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Do you live with your partner or separately?

I live separately from him and we both prefer it. He only lives down the street from me, but we both need to have our own space. It works for us, we have each other and no other lovers are involved, we are very committed having been together for six years. He smokes, I don't. He's untidy, I'm not, he's a tea drinker and I'm a coffee addict.. we have our differences, but we would'nt be without each other. ❤
MellyMel22 · F
[i][c=BF0080]Nothing wrong with that 😌 [/c][/i]
PrestonJ · 36-40
Sounds like you found a way to make it work. I’m the same way, my partner has their place, I have mine, and I love my alone time. He needs a lot of stimulation. So it works. If I was over there all the time it wouldn’t last long.
Ynotisay · M
I've been with my partner for about twelve years and we've never lived together. I was married and decided that I didn't want to live with anyone again. I ended up moving to an area in the mountains she was also interested in to check it out first. She ended up buying a house about three doors down. It works out perfectly for both of us. There's lots of paths up the mountain when it comes to relationships. There's options to living together.
We have both been married before and he has grown up children, neither of us wanted to remarry and it's something that works for us. There may be those who think it's a strange arrangement, but in the end it a personal choice. Thank you for your comment.
Ynotisay · M
@PinkyPanther It is interesting how some view more unconventional relationships. But I've seen that they're usually between people on the same page. And sometimes that means knowing what you don't want as much as much as what you want. Good luck.
That's a dream come true, honestly. Sadly with the cost of living, not many can afford it.
FreeSpirit1 · 51-55, F
I'm single and have "house guests" when I get annoyed, they can take an Uber home. 🤭
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
Been together for 7 years, and live separately
Shorty · 46-50, F
I agree with you. We all need space.
Holliwood · F
Long distance works for me and my man.
It’s different, but doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Sometimes I wished I lived separately from my partner, lol.
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
I think whatever works and is agreeable to the couple is all that really matters.
LRain ·
We live together but we have our own blankets in the sane bed 😅
DunningKruger · 56-60, M
That sounds like a nice arrangement, actually.
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
That's my dream, tbh.
spice1 · 46-50, M
Why bother having a partner if you can't live together, seems like a waste of time to me.
IamCuriousBabe · 51-55, F
@spice1 Nice. You probably sleep well every single night.
spice1 · 46-50, M
@IamCuriousBabe I sleep very well next to my partner every single night.
OldBrit · 56-60, M
We live together and have done since our wedding in the mid 80s apart from a short period when I lived in the USA for work.
Ceinwyn · 22-25, F
We haven’t been together long but I can see us getting a place together soon.
Physically in same home .. but she's basically been checked out the last 15+ yrs
Crazychick · 36-40, F
I already lived with my husband for nearly 5 years before we got married.
btchstfu · F
im in ldr so technically we live separately the majority of time
braveheart21 · 61-69, M
We live together and love the time we actually spend together...
IamCuriousBabe · 51-55, F
If we were to live in the same house, I prefer separate bedrooms.
MarieUK · 36-40, F
does he bring his washing too
@MarieUK No. 😄
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
Doesn't sound like much of a relationship to me
Morrowind · 26-30, M
Separately and I don’t like it
Crazychick · 36-40, F
@Morrowind Why don't you live together?
BeJeweled · F
I live with my hub and dog.
tk9999 · 41-45, M
I live with my son. I’m divorced
Maybe. But your status should read "it's complicated"
@ImperialAerosolKidFromEP It isn't. I AM in a relationship, nothing 'complicated' about it.
Whatever works for you is best

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