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22-25, F
Flirt, Friends, Stories, Look Around
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I can yodel! I can scream, but most of all I can dream! 😵 English isn't my 1st language,
About Me
Devilishly Dervish!
Have you ever seen how Dervish men, those now known as Sufis, dance? Spinning around in a trance like state, almost pure circles with their long coats, perfectly balanced and focussed? So very hard to do! But great fun in the garden where the soft la...
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22-25, F
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I Love Dancing
My name is Caroline!
There are many facets to who I am, truly! Each facet might be like a rare gemstone, like the gems in the high priest's breastplate, twelve gems The highest being odem (red for Adam) likely carnelian, and pitdah, like topaz, but likely chrysolite...
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22-25, F
+ 0 1 reply 11 views 19 mins ago |
I Am A Woman Who Is In Touch With Her Sensuality
Già abbastanza!
Ne ho una mia, quindi non caricarmi anche della tua! La mia sella si logora già e questa imbracatura ha bisogno di lubrificazione o qualcosa del genere!
22-25, F
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I Have No Time For Your Insecurities
The Box for my letters
Brown, once part of the tree that this bench came from, tall, opulent emerald leaves, they made this box too!
22-25, F
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I Want To Write A 20 Word Story
How 'highly strung' are you?
adjective very nervous and easily upset. 'highly strung horses' synonyms: nervous, excitable, temperamental, sensitive, unstable, brittle, easily upset, easily agitated, on edge, edgy, jumpy, keyed up, irritable, fidgety, restive, restless,...
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22-25, F
+ 1 4 replies 7 views 3 hrs ago |
Doing Good
Böse Manipulatoren und psychische Vampire
The worst type of person I've ever encountered was a psychic vampire. They do or say anything to get their teeth into you and make you feel guilty over how you behave in every way they can if it doesnt put them first! Evil intent is everywhere,...
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22-25, F
+ 2 2 replies 7 views 4 hrs ago |
I Think Some People Are Born Evil
Three singers come to mind!
Marvin Gaye, what a singer! What a tragedy! Otis Redding, I just love "My Girl!" Barry White, those dark deep melodious tones!
22-25, F
+ 2 2 replies 2 views 4 hrs ago |
I Love Sexy Music
Do you ever think they will invent a better chip resistent nail polish?
22-25, F
+ 0 0 replies 1 views 5 hrs ago |
Isn't this pretty country?
Bolzano -Bozen
22-25, F
+ 6 7 replies 33 views 17 hrs ago |
Did you see the video of the explosion in the port of Beirut? What do you think it was?
22-25, F
+ 3 13 replies 36 views 19 hrs ago |
UK Vogue magazine September is devoted to activism, with an apparent disproportionate emphasis? Challenging?
22-25, F
+ 1 1 reply 4 views 19 hrs ago |
You'd like it here?
This is Merano, a half hour away.
22-25, F
+ 3 3 replies 29 views 19 hrs ago |
Isn't it surprising how much the weather affects us?
22-25, F
+ 1 2 replies 6 views 1 day ago |
Have you ever just wanted the world to stop so you can get off?
22-25, F
+ 0 2 replies 7 views 1 day ago |
Long term non-contact no-avatar followers are being removed, ok?
22-25, F
+ 0 0 replies 3 views 1 day ago |
Would you live somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn if you could?
22-25, F
+ 1 4 replies 7 views 1 day ago |
Was ist der Gedanke hinter diesen Augen?
Zu oft scheinen die Menschen alle süß und hell zu sein, aber hinter ihren Augen sind sie räuberisch und dunkel. Sie formulieren Fragen sorgfältig, um eine Reaktion auf die Ausbeutung zu erhalten, und Sie sehen nicht einmal, wie sie Sie ausnutzen, bis...
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22-25, F
+ 0 2 replies 1 views 1 day ago |
I Don't Trust Easily Anymore
No posts no follow! Why dont you write something? Huh?
In my view, the whole point of this place is to join a group and write. You can either write a comment on someone's experience, or write your own experience!
22-25, F
+ 12 11 replies 28 views 1 day ago |
Jeden Tag ein Training mit Alfio
Each afternoon, more or less straight after lunch one of our estate workers joins me by the pool for a forty minutes workout. Alfio is a nice guy, slightly younger than my eldest brother Konrad. He's slightly shorter too, dark hair and hazel col...
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22-25, F
+ 1 2 replies 18 views 2 days ago |
I Work Out
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