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The stolen election

So, now that Murdoch has admitted publicly that he and the top executives at Fox News knew the on line stories about the election being stolen were false, but continued to allow on air presenters to spread the lie... How do you feel?

Still believe Trump won?
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
It's hilarious how even trump appointed judges said there was no evidence yet people keep believing it to be true. Bunch of loons
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TrashCat · M
It's so cringe to hear these trumpladytes say the election was stolen and the only proof these knuckle dragging pig fuckers have is that they were told it's true by the very people who are admitting they said it for the money.
@fanuc2013 She was complaining about the EC. No one on the left said she won the election. And I don’t remember her supporters rioting to stop Congress from counting the electoral votes.
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
@fanuc2013 what about her, didn't she win the popular vote? Yes she lost in the electoral college. When was the last time a republican actually was n the popular vote?
@samueltyler2 That would be George W. Bush in 2004. Republicans have lost the popular vote in 8 of the last 9 elections if I'm counting right.
Trump won.
anyone saying different is a lying twat
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout and you have a dog in this race how exactly, roo rooter?
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whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
It wont make a difference. These people are the Flat Earthers and Crop Circle people 2.0.. They just know its all a big conspiracy by the Lizard People, no matter who says what...😷
Nanoose · 61-69, M
@Mooed78 I imagine every time Trump gets punched in the face there would be a little puff of orange powder. Cheers!
Elessar · 26-30, M
They haven't changed their mind when Powell literally said nobody reasonable would've believed those claims, they won't change now.

They're not reasonable, they're a cult. It's like with Jim Jones', they won't change their mind even when the cult gets them killed (and we've seen that happening during covid as well)
TrashCat · M
@Elessar They are a cult. Let's organize a big conservative get together and break out the refreshments
billybcgn25 · 70-79, M
Well, given that election denier Hakeem Jeffries, election denier Chuck Schumer, election denier Nancy Pelosi, election denier Sheila Jackson Lee, and a plethora of election deniers still haven't issued their own [i]mea culpas[/i], why should the disciples and acolytes of ORANGEMANBAD (tm) be the only persons to be required to recant?

BTW, realizing that Hunter's dad received 81M ballots in 2020, I'm going to go out on a very short, but very healthy limb, and predict that as many as 95M ballots will be cast for the aforementioned Hunter's dad in 2024.
SevIsPamprinYouAlways · 56-60, F
spjennifer · 56-60, T
@billybcgn25 You forgot about the ultimate "Election denier", good ole Mikey the Pillow Biter Lindell!

SevIsPamprinYouAlways · 56-60, F
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
I just hope and pray the court case destroys Fox!
TexChik · F
@helenS Neither are election stealing corrupt socialist politicians.
helenS · 36-40, F
@TexChik Wow that sounds quite frightening 😐
TexChik · F
@helenS So you were concerned about corrupt socialist politicians ( AKA pedophiles) ? I’m not .
Pfuzylogic · M
Rupert Murdoch stole from my stock in 1981 when he greenmailed the executives at Warner Communications.
He has always been a crook.
Didn't believe it then. Don't believe it now. And as someone who has only voted Democrat once in my life (Obama's first run), I hope to God he isn't the Republican candidate in 2024!
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
Well, this is all very shocking...I am shocked and stunned that the media sometimes talk utter shite. Makes me ashamed to be British.
Convivial · 26-30, F
@AndysAttic imagine how i feel being from his birth country🤣
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@Convivial I do not want to go down that road...I think the citizens of both our great countries have our crosses to bear.
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
@Ceinwyn [c=800000]Exactly!!! [/c]
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
Make Azerbajanistan great again and just get the Guardian Units of Nations to take out all the trump Big Lie acolytes
Northwest · M
Are you seriously expecting a mea culpa from the SW MAGAs?
Convivial · 26-30, F
@Northwest of course not, but it is fun to stir the pot and see what bubbles to the surface ;)
SevIsPamprinYouAlways · 56-60, F
Every one who claims the election wasn’t stolen spend The previous 4 years like….👇
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
Israeli agents specialize in rigging elections around the world.

[b][i]Big expose! Israeli mastermind Tal Hanan rigged 33 presidential elections worldwide: Report[/i][/b]
Emjay · 18-21, F
I'm pretty sure Fox News was aware of his con man background too.
To the true MAGA believers, Fox is just as liberal as CNN.
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
Fox has zero journalistic integrity. No surprises there.
Lies can totally ruin the minds of the public. Privatized news media guaranteed a mindless public.
It's not like you weren't told. Nerd feminist academics who smell always tell you. Loudly. Americans sneer at us.
Budwick · 70-79, M
Biden cheated.
The only question is how much.
It would have been nice if liberal courts would have heard cases early on but they didn't.
SevIsPamprinYouAlways · 56-60, F
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
Everyone knew trump lost but he trotted out The Big Lie to try and create a trigger for a 2021 civil war.
@zonavar68 He almost succeeded.
Ontheroad · M
Of course the MAGA bunch still believe... what makes you think facts matter to them?
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
[c=002673]2016' Hillary Clinton: "What happened?"

2020: WE KNOW what happened!!! [/c]
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
[c=800000]The antithesis of "Russian collusion." [/c]
jackjjackson · 61-69, M
That’s repellent.
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@LordShadowfire I want some of that popcorn Sir, last time you ate the bloody lot.
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zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@SteelHands the nuke threat has been a problem ever since 1945 - that proved that certain groups of elite decision makers would not hesitate to deploy 'the ultimate solution' to achieving political and commercial goals if pushed too far. It's nothing new. Heck with Reagan the USA almost brought 'Star Wars' to reality and that was the 1980's. Covid is the latest 'ultimate solution' deployed against humans. Next one is probably another type of pandemic, or will it be CBDC's?
@SteelHands If you don't understand how plurals work, you should not be insulting people's intelligence. It is spelled dummies.
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