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Im headed to my old work 2day, havent been there in 2 years.AnniversaryIn order out of the main 4 berries, name them from most favorite to least.since photos here are saved somewhere in the voidHow do you deal with a Toxic sister-in-law who is jealous of your closeness with your husband?Do you hide your online presence here?Do you think its too far to drive 30-40 minutes for blackberry picking?Drug Bust………first world women crying feminism while posting their pussies on onlyfans and being in polygamous relationships are the biggest slap in the faceSymphony on a French Mountain Air, Op. 25 by Vincent d'Indy (1886)Why are people so mean on here ?Is there anyone still around?Covid-19 - the gift that keeps on givingWhat year did you start kindergarten?my friend and i are supposed to hangout in half an hour but she’s not picking up her phone🧍🏽‍♀️Like are you for real?I'll probably return these headphones for a new pair next week but damn i love themThe Seance That Went Terribly Wrong 😂Yes, I am a woman and Im so proud of what I have built and earned including good reputation....Today has been a really awful day for me 👀Thank you SW ❤️❤️how come i can never seem to meet any CD's/TV's all of my messages just go ignored...I love 80’s glamour models…The Trump Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 600,000 Dead AmericansKnow Your Rights: Answering Police QuestionsWrite the first letter of the username of the person who has been in touch with you since you joined this site for the first time.what is it with Wrestling when an un-tagged partner can go in and disturb a match already in progressAnyone else feeling like hot garbage right now?I am pretty sure some of these restaurants grill the same doner kebab for “aquarians are known as the water bearers of the zodiac”Is it better to chose and drive your child into a career or let them pick and let them chase it themselves?Ain't nobody go to counseling and say what they're really going throughThis job will end in the fall.What’s your thought process when you pick out underwear in the morning?What's my counselor going to say about me now I don't drink or do nothing anymorePeople remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but there was a conventional attack in Tokyo that killed about the same.If you owned a button that, once pressed would inflict chronic diarrhoea to someone wearing white trousers at a dinner partyI use to like Space Jam when I was a Kid.Should CONCACAF and CONMEBOL merge together to create a united football confederation?What's the thing you're working on in life?How often do you find yourself shooting yourself in the foot?I always feel weird when I comment on someone's thread and they don't acknowledge it, but still look at my profile afterwardsI Challenge You to Challenge Me to WriteRemember when I said17 JUNE EURO PREDICTIONS - 🔮The Crystal Football⚽️if a new much more deadly virus had to come up in 2022 that would eat up your RBCs, you could breathe but your body would fail to carry thati finally did it, i got rid of my ex from my phone book,,,,, blocked and deleted..... im freee!!!!!The Lab Leak TheoryDissimilar WorldsJust punched my friend! 😡this person always texts me like theyre a chinese person who no speake english well, eithier that or their just fucking stupid lolSubstitute for erection and ejaculation.I took a leap ....I love the smell of gasoline and I took like 10 big whiffs of itCan I still get my wife pregnant ?Oh my goodness!!!! My sweetest boyFlat Earth, do you believe the Earth is flat covered with a dome? Famous astrologist Dr Mike deGrasse Tyson disagreesCharlie Kirk: "I'm a libertarian." Also Charlie Kirk: "Legalizing weed is slavery."Television is the monster in your home, and it’s called a program for a reason....I read that to stop a dog digging in the garden you should put some of his poop in the holeLadies, what do you keep in your bag?Taking it SlowHaving a bad dayGillian 365 (Day 9) - c2014-2016Met one very aggressive Vegan activist..Recent reading and old books returned toHumans breathe in pure oxygen and breathe out carbonised dioxide, animals breath in carbonised monoxide and out pure oxygenThis canned chili is terrible. No beans, hardly any spices, and for some reason...Sitting in a hospital waiting room trying to guess what everyone else is in for 😂I’ve learned that….I hope whoever lost their tire is okay.I wonder where the gas station employees in the hood park their vehicles 🤔Dont get me wrong i love summer but not when we have power outagesI have Italian antecedence on my Father's side, Italy was at the centre of the Roman world!My lamp broke for a third time within a week...Anyone here have NO side effects from second COVID shot?I talk to myselfDo you think you'd be able to eat like a hobbit?New Two Part Erotic Story Part TwoNew Two Part Erotic Story Part OneIs there a way to see all the comments we make?I don't watch much TV but i do like documentaries.When you're at an amusement park, how do you like to spend your time there?I do love to fish but really.Why are some people so stupid?It’s a good day.So I know I’m crazy but sometimes I forget until I see the look on people’s faces of the weird stuff that I do 🙃🤣🤣the lab leak theory is wild lolAre women really much more romantic than men?Will completing my education actually increase my salary ?Now that Covid is appearing to wind down I wanted to express how great the lst year was.Keep My Eyes On The Prize (Poem)New Erotic Story Part ThreeAgainst the FlowYou arrive at your residence from running some errands, as you walk toward your door, you notice that it has already been opened, and is ajar.Guess who this isTen top brands!If You See Something Say SomethingBurial or cremation for you?Productivity here I come!!!Next time you're in a hospital lift.....Yesterday, the things i did are already in my personal history!I'm making gnocchi and sausagesAnti-Vaxers Weaponizing YelpWhat quote did you grow up hearing a lot??🤔Why do i have to title my thoughts?Sometimes I listen to a sad song, just to help me feel what I’m supposed to feel.The Srorm WithinThis is one of the beautiful place in Darjeeling for old age Tibetan people to live. How is it?Are Demons & Ghosts Real?Remember that time when Dick Cheney shot his lawyer in the face, and his lawyer later apologized for it?Out of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, which streaming service tends to feature their TV shows in the highest quality?How important are political views to you?Have you ever been to any such place where you saw something similar?Help me!!!!Imagine if you travelled 30 years into the future and discovered your future self had stormed the nation's capitol to demand Kanye West be confirmedLife is terminalDid you know that 1 hurricane = 500,000 Atomic bombs?Biden Administration Wants Americans To Report ‘Radicalized’ Friends And Family To GovernmentHi guys, i need a favor from someone who has a nice voiceNew Erotic Story Part Two"Surviving Autocracy" by Masha GessenI've always loved walking through cemeteries, yes. Here are two pics I wish to share:New Erotic Story Part Onethose short girls that act like children make me wanna kmsCousin called me to tell me about his promotion.Which news outlet is most credible to you?Super random questionMy friend says house prices will always go up foreverCovids purposeSome guys just don't know how they impact women!I’ve found an old hatch ladder leading to the store room roof.Your weird sandwich combosEncouraging education , and technology . My response to one american company providing 3 months online training .What do you usually do to feel better when you are sad?i get most of my notifications from…..I wear diaperslike the broke down vehicle on the interstateDo you like the Bangles?Would people be shooting other people over a mask had Trump not politicized wearing a mask?Do you believe that there are aliens?Sierra Club wants to "restore the Bison"What does the future hold?Prévert is one of my favourites!I admit i am one of those who adores Mozart and Chopin!My last early morning view on what was an unplanned mini-vacation was just so…😌Just taking a moment before I start my dayWhy do you think some of these middle East countries like Quatar, Kuwait, UAE etc have very less crime statistics?Ever chat with someone here on a post or through messages and thinkPassy, has some great shops!Seek your happiness in GodOn Avenue Paul Doumer!Can someone explain this ?🤔Do customers not realize some workers also have disabilities?my ex keeps looking at my social media profile...... why? its been months since we even talked,,,,, this is how stalkers develop i think loolWhat can i do so i dont over think about this girl i like?It wasn't by a dog though, but by my nephew!Are you the main character?How old were you when you first crashed your bike into a tree and knocked yourself out and had to go to the hospital for a neck x-ray?If you could be an expert in one area, what would you like it to be and why is that?PSA: Your nose is actually part of your fucking respiratory systemWhat is truly valuable?What makes you really angry on Tuesday evenings, especially in the winter, but not during new moons?Just had a ‘courtesy call’ from the insurance companyi h8 how my bangs keep poking my eyeballs😑😑😑Been Away For a MinuteI love how efficient the Indian government is.If you had a boat, what would you name it?You Are Capable & WorthyI will not be defeated 💮When you ask someone what’s happened to their neck thinking it was in a braceGood Morning ♡Can't stay awake much longerCan I pass through an airport with 20 cell phones?Me and my BFF have both decided we r ace (assexual), does that mean we are in a relationship now?i have read in an article on the net that there is a workplace were employers actually have to kiss the feet of the managers and thatThe reason that the Canadian forces are in trouble right now is because of zoophilia.i have read in an article on the net that there is a workplace were employers actually have to kiss the feet of the managers and thatI got some wild mushrooms and I have so far put them in pasta and had them with bacon and eggsWhy did the covid vaccine hurt my arm so badly? I thought it was just a normal shot.i wish i had some real life friends...... ive only got sexual partners in real life..... theyre not really what youd call friends lolDoes anyone else still make their own ice lollies?How can I read a US Kindle 'book' in Canada?Today is Bloomsday…I have just finished my formal education, now i must learn so much more!Seeking to be accepted, feet covered or notBeing techlexic , i needed help at work from our IT guy.How can I read a US Kindle 'book' in Canada?Sometimes I just feel exhausted trying to keep up with relationships and lifeIf someone had a video recording of your future deathI've been saying this, I've been saying it all year, and I will say it again...What place today is given to false prophets and heretics!!Ok I think Ive won part of the game of lifeIf you decided to leave everything behind and start off fresh in a different area along with any money you currently haveI don't want to sound like a pretentious snob (even though I kind of am one), but people really need to work on their frakking logic skillsPeople fighting on planes over the stupid mask policies is fckn hilarious!This is one of the more rural area of Madarihat. How is it?With almost every single person I meet I'm always the better catch. Does this happen to anyone else?What gives meaning to your life?I would just like to acknowledge the fact that things do seem to be a little different here than usualJust what is meant by alternative?Watching The Irishman: Robert Di Nero and Joe Pesci look like frakking mummies.Vicious dog?Alimentation Passy!Your employer has to deal with the lack of productivity if they haven't provided you with the right tools.if hitler really wasn't right wing why did his hand picked SA deliberately go after anti-leftist?Will you pray with me?Specifically for guys this one - how do you make yourself feel sexy and confident?I want to hang each and every member of the capital rioters. They aren't "Americans" they're brownshirt NAZIS.the weeks surrounding father’s day always feel hauntingThere's a girl in your husband's bed, it makes you feel badTrump cant get a book deal for his new bookI got paid $505.63, now I have $10, but I put, $200, into my essential super account!!!Where did all these trash come from ?!Languages! Practical language acumen!People who are attracted to women: What do you prefer in general?The Haunted House that Isn'tI rarely showerI took a degree in fashion design, and studied my master's in MilanDeona Marie Knajdek, 31, was killed when a man drove his car through a protestI found an extra tire at my house for my bikeIs anyone gonna talk about the people who collect money saying it’s for african children when the money of fir them because they can’t afford livingArizona audit, Jan 6th insurrection go hand in hand.I think I logged in at the wrong time today.My Dad has a VERY large Penis!The Diamondbacks are having one of the worst stretches of losing in baseball historyanybody else struggle with being antisocialI definitely started at 4 or 5Why some people’s ages change from day to day here? One day there 40 something then they turn twenty-something the day after?Watching this epic TV series on Prime...would recommend it to anyone who has girl friends.Serious problems in Group HomesAaaaaah, tetris syndrome, just like when I was a kid.Juneteenth bill passes the Senate; it'll be an official holiday soon.Don't think about the pain or the sadness or whatever negative feeling you may experienceYou girls think it's a joke but the king's look for who is most open to share themselves….The Path….Did you know that there's a video on the dark web that shows Hillary Clinton cutting off the face of a girl and sticking it on her face...I think my daughter has separation anxietythis chick used so muxh filter i thought she was in her twentiesI wish older girls would post on my thread and say that want to get railed becausse I would come through that's the only thing I can doStrawberries & CigarettesI can’t believe Richard Dreyfuss was considered a sex symbol in the 70s.Many people in world .When people have to ability to search up people in prison and see all their info like release dates or infractionsThe safest path is not always the best path…Just putting this outIf any girls are serious about online dating and want to hit it off with someoneHow WE got there.How does one make friends here? Asking for a future friend.How can you justify 500 million dollars for power house museum upgrades..What is your favorite picture“how much coffee do you drink?”Things are heatin' up over at Criterion with this latest announcementI am the most masculine guy aliveShould I get vaccine shot? What’s your thoughts on vaccine?Dresser smellTrump Says He's Going to the Southern Border on June 30th.One time I was at a party and the weed guy fell asleepWe are in a spaceship traveling to a certain planet. There are small rocks here and there, which our autopilot is avoiding. There are some alien✨ bedtime ✨Walking Thoughts: Does anyone else believe that the lifting of restrictions and mandates was a less celebratory occasion than previously thought?Before I head off to dreamland…Is there anybody out there sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to myself nobody really knows my struggle and everything I go throughWhat is the deal with middle aged gay men? Theyre merciless if you get on the wrong side of them. Still acting like the snarky mean girl highschool tAny girl that would like to be spoiled?Batman Is Not Going DownReflecting on LifeDo you believe men with makeup are attractive?A friend of mine recently overdosed on heroinAnd there’s no one else.sedation ..?If you want to shine like the sun, you ve got to burn like it tooThis question is for all women: As a woman, does a certain word that starts with “C” and rhymes with “bunt” offend you?Had a breakdown at work I feel bad for feeling this way towards my crushIt’s like I know things but then don’t remember them but have a clue what’s happening but then I have no idea. , whyyyyyyyy?I am afraid to have sex because I know girls expect me to have a decent sized dick but I dontGrrrr ! i hate it when i think of something to look up on youtube so i exit what i'm doingIf you had $200 billion, would you go keep your job or quit?General knowledge quiz! Perfect score gets a SW gift!I am my mom's best friendThere are moments where I’m alone and I just start crying for no reason what so ever.I went and applied for my photo ID, now, all I have to do is waiting, 4 weeks!!!!!If Confederates Want to Fly Their "Flag", I'm All for Allowing Them to Fly the Historically Accurate, Final Version of It.My favorite interaction with a European is when an Italian guy asked me where in the US I'm from, I told him New Jersey, and he said it sounds fancy.A New President ... Another Summit ... But the Same "Russian Idiot." So, Sing Along...Since we're on the subject of serious statistics and research here on SW todayFriends and More Friends,Well the baseball game was fun until it's trying to force me to pay for higher quality players that ain't shit.Why do women always just expect me to figure it out on my own? 😆Harv Weinstein is looking like Al Capone in the fairly recent Capone movie?Wrecked my new PeteDo you think the drop in covid is going to remain that way and covid be no longer an issue ?..........How bad is the arm pain supposed to get post vaccination???I am 18 now they still tell me what to do and stuff and it isnt any diffrent than when i was like 16 is that fair?I still don't get it with this virusmy brother called me a fraud for not eating with my handsChilling after work is the best*back at the bar*Asking for a friend???Sitting silent in a herd of grazing geeseIs it attractive when a woman is hairer than her man?You remember when Ricky and his girlfriend pretended to get engaged so they could throw an engagement party and then sell the gifts for crack?Thank you Moderators!Why is it that the more you want to be left alone, the more everyone wants to be your buddy? 🤦‍♂️Addicted to pornHeck I dont have to do much research. Ive already have a list of banks somewhere in my houseCounselors?Thank god for my sister giving me a ride to work todayIt looks like it is no longer a conspiracy "theory" that the virus came from the Wuhan lab....Friends ... please rally to Soossie's postI love being naked in front of a clothed woman or womenQuestion for straight people: Can you please stop suggesting that homophobic people are closeted homosexuals? Thanks.No .... I did not have time to take a photoMy dad told me his password is: MickeyMinnieGoofyDonaldPlutoHueyLouieDeweyDublin.why do people who block you have to tell you are blocked?These democrats are getting more fvcking stupid as ever. They really lost touch of reality.I filled another album...Instead of working all my life, I’ve decided to pull off a casino heist and retire.We Are The MinutemenI had about 3 or so women on here thatI had this gf who didn't want to have sex for fear ofWhat makes one person wanna help somebody else?I like t mobile,they are greatBeing gluten free sucks when you live in a developing countryHow about a fish fryI tried Korean food todayIf my fraternal grandpa is any indication of what I'll look like when I get old, I'm going to have a big bushy/curly beard be very muscular, and bald.I didn’t go to pee much today I went twice today !!!!!I watched a funny movie today!What kind of soil temperature would a place such as Maine for example have?i’ve never been so consistently sad, i’m kinda worried about myselfOur Governor signed a new law todayKeep the hair or lose it?Yeah, looking at the stars and all is quite awesome but to watch you looking up at the stars, seeing you do something you love...How Do You Allow Yourself to Be Yourself?The lengths i go to for some fast foodTime for internet research. I havent research on the internet in a while since there's barely anything onlinethey said im lying because i have a personality disorder..The Stud and The BitchHow would you feel if in the second date with someone they touched your phone without your permission while you were in the bathroom?I had multiple weird dreams last night, one I had me waiting for a train that goes to currambine in Perth WAJuneteenthThis may sound funny but I'm talking to a guy who's nuts.I am very horny right now and have a raging erection.Lord of the RingsPeople having brawls on planes over the masks is fckn hilarious. 😅James Arthur and Sigala, “Lasting Lover”Modern society .SW is getting better at ad placementHow stupid am I.Hahaha my OBGYN just said he highly suspects this baby is going to be more thanWalmart is experimenting with self checkout only stores. Support a universal basic income now because later will be too late.The republicans are always up in everyone else's business. That good enough for you?Uninvited To My Worldgo to Aldi they said.. you'll save a heap of money...Hobo Humpin' Slobo BabeWhat conjures up nostalgia for you?The svg sprite generator works wondersSo bars and restaurants are supplying less Buffalo Wings and the Prices are up.Correction. Ive actually lost 6lbs since my doctore visit. Wtf is going on especially because ive done nothingI Have a New JobDo you think Saturday Night lost its flair?The Amazon That Customers Don’t SeeAt this rate,Who here has a parent who...Seven piles of Spanish Euro cents...Why are people so sensitive?Don't Forget To Check InPivoting UpwardsDarkness Has Helped Me Appreciate The LightMe to myself trying to find something: Ok, if I were me, as I sometimes am, where would I have put it? 🤔i have a major macaroni breakthrough... it tastes closest to blue boxReflections In The WildMy favorite part of being femaleHandmaidens tale starts again in the UK on Sunday, is this more of a documentary, bearing in mind, what’s going on in America at the moment?Let's Make Kindness Popular AgainI play the tubaCan Satan deceive us through dreams and visions?Okay I'm ready to go home lolGoing to the Yankees and Blue Jays game tonight l!A Lot Of Things Are Actually Going Pretty WellHaving a Bad DayWhat a nice thought.🦨 🦨 🦨 Are my antics black & white, am I evil? or are they more nuanced?Masks Are No Longer Required In CaliforniaThis dude is about to get f’ed upBack to playing with my coins...Can we have some Olympics-themed SW gifts?what do you do in hot weather in your apartment, when it's uncomfortable and hotI really wanna do something special for my brothers for taking time out of their day to help their idiot troubled irresponsible sister outI've been riding bikes literally my whole lifeThe Cute Habanero 🥴fam decided to go without masks eventhough they arent vaccinated at allY'all ever just wiggle your toes without realizing it?Anyone ever just wiggle their toes without realizing it?idk why i wanna be in a relationship so badI Hope . . .There is a time and a place for flexing your intelligence and a time to be down to earth.You get to pick your favorite flavors for the ultimate candy mix. What flavors are you throwing in?my workplace has added kate bush, phoebe bridgers and clairo into the rotationI hate getting gas for my car at time'sI have the fucking shittiest luck with bikesNugget is going back to the vet today because he is showing signs of Manx Syndrome.Shockingly Stupid Republicans: What's the Matter with Mississippi?100 in 15 ..... When in June, do as the JunipersAny default picWas Told to order anything i wanted off the menuI really just got into drawing a couple weeks ago. And even though I’m brand new to it I’m loving it so farWell, I just gotten asked out by a very pretty pizza delivery ladyThe feeling when...Not everyone got to work in their underwear.As it turns out, I'm bad at analyzing literature!!!This has no titleDo You Enjoy These?Remind me why I should care about Trump's "unlawful" acts again?Gillian 365 (Day 8) - c2014-2016Gonna try a social experimentLumber Prices Are Falling Fast, Turning Hoarders Into SellersI ate an english muffin with cream cheese and now i feel like throwing up wtfI had a teacher that would always say:Is this the worst place to try and be positive when you are having a bad day?Questions again! :) Deleting other people's commentsWell... my coin supply might have dried up...Invisible HandHow to read whatsapp messages without opening the chat?If the FBI has now deemed QAnon a national security threat, aren't some Republican leaders just a step away from being raided?Lin-Manuel Miranda Apologizes for Colorism in "The Heights": 'I Promise to Do Better'Help me settle a dispute between my wife and I. Which one of us is right - me or her?Are people really that stupid???DeSantis' conservative utopia, updatedI picked an awesome time to come out about what I did, being zoo, and a chimera, and all thatI've been getting these white flesh peaches at the market for the past weekDid you ever find out something about your family that made you sad?Evidence Suggests COVID-19 Was In US By Christmas 2019Question…because I’m not okayDo You Have United Health Care Insurance?💀Skeletons in your closet will one day come out and taunt you!☠️#3 Solitary Man - Johnny CashWindows as a like i’m literally monica gellerI dont knowHow are our Texans holding up?transfer to another countrysomething else on my mind , it was re-titled from Vaccinations for Covid 19 and PeopleHe’s got some splainin to do!About ZombiesApparently I have alcoholic tendenciesI just did something good today.... I blocked my exHeads up guys,Did your mum ever make you wear something hideous when you were a kid?Guys, what's something you wish women TRULY knew about men?taken the rest of the week off..... though i dunno wtf ima do now instead of work lolGuys, If your Sister was an Actress, How would you react if She became topless in any Movie ?(((👀)))Writting to helpI Had Sexual Experiences At A Very Young AgeMath & Physicsatheist must see GOD/CREATOR with their eyesI love my new bluetooth headset. I charged them like 34 days agoNew Erotic F/F Story Part TwoPeople often say to me Hey The Blind Prophet how come we always see you in many hats and sunglasses ?is it wrong to be uptight with people#1 Agua de beber - Astrud GilbertoNew Erotic F/F Story Part OneWhen you're ADHDJUNE 1️⃣6️⃣ EURO PREDICTIONS - 🔮The Crystal Football⚽️You ever think about something random and then someone brings up the same random subject that day?If you can successfully predict what someone is going to do because it is always the most self-serving choice devoid of any moral considerations, areWork is not really randomI've been enjoying Time with Sean Bean and Stephen GrahamLooking for a freaky chickIs it irrational to think that if I tell someone things about me, that they'll tell someone else?The difference between Hidin' Insurrectionist Baby-trump and Putin...My senses are waltzing to the symphony...I'd like to control my memoryi find it hilarious people try to act tough in a professional settingYou know...Lewis CarrollDo you think they would be experiencing hyperinflation?Will Venezuela need to adopt a new currency because their hyperinflation has made the Bolivar worthless?Is this the most perfect example of yin yang in economics today?Why in the name of all that is good in the world would a person come to this site, just to complain about everyone hereSharing a link to an article as "proof" isn't proof if the article just says its proofThis is the Subhashpally area in my hometown Falakata. How is it?My uni weight journeyHusband came home with this. Want some?This is just a lonely hearts and personal therapy siteDusk sky, colours of twilight.Ever knocked on a door so hard your fingers bruised?Do you have a sense of entitlement?convincing myself to do things around the house 🥲That moment when the class is supposed to have 68 peopleNarcos is my show nowEven bigger bellyI’ll always remember the loveYesterday something really funny happened.Urgent prayers pleaseHow depressed have you been lately?What would you make of...I can’t when the friends that I used smoke and drink and nearly died with, say the vaccine isn’t safe 🙄Handsome Men Are CheatersUp three lbsRiding around showing what we've done in two weeksI hope the mouse left!People always remember what they want to remember.I decided to open a wellness dark oriental erotic spaBruh, stop fukin talking about me 😩😩 like leave me alone. Some of you people stay up my ass.I haven't seen him online since Jan. 1stPicking up a quick breakfast for the myself and the gang is nothing new, but anytime someone makes me a breakfast like this?Do you ever just want to delete your current account on here and start over?I Love Farmers MarketsI am disgusted with my life .How many ways can u substitute the word "we" for the word "I"?I cried at this. Ya know why? Coz adult's dont understandThought for the dayI never have any work to do because the clinic doesn't have a lot of clientsAre you into local or national politics? Why?Y'all think Tony Ferguson will ever be the same after the Gaethje fight?i need thisWho here is a victim of sexual trafficking or knows someone?MORNING COFFEE ON THE PORCHBeautiful Relationship DynamicJennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Share Steamy Makeout Over PDA-Packed Dinner In Front Of Singer's 13-Year-Old TwinsI get paid pretty well, for someone that doesn't workDisney maybe make a Plageius Seriesan electrician the studied engineering in university, might work as a business, person, and drive a ute , or work in an office, depends where the jobHave you ever been writing or drawing with a pen and paper but then try and press the Ctrl+Z when you make a mistake?Should I return these shoes? Read belowI was helping someone to find his job..I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matterDont watch many films butWhy does my dog like to eat leaves and stones?Question for Men: IntimidationI made my own strawberry milkshake with real strawberries, I think the shake I made from scratch is more filling than the weight loss shake?Is English an easy language to learn?Anyone on here have good advice for a guy thats never dated before?Achievement unlocked: got someone to find me really attractive when I don't resemble their type in any way. 😍Do you think physically strong/athletic people, in their old age get upset when they look back & recall how strong they were but now it's opposite?Is the sudden UK rise in Covid cases ....If i was your bf n i asked you to try n tie me up really tight so that i couldnt break free n than tickle me crazyThat was difficult 😕Conservatives: "We want small government." Also conservatives: "Government should ban gays and abortion and prostitution and drugs and Cardi B and..."Time To Buy A New CarI don't want to get married, sometimes, most of the times, I love Elliott but I don't want to have babies, eitherWhen will the lumber discounting start?Mom loves playing games w/phone, 35 M living on his own?you know what I'm not waiting at all, if you want me, you know where I live, I'm staying here in my roomQuick, How to catch a mouse?!I want to have a babyNick and I talkedI live in Passy, at my parents' home with my brother.I do judge sometimes and don't hide it.Some forklift driver got mad that I didn't put the clear bag over the boxes when done?Raw honeycomb looks so delicious but knowing how both honey and beeswax are made, I will never eat either.It isn't so common these days!This is the narrow gauge(left) and broad gauge(right) railway lines in NJP railway station in my hometown Siliguri.I'm the weird auntie from PortlandDoes that dry shampoo shit work or does it just add gunk to your already greasy hair?They say rubbing coffee grounds all over your naked body can help prevent aging..I haven't felt this useless in years.So I had to walk like an hour pushing my bike because I got a flatOk, what do you like about licking butthole or why do you do it, does it turn you on really?…..Drawn…..I have many sleepless nights. My neck hurts with or without a pillow.the difference between, type one and type 2 diabetes, is, type on your born with it and type 2 you get it later in life due to poor healthI just had strawberry, weight loss, shake, I have one week, to see my weight loss, Dr, 24th of June , I forget what time actually, but its next weekI cut my hair todayHow much money do you think Kramer and Newman were going to make with their recycled bottle scheme?help need supportWill you pray with me?Science and the ‘explosive’ guy who joined a sex communeShe made you wait 2 weeks just to kiss herGod I need to smoke peyote more often, everything is hysterically funny to me right now for no reason at allDo you ever shop for clothes online and think "wow, everything is so cute"I like adorbz post....tell me something you have done that I probably haven'tI was eating pie, and I put some sauce on it, tomato sauce, from home, it was off , and wateryOnly real ones knows about www.LegalPornographyWebsite dot govDude from 5 yrs ago owes me 65 bucks he shuck and jived that whole time to not pay....Is anyone else having trouble with similar worlds?Guys, do you look at or notice...Responded to a Craigslist adHow to convince your boss that continuing to work remote is better?If you were training somebody new and right away they were making alot of mistakes"Humanity can learn from those who have broken their chains. Those who have chained humanity for centuries cannot teach humanity anything." Who saidDo you ever see somebody you know that instead of saying hi or something they keep staring at you so you just stare back and go about your businessAre you an idea person? Or a person who executes ideasDo you have the kind of face where people forget what you look like while they are still looking at you?We once road in a paddle boat. He didn't like swimming too much, but he loved riding in the boat.Weird: Trolls Asking If There Are Any Other Trolls AroundI remembered someone reported me for pedo stuff when I posted thisOur favorite song was Bob Dylan - Blowin in the WindEverytime he came in me, his lips would quiver, and this look of bliss and satisfaction across his face..never get a partner with the expectation of having them motivate youWhat's a funny moment you can remember from your childhood?I'm hideous under my mask I guessQuestion For Straight MalesI cannot overstress how much quitting porn has changed my life.So I didn't get fired, but I didn't get any sort of resolution todayWhoops! I Do Wish People Were Not So Quick To Block, But I Feel I Owe An ApologyWhat's the deal with McDonalds selling chicken drumsticks? Why?Do You Know A Dude Who Looks Like Charlie Sheen & Could Be Charlie Sheens TwinI’m going to do the weight loss surgery when I can*Sigh* I'm tired and I don't want to wait anymore...Life is pretty randomFreedoms coming back!Jackass poopy doop!I hate obnoxious individualsOnly titles matter nowY’all I can’t fuck with some of y’all… If you are gonna defend racism then do me a favor and block me so I don’t have to take out the trash"Royal expert claims Biden broke etiquette rules by wearing sunglasses to meet the Queen"The Wisdom According to Montana...Which character from the series 'Money Heist' would you like to date?Looking for fellow brothers and sisters in christ to be friends withNew Tactic? Outrage profileTake me home plsWanna come over and look at dark twisted porn with me?Roger Waters Reply To Mark ZuckerbergWhat do you think of someone who goes to rehab two weeks after breaking up with their ex, meets some one there, and gets married 4 months later...i do all the work to entertain or ask intelligent questions, compliment and show interest in themThe sexualization of 20 something year old women needs to stop!I noticed something was off about my posts and replies lately...How do you think cable companies feel about streaming/free TV?Why don’t guys approach me much? Guys what are the real reasons why tall girls never or almost never get approached?Sometimes I look up at the clouds and wonder what ancient people thought they were.Ben Shapiro Reviews "Thot Sh*t" By Megan Thee StallionThe Newest Shortage Will Be All Kinds of Chemicals In Many Industries Now That Chemtrail Plant Exploded….Should I make a new rule in my life: If you mistreat me I'll ignore your existence for the rest of your life?Let's Help Reduce Crimes Against ChildrenLost a family member this morningWhat’s your advice to me regarding leaving parents house ? Please read belowAm I a RINO if I don't use racial slurs when describing Asians and Latinx?The Canadian military is in trouble right now over what I've done. You see, they NEED chimera blood in their ranks.. gain of function, and all...2 people arrested over kidsThey should make swimsuits look like this...lace n all 😉Summer Starts On The 20thEpitaph by Merritt Malloy ❤️With Vip pass you should allow people to acrid twice the number of tokens as they do when their account is free.. 😷 motivate me to reactivate VIP.."Hermithoughts" is the working title of my bookWhat's your funniest experience with datingHave you watched the movie idiocracy?Genesis from God's POVFinally got him to show his face!Should I fake sick so I don't have to hang w them ?not that it’s anyone’s business but there’s a reason i put my account on hiatus when i take one or two day breaks💀Watching that Biden guy answer Questions to media outside the US.."lol" was used to react to *other people* when it first became Internet language. It meant "You really made me laugh out loud".Playing the wifeAsking for prayers...Do you live in Pennsylvania or travel to PennsylvaniaHitchens asked this one.I'm ready for dinnerI will never be the sameLadies is the size of guys penis a turn on or does it not matter?My life is falling apart around me.Have you ever gone to the grocery store, gotten a pack of Trident gum and a bottle of Hersey’s syrup, chatted up the checker whose name is Angela,Ladies, gentlemen, and what have you, may I have your attention, please?I don't know what to doLet's Help Reduce BestialityNot to sound like a brat but I don't want to be around my dad right now.McConnell says he will stop Bidens pick for Supreme Court if the GQP wins the Senate in 22The only thing one needs to know about Chicago is them motherfuckers put tomato wedges on their hotdog and eat thick crust pizza..Be honest, do you think people with autism or Asperger’s syndrome less likely to get married?How will the establishment of a Mars colony affect horoscopes?The whiskey was good but it didn’t kill the pain… 🥃☘️😬My new UGears models will be delivered between 9:45 AM and 12:45 PM.Did The President Mix Up Libya & Syria?What's With The Foreign Trolls Promoting Trump Politics On SW?Face it, normies, You all stuck on race and gender issues because you too scared stupid to talk about what is actually hot, and that is bestiality.Do you believe the lobster diver was swallowed by a whale?Race Identity vs Gender IdentityAoc : "Especially if senate Dem's are not gonna pass reforms on H.R.1 we can not solely rely on, on ah wish of winning elections "I've had the most wonderful work day with my dad so far, and it's not even really started yet.At least I got one thing accomplished so far this week, got the yard mowed….i really like swWhich news paper/organization do you trust the mostWhat do you think of the N.J. district that erased all holiday names from school calendarGen 3 Pokémon fans, have you listened to this masterpiece?Domestic discipline SpankingOn Tik Tok they either fry everything or they put cheese with everything it looks good but if they can cook they wouldn’t need to fry everything orWhat's with the masks with the politicans at the G7?Like it or not, you're about to turn into a reptile and you know it. All you can do is to choose what kind.Everything is big now, but just wait until you're a little bit older because only then you'll see how warped inexperienced thoughts are.I have all the symptoms of type 2 but I also get fast heart rate and vomiting and I sometimes can’t swallow my food or drinksI haven’t left my desk for four hours. 🤕Last chance ~~~Good Movie or series recommendationsSo many thoughts and ideas, so little executive function...TF am I doing on SW while working full-time + part-time?This sport is really beginning to annoy me. I should just stick to MMACity people, would you move to the countryside? Why or why not?My mom is like you should get the vaccine to protect your relativesJust got home from my first day of work.Die Like This by MournersParents have the right to ignore their kids whining and lame excuses.Have you had a Psychiatric assessment?Am I an asshole for not wanting friends? I mean, comments would helpYou ever see Hollow Man? Kevin Bacon goes invisible and immediately starts sexually assaulting people. Is this what you sex people are really like?Imagine you were this man, Ziona ChanaAm I the only person who took NO TRIPS as a child?Can a partner being too affectionate and loving be a problem?Not for lack of tryingdo you ever feel like half your time at work is spent fixing other people's mistakes?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤪😂😅😅🤦‍♀️Who you areWould you wear this?Day's endYes, I made my choice.I never thought I'd be pro fungusIf you had the chance to sleep with somebodies gf/bf or spouse that you liked alot to and never get called out on itSpain vrs SwedenA Zoo’s ProblemAlmost sent a check to the local food bankwhat bipartisan did your parents affiliate with and what party do you?Seems like God is punishing China with so much natural disasters and more bad luck.It comes and goes in waves.When Biden is booted the real President will be appointed as VP and Harris will be forced out. A true unelected president. Who will it be?Have You Ever Fasted Before?It’s important for kids to know that life isn’t always fair.Can I get someone a restraining order, if they are always hanging out "by accident" where I am? 🤔Y’all, I’m honestly gonna miss Arkansas 😭😭😭i was gonna give this girl my appointment for dmv bc i didn't need it anymore but i lied and told her they canceled it for meAny one know of any good quality strap ons? I have a larger belly due to pcos so hopefully something that is comfortable to wear with a large bellyFunny thing happenedSo what you guys are saying is I should end the relationship and be alone.Great Hollywood Sword Duel, Adventures of Don Juan(1948)I Have Something to SayMay we take the time to celebrate the quiet miracles which have no admirers in the loud and fast worldLearning new you care to try or just stick with what you already know?Matt Christensen - I had a vision that I could move anywhereAnyone know how to interpret really strange dreams? I can usually do it myself, but this one was nuts.if you could make up your own law 🤔Songs That Changed Music: "What'd I Say" by Ray CharlesI wonder if...ive been so anti social latelyI can't believe that the DCFeeding TimeWhenever possibleGillian 365 (Day 7)Yesterday ate twice my normal amount of foodI completed my svg image converter! I've done tons of research now and I finally found something that works.Help or not?I’m just curious ..if you choose to ask the great public of Similar Worlds about your mental health, the results are so wildly different..🇵🇱 Poland VS Slovakia 🇸🇰New Erotic M/F Story Part Twowhat does it mean when you don't like it when people act happy, look happyNew Erotic M/F StoryHave you noticed that tall men like short/average height women and short men like tall women?Are you brand loyal?What happened when bad luck hit you?Eyewitnesses can be a problemA single person making 3200.00 a month can’t get an apartmentI'm A Little Broken And CrazyLife spirituality experienceKids should be barefoot all summer!Server Reboot on Similar WorldsGirls - how many of you approach the guy first?Oof I have a feeling I will be shedding a lot of tears in AugustI am sorry, but I still don't like this layout.~ Shared Serenity ~Am I the only one that can’t get in to Podcasts?Man, the radio just played a live version of Freebird that transitioned into Sweet Home Alabamba..Do you think zombies are perhaps overused as a trope in movies / video games etc.?Unruly airline passengersM.C. Escher once invited me to a party at his place in the country.If you'd write a book, what kind of genre do you think it'd most likely be in?Stopped by the EZGO dealerOld word, new definitionHow do you get out?Space Shuttle atop 747 Jumbo Jet - 1979We already knew this , right?Should I quit my job?15 JUNE EURO PREDICTIONS - 🔮THE CRYSTAL FOOTBALL⚽️*yawns, stretches, and farts*Do you occasionally act like an asshole or bitch?its weird have people caring about youChâteau de la Brède, France, was built in the 1306ohhhh my liiiiiiife why are you so dumbbbbbPlease noteIt must be difficult…Have You Gotten Calls, Text-Messages or Mail For Offers To Buy Your Home?The bond between me and arab guys .Salty Cracker just picked up my piece about chimera science, but is spinning it, like the rest of you dumb fucks, towards China.Well, sort of.How Do You Fix Historical Injustice?Have you ever had a strange conversation with a recruitment agent?Unfair Competition?The Weirdness Imperative:am I the only one here who listens to "Democracy Now"?Two days really fucked me up without the CPAP machineSomething to remember for Father's DayI've started coding another image converter. This time it will convert a bunch of different images and put them all into one image.Have you ever watched To Catch a Predator?Person 1: doing XYZ is bad. Anyone who does XYZ is a bad person and must be stopped!This is honestly one of the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Do you also feel the same?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland VS Czech Republic 🇨🇿Am i the only one with social anxietyWhite EntitlementDon't have to wonder anymoreEnd of lockdown- fat chance...!Y’all, I just had a dream that my cat was in my fish tank.Do you unblock people?Today is my first day at my new job! I’m so nervous but excited.Do you feel sad about it that you couldn't go to your hometown this year?Giving aid based on race?This guy who's slept with loads of people unprotected laughed at me only having done it with 2 bfs for a few minutesMammary Monday:Yeuch!!! If I drank coffee...How can I help my husband ?Monday's MantraYou have OCD, Your spouse gets a new pet and it's ruining the carpet, what would you do?Nice young man who treats women with respect?Your dog is lost and you get another petReminder to me and anyone who needs it.I loved my imagination with yours I love you Byehere some various real expereinces about lady employers that got their feet worshiped by the employeesWe have babiesI had a breakdownDo women and girls feel exposed at the beach?The question becomesSissy-husband-diary-13 JuneAm I the only one?If you have a little extra, will you steer some this way?I've decided not to mention anyone's weight ever again. Apparently I've lost weight & the next person who mentions this is getting a knuckle sandwich.Im moving onsometimes i just wanna call my friends and yell at them about how much i appreciate themI think I lost my heart. Can you find it for me?Isle of Man TT, PC Steam or PS4So I just watched Shoe0nHead reacting to cursed boomer memes and I feel like I need to take a shower now.Harry Potter: Written in cursive.I am inspired to try to write a book nowThe wimp at work is trying to send me people on Snapchat that I should subscribe to 😂These strange online men are always ready to give us women dick, when will they start giving something a bit more interesting like money?💅Question for men, if you got stressed out at work and many things going on in your lifeeveryone i lend the book i wrote seems to just abandon me after theyve read it.......I have snapchatI wish i could live a normal life free from all of these mental issues. Im so tired of it.I want a group called: "My opinion is important and so is free speech" or something.Another bandAuto eroticaHow can you tell me to f*ck off and then say you'll be there for me right after?I don't believe in body positivity.High on my own supply this morning. Good times.Adultish Content WarningI like jesus even though l m not a christian .Lithe, long, legs!How is a guy supposed to find a person who genuinely is interested in him?Eight Reasons to Love France!I reported an inappropriate profile....Agnés VardaDoes this picture look like an electric hazardAnyone here have experiencing with fresh piercings?Have You Ever…I find it hilarious how I see the Brits on here complaining about their heat waveIs it really bad to be so lazy at this age?My BrotherTwo Nephews!Who is Irina Shayk and doesn't she know Kanye is crazyMaybe the reason I'm alone is because I need to beThere are just the three of us! Its always been us three!I asked my mum to cuddle me, she acts like she has too much on, when she's just going for a walkI haven’t felt great recently nor do I like to offer unwanted advicedude its like 7:35am on a monday morning,,,,,,,, ugh i feel like crap tooI'm always paranoid about being a botherMen = Animals?Feeling cautiously optimisticMight move to Richmond VA in a year, Idk.One of the girls at MY baby shower tagged me in a congratulatory post on Facebook 😟I don't like sleeping in darknessAre y'all cool with socks?So I’m here to collect the nude tax.. 😷 that’s right I am a tax collector and some of the taxes may seem steep..Think he's finally willing to let me go. 😰😰A Better PlaceKarma's a BitchHad the best fucking time today 😭💗🥰If All Girls....And I’ll never be the same.Wow. So my old house was burnt down. My tattoo neighbors house was burnt down. So as his Grandmother's House. 7 of my friend's houses was burnt down.Explicit PoetryWhat are some things that you used to use in the 90’s to early 200’sThank You Mother NatureWhy are people on Reddit so full or themselves?When your only follow requests are from Life Coaches and Financial services...Oh my gosh, what is happening in Baltimore?Its kinda sad , that apologising to other users , just makes them meaner .Our very close friends (the only ones who’ve seen me pregnant)I heard a rumor at work that I will be hired as a permanent employee in AugustWhat about this says, Tourists or Peaceful ProtestI think I may get fired tomorrow, I f'd something up at work I can't fix and I am dreading signing in tomorrowYou ever feel like you need a good spankingI'm so enamoured by the healthiness of OJ that i at times drink it till i pukeJust in case anyone was wondering I have zero interest in degrading or helping anyone here piss on themselvesDJ Shadow - Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels (Official Video)Real Life Horror StoryA short storyThat stings...Sucking Dick AgainThe beautiful French language soaks our living room only when it's the French Open Tennis TournamentDid the Trump sycophants like Graham and Pompeo switch from voter fraud to Trump was right about a COVID leak from ChinaWhat is more serious a situation, being possessed by an unearthly entity, orskill testing questionScience and the fucking horse fisterTed Cancruz launches law suit to get money donated to campaigns backGoing on vacation for a week what do I do with my cat?One day I’ll do it againWhat are the criteria for proving that a vote was false or fraudulent?I made my little sister cry ?Unemployment benefits are ending this September. Aren’t you sad?Father's dayThe co-leader of Scotland’s Green Party has called upon the country’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to investigate Donald Trump.I Love my girlfriendI was so happy as a kid.When u get tired of the wweAs V-day draws closer...Apple cider vinegarSo i got amazingly abused last night because i said that a users photos were amature lingerie selfiesBaby has the hiccups...Legal adviceIs it important to go to the countries that immigrants are fleeing?By saying, "I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready — and maybe they're going to have to start taking matters into their own hands."Y'all my husband officially agreed to my disiplirian friend actually being my disiplirian......I just made an american hotdog and I inhaled that bastardIf you are in the mood to masturbate do you keep it quick and easy or not quick and messy?Here it isHow do I handle this?Why do I get jealous and bitter of gorgeous, beautiful girls?It’s so dead these days.Lies. Lies. Beautiful lies.Seeking advice ....Swallowing and Spitting Are Equally ImportantIs it weird that I expect my partners to cheat?There's a discussion about returning all of the national parkland to the native American tribes.My apartment pool is always crowdedStill Am....Loneliness is feeling lonely even you have a family!Do people are annoyed with autistic people?Religion is AbuseHow much more???Part of the JourneyApoxsee resinDid you have a relaxing Sunday?Are you in favor of the post office to switch to an all electric fleetback pain relief?Who the heck still have this much of acnes on their 30's? I guess the sunscreen I bought doesn't suit meI met my father yesterday for the first time in 10 yearsDoes Green energy work for Nuclear Missiles?Another fun question. Which famous leader said this?Nude at homeChristians, which famous world leader said the following?For those strugglingThere's literally no good svg to sprite converter online, and here I am wondering how tf internet is functioning at all.happy puerto Rican day to the county of FloridaWho do you have to win the Stanley cup?Reworked an old piece of writing, I like this version much betterAnother time I got spanked for doing something stupidThe Time has come.I love mountain bikingA Reminder To Those Who Do Not Seem To Be Aware Of ItHe had a great birthday, he absolutely deserves it 🥳I formed my first Italian sentence... I think.Wellp. I had an interesting day today.I am tired.I love DIYDid you ever have or know one of those people that always piss u off but u hold ur tongue?Kayleigh McEnany said today that her faith in God prevented her from ever telling a lie as White House spokesperson.Never not trust your senses. When you think you saw something you probably saw something.RSA ANIMATE: Smile or DieI'm sorry but what you find Interesting I just don't care about.I hate this.An annoying interaction observed...still listening to Bone...Well no power and a wood stove makes it hard to wake up.Do you think you could live all your life without physical intimacy ?chopped off a rattlesnakes headI have half a funny am i 😂Sometimes i question myselfPost a picture with or of your lover if you feel comfortable, or just say how long you've been together ❤️I told my friend I had sex with a hookerI Am not yet a LifeguardWhy do people get angry at me for telling them what they want to hear?fallen angels can't repent because they saw the face of the father(God)When did you feel GREAT here at SW?I love my churchWhy don't towns and cities set limited hours for businesses to be open that actually make sense?im insane...I was in church today.Ok I’m exhausted 🥺😴My friend strangled a teenagerA musician:I Am In Support of Transgender and GenderqueerWho else will?Did you ever dropped your lunch tray at school 🤣🤣How can I find out how long Sephora will have an item on sale?List of Summer Likes and DislikesI wish I was a better human beingIm feeling conflictedI'll be home alone for about 2 hours and 13 minuteswhy are many football players now full of tattoosSeriously I had friends that knew how to find me, they inquired where is the nearest brunette woman, and knew I’d be between her legs