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James25: The problem with Christianity
It is a simplistic form of security
2 hrs ago
Primnproper: Have you ever told a lie that you regretted?
Don't ask me no questions, and I won't tell you no...
3 days ago
ArcAngel: The Racing Luminaries & the Stationary Earth (Part...
It is a matter of orientation. Up and down or...
3 days ago
ArcAngel: Who are you InHeaven?
Who is going to see the pearly gates?
3 days ago
FreakLikeMe: How did your neighborhood streets do during the...
the roads are rough, and they aren't going to pave...
1 mth ago
cyberdude28: Is there intelligent life on earth?
Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life...
9 mths ago
Axeroberts: Why do people think they have to believe in Jesus
Ro 10 [3] For they being ignorant of God's...
9 mths ago
TelegramSam: Albert Einstein
It is all relative
9 mths ago
Purplerain78: Don't make me do it.....
What is itttt!!!!!!
9 mths ago
popmol: Are you a big bad wolf or a frightened bunny in...
I tried to be a bunny as Mr Rabbit on AVN, but I...
1 yr ago
popmol: are you a bad good girl/boy or a good bad...
I am considered the bad guy, but Mr Anderson is...
1 yr ago
Agent: Interrogation
What if?
1 yr ago
Agent: Millions of People
Morpheus got Mr Anderson to take the red pill to...
1 yr ago
popmol: do you have an endearing insult you like to use?...
Yes I do. Some girl asked me if I was Mr Anderson.
1 yr ago
londonbr1dg3: PSA: Home cleaning vs Mechanic
charles bronson
2 yrs ago