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how much would you say you spend on clothes for yourself each year?

i won't tell because i'm embarrassed to say 馃ぃ
Coralmist41-45, F
I buy like 3 items in spring and 3 in fall.. each shirt or pant being around 12 dollars usually/15. So 12 x 6...roughly 80 bucks a year. Wow not sure how to feel about that 馃槷 lol
HumanEarth56-60, M
I have to go shopping with you. You can be my coupon hahahaha
A lot is all I can say, but not in the last year trying to get my home built and the materials paid for.
Starcrossed41-45, F
Only a couple hundred, I really only buy clothes for myself every few years.
GuyWithOpinions31-35, M
I have 5 work pants, 5 work shirts, a couple sweatpants and sweaters. Dont need anything else.
Cigarguy10141-45, M
Probably less than 200 a year
@Cigarguy101 can't get out of the mall for under that on one trip
Kstrong56-60, F
@Cigarguy101 I'm about the same, the older I get, I'm finding the less I need materialistically. A true friend and love and acceptance are what makes one rich, having my basic needs met, food, a warm place to live, running water electricity, I am richer than 80% of the worlds population
Neman162241-45, M
Factoring in a new suit every couple of years jacks up the average, since a good suit is at least $500, then all the things that go with a suit. That alone tells me I spend more than I really even know.
ninalanyon61-69, T
@Neman1622 That's a lot of suits! I haven't owned or worn one since I was 16 in 1971. Saved myself 13 kUSD!
exexec61-69, C
I don't think I bought a single item of clothing in 2023. Lynn won't say how much she spent, but it's her money and none of my business how much it was.
Less than 100 鈧. I have so many clothes, I rarely ever throw anything away. Plus I always get some as a Christmas present.
HumanEarth56-60, M
Never asked a crossdresser this question. Its like asking a women her true age or dress size

You'll never get the truth
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@CorvusMAP The sad part is, people actually believe that.
akindheart61-69, F
lots but always cheap or on sale.
HumanEarth56-60, M
I'm always shopping
akindheart61-69, F
@HumanEarth i am always looking too but i don't need anything so i am slowing down on what i bought. matter of fact, i am clearing out the house as best as i can.
HumanEarth56-60, M
I always going though the house, cleaning out and worn out.
ninalanyon61-69, T
Perhaps 1000 NOK. That's 92 USD, 86 EUR, 73 GBP.

I offset some of it by selling off clothes that I no longer wear.
@ninalanyon dress, shoes, a clutch $3500
Jamesy36-40, M
@saragoodtimes your worthy of that for sure
ninalanyon61-69, T
@saragoodtimes My goodness! A good dress makes me feel good but that's a lot of money.

Still, if you enjoy it and you have enough money for it to not negatively impact your domestic economy then there are plenty of far worse things to spend the money on!
Few hundred maybe more maybe less 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
HumanEarth56-60, M
Hell, I must need help then Hahaha
Adogslife61-69, M
Maybe $3k+/-

I鈥檝e never counted tbh.
FreeSpirit151-55, F
Not much at all, I have what I have
JimboSaturn51-55, M
Gee extremely little. I've had the same clothes forever. It goes in spurts. My wife recently bought me 4 new pairs of shoes because my old ones were looking bad. I do like to buy good quality clothes less often.
MarineBob56-60, M
Very little as most of mine are free,
I probably have more shoes than most women
@MarineBob i've got tons of beer shirts from the pub...freebies
Less than $100. Sweat pants and sweat shirts at the thrift store are not expensive.
anoderod5561-69, M
Two pair of pants and couple pair of tennis shoes . Under $50.$ in last 3 years .
Strongtea22-25, M
I spend a lot, I love clothes shopping!!!
I think I bought a hoodie in 2023...
RenFur70-79, M

0 dollars
@RenFur same 馃ぃ
At this point, virtually nothing, unless I see a tee-shirt or jeans that I especially like.
Probably a couple hundred. Unless I catch a bad ass sale
iamonfire69641-45, F
Probably too much 馃き
I go thrift store
ninalanyon61-69, T
@Lilnonames Yes less money, or yes more items? Or yes to both? :-)
@ninalanyon lol yes to both
Hanginginthere31-35, M
each year? hmm about $40-$80 im trying to cut that though
I think the last clothes I bought were a six pack of tshirts I got off Amazon about three years ago for $15.
@saragoodtimes What is their normal menu fare?
Kstrong56-60, F
@saragoodtimes beautiful restaurant in colonial farmhouse setting
Kstrong56-60, F
@NativePortlander1970 quality steaks, beef and seafood

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