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Whenever my mum gets phone calls from random sales people she likes to tell them she's homeless 馃槀

Sales person: Hi ma'am, can I interest you in a new hot water system?

Mum: I don't have a house

Sales person: But you don't need to own your own home to buy this hot water system

Mum: You expect me to carry a hot water system around where ever I go? How the heck is that going to work

Sales person: ma'am, if you just listen to me-

Mum: I don't think you understand, I am freaking homeless
Matt8536-40, M
Next time it happens to me and they say their name in the intro, I'm gonna use their name. Like "No thankyou, Chris."
Like I understand you want to work but...
elafina36-40, F
Once I was in a terrible moment walking aimlessly the streets of Athens, crying in public and such. My phone rung and it was one of those unknown numbers. I picked it up and after the introduction I told the person, you know I'm in this terrible moment right now I don't think it's the most appropriate timing and soon I began talking about what has happened to me. The person on the other line was actually listening and even gave me a couple of comforting words. 馃槍 lol
Would a homeless person have a landline? Or even a mobile?
@ArishMell Ahhh, right.
Fishy31-35, F
@Glossy They called her on her mobile,

I think there would be some homeless people who have mobiles.
A lot of them live in their cars too.

She also doesn't own the house she lives in 馃槵
ArishMell70-79, M
@Fishy Also, "homeless" does not necessarily mean having no roof over your head. You can be "homeless" but lodging informally, sleeping on the settee, with friends or relatives.
LugNuts56-60, M
My mum used to tell them to hold on a minute, then leave the phone off the hook and walk away.
ArishMell70-79, M

That's one up on the usual deterrents like claiming to live in a third-floor flat, or would need ask the (fictitious) landlord.
Sales Person: I perfectly understand ma'am.. We have special scheme for the homeless but not phoneless. The homeless get 20% discount.
We only need the money for the hot water system. We can deliver it after you get your home. How about that?

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