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Was crying against my cat's tummy today..have been empathizing with OriginNone a bit too much lately..feeling SO alone and SO unloved and SO much like

I will die this way. Maybe someone else needs this as much as I did today. I know that I know it is hard asf, but try to take it to heart. [media=]
You are important. 馃珎
SatanBurger36-40, F
You are very loved, at least by me, you'd be one cool person to know in real life I think but I also know the feeling. It's kind of like you're around others but you also feel alone. I'm not sure if that really goes away or not.
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@SatanBurger awww thank you..i just woke up and read this, after dreaming...look at my mpst recent post! same them..wild
SatanBurger36-40, F
You know I have that user in my friend's circle, makes me wonder about him too. He hasn't been around in 3 months, I was kinda hoping he was okay but it seems not?
I like the message, thank you. 馃挍
Love you D! 馃馃挍
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@mindstruggle aww you're so welcome. I think you're thinking of Diaphany, which is just a portmanteau I invented years ago, of "diaphanous" and "epiphany". My real name is Brittany 鈾
I like your name. I really thought your name was Diaphany 馃槄
Ayt, love ya B! 馃馃挍
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@mindstruggle aww love you too doll, thank youuu
What happened to the member Originone? Did he hurt himself? He hasn鈥檛 been around for months
@foldedunfolding I鈥檓 soo sorry. You tried your best to help him and you should be proud of yourself. I knew him from EP and he was a different person back then. He actually helped me feel better once when I was down. Maybe he didn鈥檛 hurt himself. We can鈥檛 really know. He was a lovely man. I miss most of my Ep friends. 馃槩
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@SW-User it really makes you wonder what your legacy will be, you know?
@foldedunfolding You are a lovely woman and you have soo much going for you. Please don鈥檛 let those thoughts occupy your mind. He was a wonderful man too. I wish he understood his worth in this world. Please take care of yourself. We were put in this world for a reason.
Beautiful. Thank you!
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@WillaKissing you're most welcome 鈾
FUCK me....
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@DiegoWolfe did it hit ya?
Sojournersoul100+, M
Jeephikelove46-50, F
Listen to it! 馃
That is absolutely gorgeous. I feel like everybody needs to hear that from time to time.

I still can't believe that happened to @originnone. I actually consider that more a murder than a suicide.
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@LordShadowfire I prayed today that God will forgive him and know how hard he tried 馃槳馃槳
@foldedunfolding Mental illness is no different from physical illness. It's a disease affecting a part of the body. There is nothing to forgive.
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@LordShadowfire all i can do is hope you're right 馃挃

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