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Guys what do you wish a woman would do MOST with you?

Poll - Total Votes: 39
Be kind or compassionate
Make me laugh/laugh together
Listen to me/understand me
Tell me her opinions/honesty
Have a laid back vibe
Have a bubbly vibe
Show physical affection
Be openly flirty
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Matt8536-40, M
I like it when they make me laugh, even if they are making fun me myself.
Thevy2936-40, M
All of the above.

And when it comes to bed time she can have her own room on the other side of the house. That way she doesn't have to put up with my snoring and I don't have to fight for the blanket.
Tastyfrzz61-69, M
@Thevy29 bed hardness is a thing too. She might like sleeping on a rock.
lonelyandyb36-40, M
I wish someone would just be attracted to me , last time was 2018
hippyjoe195561-69, M
We just celebrated our 45th anniversary and although my wife does almost all those things the thing that matters most to me is that she needs me. Not simply sexually but she needs my affirmation of her and she needs to look up to me as her leader. No this is not an ego thing since her 'dependence' on my decisions is very humbling and I would never put her in danger.
Banksy8336-40, M
Walks in the moonlight , romantic weekends in the country. Visits to her grandmother and my grandparents, pictures of her riding her pony and teaching me how to ride.Playing with puppies and kittens and throwing bananas at the monkeys at the zoo. Skimming stones at the beach , sharing a mint , going to the movies at midnight
Pretzel61-69, M
lift the restraining order!
DeWayfarer61-69, M
Show physical affection is closest, yet I would rather have chosen intimate. Not exactly the same thing. Yet close.

I have known women that would show physical affection, yet never ever intimacy.
Not surprised to show physical affection came first. I chose, 'listen to me/understand me', as I feel all those other parts come together with listening to each other. Not sure why that's hard to see.
BigGuy226-30, M
This is the tame voting poll, where's the X-rated one 馃き馃き馃き
BigGuy226-30, M
@Coralmist 馃槼 where
Coralmist41-45, F
@BigGuy2 Oh probably from few weeks ago or months ago...not sure lol
BigGuy226-30, M
@Coralmist watch this space, or the X-rated one 馃構馃構馃構
Sex sex sex yes sex i want more n more *manly voice*
Most men in my view want sex n food from their woman *runs*
Banksy8336-40, M
@Donotfolowme no no no no .......where do you live. 馃挏馃お馃挏
@Donotfolowme wanting is usually better than having for most people . If there was a sexy naked woman constantly after a man for sex 鈥e would quickly think he鈥檚 losing his mind. The man would toss the woman out after only a couple days in favor of sleep , control, peace, and to heal his sore parts . 馃槀
SilkenMist46-50, F
@Donotfolowme keep a man's stomach full and his balls empty and he is very unlikely to leave.
You left out make me a really good sammie and bring me a beer. ;-) ;-)

(Hangs on to ass and waits for the shitstorm to come)
Muthafukajones46-50, M
I need a lot of these things but kind is the beginning of a long term relationship
TheStarsareout56-60, M
Is this before or after you get married 馃 lol
Coralmist41-45, F
@TheStarsareout It was really meant for single guys, who are just getting to know someone. But, these traits I think many want throughout a relationship, so if married, thats cool too.
cd425961-69, M
A combination of all of the above list to be honest.
Be honest. Is that so difficult ffs?
Backrubs are cool.
Zonuss41-45, M
Just be herself.
SirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
Come to the rugby 馃弶馃槃
BigGuy226-30, M
Surveys are stupid just want to lady to be your friend and you be hers and the rest will follow together
A willingness on her part to remain silent while i watch a good movie.
Coralmist41-45, F
@canusernamebemyusername Exist as in just Be, together? Or exist as in some woman to be with?
@Coralmist Both tbh. lol But them existing is kind of a prerequisite for the being together as well.
uncalled451-55, M
I said listen to me/understand me, because this has rarely happened.
I like it when she stimulates my head.
Coralmist41-45, F
@jackpotato Physically or mentally?
@Coralmist No comment 馃
This message was deleted.
@ShenaniganFoodie Ah I thought you meant itsoks post
@ShenaniganFoodie I never said that 馃槰馃ぃ
@AthenaArena what did you say? 馃槸

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