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I hate this depression

I'm struggling with things yet again. I was good for like a week, then it's all gone. I feel sad and alone and on edge and I know I'm too much to deal with. Maybe everyone really would be better off without me.
You have good days and bad I've seen then both. The good ones will come again you're a resilient guy you always make it 馃憤
KiwiDan31-35, M
@PrincessVelvet Thanks. I hope you're OK too :)
JaneCas26-30, F
I definitely get this and I think a lot of us deal with this. There are good weeks and bad weeks. I know the feeling of feeling alone, I feel especially alone since my mother鈥檚 passing in July of this year.

Just remember what keeps you going and think of what and where you want to be. Talking to friends or family if you have any or therapist help. Keep going because remember in life there are ups and downs. You are worth it and you are enough and you are valuable. Keep going! I am rooting for you.
KiwiDan31-35, M
@JaneCas The whole last 7 weeks have been bad. I'm sorry about your mother :(

I'm not really sure what there is to keep me going, in fact I'm not even sure there was anything to begin with. It just keeps going forever. I've tried therapists before but they don't help super well, and it seems like I'd just be a burden if I told my friends or family. I really don't feel like I'm any of those things; it seems more that anything I add to life is marginal at best. There's no point in anyone caring because I'm wholly unlovable.
Burnley12341-45, M
You are obsessed with judging yourself.


This is a nasty and judgemental world. You've internalised bullying and it's given you a deep self-loathing. I've been there. It's at least as much a problem with them as it is with you. Society is fucked and irrational, Sorry if this sounds glib but this is kind of why the 40K universe is such a compelling dystopian fantasy. I could write an essay to explain why but I'm sure I don't need to. I have issues myself but maybe I can help. PM me any time.
Scribbles31-35, F
I feel this :/
Been a rough weekend full of some dark thoughts. It will get better though. I'm resilient af and so are you. I think it's pretty common for Depression to come and go at times at different severity levels.

Keep fighting, ok? 馃
KiwiDan31-35, M
@Scribbles I will do my best 馃
Dethmoore31-35, M
Maybe people might be better off without you. Maybe not. This is about you though, not them.
Slade56-60, M

What a douche!
Cigarguy10141-45, M
@Slade maybe you should reread the comment. Because you totally missed it
KiwiDan31-35, M
@Dethmoore They'd be happier without me around, given that everyone I know has fun with one another and just seems to tolerate being around me.
MarkPaul26-30, M
That is what depression wants you to believe. It's easier said than done, but you have to find the will to not let it win.
Nah, dont worry about everyone else. Im going through something similar. Hang in there man you'll figure this out.
Pshhh no they wouldnt! Youll be okay <3
Dethmoore31-35, M
@TryingtoLava I know you posted with good intentions but it is sort of false hope.
@Dethmoore ive known dan since 2016 he gets better then gets worse it comes and goes
KiwiDan31-35, M
therighttothink5056-60, M
Go out and experience life, every life is precious, your young and you have time to make the changes you need, good luck Dan鈥..
Glassysky22-25, M
Hit the gym peter griffin
basilfawlty8931-35, M
@Glassysky boy wtf is wrong with you? You need to start treating people with respect before I press my boot up your arse.
uncalled456-60, M
KiwiDan31-35, M
@uncalled4 Thanks.

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