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70-79, M
United States
Older gentleman, empathetic, good listener, former physician
I Have Been ' Blocked '
I made a comment on a story. I thought it was pretty and funny. Someone told me I didn't understand and when I said I was being funny, he blocked me!
70-79, M
2 replies
1 week ago
I Can Not Wait Till The Election Is Over
I assume we are s[peaking of the US election. I am tired of the depth to which the election rhetoric has gone. I am truly fearful of the outcome and the effects on my children and grandchildren. Regardless of the outcome, the country has been so div...
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70-79, M
7 replies
2 wks ago
I Think Pregnancy Is Beautiful
absolutely, the female pregnant form is angelic! some of the best photos I've ever taken of my wife was when she was pregnant!
70-79, M
3 replies
3 wks ago
I Am An EP Refugee
I hope this works similarly, without as much censorship. I hope all of my friends from EP re-friend me here.
70-79, M
3 replies
6 mths ago
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