient immediately?So NJ is a one party consent state but not PAi listen to Blizzard Snowstorm on Youtube and it sounds like an ocean crashing and it someties sounds like female voicesI Love Creamed Chipped BeefThat fat, lazy, cry-baby slob who once pretended to be president with his First Lady daughter discourages "his people" to voteBeing awake at 2am because you slept at 8 is so much funPhone Scammer Just Called Offering Resort & Cruise Vacations, All-Inclusive….IWhy Is The World Still Allowing Communism To Thrive .I kinda want to write a post about my mental illness issues and what it’s like for me.Malachi 3:10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty,Once Again We Hear African Countries Not Speaking Out Against Russia‘As soon as a crisis occurs, it can get unmanageable’: what children’s social workers say about their caseloadswhat do you hope for?Monkey pox and meat!Noodling on nudity.....When you inhale a tiny piece of foodI Was Sick YesterdayI know not all men cheat, but isnt it normal for all men to want to cheat?I need someone to help me laugh at myself.Waived all set up,cancellation and change fees for the customerI like dumb jokes - Mathematics QuestionKellyanne Conway admits that fat, lazy, slimy slob pretend-president she idolized really did lose & claims she was the only one who told him the truthDon't mind mei grew up in melbs i remember the footy show and the music when they talked about the teams.... my feet were at the heater and i was happy it was thurNew nightie and a new life (3)New Erotic Story - Jayne and the Academy Gym - Part FourWhy do American police try to be stealthy?I shouldn’t have to keep reminding him to leave his door shut since Daisy gonna go in there and eat shittell me, do you agree with mass immigrationTrue or False? VIP = Very Insecure Person. 😆I’m so glad I crashed my car now after seeing the gas prices 💀If you don’t want Daisy going to your fukin room, shut your fukin door when you leave 🙄It's funny how some people act like you are beneath them for making jokes but turn around and say the same thing and suddenly it's okayNew Erotic Story - Jayne and the Academy Gym - Part Threeis sex good? im just like : my ass isnt good looking and he is all like: dont move or i will blowis making lamps a waste of time?It's a tough businessNew Erotic Story - Jayne and the Academy Gym - Part TwoOne of the guys...Never Fails, We Have Had A Lot Of Rain In The Past Couple Of Days, Roads are FloodingNew Erotic Story - Jayne and the Academy Gym - Part OneA review of the Android app says SW is a good meat marketThis may scandalize sone Christians, but do you really think I care?The ability to fake emotions and understanding when to do so is one of the most important powers you can have.why on many official music uploads on youtube, the comments are turned offTalk about timingSHOPPING TODAYIn a MOOD. This ever happen to you?add the story of someone you wish to honor who has displayed courage and valorI could have saved the company a lot of money.New Erotic Story - Vlad Romanovdont make me find the Sale Of The Century episode yet i can tell you that Joe Bailey laughed becaue The host is Gay and he tried to ask the men howEver look at all the candidates and leaders of political parties and wishAT LAST - ETTA JAMEShere are a couple of things that I have been made aware of more often than id like....Well... am I dead, or not? (Game)Now for the real question 🙂What the heck is "Go Gamers"?My Mom’s house was left in such a poor shape.Have you ever messaged someone here who has hidden his/her age range thinking they are around your age but turns out to be much older than you?So recently got on an elevator by myself and i had just bought some painter's tape.Ever wanted something to end that hasn't even started yet?I am a werewolf chickSo i went on Facebook today to look up people to see if they made it through Covid and i found someone that i had recently re-acquainted myself with.Wife is shopping this morning.It's weird doing computer stuff at night with the ceiling lights on lolmy mom’s family are so shocked that i’m 20 years old, like we’ve been sitting here discussing my features for the past 5 minutesSo i looked up all the relatives today that i don't see any more to see if they are dead from Covid...Are humans really meant to perform coitus right now when Monkeypox and H.I.V are on the rise?Are you a fan of the Backstreet Boys? 🤔 Tell me why?Boys what songs/artists you secretly listen tooWhy do we usually feel happy when we go to any posh area?Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan Involves Nations Giving Him Billions of Dollarsi will never forget when i got my own computer in 2012 and i ..... ok fuck this i have forgotten....That old familiar friend...Does one side of your body look/feel better than the other half? Aging differently? Better condition?Oops order got placed on holdme holding back tears over a guy who doesn’t even smell good majority of the timeThe other layers amidst the Asian stageWould you sacrifice a sure thing that you already have ..Lego fiends....he rather have sex with a bunch of random girls than a girl who’ll love him and there’s nothing i can do about itSeason of lovedoes sexing on a late night mean that much to you? my love don’t mean that much to you?Have you ever been in a repurposed church? This is one that has been converted into a pub near me.Do you remember your first kiss👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨My favorite mechanic is coming to town todaycrotchless teddyI am submissiveWhat if I said I miss you?… 🥺I had a dream where reproduction was a mistakeWhy? 🤔 -- title too short --words for you to readIt's the same most morningsJust a week left in MayDepression hit me todayI think I'm desensitized to seeing nudesIn a devastating blow to Ukrainian forces, Putin appears to be making the most merciless strategic move available to himChange the title of a song by taking away a word and adding the name of an animalWe're all going some place when we die. Where will that be? Wherever you decide.IKEA furnitureI fall for a trap yesterday! 😬Let’s artificially stimulate our economy with incentives to build/renovate without taking in to account finite resources…You will meet different kinds of people on SWwoke up at random and listened to musicI feel like Hollywood is calling out for my first sonWhere's the ALE? Celebration time WHOO PICTURE TO VIDEO TO LIP SYNCSewing class not happy with sewing teacherI hate having to shit twice in the morning; so inconvenient.Everybody my friend has been in an accident at the toilet paper factory where he works..😢currently sitting with my mom, two of her siblings, and her sister in lawAustralia starting to create a Covid-like 'enforcement' situation for normal flu jabsAddie and I are getting to work regularly with each other!Got a call/sort of interview today and amma start a new paintingVirtual world of metaverseHave you ever questioned Germ Theory? Our whole society is based on it. The whole medical profession is based on it. It is why they give us vaccines."Do I make myself clear, Jerome?"You're looking at now, sir.Walking to work! I love the park in the morningAway from home, missing this girl.Designated driver......or not :-)This is priceless!🦮🐕‍🦺🦮🐕‍🦺🦮🐕‍🦺🦮🐕‍🦺So… Is No One Wearing Bras Anymore? By Abby Hepworth | Jul. 6, 2021vent tw: shFree the Nipple: A History of a Hidden MovementEver have a moment that was just so odd you have to puzzle at it for the rest of the day?Mishima movie is delayedA lifetimeYesterday, we only had one home visit to go on!I wanna call the police on the police for noise pollutionI wish you could tie me up so I couldn't move a muscle.Brushing Chloe's TeethSo apparently my eyes are fine... Just a little light sensitiveCan you feel covid symptoms the same day you get it?Ever been unfriended online by a real-life friend?A double feature Yakuza show tonightHow much money have you got, saved up?I waited until 10pm and went homeas light as a breezeAnd you might not see me strugglingI remember listening to this a lot in 2018. Do you like this song?if you were soup what flavour would you beSo this is how long monkey pox has been around and it to came from a lab like covid from chinaSo apparently i'm into painPlease dont hurt sweety 💖P!nk should go back to R&B music! For my honest opinion, her voice suites it better than that rock crap!Good Karma came my way todayhow do you respond to such people?Vip was bad for me. Someone laughed at me for thinking Irishboy could have Mall pizza with me. And it hurt my feelings. So I set out to hurt theirs 😔I was waiting at a cross road and this older woman came and said "You don't look like you need money"Will you pray with me?I don’t have any technology on me while working outSTUFF ABOUT THINGSAlright listen up lol 😂What came isn't what I ordered but it's so damn tasty. No idea what it is thoThat Feeling InsideI miss you, VioletDreams 💜how to get over someone...Stark said she didn't think I was the type to share pics 😮Just wanna issue a formal apologyParental Instincts!?U.S. citizens, who was running for president the first time that you voted?I’m stuck I hope I get the authority treatment lifted I can’t do this anymore stay here, inwake up to nothing to do, no where to go, I have futureDon't mind meRoll like a circus clown, put away your circus frownDid u ever notice that we never have two or more outbreaks of different things as flus desease at once?That fat, lazy, slimy slob who once pretended to be president with his First Lady daughter claims the problem is suppression POLLING.I was tickling fiance's feet in the morning and I elbowed him🥲haha those new witnesses for Amber Heard was hilariously badCBD oil - something just for city folk or people who like eating 'complimentary medicine' lollies ?Wtf a friend of the family got assaulted by a random dude waiting in line to get pizzaYou log in and these are the insults directed towards you, how do you react?Does anyone have any good slow paced science fiction movies or Tv show suggestions?When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy schmancy tanks! We had sticks! Two sticks and a rock for a whole platoon!I wish I knew how I felt about peoplewe all have a perspective and it is important to us. and then we gotta carry each other’s realities and mold them to our own, to create them allUgh, that stinking spouse of mine 🤦‍♀️Do you tell friends and family about your nudist lifestyle?I went to the grocery store today. I passed up the cookies because I didn't need the calories and sugar. Ever do that and then regret it?You know, considering Yoda lived in a god forsaken swamp like some cajun redneck, I’m surprised he didn’t say “May the force be with y’all” 😂I think my dreams are either trying to heal me or break me^^Eternally late bloomingAnyone watching BARRY on HBO?Water guns keep getting bigger and more powerfulStill haven't been seen.Am I the only one that didn't get groomed online as a kid?You know that saying from Forrest Gump?Do you know the meaning of this patch?I gad a dream that you were the torch bearer for the olympics.What's that one anime about the schoolgirls who use their secret powers to fight monsters?Where have you traveled to?Another one of his "I only hire the best" is now "irrelevant and desperate..." according to that fat, slimy slob, of course.I can’t tell if I genuinely want to break up with my bf or I’m just hormonal and mentally ill.I’m dressed down in my swimsuit getting ready to hop on the pool when suddenlyTo paraphrase: The group "Humanity" has been merged with all kinds of other things. Please see if you're still a member.Do you believe in science?When you picture your future, what does it look like? Who do you see yourself becoming?Anything to shut us up sorry people you just can’t stamp God out of this-world … and his word will come to pass. 😏Some were concerned that the Covid 19 lockdowns were a trial run for something far more sinister.If you liked the Covid 19 ten day self isolation period, you are going to LOVE the UK recommendation for Monkey Pox.see ? "My first wife sexually dominated her employees that she was attracted to as part of her position as office manager - both men and women."i need to be diapered and spankedAnyone heard of things like Chirpy Plus or Fifty Up Club ? They seem dodgy to meDo you think its a good idea to change your number if youre tired of getting spam calls?What's the strangest thing you ever tried to learn?If you're over 50, do you have a plan, if any, about setting up for retirement, if you can?Breaking news: after leaving the atmosphere, the international space station is no longer the biggest spacecraft on Earth.Blue light glassesMade dinner for the first time in about a monthI survived being bullied and made fun ofI know I usually post pervy stuff, but this time is somewhat serious I want others opinions onWhen you are waiting for 6 hours and nothing has been done for me do I have the right to feel pissed off?Why can't we have a separate stories section?Can you emotionally be atracted to the same sex?Stranger Things Season 4 The Long Awaited Season Premieres This,FridayDo dogs get too much credit for their instincts on who's a good or bad person? I believe they doI hate when others see my face exposed.As a Christian/ creationist would you find it easier to accept evolution if it didn’t include humansIf you want to sell pussy for a living.. that’s on you!! Don’t go blaming everyone because you can’t or don’t have your shit Together .Sometimes I love technology.To clarify pleaseDo you think they will do another hearing again after I have appealedI love learning new things…I’m angry, upset, and there’s an emptiness in my chest and I don’t know why 😭There an app that will help you get over your arachnophobiaA Well-Deserved HonorI will compare this show to this woke world we've been living in for a few years. I don't like showing this videoDo you feel that the Great Reset policy supposedly adopted for us by the world elite is good for YOU?idk why he’s ignoring me but i’m just gonna stop messaging him bc what the actual fuck.Domestic abuse and narcissismGod save the The Kinks!Is There a Difference Between Feeling Sexy and Feeling Horny?They're probably like oh you're partially Asian you can totally work like in sweatshop conditions it's in your blood no break for younot this guy i met from bumble in michigan trying to link with me while i’m in lebanon bc he’s only 20 minutes awaySerious question: I am attending therapy because of the abusive relationshipI did not realize a lot of these women were following me.I just gobbled down a big bowl of mac and cheese and im still starving. That's what happens when youve been up since 3am with no food. It's 6:15pm herIf your soulmates ( or whatever you call a potential partner ) got a chronic illness where they can’t have sex at all, charger doesn’t work here at this hotel😀 so i guess i’ll see you guys eventuallyI need to be usedWhen ever you go out to eat and drink with friends, are you willing to split the bill or do you only pay for what you ordered?Neither of my jobs gave me a break today. 12 hours of doom. My feet hurt and im too old for this. Im also starving and thirstyUsing Rules to Manage Your SubmissiveSome bastards just damaged a window in my friend's house.Are you a tall bossy woman?They just saw me nowI'm so in loveDeSantistan dealt a blowDo Your Pets Egg Each Other On?Female financial advisor goes 60,000 in debt over a bmw.Anybody had crushes on cartoon characters as a kid ?My charity mindset has started to affect my personal life 😅😅Whenever I see a younger person disrespecting an older person I want to smack the shit out of themWhen it rains, it pours like goldI was too busy at work yesterday to make an appearance here.Would you date a trans girl?I haven’t eaten for two weeks but I don’t have that shape yet 😮‍💨I am really leaving now.This MUST NOT HAPPENI always tip the girl at the coffee shop, she knows my order by heart. Today she gave me an extra doughnut 🙂Why are a lot of young people here so weird? To me, it's clear that many of them are not kids.The problem with most of you humans today is that there is not enough bestiality in your lives.Im so glad i went to the gym before it started pouring down so hard. What do you think of 3 miles in 25:13?I watched "Chariots of Fire" again the other night…Local gas company called about me taking another customer of theirsHas someone ever left a bad Google review about you at your job?In the hospital waiting for my turn...De-Nazification - as explained by a soldier of Wagner Group , otherwise known as 'Putin's Private Army'.Next time you see the white rabbit run free, you might not want to follow.Gee two of my neighbors are moving.I appealed a violation notice on quora and my comment was restored....Another Talking Duck JokeA year ago todayListening to a lot of crooners/oldies latelyI think Americans should just spell it baloneyI was just walking back up to my friend's house and some random guys started shouting over to me, telling me I look like Jesus 🤣Finished packing for the holiday...currently sitting down as my mom is yelling at these airport workersGirls, how wud u feel if....Why do neighbors have to say “hi”?My dogs sillyWhoopi WhiffsI got stonned in a museumShared With Love For Y'all 😎🙏🇺🇲Do you support the coming war against China over Taiwan?The same people who welcome guns in our society welcome the car culture- which side are you on?I ran 3 miles in 25:13 today!So, who’s calling the shots?Lawn at the office is mowedSam Cooke, "A Change Is Gonna Come" (1963)I feel like my life is out of my control.Enoch prophecies Bible translations?if you live on benefits are you a parasiteWhat do you think of Alan Watts?Which wave are we on now???The England Care System BrokenWelp...the First Lockdown due to Monkeypox. BelgiumI've been dreaming about him alot.So, I've got a weird dilemma.I love him so much and I love the way he loves meHow do I be more open about exploring my sexual desires and interests with others?Carrie Underwood - 'She Don't Know'Oh dang, new mental status!Imagine how many more people would still be alive if the Democrats hadn’t stolen the election and installed Dementia Joe!Are you petty?Do you still wear one of these when out in public ? 🤔Herschel Walker: Whats the difference between the left and the right today?Share a song, get a new song back 3️⃣🎼The Democrat party‘s leadership basically consists of degenerates, scumbags, dementia patients?A scientist warnsNew Erotic Story - WatchingI know this is old but Angry IKEA Man still makes me chuckleIf you had your own personal SW algorithm that would automatically delete a post by recognizing one buzz word, what would that word be?Otay, i am poofed outY'know that one person you want to bash their face in with a blunt object until... bone meal is so good for plants. But you wouldn't be without them.I think I need to start a dream journal againHow can I center text vertically or center text on entire page on Microsoft Word online?Last night I saw Death on the road with a lot of blood- and then the crash happened and a man died.My people drink hot tea in the Sahara and they really put a lot into the tea making processHow do i succeed at finding womenThe ending of the Ozark was unsatisfying.9euro ticketI almost mess up big time this morningcan usa supply gas to europe as russia cuts supply to nato aspiring countries? can nato expand with turkey blocking nato expansion.Any of you guys have any educational/self help book recommendations?Isn't it child abuse for a parent to intrude on a kid taking a shower to see if he's developed pubic hair yet?Converting .....I know there no such thing as 100% anonymity onlineKeep It Rollin’I just can't help to laugh. The Mainstream Media of all NetworksWhat does it mean when a guy sends you a DM asking you a question about something randomBoxing up various sample piecesBeing itchy makes me bitchy 😩Today is my Mum’s birthday…Sometimes I know what I'm talking aboutI don’t like being home🤖*steals this question back* What makes someone love you? And is it something fleeting or does love last a week, month, year, or a lifetime?Who else has a not great family?i used to believe that i fear heights, until i did a crazy hiking , what's yours?I found out that masks are effectiveIs it possible that Mondays are the best days of the week?midnight thoughts, nothing more... nothing lessMore Evidence Suggests “Global Warming Ran Out of Steam” Years AgoDoes anyone have experience making friends in a new city?anyone else still watch dvds and listen to cdsHow Stupid Do You Have To Be?Would you waste a cream pie on Donald Trump?Please help! NPM not found (Laravel)Calling all mathematicians! Can you answer this question?Was this a career limiting decision?The main reason why I didn't buy the chocolate pie or pastry from that restaurant where I ate yesterday. Is it really sad?My bf's daughter 👧🏻Not wearing makeup todayI like dumb jokes - Thief in the KitchenWOW! Joe Biden Admits Its ALL On Purpose:A Letter to Washington, DC and all the ships at seaYet another reason for the US Electoral College to be abolishedHmm so I smoked..Similar but…My friend thinks that the xbox series x is better in everything compared to Xbox one?Here is something I wanted many to realizeI wanna start carrying a pocketful of glitter and sprinkles to throw at grumpiesOur whole economic system is based on the majority of people working a whole lot just so that a small minority of people don't have to work at all.People that complain about nudity, but aren't smart enough to turn off Nudity in their settingsSo Biden's responsible for gas prices?There may be a way to pry them from their cold, dead handsSaying helloAustralia's now former PM 'Scotty from Marketing' and the reason he's no longer the PM 8-)So quitting smoking is going not so good and it's been like 12 hoursWhen i'm feeling blue ..This song came in my mind yesterday when I went to the posh area of our city. How beautiful is the song?Oh dang, new age category!fed the Seagulls , Sparrows and Suirrels this morning , its cold out today 8 CWait, hold up....Do u fear or worry about being disliked by others ? 🤔🧐Crappy internethaving the urge to kmsGuys, do you know how to perform cunnilingus?Counting numbers is endless, you can count to a billion and there will still be more to countAbsence of proof is not proof of absence...I meant what i said in the last post otay 🤨Why are guys so obsessed with fellatio?Kevin De Bruyne has been crowned the 2021/22 English Premier League Player of the Season.Nothing feels better than almost posting something and then not, just before going to sleepWhen you go to close a program and it asks, are you sure?I'm licensed to do business by the city, the state and a few countiesThese are the lyrics to my song I wrote in my 20'sHow come some people's profile picture is blurred out?kinda wanna off myself in this airportNina's Blog - Monday 23rd May 2022Prime numbers from 1 to 100. 4, 4, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 2 and 1.Something I do that's not for everyoneI think my boyfriend has diabetesI like to help othersA man rushed into a busy doctor's office and shouted, "Doctor! I think I'm shrinking!" The doctor calmly responded,Please get changed first"There is abundant evidence that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Many of the nuclear explosion videos we have all seen and presumed real are shown to beHOW MUCH BEFORE YOU START HALLUCINATING?A questionIn a lot of pain tonight. Would give almost anything for a touch and a kind word.Senate Republicans are vowing to BLOCK passage of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, which just passed the House. Anyone want to guess WHY? 🤨Scientists, why are you such stiff kill joys always going on about things like 'peer reviewed' and 'The Scientific Method'?Oh gosh, I just saw this video from UFC.Welcoming friends!Usually i'd never post thisSo I just heard through the grapevine that Scottish kilts are now considered racist and cultural appropriationIs it possible to outsource for your online business but anonymously?Do you have staying power?Anyone else just find Watch_Dogs 2 characters to just be the most cringy garbage after finishing the first?Recommendations for good erotic moviesHappy tits Mondaysocial axiety ?my 600 lb Life season 10 is depressing. these behemoths just can't qualify for surgeryGonna be a long day…I can't decide if I should call off or not."So how did you two meet?"I should have guessed that 80% of the image traffic on this site would be the same people posting the same thing over and over.Happy Fiftieth, Gravelly Hill!This week I’m training someone at work who’s struggling with grief and I’m lost for what to do for the best.40 hour work weeks need to be abolished.As Benevolent Dictator of Man I will make it a corporal offense to recite poetry outloud at people.I Remember A Man Who Lived In The 1970s Told Me He Hated Disco Music & The Only Reason He Went To Disco Clubs In The 70s Is To Pick Up Hot Chicks LOLI am sure if I went there with one of my friend, I would have had chance with one of those posh girls in that area. What do you feel?I’ve started a bandI dream of giving a really sensual BJCan y'all please pray for meI hope he's not stressing too muchShopping for Women's Shoes in larger sizes in an absolute nightmareI dreamed I had a heart attack, and people just kept on walking like it was not happeningEvolution: the species barrierAm I the only one wondering what the hell happened to Lana Lang from Superman 3?Between the weed and these new meds, I am in friggin' SPACE. XDIt is now mondayI hate when tiktoks are so accurate to my lifeI'm gonna make it my life's mission to convince you humans that we dogs have been, are, and always will be your best fuck buddy and loverOnce again, I can't sleepMy Mission PossibleWhat do you prefer?You wanna know what's even hotter than your gender studies whatever?Ok so today is day 9. But up close this is how it is healing.I think I'm finally back to the person I was in 2011.Maybe it’s his lab and bassist in himI would not have survived to adulthood without spankinghow can you take those who dont even know what gender they are or how many genders are there, seriously?Without FearTo all the depressed young people: Youth is precious. One day you might look back and see all the time that you wasted because of it.Well i've gotten to the point where i can talk about how i feel without being afraid of sounding desperate or clingy and like someone will leave me...PSA -- My inbox is officially closed to allWhat are some good "walking cities?"I Took A Nap…In continuing to blame, finger-point, backstab, and tell the truth after-the-fact, Kellyanne Conway unleashes the truth on Jared Kushner...My gay crush is so freaking hot 😍It’s sad how the years go by and we get older then soonEmotional abuseI hope that every person i’ve ever been involved withI like not stressing someone outIt’s that time again folks…Biden-backed ‘blue’ hydrogen may pollute more than coal, study findsWould u ever rent a person to b a family memberWife and I went down and filled up the new ice cream machineI can't tell if I'm sad because I miss my friends, or if it's because I've been watching too much criminal minds. Maybe both?If you don't know how to use the VAERS database, stop irresponsibly citing itPOPULAR STRIPPER SONG OF THE SEVENTIESOkay so can we all just agree to not let the monkey pox scare us into hibernation again?? Because I want to have a fun summer!Do all the globalists parrot the same stuff? Interesting video to watch?What do you say to people who act surprised when you give up on something or someone you loved?Is it just me?Not only did Russia NOT include Trump on yesterday's list of 963 Americans now banned from entering Russia, they also banned a DEAD MAN ...Just my luck..I know ya’ll hate me like 52.97% of the time..