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36-40, F
United States
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I Was A Daddy's Girl For Sure
I have always been closer to my dad, as I had much more in common with him than I had with my mom. Dad and I both loved to read horror and fantasy; we both loved Cheers and John Hughes movies. We loved oldies music and telling scary stories and we ...
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36-40, F
+ 3 1 reply 12 views 1 hr ago |
I Was a Daddies Girl
Funny and trueeee
36-40, F
+ 1 1 reply 36 views 1 hr ago |
I Find This Funny
Here's Why I Hate People
Just one of many reasons... They have to argue. I mean have to. You could post a single dot on the internet and someone somewhere would come out of the woodwork to negate you or one up you or argue with you. 🙄 Shit gets OLD.
36-40, F
+ 7 4 replies 28 views 4 hrs ago |
I Sometimes Hate The Internet
Today Is Cooking Day
I can only use the household kitchen when my in-laws are away. It sucks but I have to tolerate it til we can move next spring. Anyway, they're leaving for a couple of hours today, so I'll be able to cook food to last me throughout the wee...
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36-40, F
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I Like to Cook
I wonder if they appreciate it
I always wonder if people who reside in really beautiful cities appreciate it. 🤔 Like do they ever just stop to look around and admire the sights, the sounds, the beauty of the architecture, the smell of the bakeries and restaurants around them? The...
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36-40, F
+ 1 7 replies 20 views 11 hrs ago |
I Wonder
I Love Dark Movies
This one is great if you like bizarre dark movies.
36-40, F
+ 1 3 replies 22 views 1 day ago |
I Love Movies
Not Sure I Have What It Takes
When I was young (early 20s), I left my hometown with nothing but a duffel bag of belongings. I drove to a city 5 hours away and started my life over. I lived in my car until I had enough money saved to get an apartment. I lived in that city for 4 ye...
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36-40, F
+ 4 4 replies 21 views 1 day ago |
I Am Unsure Of Myself Sometimes
New allergy wow ok
So apparently I am allergic to Castor Oil. 😬 I put some on my scalp to moisturize it, and then my face got red and bumpy and my lips swelled up. 😩
36-40, F
+ 0 12 replies 12 views 2 days ago |
I Have Allergies
I Can Tell It's Gonna Be A Stressful Day When
When my fiance wakes up and starts complaining about his various aches and pains, that's gonna be a stressful day. Listen, I have aches and pains every day of my life thanks to fibromyalgia, PCOS, and endometriosis. So I totally get it. I don...
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36-40, F
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I Can Tell It Is Going to Be a Stressful Day When
From 1994 to 1999
I grew up in the same house from the time of my birth until I was 19 years old, but the paranormal activity took place between '94 and '99. I'm aware that some people don't believe in the paranormal and therefore probably think I...
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36-40, F
+ 2 16 replies 41 views 2 days ago |
I Grew Up In a Haunted House
Weaksauce af
36-40, F
+ 1 1 reply 41 views 2 days ago |
I Get Very Depressed Randomly
I got one of my birthday gifts early
Posty pillow!!! 🥰🥰🥰 My other presents were: A pedicure A salon trip A subscription to audible A strawberry parfait cake
36-40, F
+ 5 7 replies 52 views 3 days ago |
I Have a Birthday Tomorrow
Happy Birthday To Me
Special early birthday present: I got to talk to my younger brother, my dad, my stepmom, and I recieved amazing news about my estranged youngest brother- apparently he is now back in touch with our family, and he is an engineer with a wife and 2 boys...
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36-40, F
+ 6 3 replies 11 views 4 days ago |
I Have A Birthday Coming Up
For the LOLZ
36-40, F
+ 10 2 replies 33 views 4 days ago |
I Love Books
Ouch dammit
I'm ordering this for my back pain. Hope it helps. This sucks.
36-40, F
+ 4 9 replies 39 views 4 days ago |
I Have Chronic Back Pain
💁🏻‍♀️Make Up Your Minds
36-40, F
+ 10 14 replies 46 views 4 days ago |
I Believe Republicans Are Crazy
Made A Choice
I grew up around addicts. Most of the family members on both sides of my family were addicted to either drugs, alcohol, or both. It was chaotic and basically pretty shitty. I never really felt safe as a child. As a result, I decided early on that...
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36-40, F
+ 6 3 replies 20 views Aug 1, 2020 |
I Dont Use Drugs Or Alcohol
Okay answer honestly please
And try not to be rude in your answer.... If you were going to marry someone, and they demonstrated over the course of 4 years that they were not capable of taking care of you when you were sick or incapacitated, would you still marry that person? 🤔...
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36-40, F
+ 4 37 replies 64 views Aug 1, 2020 |
I Like Being Taken Care Of Too
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