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When WW3 happens, will women get drafted?

I'm thinking they will, but not in combat roles. I also believe that the feminists
will come unglued if they are, because they do not want THAT type of equality.
Anniedlr26-30, F
You are presumably not aware that in WW2 some 500,000 Soviet Women fought in the front line in roles such as Snipers, Machine Gunners, Fighter and Bomber Pilots and many other roles. 馃檪馃檪
Heartlander80-89, M

Actually I believe it's a British video ...

Paladin56-60, M
@ATripToNowhere Russia should be discredited at every available opportunity.
DogMan61-69, M
@Anniedlr I am aware that women fought in WWII.
graphite61-69, M
Women want equality, so here it is: Full, mandatory conscription of females into combat roles in the military. Full headshaves first, of course. (Of course, start drafting women and we're going to see a baby boom like we've never seen before. "Can't serve - I'm pregnant!") The US has not had a draft in about 50 years, but men are still required to sign up for Selective Service and a potential military draft while women are still exempt.
@graphite I thought I told you to stop bringing up incel talking points! 馃き
Kwek0041-45, M
I'm pretty sure a lot of males don't want to get drafted either... that makes both sexes pretty equal when it comes to the draft.
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Kwek0041-45, M
@Torsten I know Torsten... This is just way too difficult for you. You just go on and be your simple self.
Torsten36-40, M
@Kwek00 such a intelligent response 馃ぁ
Torsten36-40, M
there will be no feminists during ww3. They will suddenly all be helpless housewives that need men to fight for them.
Feminists only want equality when it benefits them
Torsten36-40, M
@Spoiledbrat they already do. Its actually illegal to pay someone with the exact same job position and same hours, less because of their sex.
If the pay gap was a real thing, companies would mostly only hire women because they would save money.
Its not real though and has been debunked so many damn times already that its not even worth mentioning anymore.
The victim act aint fooling anyone anymore
I thought you were saying they shouldn't. @Torsten
DogMan61-69, M
@Spoiledbrat When these job/pay numbers are put together, they include ALL jobs,
even the jobs women refuse to do. If we had a 50/50 working match in all jobs,
including the mean, nasty, and dangerous jobs, we would see Zero pay gap.

The data is out there.
badminton61-69, MVIP
Anyone, male or female, can become "unglued' at the horrors of war. Many soldiers who see combat get PTSD. In my childhood I was around WWII and Korean War vets. They would not talk about their war-time experiences. Many were permanently scared, in body and mind.

This is why we should prevent wars from happening in the first place.
@badminton Some things are worth going to war for.
DogMan61-69, M
@badminton Yeah, my dad's best friend didn't do too well mentally. He and my dad
went through boot camp together, and then spent over 1 year on the front lines
in Italy. My dad was wounded twice, and got a few medals for valor, and he was a
normal guy, hardly drank at all. He did have nightmares off and on till the day he passed.

I got him to open up to me after I went in the military in the 70's. Unfortunately his
friend Mike, was never the same. People react different to traumatic things, and
a lot men feel guilt because of the things they were forced to do. My dad was forced
to use his bayonet a couple times. I believe those battles were the reason for his
nightmares, although he did experience other things that no one should ever witness.

Dad did say that he did not feel guilt for the things he did, because the Krauts were
trying to kill him and his friends. You know the old saying, "Kill, or be Killed"

I don't know if I could do it, or not. Dad was glad I went into the Air Force, and not
the Army. They only time he ever cried, was when I got on that bus to leave for
basic training.
Heartlander80-89, M
@DogMan My dad was 4F for the war due to a serious injury just a few years prior to the war. But as he got into later 80s he moved into a senior retirement community where many residents there were war vets and talkative about their war memories, possibly because they had kept the memories buried for years and at some point it just started bubbling out.

One gentleman at my dad's lunch table put it best. "We saw and did things that we could never forget."
Matt8536-40, M
There will be no world war 3.
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Hypothetically speaking, if there is a WWII, what makes you such an expert on feminism and what women want?
DogMan61-69, M
@Northwest So you are not able to actually respond to my post about women not wanting
the dangerous, filthy jobs that are out there. I understand, it's easier to move the
goal posts. You might want to recheck your figures. Last I checked there were around
330 million people in the U.S. It's OK, you are only off by 100 million, thats close. 馃檮
@DogMan [quote]So you are not able to actually respond to my post about women [b][i][u]not wanting[/u][/i][/b][/quote]

One more, you don't get the point of your own post.

So, I will try one more time: It's not that "feminists" do not want some jobs, it's that "some" feminists do not want some jobs. For the same reasons that some men do not want these jobs.

Regrading the 335M, that was a typo, typed 2 instead of 3, but that showed how much attention you're paying (or your IQ). The stats I produced, add up to a total of 330M. You can reverse through the math, right? 馃ぃ
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Since they want to be men so badly, maybe they should. 馃檪
graphite61-69, M
@NoGamesTolerated We keep hearing the patriarchy male privilege nonsense. Here's some male privilege: Men account for 80% of homeless, 80% of suicides, 93% of work deaths, 98% of military combat deaths, 40% of college students, 15% of child custody winners (women file for divorce 70% of the time while men get blamed for families breaking up)
2nd comment...just for the female haters here...I tried to join the army as a volunteer...during one of those wars when men were dodging the draft. My father talked me out of it, or I would have V.A. benefits right now!
@4meAndyou Yeah this post is full of them. The post by OP is an incel talking point.
When WWIII happens, dude, we will all be dead, or dying. We won't have to worry about a ground war.
Adrift61-69, F
A Mans biggest mistake is underestimating a womens
Strategic ability to fight.
IM568861-69, M
When WWIII happens, it will be the shortest war in history because once anyone fires a nuke, (or a bunch of nukes,) the ones who retaliate will also fire their nukes. This will leave the world almost unlivable. If you survive, you'll be around, (probably not too long,) to wander around in the aftermath of what's left.
If WWIII happens, thousands of thermonuclear warheads will detonate in the first hour, in a fruitless effort to destroy the other guy's warheads before launch.

There will be no time to draft anybody, much less train or deploy them. And then we'll all be too busy dying of radiation poisoning to worry about much else.
Even men won't be drafted. The military doesn't want angry, resentful recruits who don't want to be there and will be looking for the first opportunity to frag their C.O. WWIII won't be fought like WWII anyway. It won't be ground troops invading and occupying land. It will be bombs and drones. We already have enough people for that.

Feminists won't be the only ones who become unglued if the government is stupid enough to institute a draft. Everyone will lose their minds. Another reason why it won't happen.
DogMan61-69, M
@LeopoldBloom Yes, we know that you would never fight for your country, but
believe it or not, there are plenty that will. Are you old enough to remember what
happened 20 short years ago, after 9-11? People flooded the recruitment centers.
Also, my father was drafted in WWII
his ( All draftee ) infantry division was rated as one of the best of the war. Their
techniques were used in training long after they war. Check it out if you want.

88th infantry 350th regiment Picture of my dad and his squad below.
And now for the triple whammy...


If WW3 breaks out it鈥檒l be a bit late for anything. If you haven鈥檛 seen females drafted before, you鈥檙e unlikely to ever see it.
But again WW3 most likely would entail nuclear weapons, and at that point as I said it鈥檒l be too late for anything, much less drafting females.
@BohemianBoo OP's post is an incel talking point 馃き
zonavar6851-55, M
When WW3 happens, most people will be smart enough to do everything possible to avoid being conscripted. Hopefully by then I'll be dead.
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1490wayb56-60, M
american women have been on front line in combat since 90's
Torsten36-40, M
@1490wayb yeah but when were they actually drafted?
I thought they did. I know I don't but I can't be drafted anyway.
It all depends on how things go down, maybe yes maybe no
Why do men want to see women drafted so bad?? Not all of us are unhinged or entitled and no one should be forced to be drafted because war is awful.
Coralmist41-45, F
No, they'll be vaporized.
I have actually asked this question before here a lil while ago

I hear what you鈥檙e saying but

Let鈥檚 hope there isn鈥檛 another world war just to sort what evolution can do on it鈥檚 own 鈥

Since the dawn of time there has always been big gobs鈥 lol
basilfawlty8931-35, M
[quote]I'm thinking...[/quote]

Don't think, you don't know how.
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