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Have you ever run over an animal?

I was on the onramp to the highway and a raccoon ran in front of my Taurus and it got squished.
WaryWitchWandering · 36-40, F
One time, a skunk… I was in my early twenties. I cried and cried and cried, and I tried to see if it was ok, but it was clearly gone. My car and I smelled of skunk on top of it all.
ArishMell · 70-79, M
Twice, I am afraid. One was a fox, the other and more distressingly was a cat.

I killed both animals outright, without very much external injury, and moved the corpses into the verge where they would not be crushed or present a hazard to other road-users.

There are moves to make notifying to the Police such accidents to cats, as is so with dogs. I don't know if it's happened but I did in fact telephone the Police about that poor puss, saying I knew I didn't need tell them but they will likely be searching for it.

Also once accidentally killed a sparrow in flight: I found it stuck in the radiator-grille when I arrived at my destination. I buried it.


A lot of motorists comment on far fewer insects crushed on their windscreens nowadays, a sign of seriously reduced invertebrate populations. That is true but another factor a friend suggested to me is that very many escape death because modern cars are sufficiently aerodynamic for the slipstream to carry the little animals safely up over the roof.
Bumbles · 51-55, M
@ArishMell that’s so true!
iamnikki · 31-35, F
Yes, I was driving down the road and heard a "pop" sound. Figured it was a rock or something.
Mom said:
"why did you just run over that turtle?"🐢🤨

I honestly didn't see it😭
Matt85 · 36-40, M
A badger 😟
fun4us2b · M
I'm a bit of a bird lover and one day a cardinal flew in fron of my car - twap! when I got where I was going there were red feathers on my bumper 😞
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Coyote at night on a back country road. Don't know if it survived or not. It wasn't around when I looked.

It's a wonder that was the only critter I hit. I drove those roads at night for twelve years. Plus all the other mountain roads for work.

Came close to hitting a deer once in Texas. Yet it jumped right over the hood of my car. A little bit faster and it's hoof would have gone through my windshield.
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
Hit a pig once, getting rid of his patrol motorcycle was a pain. 😉
once I ran over a chipmunk with a bicycle...it was on accident and probably one of the most rare occurrences ever to take place since the universe began given the thickness of a bicycle tire and the sheer infitesimal minute size of a chipmunk. To make this even more improbable this was all taking place while the chipmunk was running at full speed perpendicular to the wheel.
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
matthewjames · 18-21, M
you probaly ran over ants @Jenny1234
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
@matthewjames probably!
matthewjames · 18-21, M
:) I say that caus im little an people almost walk over me caus they dont see me @Jenny1234
FloorGenAdm · 51-55, M
Bunch of deer ran across the road right in front of me at night so I slowed down. When I thought it was clear and started to go again a little deer come runnin out n bounced off my hood leaving a good sized dent...but it landed on its feet and kept on runnin!
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Markmywurdz · 56-60, M
Not personally, but a former work colleague told me that his wife managed to run over their cat when she was reversing out of the garage. She felt the bump, wondered what it was, drove back into the garage and ran over it again.
Tobasco · 31-35, F
A pigeon crashed into the front of my car one morning on my way to work. I stopped to check if it was okay and I didn't see any sign of it. I assumed it was alright and flew off. I almost cried the moment it hit my car.
Umile · 41-45, F
A chicken or a Rooster.

I thought the Feathers only blew everywhere in the movies.

But, no. In real life too.

Felt so bad for the poor thing.
exexec · 61-69, C
A few squirrels, rabbits, and snakes. I used to drive country roads a lot at night with my girlfriend.
GerOttman · 61-69, M
Hit a dove doing 70 on the turnpike, rear view mirror was a cloud of feathers! A couple of deer too.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
countless ground squirrels (on purpose) at least one coyote, a cat and a deer. The deer wrecked my car.
GypsyMiss · 41-45, F
A pigeon. And I’d do it again if it didn’t make such a mess on my wheel.
MonaReeves86 · 36-40, F
@GypsyMiss why poor pigeon
GypsyMiss · 41-45, F
@MonaReeves86 it didn’t move so I really had no choice. It was the pigeon or a traffic accident. Only choice. I despise pigeons. Rats with wings.
Neman1622 · 41-45, M
How is it possible you're still driving a Taurus? Those things are rust buckets!
wardaddy · 36-40, M
@Neman1622 this was a decade ago lool
Hundreds, I live in the countryside so constantly hitting pheasants and rabbits
Not while driving but as a passenger yes. Terrible bummer
Bumbles · 51-55, M
Rabbit after taking LSD.
Hit a coyote not long ago.
deadgerbil · 22-25
I've yet to
MonaReeves86 · 36-40, F
I hope I never do but it’s going to happen to many
Azlotto · M
Yes, several . 😟
SandWitch · 26-30, F
Only during frog migration season!
Lilnonames · F
i hit two birds

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