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These were flying overhead…what would you do ?

Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
Mix up a bunch of jugs of lemonade and make sandwiches.

They'll have had a long trip.
@Mamapolo2016 You better hope they like mayo and BLT's ... 😅
Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
@LunadelobosIAMTHEDRAGON When I was a kid, we'd go on road trips.

There were usually six of us.

We made sandwiches with mayo OR mustard, and a few for my littlest brother, who didn't want "nothin' but sammich!"
Degbeme · 61-69, MVIP
Before or after I soil myself? 🤔
Wave to @SW-User and her friends.
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
Ask them to take me with them!
@JoyfulSilence That's the old adage,

"Beam me up, Scotty"
Hope they're benevolent
RubySoo · 51-55, F
Say....'what took ya so long????'
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
fun4us2b · M
@RubySoo 😂
pentacorn · F
get ready to make some new friends. :)

pentacorn · F
@Nebula it was phenomenal. could rerun on loop forever.
Nebula · F
@pentacorn I know, every single person on the show was hilarious
@pentacorn Unique show.
On point, witty, hilarious.
Stop binging on the X-files
@DrScissorhands The movie “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers” is on tonight. 😄
@bijouxbroussard This explains it
walabby · 61-69, M
Buy as much toilet paper as I could!
@walabby Here we go.... 😁😂
hope it means all the arguments will be settled once and for all.
@SHREKPage Lol, indeed.
Spokeskitties75 · 46-50, M
See and avoid… like any other aircraft… probably turn in a PIREP
@Spokeskitties75 Aha ! Great answer from a pilot. 👍🏽
Tell them to take the covid vaccine
Poor creatures need to be saved
I'll start thinking that hat's my new family.
REMsleep · 41-45, F
Get out of the city because chaos,violence fear will probably happen and the aliens may be rounding up or attacking large groups anyway.
Find the best resources for more info.
Ignore official government info and not go to any public refuge or shelter.
You never know could turn out ok but Id hide and see
alkynesoftrouble · 56-60, M
Tell them where Mara Lago is located
MilitantIrishShepherd · 26-30, M
I do this.

Your move, aliens
SirfurryanimalWales · 61-69, M
Practice my clay pigeon shooting....😀
sciguy18 · M
Record the observation in my notes.
Obtain photographic documentation if possible.
Sit in a sturdy chair.
Lean forward.
Place my head between my legs.
Kiss my a$$ goodbye...
Aussieman · 51-55, M
Welcome.e them to rule the planet the governments of the world have fuck us over enough already can't get any worse lol
@Aussieman Nah...they've comeback to see how we've evolved...which we haven't. They are the original gods.
ASLAN · 26-30, M
I'd rub one off.. A champagne of victory 🤣.

Idk, I'd probably carry on xith my life like nothing happened 🤷‍♂️
FurryFace · 61-69, M
watch and wonder , find something about it on the news from any source
@FurryFace Awesome to see you ! 😃
CheeseburgerBrown · 31-35, M
Start blasting .. my invisible ray gun at them
Nebula · F
@CheeseburgerBrown dont do that
@CheeseburgerBrown HEY! Don't start anything!
are we in an episode of twilight zone?
@Snowvixen “To Serve Man”. How have you been ? 😃
@bijouxbroussard Thought as much. Lol. Ok, and You? 😁
Bushranger · 61-69, M
Fire up the sonic weapon and blow them suckers out of the sky.

That was a top movie.
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
If they’re not being aggressive, try to flag one down for a ride off this rock 😂
Jeffrey52 · 51-55, M
Wake up from the dream and ask how did an episode of twilight zone get into my dream
BigBen · 61-69, M
Find out about the status of my loved ones and prepare for the worst as best I can.
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
I'm too busy watching the ground so I don't trip c#nt up to notice what happens in the sky.
Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
The stock market is cratering. There goes my retirement! Damn it to hell!
blame trump! obama? i dunno.😕
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
@Thevy29 i stubbed my toe on the bed leg, i cant believe Biden did that, hes a loser for sure! 🙄
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
@Concretedust Aren't you both a little to old to playing Marco Polo?
Menas · 22-25, M
I’ll search in amazon to see where can I buy such fancy drones
Call my family and ask then if they are also seeing this?
I would be happy as hell. I would try to get them to take me with them.
HouseOfCards · 46-50, F
Tell everyone it’s a conspiracy. They don’t actually exist
I'd think "it's about time they returned!"
HatterM · 46-50, M
Reminds me of the hilarious "Mars Attacks!"
🎼 Put the Lime in the coconut and drink it all up
checkoutanytime · 41-45, M
Blame Germany, those things totally look German.
markansas · 61-69, M
thank god they come to save us from our self [youtube=]
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
🙋🏻‍♂️Take me away! Just no anal probes.🤭
Pull them with a big magnet. 😅
AlyAngel · F
Switch my coffee with whiskey
Upload videos to social media
samueltyler2 · 70-79, M
start drinking heavily!

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