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Do you own a Tesla? Or would you want to own one in the future?

I mean I like cars but I'm not sold on the idea of buying one Elon Musk manufactured 馃槄
wildbill8336-40, M
EV's are just a fad, they're too expensive & too impractical for mass marketing to working class people.
ninalanyon61-69, T
@Ozuye502 So do lawnmowers but I wouldn't want to travel very far on any of them, especially in bad weather!
Ozuye50236-40, M
@ninalanyon well you can bring back old tech holly is still making the quadrajet
Ozuye50236-40, M
@ninalanyon and actually i prefer the old tech because 1 you don't need a computer to fix it and 2 i can fix it on the road or with basic tools. Nascar may still be running a carb not sure if they moved away from that but teams in the NHRA are running carbs on engines running in the 6s (thats 6 second 1/4 mile at 200+ miles per hour) so dont sleep on the old tech hell i think the world took notice at the 24 hr of Le Mans with the Garage 56 car. And honestly if the British made transmission didn鈥檛 go out they would have made a lot bigger of statement especially if they were running a carb on that v8.
Baremine70-79, C
Why would I want an electric car?

Run out of fuel to often. Take to long to recharge. Batteries are somewhat of a fire hazard.

The more technology the bigger the headache.
I am going to pass on the electric cars.
Ozuye50236-40, M
@SW-User right there with you
@Ozuye502 I think we will have to come up with something鈥
Using a rare element as a power supply isn鈥檛 the answer.
ninalanyon61-69, T
@SW-User The only actually rare element used in EV batteries is cobalt and that can be avoided if you can accept a slightly lower energy density. Tesla uses lithium iron phosphate in the cars it produces in China.

And all of the material in a lithium battery is recyclable anyway. Recycling is already done in Norway.
rfhh195961-69, M
In principle I do not have an issue with an electric vehicle the problem is charging the vehicle. If I would take a long road trip I have to allow huge blocks of time to recharge the vehicle and hope that the charger is available unlike filling a gas tank. As a side note, I've read a few articles recently that say state that it takes seven years for an EV battery to get to carbon neutral based on what was done to manufacture it. An EV battery theoretically at this time has a 10 year lifespan which means it takes seven years to get the carbon neutral and then you get three years of being carbon free. We just don't have the technology yet and the technology we have is not at a price point that makes sense for the average consumer.
samueltyler280-89, M
@rfhh1959 where did you see that statement? I'd love to see it. I would like to see the comparisons to an ICE, oh, wait, it can never reach carbon neutrality.
rfhh195961-69, M
@samueltyler2 I am not finding the article I read but here is one that supports the position

Also remember this an ev is never truly carbon neutral as long as it's pulling electricity off the grid that has been created with fossil fuel.
samueltyler280-89, M
@rfhh1959 that is an amazingly interesting article. It contains not actual data, only summarizes. It leaves more unanswered questions than it answers. For example saying an EV parked more than driven takes a certain time to become carbon neutral and that is related the number of miles driven may be true, i have to see the data, but during that same period the ICE vehicle's carbon n footprint starting with it's manufacture, than use of gasoline, oil, antifreeze, etc, is increasing, not decreasing. In areas, which use coal the generate electricity, you are correct about the carbon use for generation of electricity, but that has been calculated as still less than ICE using gasoline which requires carbon to produce and then use in the vehicle. The use of coal has drastically decreased over the past few decades, because it actually became less economical.

For those of us who breath air though, the EV puts out no pollutants while the ICE continues to put out a host of dangerous chemicals, the diesels in trucks and buses are really travelling carcinogen spreaders.

The situation though, climate change, is an existential one. Unless we Don's method NG now, asap, we will never get clean air, never stop the rise in temperatures that are precipitating more frequent and stronger storms, floods, you name it.
Adogslife61-69, M
A Tesla really isn鈥檛 a good car. It鈥檚 much akin to having a Rolex, overpriced but great brand recognition.

There are much better timepieces than a Rolex and much better cars than a Tesla.

Also, there are range limitations with electric vehicles that the infrastructure has yet to be able to effectively support鈥 charging times aside.
IronHamster56-60, M
@Adogslife A base line Model 3 is less expensive than a Toyota Corolla.
Adogslife61-69, M
@IronHamster To own or buy? A Corolla LE is about $22/23k. The cheaper 3 is about $38/53k. Even after a tax credit, if you qualify ($7,500) , you鈥檙e still way above the Corolla鈥 even the Corolla Hybrid which is about $28k.
IronHamster56-60, M
@Adogslife No. The Tesla is cheaper. You are getting about 125mpg equivalent in the Tesla, with no oil changes. The Teslas are not entirely maintenance free, though. At a million miles you need to pull the motors and replace the bearings.
BackyardShaman61-69, M
No and don鈥檛 want one, I should clarify this. I would purchase a hybrid or full on electric vehicle in a heartbeat if I were to need a vehicle. Tesla is a status symbol type of car, and this is not how I purchase a vehicle. I go for utility Honda and Toyota, that sort of reasoning. Thus, my vehicles last for many years.! Also those that keep harping on what the power grid can handle make me laugh 馃槀. Charging these batteries is irrelevant to the grid, that argument is only relevant to propagandists.
Patriot9656-60, C
95% of all electric cars are still on there road WHERE THEY WERE ABANDONED
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
I'm waiting for affordable Chinese electric cars. Presently they are engineering quality before beginning large scale exports.

This state is run by hardly competent businessmen. The power grid is sometimes unstable despite the energy produced here.
Ozuye50236-40, M
@Crazywaterspring i would not trust that Chinese build quality is genuine hot garbage
Jexie22-25, F
@Ozuye502 affordable genuine hot garbage 馃槀
Ozuye50236-40, M
@Jexie idk everything that i worked on that was made in China either never ran right after simple repairs or you couldn't get the parts to make it run right again so best of luck
My fears of buying a Tesla or electric car being a farm owner/operator.

wildbill8336-40, M
@WillaKissing apparently, the greenies expect farmers to trade in their diesel powered tractors that can pull 12+ bottoms for e-tractors that cost three times as much that can't even run a bushhog...
CountScrofula41-45, M
No they're actually dogshit cars with terrible reliability.
Jeephikelove46-50, F
Nope and never would thanks
thisguy2041-45, M
Would I buy an electric car? Depends on the car.

Would I buy a Tesla? HELL NO!!!

I'd gladly buy a new Detroit Electric...
@thisguy20 Likewise. There are now solid alternatives to Tesla from many manufacturers. My wife and I expect to buy a full electric in the next few years, but we don't want our dollars to endorse Elon Musk's crazy right-wing notions.
thisguy2041-45, M
@ElwoodBlues I hear that. The fact that many (if not all) of the electric cars available (new) now; lack actual keys (metal blade goes into a hole and turn), have a screen instead of gauges, don't have spare tires, and aren't available as soft-top convertibles isn't exactly helping the overall image of electric cars
Patriot9656-60, C
Can anyone image being stuck in a chicago snowstorm in an electric icebox
ArishMell70-79, M
@Patriot96 I can though I don't live in an area where very cold Winters with blizzards are common. Even here in mild Southern England, a friend told me when he and his wife travel anywhere more than a short distance from home in very cold (by our standards) weather they wrap up warm rather than risk using the heater in their battery car.
samueltyler280-89, M
@Patriot96 do you want to know the facts about electric cars, heater and all, or are you already against EVs?
IronHamster56-60, M
@Patriot96 ChiCongo? I don't even want to be stuck at OHare between flights.
All the lithium and nickel needed for batteries is causing strip mining and deforestation...meanwhile oilfields are already in place and after all electric has to be generated - and there's line loss in transmitting the power to the I'm not ready to make a judgement call on this yet..
wildbill8336-40, M
@fun4us2b have a buddy that's a utilities/power engineer, he figured we'd need a solar farm the size of new mexico just to replace existing fossil fuel energy production; and that isn't even accounting for extra space needed for power storage/batteries (let alone the cost). And due to the degradation of solar panels (which is far more than advertised), they'd all need to be replaced every 3-5 years...
ArishMell70-79, M
@justanothername Not in all countries, and those who use hydropower may not be generating all of their electricity that way.
ArishMell70-79, M
@fun4us2b 95% efficiency in national grid distribution - I'd have said that is very good indeed.

You don't say what is being measured. It may be overall from fuel, turbine or solar array to customers, or simply in the electricity from alternator and solar-array outputs to local distribution points. Nevertheless I think you should credit the system's designers, builders and operators for it having such high efficiency.

It is impossibly to make any engineering system that does not have losses, and though the amount lost in the USA's system seems staggeringly high in linear terms, it is only 5% of the electricity generated.

I would be very surprised if any country's equivalent exceeds 95% overall efficiency continuously throughout the year. (It may vary by season, especially on a continent that experiences very wide climates and daylight times. )
In comparison to a BMW or Mercedes a Tesla is poorly made. The fit and finish is horrible.
nedkelly61-69, M
I just drive a normal car which is affordable to me - 2017 Skoda Octavia
When cities are ready for my solar tuk tuk, I'll be ready.
No but not for any ideology based crap. I just don't feel the chargeable batteries are efficient yet and the US infrastructre isn't up to snuff un terms of charging stations.

Fuck, I don't care who developed the vehicle. I owned a VW beetle and it was designed under HItler's orders 馃槀
IronHamster56-60, M
I bought one and have driven it about a year, 20k miles. I could go into detail but, bottom line, I love it.

For skeptics, I recommend visiting a showroom and scheduling a test drive. Tell them you have no interest in buying a car, but you want to understand what all the hype is about.
Straylight31-35, F
Let me know when they fly.
SlaveEt36-40, F
If and when the infrastructure supports alternatively powered vehicles and their price becomes affordable, sure. I don't care what I drive so long as it is reliable, affordable and useful to me.
ArishMell70-79, M
@SlaveEt Likewise, and I don't think using an electric car is ever going to be feasible for me, nor for enormous numbers of other people!
I was getting my hair cut last month, and I heard one of the workers say they were going to get one. I was like how can they afford that on what they do. They must get a lot of tips.
ArishMell70-79, M
@Spoiledbrat Might have won on the National Lottery, had a savings plan mature or received a bequest! Had I come into the money like that I would not spend it on an electric car though.
Only here for the comments. I bet you didn鈥檛 expect people to get so into the answers.
Jexie22-25, F
@Morrigan I really didn't haha
ninalanyon61-69, T
I have had my 2015 Model S 70D for five and a half years. Best car I have ever had.
sunsporter164970-79, M
When they start selling elektricity by the gallon let me know
Tetsuya51-55, M
@sunsporter1649 they're called batteries
Nah, that company is on the road to bankruptcy
No, I do not. and no, I will not.
No and no.
No and no
Nope... and nope!
No and no
I don't want one, nor do I intend on ever owning one in the future. I'm perfectly happy with my big gas guzzling Camaro. Thank you, and goodnight.
Electric car? Cool. Musk? Gross.
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Slade56-60, M
@SW-User wow. Projection. How original. You think that up all on your own Cletus?

You are not outliving anyone and having your brave new world. You'll catch some undiscovered virus at the glory hole
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