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do you believe some people are just not met to be in relationships? am I one of them?

My parents divorce 4 months (in 1987) after I was born and were always fighting until my father passed away in 2003

I started watching porn when I was 6

grew up with male siblings who made poor choices with women

always been a drama queen magnet

I only had one relationship in my life and it was short and not meaningful

I been frequent strip clubs since I was 18

all the sexual stuff I do 90% of the time is either with strippers or other sex workers
Kodel · 26-30, M
I think that some people get cultured out of the "traditional relationship" framework. Just because your life has been very different from a hopeful romantic doesn't mean that you're not meant to be in a relationship. It could just mean that the kind of woman that would suit you is harder to find. That in itself makes it very difficult as some women usually have a shopping list of the requirements men need to even speak to them these days.
If I were to try and spin scenarios like this into something potentially positive, I'd say that maybe some of us need to learn a lot more lessons outside of relationships before we enter one. I'd like to think that it's like we're crafting a stronger personal foundation that can result in a stronger foundation for a relationship. In the same vein, it could be that we've got some sort of curse and any woman we have an interest in automatically relegates us to the friendzone.
Honestly, at the end of it all, my advice would be to follow your dreams where you can. Even if you find a wonderful woman, there's no guarantee she'll stick around for the long haul, there's no guarantee that she won't take half your crap when she's bored of you and there's no guarantee that you'll even have a healthy relationship. For me personally, I would have to find someone quite extraordinary for me to consider shooting a shot. The amount of times that shot has come back to wound me is enough to leave me with only my toe in the pool.
Despite my pessimistic rant, it is still possible and I'd encourage you to also keep an open, but simultaneously safe, heart. When you meet someone special, just try. It might work, it might not. Fundamentally though, if you've built yourself up and you're content with what you've built, at the end of the day, you'll have that even if you don't have her.
Xalvadora · 18-21, F
I believe that I'm not meant for relationships. Hell, I'm probably going to be like my mother how she was in high school. I'm in college. Since my 18th birthday, I put myself out there online just to have sex with men because I'm legally allowed to. Growing up, I was hit with insecurities.
In middle school and high school, my mom was a player. She had three guys tied on her finger. One of them, she didn't have sex with, yet he was deeply in love with her.
My ass is chatting with three different men and I'm serious about them. I've known one since I was 12 and the other two for a little over a year now.
The reason why I think that I'm not meant to be in a relationship is because I lack emotion. I've been hurt for nearly a decade and I have a slow reaction to some or most things. I did have a girlfriend, but I broke up with her because her mother called the police on me, a then 13 year old, telling them I was a pedophile. My girlfriend was 12. The only relationship I have been in.
I don't know what to do in a relationship besides make out and fuck. I think that's the first steps in getting into a relationship, then it grows.

I've been humping pillows since I was 5. How can I not think about sex if my future lover hugs me or kiss me? Even though that's not what all I want in the relationship.
I'm the oldest out of my siblings.
I'm scared of being in a relationship and not being there emotionally for my lover. I've suffered so much to the point where I have a slow reaction time...
Xalvadora · 18-21, F
@Astinmartinn Women can be players too, dude. Not everything has to be gender-coded. Not my fault that you grew up thinking everything's gender-coded. Don't take this as me defending my mother, because I can care less what people call her.
Women can be anything men can be. We have women as electricians, carpenters, working in warehouses, mechanics, heck even own a business.
Women can be pimps as well. You don't have to be so double standard and sexist.
@Xalvadora no they cant.. Its not sexist its the truth. So please stop im laughing too hard my side hurts... 😆!!!!! Get it right.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, MVIP
@Astinmartinn I'd love to help you make your other side hurt. Or maybe your mouth.
Loretta78 · 41-45, F
Well, I truly believe that some people are just not made for relationships and I surely belong to these people.

In my whole life there was not one person who was ever interested in me.

And so I am alone till today and I don’t know anything about intimacy or Just a partnership/relationship.

And that’s how it will be probably until the day I will die.
Torsten · 36-40, M
I believe most are not meant to be in long term relationships but people are so blinded to believe they should be married and with someone for life. Granted some people it works for but not anymore for the majority
What the fuck... Is wrong with you...

Honeslty. not all guys can get girls man, it shouldn't be a surprise by now.. especially since most men are ugly lets just be real... And appearance does matter. you like beautuful women right? Same with the women, they also like a beautiful man even if they say they dont. Its the same with women theyre trying to get the best looking guy they can. And the rest of the average men go vastly ignored.. So since you and most men cant attract a women with just thier appearance alone youll have to attract them another way, like with money and stuff and hard work.. But keep in mind that although they might be with you because of money they wont actually love you.. But Atleast theyll sleep with you right? Its the only thing that matters anyways. Just caugh up some money. Thats how most men can get girls... Is with money... The small percentage of men like me can attract a women with just looks alone... But unfortunately it is very rare to have good looks as a male... Most men will have to use bribery to get even one womans attention. Since most men by default are fugly.
AnotherBlur · 18-21, M
I'm personally not attracted to real people. literally just fictional characters. I don't date or hook up or any of that yucky stuff so yeah some people aren't meant to date. I guess you've just got to try dating again. since you've only ever been in one, short relationship.
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
I've had two long term relationship failures. One at 15 yrs next at 5. I feel like I'm not supposed to have successful rewarding adult intimacy and romantic connections.
SammyJo · 51-55, F
No, I think there's someone for everyone out there. I do think there is the 'right person, wrong time' situation with some relationships.

hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
The only question that needs to be asked is if this is what you want? You are not a victim of your desires.
you want quality sex and you get it. it is not sex that is necessary for a long relationship... you need mutual dependence of the partners. apparently, you are a whole person and you do not need anyone in particular. such people are difficult to manipulate emotionally. women can sense this.
SilverMakkari · 31-35, M
@Margo " such people are difficult to manipulate emotionally. women can sense this."

so you are saying that no woman will ever love me because I'm not easy to manipulate emotionally?

till then I'm well aware that sex is not the only thing that holds a relationship together hence why I am not in one now. if I'm gonna be in a relationship it has to be with someone that I see/feel like she is my tag team partner in life and not just a comcubine that I can substitute the hand I masturbate with when I'm horny
could be anything, but it usually is.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
I think most of us are meant to be in relationships, just some of us have traumas that affect how we engage with others, sometimes to our detriment.

There is some theory behind those of us whom survive and even thrive whilst alone. This is a human survival strategy that has carried some of us through times of scarcity so our whole kind could persist.
It does seem like your interest aren't relationship like. You just like sex. So maybe
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@Spoiledbrat There are people who like sex but cannot form romantic bonds. There are people who crave romantic bonds but cannot do sex. There are people who crave both. There are people who like/crave neither and do not want sex and don't want romantic bonds.

Same as there are people who want to have children and people who don't.

Same at there are people who want to get married and people who don't.
SilverMakkari · 31-35, M
@zonavar68 Well Said!
iamelijah · 26-30, M
Discover porn at 6? Omg. Where did you got that porn?
SilverMakkari · 31-35, M
@iamelijah you're profile says you are 26-30. so there is major possibility that you are a millenial like me, therefore I'm suprised you ask this
iamelijah · 26-30, M
@SilverMakkari I am suprised. I never read or watch porn at that age.
SilverMakkari · 31-35, M
@iamelijah then you must not be from America cause back in the 90s we had this thing called the cable box

and there were porn channels at the time. therefore there were kids who used to watch porn through these cable box whenever their parents were not around. I was one of them
Funlov · M
Need to change your life. Lots of great ladies out there. Good ladies not cheaters not drug attic’s good people.
Eternity · 22-25, M
Yes. That's me. I love women too much to be with just one.
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
Well that sounds like a mess.

Have you considered therapy?
It's important to the ownership that we are fragments.
Greyjedi · M
What is your chart like and I could tell you.
btchstfu · F
yes and yes
HatterM · 46-50, M
Sounds like it.
Porn at 6 years of age? So what is the benefit and relevance of that here on this post?
SilverMakkari · 31-35, M
@Donotfolowme are you from America or anywhere in the west?

cause for quite a while here pornography has been known to fuck up your brain really bad. especially the area that controls the way you fall in love, bond with others and expresses your sexuality.
@SilverMakkari still doesn't make sense for a Six yo to be into phonography
SilverMakkari · 31-35, M
@Donotfolowme I take it that you are also not a 90s kid either
Yes I'm not either, though my upbringing contrasts with your own.
caccoon · 36-40
Maybe consider therapy

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