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What can Joe fuck up this week?
How many emails in your inbox?
“Be soft......
I just posted a question about bedroom vs living room home theater placement
there was supposed, to finalise my enrolment today, and email me, but its 12:24pm, and hasn't done anything, I guess I'm not going to study, oh well,
I typed email in the Search Similar Worlds search engine, what came up was...
To any of those at the mercy of their emotions tonight.
Gov. Randy Andy Cuomo (D-NY) is getting $5.1 million for his book deal.
NY AG Indicates That Criminal Investigation Has Been Opened Into Trump Org
You're a fool if you think the government gives a flying fuck about anyone but themselves and the CEOs
Do you agree that Biden is NOT a good president?
Crunchy peanut butter & American cheese on a brioche bun.
Most Wars are started with Democrats in Office...
Sometimes..I wish I wasn't a worthless good for nothing piece of sh*t
I hate my Father and always will
Is Isreal simply protecting themselves
A typical day at work.
So whatu guy's doing this even?
Why is football still in the schools, considering the danger of concussions
Was it hard for you to get out of your comfort zone? Did you or family push you HARD?
Know what would be good right now?
So I bought this Nutella alternative, which seems healthier , and it actually tastes like Hazelnuts and not sugar.
Has "Someone Found Us Before We Found Them"?
I'm gonna do something that's never been done before...
My frog.. I bought her a new tank, 5 gallons larger then she use to have, had her two years.
A random potential self-revelation.
Dave Chapelle and Joe Rogan
What is this thing?
Whats the worst blinddate someone has tried to set you up with?
This is too funny...
Some don't have very promising futures. (6 and 7 just about killed me. 🤣)
And sometimes I have no words.
Are you homesick for a place you have never been before ?
Isnt it nice to see the Republicans in the Black hats again?
What the next order could be around August
I don't care about the weather where you are or even where I am
making some weird berry cocoa brownies
Last book you read or are reading?
Consumed with the thought
One Overlooked Possible Explanation As to Who Owns the U.F.O.s
Have you ever had a lover who was scentless, with zero body odor that they didn’t have to use deodorant?
I close my eyes...
Ever been through something that made you question who you are ?
We're not born this way, we're indoctrinated into it.
I just heard there "if you keep on sinning you effect yourself psychologically "
I hate myself
So i spoke with the insurance adjuster.
Word of the Day. Trepidatious
A Florist walked into a barber shop
My estranged grandfather sent me a birthday card before his death & I opened it today
There’s a question on an app that asks what movie you can watch over & over again.
Fun post: City or country?
I Know My Power
Don't you hate it when previews to a movie show part of the ending?
5 Teruo Ishii films on Arrow Player
Just something according to me... Like it or don't - agree with it or not. I don't really care. You'll never change my mind.
I hate the 'blame both sidesism' that people use to describe Palestine/Israel.
Dizzamnnnnn who's this sexy fucker from 2016.
Are you a country person or a city person and why? Or both?
Dining outside under sunbeams and moonlight!
And I’m not sorry for it. I’m a country girl at heart and I always will be.
Gusman off to have his first Covid Astrazeneca Vaccine shot this morning
If your child came back from his Fathers with a missing tooth, your child’s dad said because he was jumping on the bed .. would you believe him ?
I'm a man who likes to wear women's clothes like dresses and skirts
For me, its more like "I'm a troll with stupid questions"
I just need sex like tons of sex neverending sex gimme all da big dicks
WARNING : topic related to sexual violence .
I don’t need your love; I’ve settled for brains
Anyone ever blindside you - turn on you overnight? I love you one day - you aren't worth anything at all the next...
So if the Philistines and the Israelites were going at it in the bible...
Have you ever wanted to attack your own child?
I'm feeling so dumb right now
Not what they meant by F the police!
This is a simple truth
Congrats! Youve been pre approved for a credit card that doesnt benefit you in any way.
Our new truck has nearly. 10,000 miles on it already.
Is it hard for you to workout at home?
So people on here were talking about a billy madison from e p in a post
SW Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction 5
I can't get a proper sleep. I have a hard time falling sleep.
"I've Just Seen A Face -- The Dillards
harry styles being a zionist hit me harddddddd
Mijn rechteroor voelt niet goed...
the collectors market has become totally bonkers
damn a guy with a thick southern accent called me with a california area code to tell me that he is with the FBI
hi sleepover
Is there a time of day you seem to notice on the clock more often than other times?
got the Exterminator coming tomorrow so had to go into cleaning mode , Fuck man a lot of work ,
Not my job to convince people and I shouldn't have to
Okay just a warning this is horny and about porn
I'm tired and I want to give up.
Ready for another? Guess the song...
Do Americans owe their own communists, socialists and greens reparations for the blacklist years
Man for some reason I really do not like Israel. Even tho its the land of my God...I feel bad for Gaza...even though they are Muslim a different
Do you think our pets are a calming influence... ?
yeah my lil bitch a masterpiece, i ain’t even gotta be funny when i’m telling joke, she still gon laugh for me
I have one Puzzle question
May 18 thoughts
Yeah... that'll solve it...
If two men were standing next to each other, one in a suit and tie and the other in raggedy clothes and lives on the street and they were saying
Why were gay people so rare in TV as characters before they became one of the topics?
sleepover fun
The amount of people thinking I'm a dude is increasing at an alarming rate
South Carolina's new law on death row inmates get to choose electric chair or firing squad which one would you choose.
It's been stated an eye for and eye will leave the whole world blind
In my past life I was a frog, I remember frolicking through the swamps, and climb the trees
I think its too early for a baby bump
Being a team.
It's amazing what a simple photo cutting app can do.. 😂
I have Anxiety. Like I did something wrong.
I can't stand most women
Sometimes I like to peek in and check on how his year-long psychotic breakdown is going.
Why does she do this to him?
Getting Tired of My Small Boobs
huh I’m even less reliable than I thought 👀
If human reincarnation were to be proven true, would that change your stance on things like abortion, human euthanasia, and executions?
Be different...just like I am.
Of course in the old days of the now defunct old site i used to get over 50 answers every joke i told but all that's in the past now !!!
i get my second chemical peel soon and i’m kinda upset that i’m not seeing any differences
hi there im a superhero
You know what isn’t great?
Okay Hukalove - Did you see this one coming?
I cant stand most men
SS United States
Do you feel like most people are dumb?
Should the USA be the “arsenal of vaccines for the world?”
Tbh, when I move away from this state/country...
I have learned you take away the importance of something by changing its story
Slaves to our desires.
She just keeps getting better and better.
The zipper area of my jeans sometimes have a yellow tint
You know how they get horror/thriller movie lovers to watch a Direct-to-Video sequel/prequel?
I accept it. I’m a bad person.
Is There Any Interesting Place Between Scotland and France, Other than Ireland and Wales?
It’s the jiggle for me...also need your opinions!
How can BMI be taken seriously as an accurate indicator of your health, when it suggests
Maybe I'll Go For A Walk....
120 support points and I will start making tech tutorials starting from June
If any of you want to regress, or progress, Im listening to Gomez while getting high off the fumes of my art pens.
Rudy Giuliani joins the ranks of the cowardly insurrectionists who, being asked to stand up for their insurrection activities, claim...
When would it stop? 🇮🇱 🇵🇸 conflict...Stop the massacre Israel!
Please make it shut up!!!
41 years ago we got a taste of...
Can you edit your answer to something completely different after you get Best Answer, to make the asker of the question look like a complete idiot?
Wow I think my mom faked or exaggerated how sick she is so she wouldn’t have to go to my nieces graduation!
My daughter is servicing her car
The fashion industry sucks.
*Ding Ding* Oh wow, she's super pretty..
I messed up and I think Ive created a monster.
The Cat Race is Superior to the Dog Race
So Quantum Break...
Happiness & success is generated within and of ourselves...🌺🌼
Entry from two months ago before I told anyone anything. I'm in a better headspace(kinda long)
If a man (or a woman, let's not be sexist now) tries to rob you and they turned out to be black,
How stupid is it that a product that doesn't get made anymore sells at a correspondingly higher price
PSA for you vaccinated horny toads
When was the last time you felt low, bottom low, like you wanted to disappear from this life forever?
Russian Leaders are Clever and Good at Martial Arts. Why?
Happy Birthday, Rick Wakeman!
Just found out that going to bed at 7pm every night is not normal
Real life experience vs book knowledge
So, tells how much is your weight, you fat or skinny bastard
People that are over 20 and don’t have a driver’s license is pathetic!
Hey ladies, I just wanted to let you know that I’m very good at taking off the stress and pressure.. 😷 of your bra.. 😷 you know..
😷 Welcome to my getaway island! 😷 where you’ve landed for a peaceful vacation, but I immediately greet you by telling you to get away from my island 😷
Any Marthas on here who know how to get stubborn stains out of a white bonnet ?
Creative Scam
Wife is making me go to bass pro shop
What are some things that make you happy ..
Why the fvck would IGN cares about what happen to the Palestinians???
omg this actually a thing
I think the local pharmacy might not understand "sales"
For other women: When my hubby gets home today I am going to give him a sexual treat. Any ideas of what this should involve?
Krist, Hannes, Paul, Yoyo, Stefan, Tina, Zade, Gerhard, and Sara...
Lotsa Luck
Irritable asf this morning O.o
Summer showed up for the longterm today
Im getting annoyed with people pushing me to drive. I don’t want to learn anymore! Does my dad have to right to bug me?
Young people are forgoing a mortgage/rent and opting for “van life”
Free will & criminal justice
How long should the Congress wait before requiring US businesses to actually reduce and eliminate their carbon footprint
They need you as much as you need them.
Why Bitter and Nasty?
Tough times don't last
How do people ignore the fact that the USA has two corporate backed pro business war-friendly parties and none that represent the majority views
I have to ask this, have you been nervous since the #blm protests?
Have you ever borrowed money from someone before & paid it back?
I'm not just talking about the news shows, here! How much of entertainment contains fake and fictional right wing politics
Insurance company attorney used the phrase. Border line unethical
My journal of grief, part three
I don't remember ever struggling to figure out someone's gender online
Is communication in relationships and marriages overrated ?
I only show The Real Me to people who are very special...
Women, would you pay for your own engagement ring?
Frankly speaking I have not met a single person in my life who makes me feel like I really want to commit...
the simplest thing we can do to fight Israeli oppression against Palestinians
“Excuse me you still using this?”
England Will Change its Name to 'South Scotland'? Bad Idea.
If this bug would just leave our home thatdbe great.
I am 31 and not married yet...and it does not concern me one bit..
The Leadership of a True Messenger Sent by God
Wonderful Relationship Dynamic
Custer State Park
Loving someone with a mood disorder is hard
You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe
Who me? I’m not crying, I’m totally not sitting in my truck outside of my house drinking my coffee and having a wake up wrap crying ugly tears..
Cool evening ... fragrance of Jasmines in the yard... small birds chirping..
CONGRATULATIONS! U.S., China, and UAE all put probes on Mars in the last 30 days. Cool!
I have so many people disrespect me because they think I’m nice and won’t do anything yet they treat ppl who bully them like gods
What are your plans?
Is anyone buying the pee posts?
Big headed moment: Do you ever wonder why someone isn't more interested in you?
Would u sleep with someone if it were just casual sex ?
Is it normal to say goodbye to someone once more when you meet them on their way home?
DANGER?? Do you think Albania will attack Czechoslovakia soon, or their threats are just talk?
I feel so stupid for cashing in my retirement account early......
Trying to teach my granddaughter to ride a tricycle using the pedals
My girlfriend's dog died, so I tried to cheer her up by getting her an identical one. It just made her more upset 😲
I am Bursting to Pee Here....
The world isn't Pleasantville
Just wanted to say hi 🥰
My journal of grief, part two
Just another brutally honest reflection of people here in terms of past events
My wife asks: Why do you go on SW? That site is filled with pedophiles. (My wife is an ex-EP member.) Okay, can anyone help me out here?
It's better to set rules for yourself
What knowledge/wisdom of the Ancient & Middle Ages that is nowadays only partly known (and we only know little of) would you like to know more about&
I think my dog is ready
My journal of grief, part one
What buildings (architecture) that do not exist anymore would you love to have seen and would you like to see if you had a time machine?
What was the last useless thing you bought? Something you didn't need. Didn't have a use for. Something you just wanted at the moment?
I just gave myself the day off
I would be so much more efficient at my job
Do you realize that if fucking loses its popularity, the human race could be doomed?
What is it about Tuesday that brings out the exhibitionist in people?
People are such sheep 🤣🤣
We need a global revolution!!
Francesco "Franco" Battiato (1945-2021) R.I.P.
I want to be known
Neither socialist, liberal nor conservative-nationalist!
I am a terrible friend 😬😬💀🤣
I like rain but..
If you were the moderator of one of the debates last year in 2020 would you have been able to keep control of all the back and forth arguing?
Out of the now 4,644 posts I have on sw, 56 of them refer to
Are new members allowed to comment here?
I've noticed that everyone in my company has a side gig and frankly they suck at their actual job because of it
It's bad today...
I'm desperate to feel like a good slut
Just stay quiet, fool...
What Israel is doing in Palestine
<3 <3 <3
Is it possible to have a civil discussion on things like politics or religion?
Just when you think you're getting a handle on things..
Low sperm count (results)
Which do you think is more beautiful, Bucharest or Warsaw? 🤔
The temperature is quite high today. Upon checking I found out that it's 32°C.
Do you think people can stay happy and in love with people that aren't their usual type?
I went skinny dipping
The Stars...
There has got to be a better way ...
The fucking old men with spanking fetish need to keep it to themselves
No... That doesn't add up...
The nurse doing my blood test didn't plaster me up properly and I ended up with blood dripping all down my arm.
Owl house season 2 arrives on 12th June 😍😍😍😍
The alcohol
Job Interview at really good company
Let us break what is working ...
Point Nemo
I dreamt I dressed up like an emo for halloween and smoked a joint in some nazi's house
Welsh Play-offs
If someone points at you wearing black clothes and asks whose funeral it is
Especially, the Reaganist Ones that have been Exported in Different Ways Around the World
Think I'm gonna dye my hair
Sometimes I like to look back over my posts and imagine there are answers on them and then I laugh and laugh
Fuck 69... Give me 666. This is for lord of the darkness and not for you guys !
[@glitter] - nothings gonna stop us now
This one particular doesn’t care about our Dad
You Can Be Smarter Than That
I really do wish I didn't shut myself off to others when I've been hurt
How come when you post something serious, you get joke replies, but when you post something silly, people go super cereal?
Did you really think these guys hated each other? Don't be fooled, all the elites are working together, it's a false flag!
just because I am hateful too doesn't mean I'm just like the people i'm up against...
Tonight's rewatches
Discussion on GirlsAskGuys
Believe Them When They Show You Who They Are
Love tributes for her
So what is it, LUST!?
When you die and go to hell...
my dad passed away this morning at the age of 68 after a short bitter battle with cancer.... ugh, i didnt even get a chance to say a final goodbye, 😭
I'm drinking again and I probably have a problem
Do you expect your friends to talk to you everyday?
Lust for life (1956) starring Kirk Douglas
Do you think the movie Venom should have been made with a ton of blood and gore?
I had a date today but i thought was more like just hanging out and he asked for a kiss
What forms of political argument or support do you feel are effective?
I made a New Digimon Twitch Emote ^^ !!!
I'm not sure how to be helpful any longer.
I have the best of ill intentions but how many times will i have to learn the same lesson?
The "I'm not like other girls I'm so lol XD I'm so fucked up" types need to climb into a wood chipper!
My daughter has gone to school today and she's wearing Christmas socks
What is the most important thing you learned from a spanking?
What would you do if there was a new strain of this virus that was 10x more deadly and no vaccines or medicines worked or stopped it's spread?
Take 2 hopefully , of my dogs and outdoors and beach and nature
Queue is a funny word. The extra 'ue' at the end is totally unnecessary!!
It’s obvious no matter how learned, how intelligent, how witty people can be
Lust for life (lyrics)
Good Morning swolks/sweeps
When will you people finally understand that hatred is not a choice? nor is attraction.
How do you know you’ve grown old ?
I am resolute and certain that my emotions were not the product of free agency or free will.
Oh DEAR GOD Get The FUCK OVER Yourselfs. I am undisclipinable.
Maybe the whole city just heard me scream at an ant on my hand
Yep but......
Y’know the there’s a very simple trick that keeps people using Facebook
Beniel Dariush beating Tony Ferguson was more satisfying than I'd like to admit.
How did you come up with your current username?
Breaking News on Israel conflict
Being At Peace,
What makes a 'Top' post
My birthday was on 12 April. Most people never noticed.
Getting a little more used to being alone
I'm just going to start cutting my own hair
it is out of the ordinary for my mum to buy anything from kfc or anything fast food, she bought 10 pieces of crispy chicken, I wonder why?
Bruno on Republicans
To the American conservatives eager to abolish Roe vs Wade. You might want to ask your fellow conservatives in Poland how well that worked out.
What is a phrase/word similar to putting someone on the backburner in dating?
I'm finally ready to admit it. i think my brother's ex gf is really hot lmfao
The pain doesn´t go away....
What's a double standard that has nothing to do with gender?
If it happened days ago how come i can still feel the pushing on my shoulder?
Something deep came to the surface.
You're a bitch if your name is
Poll: If you had $900,000,000, what would you do with and and why?
Would $900,000 be enough to move to New York?
....Love Forms....
I'm not myself lately, and I don't know why.
Hmmm. Yep....
i think it's one of those nights
Me talking to my little sister and laughing about how I have problems
Well that's just fucking weird.
Truth or dare
Why do most autistic/aspergers people get picked on/bullies so much?
Will you pray with me?
Does anyone here talk to themselves when alone?
Omfg, I hate how you have to wait a certain amount of time to block someone again 🙄
"So What" by Pink is kind of a cringy song but it reminds me of going to bar mitzvah parties so I can't help but like it.
Not gay but apparently i have a twink ass
ended up paying 2k in taxes on an income i forgot i the fuck is that possible!?!
Make guns illegal!!!
New toy arrived today...
I can't take much more...
She was sweet and yummy
Why do most guys and men love petite women more than tall?
All meat diet for a healthy body
Hows this outfit/look
What is it called when…
Covid-19 shot card in hand, sealed in plastic, and most business still require I wear a mask, to get in their front door...
How to comfort your crying girlfriend ?
I Love My Tattoos
I desire some romantic/sexual attention
Guess who thinks the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution is BONKERS?
I have a confession to make.
So,I went out today for the 1st day in over a year completely mask free!!!
Does a centipede think?
Lady G said on Monday that he accepts the results of the 2020 election
Trudging through life
Why do my nipples hurt?
Would somebody please remind my dumb ass to pick up a fish tank that has a filter on it
Isn’t interesting how a woman’s character is tested when they struggle, but a Man’s character is tested when they have everything...
my versions of cinderella and high school musical could be labeled as a dramatic version
What makes it noticeable that someone has been drinking?
My brother likes the nazis and hitler he watches nazi history every time
Why do I feel so distant to everyone?
Is it bad that I learnt how to drive a while back and now I don’t want to anymore?
Do you like rain? Standing in my door with a cup of coffee..
I’ve voted Green Party once
Prehistoric, ancient, ice age, stone age, bone age, bronze age, coinage, cleavage, seepage, atomic era, space age, information age...
Why is nobody ever happy for me?
Do you give people second chances?
Monday's Mantra (yep, it's still Monday... here)
It's Summer.
Dear self.................
next time I Have problems I just don't want to fucking hear about it ok?
I want out. You know what pisses me off about society is if I ever complain about them instead of pity
Is this man selfish?
Were you from e p and now have a warning on your profile ss you broke TOS?
Edit: I'm not gonna do it.
How get girl 2 respomd
NASA is Hiding the Truth! This is Serious.
I live in the Mountains
Vaush is so right about Peterson, Peterson is too much of a coward to actually say anything directly.
Has anyone ever spoiled a movie for you?
Okay... Now I'm starting to worry...
Trees (my version)
Should assisted suicide be legal?
What's worse for you? Hearing your upstairs neighbor loudly having sex? Or hearing your upstairs neighbor quietly beatting off?
I believe in Angels
Long-time 'friends' appear not to be what you thought they were
No Trespassing
I miss my dad and mom
SW-ickery Dickery Dock!
Can business purposely make it hard to process a credit card to discriminate?
Sometimes I wish there was a chair version of a drive trhough car wash but for showering people when they're lazy and tired but filthy.
So I have 3 possible dates this weekend.
SCOTUS and Roe vs Wade
The ability of cracker ass rubes to go from blasting Jason Aldeen to trap music never ceases to amaze me.
Dining under the moonlight
I love my family
I'd be a lot more sympathetic towards my disgusting roommate if he wasn't so goddamn judgemental.
Was The Maricopa County Voter Database Deleted
I just got a good price for in game currency🥰(which no one cares about but I'm happy)
I have something to say
The way I see it. Andrew ans Nuno should make Straylight and I, Meth Dozer, the moderators.
So what do you think of SW's updates this year?
I think Chimpanzees should be considered pets. For now
No diabetes!!!!!
Stop thinking every post or comment is about you ffs!
A brief visit to Hoboken
Ahh that little lap of the wave as the tide comes and washes over your self esteem for a minute
..and here is WHY the dems rigged the election. It's written all over their faces, and their textbooks... enjoy ^_~
John 17:1-3 NIV
It's Cold Now!
Men’s lace is where it’s at
Dining outside again!
I have something to say
i thought i'd have gained weight after all the stress of the semester & slackin' on cooking, but i checked and i'm still the same
I don't care that you find violence satisfiying and if they put me throguh that i'd do exactly the same thing
Why do we keep getting parent spanking trolls?
I am killing it today
Is this any good?
Did you ever try to help someone unfortunate but they act as if they don't like you or want your help?
I always thought it was weird that fraudsters go to prison.
So at work my boss yelled at me for my nametag. Im forced to change it back
Religions of the Sun
I didn't get much done today, but I feel good.
Every 49th letter in the the Bible spells TORAH (Genesis, Exodus), every 49th letter in ( Numbers and Deutoronomy) spells TORAH backwards Hebrew
Better make sure you're sending those payments for your fines on time every month
What would I say???
My test results
The next time you trip in public
Red Mostly; about the only hue available
still blows my mind that multiple people can call someone abusive and the response from others is still “well he’s always been nice to me”
I needed a coaster for my table...
in my primary school, kids under the age of 7 were playing kiss chasey , and Krystal was behind the game, I never participated
Indecent Proposal: What would your husband say?
I'm and Incel virgin who might go celibate and mgtow mode.
I played Minecraft with @PiecingMeBackTogether and it was great
Sometimes you gotta think positive
Have you ever annoyed a police officer by saying something really stupid?
Is it important for you guys if a girl is older than you (like 6-7 months)?
I saw the police today!
when a police officer yells turn around ....
What do you think is behind the sudden disclosures of UFO's by the Pentagon?
Found a lotion in one of my favorite scents for only $7. Regular price: $20
So they strip the most powerful woman in Congress, Liz Cheney
Last Night was Amazing!
Some advice
Where's Pence these days?
I think someone spiked my ☕ coffee
Disaster Averted!!!
Satan is the prince of this earth. He has been with God before us, he has seen everything and knows how everything and people were created, all ins
Devil loves to mimic....mimic love, kindness, mimic friendship (with him) ...ANYTHING and everything will do to get closer to a non-suspecting weak
I reckon there’s law and justice system in animals and nature?
If you support Israel's occupation and invasion, I have a request
Any adult that still lives with their parents are losers!
Thought you think people living with their parents still over the age of 25 is pathetic?
Hey 'Memeber when I was shadowbanned the past few weeks and Kimchi posted how much she missed me?
Women, the first day of my period it feels as if I am on a mild psychedelic trip
Dumb bitch
I sold my items at a place buying for a higher price than what I was selling
Wait, haven’t seen JohnOlinger pop anywhere for a while ....did he block me too 🤔🤔🤔 EVEN HIM 😳😦😦😦😦 whata bummer 😄
How can UPS lose a parcel?
Ahhh so funny.
I saw 3 nude pics at SW one by one
What does it mean, when, after poking it in , and breaking my hymn, I start bleeding?
I added 2 more female characters to my comic universe 👀
I really need some practice
I’m sorry if I don’t respond back to DM’s . Unless it’s about a post I need help on .. I’m a single mother .
I truly do love my body.
So this happened
Sometimes my dreams do that they wake me up , or I flutter my eyes open
My dream woke me up , it wasn’t a nightmare it was so vivid I thought it was coming out of my head?!!!!
is it okay to wear baggy trousers
Guess its time to get offline agsin
today i got a $15 sleeveless batik dress from India, black with jade green
Today it got to 17 degrees.
Upbeat Songs with Sad Lyrics playlist
Back in the saddle again
Favourite sports movie
Lmfao, these word problems are always so passive aggressive in this game😢
Is it better to ignore it? Or talk about it?
Do y'all think ppl send music cause there is a hidden message in that or just cause it was cool?
Why are some of the left wing people on this site such liars?
When women post videos and images of their hair do you feel envy or happy for them?
I always feel so tied up sometimes when it comes to fights with people here lol
People shit on technology with such delight and desire to escape from it that I feel an almost desperate urge
It makes me happy to see...
I’m on a walk
Why do some people get paid more from unemployment benefits than the real job?
we just upgraded internet connection to 2gbps- wouldn't get that in anything but a densely packed urban space.
The failed utopia of the tiny house movement
My final week of high school!! Let’s do this!
Sorry and explanations
Billy Bragg - The World Turned Upside Down
Why must my employer do this?
The people next door to me are the epitome of class let me tell you.
I don't understand...
fact. Not opinon. Poverty isn't a lack of character; it's a lack of cash
Imagine being so good looking you just couldn't date anyone other than yourself?
The chiro was just useless
someone just messaged me saying they were on my side...
Playing hooky because Monday’s are hard sometimes you just need a girls day
Do you thin I’m too skinny? No man wants a woman that’s slim?
🇮🇱...Ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict...🇵🇸
Pretty much had this day planned out
Ladies: Have you been body shamed by guys?
lmfao, birds are so simple minded D:
What do you think Bill Gates was paying for his escorts?
So Uni doesn't start until later, depends on when you sign up I'm guessing
I'm so glad I don't get involved with the drama on here
I can't comment on this post directly, because the author hates reality intruding on their fantasy world.
17,834 cases yesterday and not a peep from media
Why The World Is In Chaos...
Please give me recommendations of a FREE PDF reader for Android well suited for academic reading
I feel like an ahole 😭
I don’t know what I was thinking
Just getting into it
Two weird things I learned this week
I’m bicurious leaning towards bisexual
Anyone can bring it
Bleach wash/bleach bath
Is it just me, or are commercial getting worse on purpose?
corrupt Canadian Police
How do you do.
I would say so
"For the love of humanity!" -- Use This Phrase to Have Fun Every Day
This guy with a dog asked me to buy him sausages for his dinner
I don't appreciate stuff like this, I'm cynical. I see it as someone trying get a person to talk to them through a sneaky way.. NOT MY SCREENSHOT
It's Just Weeks Until the End of Term
Homosexual Wife
Just started
Try Working On The Way You Respond
Love taking nude pics
Runner role play
Not convinced
If sw is also dividing in two groups on Israel Palestine war?
Bare feet are The Trinity. Shoes and socks are the devil.
I enjoy riding the right dildo
Is This Kind of Comment the Most Hilarious on This Site?
Prefer to fuck dildos
Thongs all I wear
Witnessing a flirting
I do have to wonder how long people are going to try to use the stick
Guy who likes bikinis but loves thongs
Paranoia gotten soooo bad I swear O.o
Guy who loves Bikini season
If you knew that the deepest wisdom says that joy experienced and shared will land you a place in heaven
censorship won't make me reconsider my feelings, it will just piss me off further.
Would people still keep working forty hour weeks if we socialize medical care , housing and the internet?
Reportfags gon Reportfag I guess
Days That Do Not Come
Not just on SW but also in real life, my race, ethnicity, religion is not anyone's business
Been experimenting with anal and oral play
Spice in your life: ESports!
Is that predator still around? Someone needs to deal with him.
Leaning towards bisexual
God i hate it here my neighbors are hillbillies
Being weird is a better way to live
Support for Medicare for All increased in 2020 to 63%; Medical costs a major reason for declaring bankruptcy
MY TURN! 🤭 Men only want one thing, right? Then why should men believe their wife or gf when she says "he's just a friend" and you can trust him?
Who goes away without checking???
Gosh Darnit
oh god youtube why? why would the algorythm send this one my way?
I am bicurious
The fact that you exist means that it is possible for consciousness to spring forth out of nothingness at least once.
Photo Booth Fun
Everybody cross their fingers for me and wish me luck that I get these part time jobs
What is the evilest zodiac sign?
I Have a Confession
The only time I dont look old and gross is if I glob a ton of makeup on.😭
Got nothing better to do really.
How bad were u bullied in school?
My life is so awesome
Still Corners - Black Lagoon (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Who to vote for
Time to take advantage of the hyperinflation in the game economy
Here is a scary story for all of you
And I swear that I don't have a gun
But my friend was raped, and later committed suicide!
Guys, learn from this guys mistake and just keep your traps shut.
I have a dog
Are u still wearing your Covid-19 mask in public ?
what do you think of johnnyO and would you do him?
It took all weekend to come up with the Monday challenge, that's worth a dollar an hour
I get asked whats the best thing about having a home now?
My workplace is "pushing to reduce worker injuries"
Checking in again...
ugh ! gotta go out Foraging soon , i don't wanna go these days , getting too old for this crap but today my 12 $ bag of cans is ready since Saturday
Do you believe in marriage at all?
Woman’s bills surge after mystery thief steals her electricity | A Current Affair
I’ll never understand people who get off on holding their pee
How can I be a better stocker at my job?
Started to really enjoy coloring again.
My sister, who is jobless & shiftless has just asked me to organise a night out because I'm "better at this stuff."
Holding it too long
Have you ever tried to learn computer programing??????
Use proper words to express your emotions
i'm hoping I can do three days a week for my course if I enrol, as I need an extra weekday to get my diabetes injections
Won't you fly home Bill Spacely, won't you fly home, I miss you all day long 🚀🛰️🛸☄️🌌
Why oh why
Can we do this?
So basically the world powers are just angling to have proxy nations do the fighting and dying for them until its obvious which side has overwhelming
Not caring about feelings is only okay if you also don't care about your own feelings.
One thing that I've learned to explain to myself, whenever I have my moments of low self-esteem or when I don't feel good enough,
Lockdown survey results...UK
Psalm 116:1-2 NIV
you ever throw something out cause you think you'll never need to use it , but then aaww fuck where is it ? ,
Nothing quite like a morning workout
Working on it...
Will you miss me if I say goodbye?
Any nurses here?
There are two kinds of draining.
Ever had banana latte? ☕️🍌🥛
After the third day of trying to make a 3D model from a photo reference .
I’ve made it to week 29!
what the fuck has that guy ever said about them anywyays
Have you looked through the comment sections of YouTube videos enough times to notice the pattern?
Sexism and Intersex
I teased in front of a window for my jealous boyfriend!
Is it wrong to want the man I'm in a relationship with to prioritize me?
I want to study but if I don’t have why am I contemplating in doing it I don’t know why I feel the need to study or work
What are you currently reading?
Is there a mean girls club on SW?
How much, how often do you read?
Trying matters
Do you ever wonder how you're going to die?
Is it okay for liberal billionaires to hit on attractive employees?
I remember sleep fondly
my mum says Elliott approves of me doing a course in accounting at tafe
Isn't it awful how a person goes down hill so fast when they're diagnosed with cancer?
I'm going to make sure I don't spend more than, a hundred dollars every week
Seven realities? What are they?
i have two mornings now bc of my medication
One of those days
Director focus #2 - Ingmar Bergman
I feel like a stone cold savage to have said the things I did there but I mean
Who's gonna drive you home tonight?
I remember when i was a child...
For my girl
Why do people say by no means to I intend to offend anyone...
I added one last line and with that I bid my audience adieu for this chapter of my hottakes.
Kinda does spoil the magic somewhat of getting laid though to realize
let me dream a while
Have you ever played Par 3 Golf?
Oh right, Really? This is the man that you're so upset at a girl calling out? Are you fucking shitting me?
I have to adore abigal breslin's song for so many reasons.
I know I will be wealthy eventually, but I can't keep wait till that day, and I get bored when I have nothing to do, or have no money, I want to get
Abigail Breslin - You Suck
Tomorrow I’m going to talk to my psychiatrist about doing accounting in Tafe, hopefully I know he’ll approve in me doing it
My previous entry has shown peace doesnt really have a chance in human society, there's no profit in it!
why no one supports palestine?
What do you think of supervisor taking your paycard and spending all the money on it?
I couldn't sleep yesterday because I have so much in my life that I still need to process.
This guy has won the f*ck boi award..
Do you really think my profession of being a toy seller isn't an action that was considered meticolously?
Those of you who are annoyed Israel is defending itself again should visit Auschwitz, and be honest!
*internally* adorbz your opinion is not helpful here
I'm not married or currently in a relationship
What do you get from this?
What do you think of the following statement?
Coconut milk or coconut water?
Should we do away with government by political parties since its the corporations which rule, and the moneylenders rule them?
Let’s get a positive thread going
The Politics of the United Kingdom
That person was suicidal and I spoke to him to help
The Politics of Germany.
Can you communicate using sign language?
The Politics of Italy
Why is being the “nice person” a bad thing.
Has anyone noticed that the workforce has been completely destroyed. You must now hold a qualification in your line of work....
Why some people are addicted to worshipping God
The Road to Perdition?
I really hate this person last night
An instinct for gratification
Would be affecting Israel when muslims boycotting jews products?
Don’t you hate it when someone told you something you already know?
Honestly a long time ago I saw something about how girls will bolt immediately if they're not on the same page
How come some people on unemployment chose not to work?
Never unappreciative of the reactions i cause!
Wish I was kidding. So apparently the right wing conspiracy nuts are now pro mask because they believe you can spread the covid vaccine through
being with this girl has awoken my inner melissa etheridge and It is frightening.
Some girl was like to me " to take care of your dumb ass legs" and she said after that like she's a different caliber compared to me?
which “wholesome” popular user is the reason behind the break up of our homie Pirated here?
The "Pick-Me Girl"
May 26 2021 is a total eclipse of the moon, and this is a 7 year timeline before may26 and after of eclipses, signs in the heavens (video prophesy)
Some people will take longer to get there degrees?
Hard times...
Wishing once again..
Ohhhh nice tr y you fucking pick me ass bitch.
You guys wanna hear something funny.
How long will the “work from home” movement last ?
Hi yall, so today was pretty exhausting
Oh, dear...
The point at which you will (or may) change your mind about Covid vaccines is... ?
As I see it Fuck you Society for your expectations, you can shove them directly up your anus.
I am back again today after having a really sad day yesterday.
I miss being young
Everyone think because carrot cake or banana cake has vegetable or fruit in it it’s automatically healthy, it has more butter and sugar than
What is something/s you would take with you if you were to get a divorce or move out of your parent's house etc.?
worship the feet of bratty spoiled girls , are you a bratty spoiled , girl ? then let's be friends , contact me with a private message
I actually wrote this a long time ago but I want to get back to writing, so bare with me.
Did you ever notice how much more slowly the checkout lines move now than they did in 1970? Before electric cash registers?
Something for one of the most beautiful and everlasting cornerstones of SW:[@TryingtoLava]
My Answerers To You
honestly the whole scene is illiberal and anti progressive and repulsive.
Why is there no...
I found out today that my self righteous big sister put a hole in my door.
How do you get to know that the fish or the meat you are about to cook is fresh or stale?
I really don't care.
2 Peter 1:20 No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but holy men of
So I've been trying to meet some women to get to know
Thinking back on my life
Thank you.🥰
Elon Musk says his start-up Neuralink has wired up a monkey to play video games using its mind
Will $20,000 or $200,000 be enough to move to New York?
No vaccine for me.
Daddy Deceased
So far, what has 2021 taught you?
Would you be bothered at all/ feel a lil used if you were dating someone and you took them out to eat a lot n they never repayed the favor?
Do not ask me for pictures because I will not send them to you!
The most recent episode of "Making Friends is Hard...."
oh no look what I did
I dont care what anyone says im never getting that vaccine
I was just looking at my passport...
today we had no class
Big Log ~ Robert Plant
Should a woman put her vibrator in her carry-on luggage or in the checked luggage?
Should I leave SW or not?
Why do people keep asking me to send them pictures of me?
I hate them and I hate the people trying to shame me for these feelings and try to act like
Nice video of me using toys for the first time
My emotional ass
When did you all learn to cook by yourself?
Sunflowers to bloom soon!
Tell me a story...
You're beautiful. Yes, I'm talking to you.
I didn't used to pray on a daily basis that someone would Pry the gun out of their cold dead hands.
I dunno why but it always bothers me when someone says something about someone on a post made for them
Should I transition into a woman?
I’m opening 50 shades of Gray to a random page and posting what I find. Part 5
The fact that they call it the food pyramid and not the food triangle implies that it has at least two other sides
Should I retake the class or ask for partial credit?
Just imagine a world without humans...
I hope I move into Alexandra hills new apartment, its a two bedroom two bathroom, for when I get public housing!!!! Please !!!!!
Rest In Power Darren seales 5/15/1987-9/6/2016
The way I think
Are you good at what you do ?
How do I get bf to help out with chores?
Astrazeneca Vaccine shot on Wednesday.
Am I the only one???
How did we get to current common church teaching on sexuality, when in the bible....
What will all his supporters do now ?
The thing about men is if they are in a relationship is women could be crazy, and argue a lot, and they put up with us, or we can be 1000 kilos and
I love getting all hot and sweaty from working out and then cooling off afterwards 🥵
Do you have any problem sitting on the surfaces on which you sit on, while being fully nude ?
You, know I appreciate men, even though some can’t let go of a relationship, but it shows they are genuinely in love and can’t let go, but put up a
Oh crap!👀👀
One of many discussions on cis men *laughs*.
buttcrack stories
Ladies, have you ever had fibroids ?
I didn't get vaccinated today. Haven't, and won't.
So my middle sister is yelling at me because I'm telling her to go to her grad ceremony
I don't know what gave white girls this massive sense of entitlement but you're not that hot karen.
Why all the constant hostility? How comes folks here can't seem to agree to disagree?
Do you think it is obscene, irrational and unjustifiable to have a state organized around a religion?
For those who live in New York, how much money do you have to save for someone to move there?
so i see Youtube has changed its ad plate form
Horror movies without the OOOOoooo Big Spooky EVULS!!!
Seriously, if you would like prayer
In a recent oz of weed I bought, I found 1 tiny seed... I almost missed it.... and like some kind of wizzard or something, I gave it life!
I am a sissy!
Two victories over bad habits
The last games for the national leagues...
So is everyone super horny after being locked up for a year?
What is Elon Musk up to?
How come some people are so cheap or frugal with money?
Are there any American towns or cities developing green infrastructure now?
If unconditional once saved always saved is false.....
Has the microchip installed in your brain been activated yet? Do you envy the "insurrectionist base" who were smart enough to avoid the chip?
I am a mouth breather
Apparentally senator tubes was incorrect because there are places on the internet that ARE a big truck.
with so few people willing to physically work, i might finally get my first payraise since 2010
Is there a "gotcha" virus that erases people's you tube "comment" links and prevents people from signing into places like Discogs
GunFinger Appreciation thread.
Two martinis and im ready for bed
Does anyone here watch the show, "Fear Factor"?
Regardless of Your Background...
All the men be getting jealous in my post about how all the women and men want my dick pics
Girls, do you feel sexy when you wear high heels?
Have you ever changed a long held belief?
we need to talk about the craft: legacy (a review) 🕯🔮✨
I want big balls on my face!
Though I Am Not Perfect (Poem)
I think this explains a lot about my brain
If You really are an Atheist. Why do you still cry out to God when times get tough?
I went to my friend's 6 year old birthday party today
Our local Chrysler dealer is sold out
Looking into my sixth year of suffering...
I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people...
Uncomfortable Dream
Privacy Pirates
talking about the craft lol.
The Craft - Healing Bonnie [Deleted Scene]
This is how traditions are born:
Funnyiest flight attendant.
Would you troll your grandmother on SW if she were here?
I wanna learn to draw better
Y’all please remember me if I never come back
Another Random Photography Drop
I feel dumb for asking but so many people on TV have insane hourglass do they acheive it?
Have you ever noticed, that we choose our shampoo according to how much it offends us?
Why is everything so messed up these days???
Is contouring really necessary?
I've been watching IRL crime stuff on YouTube and one of the killers is really cute 🥺💗
Setting records today
Why do some people say it’s a bad idea to live with friends, especially best friends?
Good news. The Maricopa Audit Team recover those data files of Ballots. Thank God. Even they're deleted from the Data base
Proverbs 3:27-30 NIV
I love erotic sensuality..
I found something I forgot I had
What is SW to you?
How much is rent in New Jersey?
Are you guys going to travel this summer? I know, it’s going down a bit but are you going to travel?
It’s Monday again - what possibilities lie ahead?
If your partner/spouse refuses to get a job, would you dump them?
I'm supposed to go on a date tomorrow evening...
Can't Finish Eating -- Image of Guy With Top Part of Head Missing
I just discovered something awesome!
It took nearly four hours
I like old music, BUT…
Israel is a war criminal
Finally found the opportunity to disappear from my abusive bf
Liz Cheney is the new standard bearer of the Republican Party.
How much time do I let pass?
I sooooooo need to save and get an AC!
That could have been worded better
Is it a bad thing to take you're job too seriously??
I Have A Solution To The Flat-Earther Problem...
Why do the holier-than-thou Canadians still club and shoot to death 500,000 defenseless seals each year
These orchids have a bad attitude
"With or Without You" – U2
who is at fault in this car accident scenario?
Final day of freedom
Psycho Karen Gets Arrested For Harassing Police
It makes Jack a dull boy, you know. And then you’re walking around wielding an ax threatening to bash people’s brains in. one wants that.
as long as I play within the site rules I do have a right to be here and if you have a problem with the things I write about
A pleasant surprise
I'm playing plumber today
This Just In!!
Why isn't there a big sign on our new construction project that says "Amazon Fullfillment Center Coming Soon!" Aren't they proud of themselves?
Dune (Frank Herbert)...
me at 6:05 in the morning , its Monday , gooooooooood moooooooorrrrrrnnnnnniiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le Aqualud
Today is lounge day for me
I want to go to six flags
The problem is....
Do u own a pit Bull ? I’m hearing different things about them .
Quick Q about Blocked Users...
what are your opinons of the sexual orientation of super straight?
Acknowledging the things that work out for me
Why just Why
I was born in Napoli, in the late Nineties.
A few observations from my morning errands
Today I met a woman who is so damn attractive
As of today, I've queried 60 literary agents....
What do you think of corporations and people who actively promote the wars of the future and guarantee a future for warfare?
Why some people have smartphones and smart cars that are smarter than them?
That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood She's got the hottest trike in town That girl, she holds her head up so high
Why do all Americans have to suffer with increased costs on EVERYTHING, unsecure borders, etc, just because of Democrat corruption?
Will Pothos ever grow new leaves if the stems have brown "crust" on them?
I've been in such a rut lately that I'm legit proud of myself for cooking black bean soup
Logan's Run
I dreamt I tried to kill Joe Biden
if i paid £300 for an extra 6 month warranty on a car, and then decided 6 weeks into it i didnt want it could i get some of my money back?
Took the corvette to run errands yesterday ...
From a Master...
I have been shy my whole life
Hey y'all check out my latest cleanout find of cool as Cold War era collectibles.
I may as well become a robot.
They have Alan Weisselberg on tax evasion now. How long before he's singing like Greenberg?
Thanks to everyone who were kind to me
When I was at school I belonged to a gang called The Secret Seven and we were sworn to secrecy....
Mussels and a reuben, with beer
05/16/21 One of my past jobs
So... i’m gonna tell you
This post is off the beaten path...
Ever cooked Berliners?
My nights have gone really ridiculous now
John 6:35-40 NIV
Should I buy a strip club and then take out my frustrations on the bartender because he is displaying the same behavior as someone else in my life?
What Are the Best Historical Movies?
Online domme log may 16 2021
How are the mosquitoes and black flies where you live?
Sh!t happens
How sweeeet.......Gavin Newsom was seen picking up trash for the Community awwww
So Im getting my vaccine in an hour
What is the benefits monarchy to the people? 《I put random question just to fill it only》
Because some people got comforted with lies.
Sissy-husband-diary-16 May
Has anyone tried wireless headphones on their laptop? How was the quality?
If I could make love to a voice....
Guys complain that girls go for the "bad" boys.. but this is what I think the psychology is behind that..
The Best Things In Life Are Free
Why is my family being hard on me about my grades?
How do you move songs around on iPod?
Yes still hate em
Y’all, it’s hot out there 😩🥵🥵 believe me when I say it. I’m so hot and sweaty
The real conspiracy theorists..
I messed my pants at pre-school
Posting something nice because I should.
What would you say to someone that’s failing the classes and not trying? (High school senior, college student)
Bully Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 Free Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 !
I ate the most delicious gyro yesterday
What can you expect from worship services inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo?
Pre-Existing Conditions Should not Deprive People of Affordable Healthcare
What do u think would happen if u keep violating parole ?
Hooray for boobies!
Need advice for friend...
I once drove past the house where I lost my virginity. .........There wasn`t even a plaque or anything....
I Am Pissed Off
Who has discovered their own real intelligence level by screwing up at work?
Pulled this entry up to record thoughts during flight
My confession: Do you ever feel like this?
Are women as likely to be perverted as men?
Instant Poetry, anyone?
Use Humor to Deal With Hate
I hate it when u try to cheer someone up but they just get short with you .. so you leave them alone and now they want to talk .
could i get away with this on youtube
Into The Void
I may be white but the Crack Epidemic was before my time entirely and acting like my opinion
Looking for a potential domestic discipline relationship
I'm so sick of this faux rebuttal too.
"Educate Yourself" -- the Favorite Phrase of People Who Do Not Educate Themselves
Prisons are a terrible idea and If it were my kid being effected by the opoid crisis
There's only so much control...
Straylight Album Covers: Reunion Tour
Anybody manage to link their Spotify account to an Amazon Echo dot?
Love is like a burrito.
Stormy Waters
On a truly seriously, deeply, positive note...
Virtue signalling reaching new highs on SW
So another really triggering post. Opt out lol
I Challenge You to Challenge Me to Write
I really need a therapist.
I was in the changing room when suddenly my USB dropped out of my bag
Just to be clear
I`ll tell you what a woman wants....
BDSM, Personal trainer/scuba diver take down.
What annoying habits do you have, or hate in others?
The worst part of these 💉 💉 right now is that when the 666 mark of the beast comes out, people will run 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃 🏃‍♀️ for it just as fast , to tra
To be curious?
Do the traditional wedding vows "for better, for worse" imply that all parties remain even in the event one must endure a stint of imprisonment?
Is there anything modern that you don't want to upgrade to?
Your zodiac sign release some kind of energy from your brain and the person who absorb that energy create and have some quotes in his mind...
Anyone else working today?
Cheated on twice in two days
Many people here claim that satanism doesn't exist. They often say that satanism is not what we think and has nothing to do with human sacrifice..
When it comes to women, some men lose their morals and manners, stop being so damn desperate! Let me tell you a story
Daily Stress
Veganism has the unassailable moral high ground. Change my mind.
I can't believe Matt Gaetz actually used the phrase "naughty favours" to describe the investigation into & he said he's never paid for sex
I thought my daughter will stay up with me until tomorrow.
Came across her earlier
A moment of appreciation dedicated to positive days
How many textbook's in college did you finish from the begining to the end?
Director focus #1 - Hirokazu Kore-eda
Did you know...
What is it with people asking how I go 2 the toilet in DM?
#freejulianassange Write the tag and start a trend with me guys!! Edit I hate the fake people who locked him up
Amazing service!
Acts 2:38 NIV
She's so confident. And so resourceful. And easy to communicate with.
That moment when...
How open are you to experience?
sometimes you just have to watch a cheesy movie
Say what you will..
NEVER feel bad NOT wearing a bra
What do you think of this article?
I remember my mom