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The “New Experience Project” is Here!

Our Goal is to continue the Experience Project vision, rebuilding a fresh new website with notable improvements to Privacy, Security and Functionality.

We aim to regroup and strengthen the Experience Project community, placing a lot of focus on listening to our members, providing what THEY want, while intelligently balancing the costs of running such an operation, so that this new site will not fall the same way as the old did.

We are a small team of very skilled and experienced individuals, with a strong history in managing very large online communities.
Day-to-day professionals in Programming, Design, Servers & Databases, Email Delivery Reputation and many other critical areas in relation to operating a large-scale membership platform.

Having built very large communities of hundreds of thousands of members, from the ground up, as well as previously moderating even larger communities of tens of millions of members on one of the world's largest social networks, we know exactly what it is like to take on such a monumental task.

Together with YOUR help, we believe that we will successfully continue and grow the vision that the good people at Experience Project once started.

Thank you for being here with us!

SimilarWorlds is in no way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Experience Project.

SimilarWorlds will contain all features of the old site, such as:

Topic Groups

Friends & Circles

Photos in Albums & Posts

Report & Block Abusers

VIP / Supporter Membership

Full Mobile Support & App

Powerful Dedicated Servers

Stories & Questions

Private Messages & Photos

Site & Email Notifications

Account & Privacy Settings

Staff & Moderator Support

Responsive Website Layout

Import Experience Project Archive

▼ Along with many New Improvements for ALL Members, as seen below ▼

New Features

All of these Features will be offered for FREE to all Members of our Community.

Story & Photo Reactions

Smile, Laugh, Cry, Blush! Show your emotions!

🙂 😆 😥 😳 😮 😡 🙄 😕

React to Posts and Photos using a wide variety of fun expressions we provide.

Reactions are a great way to let others know what you think, without having to come up with something clever to say. 😉

Online Status control

Now ALL (Free) Members will have the ability to fully control their Online Presence (previously a VIP Only feature).

We understand that Privacy is Important. You will be able to use our site freely without worrying about who can notice you are online.
Change your Status to Online, Away or Offline, at any time. Control is in YOUR hands.

More Gallery Photos

Free Members will be able upload Up to 250 Photos to their Photo Albums. A large increase, from the previous limit of 15 Photos per User.

Additionally, you will now have much more control over your Photos. Sort Albums, Rearrange Photos within Albums, in whatever order you like. See how many people Viewed your Photos, and more!

Auto Blur Photos

Any Photos sent to you via Private Message (or in Stories/Questions flagged as “Adult“) will be Automatically Blurred Censored).
This is an extra Security Feature we will be implementing to help protect our members, especially young ones.

Many people send inappropriate photos to others online, without permission. With this feature, you can potentially avoid seeing something you don’t want to see, on our site. You may also disable this feature if you choose.

Improved Privacy and Security

Improved Privacy features, such as the ability to Hide or Show certain information, like your Friend’s List, Age, Gender, Location, etc…

You may choose to show Some or All information Publicly, to Members Only, to Friends Only; or you may choose to Hide any/all of these Completely.

Additional Security measures will also be put in place to Protect our members as best as possible.

Secure HTTPS Browsing

Providing HTTPS (SSL Certificate) Browsing (as we do) is very important to your Online Security.

Each time you access a website, enter Login/Password or Credit Card details, send Private Messages, and so forth, this information can be visible to other computers on your Network, which puts you at risk.

HTTPS Encrypts the data you share over an internet connection, preventing it from being read by any unwanted persons.

Custom Avatars Characters

We will be offering lots of exciting Outfits, Accessories and Character Customizations, to allow you to build your own unique Avatars on our site.

You can change your Avatar’s Skin Tone, Eye Color, Hair Color, Hair Style and more! Design the ultimate Virtual You!

Improved Post Formatting

We have realized that there is very little control when it comes to Formatting your Posts/Stories/Questions on Experience Project.

We will be greatly improving this, allowing you to properly Space lines and paragraphs, Align text as you like (Left or Center), Color text, change Font Sizes, Bold, Italicize, and more!

Earn Coins

Earn Coins by being a Good and Active Member on our website!

Coins can be used in many cool ways, such as in buying Gifts for other members, purchasing Outfits and Accessories for your Avatar Character, and in other fun new features we will be developing.

VIP Features

All of these Features will be offered VIP / Supporter Members of our Community.

View Profile Visitors

See who Visited your Profile!

A cool new feature never available before, which provides you with a list of your Profile Visitors, as well as the Time of the visits.

Invisible Mode

Completely Hide your Visitor presence from ALL members, including VIP Users!

Your visits to the profiles of other VIP users will not be logged, once you have this feature enabled.

See who has Read your Messages

Know if Messages you sent were Read by the recipient.

If the recipient chooses to mark the message as “Unread” after reading it, during that time, you will not be able to know that it was read.

Customize Profile & Site Layout

Stand out from the Crowd!
Customize your Profile by altering its Colors and Background Pattern. All visitors to your profile will be able to see your changes.

You can also similarly customize Color and Background elements of the entire Site’s Layout, to further enjoy your browsing experience!

Additionally, you will be able to create and color a Custom Title, which appears next to your name, across all parts of the site.

Additional Gallery Photos

VIP / Supporter Members will be able upload Up to 1000 Photos to their Photo Albums.

A HUGE increase, from our Free Member limit of 250 Photos per User.

Remove All Advertising

As a VIP User, you can Remove ALL Sponsored Advertising from our website while you browse.

Ads are important to any online community such as ours, as they help to pay for the many costs involved in running a large website. They help to keep our service Free and operational to all members.

As a Supporting VIP Member, you have already contributed to the community, so it is only fair to offer you a Lighter, Faster, Smoother experience, free of Ads.