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i am 40..see how they do me 馃槶馃槴

Degbeme70-79, M
I`d hate to know what they think of my age. 馃槄
@Degbeme Sorry it was at your expense, but you have a great sense of humor and can roll with things, that makes you fun to play with. LOL
Degbeme70-79, M
@WillaKissing I look at it as if I`m going to dish it out I had best be ready to take it too. Besides it`s all in fun. ;)
@Degbeme hahahah omf im dead
I thought life began at 40, but I guess that鈥檚 where it ends now. 馃槀
SilkenMist46-50, F
I used to think that of 18 year olds at one time.

I was like four years old and we went to my brother's HS graduation. Rest of the family was explaining to me what was going on. I thought, "Wow, they are 18 and out of school, I guess their lives are pretty much over."

It's like they were done with school, they had dated, partied, drove cars, what else could there possibly be to live for?

But for those just turning 40 Welcome to "old". 馃榿
Matt8536-40, M
Holy Crap
Mooed7841-45, F
Well at 45, it鈥檚 a walking frame 馃ぃ
Mooed7841-45, F
@Fluffybull yes, this lol
TheEmperor26-30, M
Hehe at that age 40 would seem a bit old. However, do regular lifting and cardio to stay in good shape, groom yourself well, dress nicely and appropriately for your age, look after your teeth and speak confidently and intelligently and you'll still look great. I know much younger people who look very worn out, but older people who dont. I remember one of my piano students, when I was around 27 was a lady who must have been in her 50s, but she kept in shape, dressed nicely and everything and she was very attractive. Perhaps even more so because I knew she was older and so would have had to have the self discipline to keep up her appearance, which meant she was of good character and intelligent.
@TheEmperor I do the workouts and regular exercise and self-maintenance care and have been through 12 major surgeries from sports or military injuries, and I own and maintain my timber farm in retirement all by myself at age, 58.
And then the little bastards at age 18 think they should be paid $30 an hour for just existing while hiding in mom's basement playing video games. Oops!
TheEmperor26-30, M
@WillaKissing And they will buy $10 starbucks coffee every morning, and insist every meal is bought pre cooked or from a restaurant, buy the latest iphone on release, and then complain that capitalism doesn't allow for "livable" wages.
Nitedoc51-55, M
40 is not old.
馃槅 Yes my Rhumatism is killing me!!
I can't manage hills much, and would surely rather die.
Darn this rickety walking stick.
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@SethGreene531 aww man i hope this isnt a true story!
@foldedunfolding No LOL just the thought of being that worn out at 40 is hilarious; gotta love kids and their unique perspectives.
What the hell? 馃槅 When I was 9 my mom was 39, how old are their parents? lol
DisturbOne41-45, M
Join the club sister
DisturbOne41-45, M
@foldedunfolding idk I was dub an honorary member two years early . They didn鈥檛 even get me a cake .. rude
foldedunfolding36-40, FVIP
@DisturbOne [i]btchesss[/i]
DisturbOne41-45, M
I remember being a kid and thinking 14 was so old
heavyone261-69, M
I stood up slowly after easing out of bed...... my torn knee popped,,, then my bolted together neck popped loudly,,, both ankles made a loud crack as I started toward the coffee maker.... as I stopped .... I thought...."damn... I sound like an old house that's settling"..... yes.. I am offically old.
deadgerbil22-25, M
Scary stuff
dancingtongue80-89, M
And to think, only a couple of centuries ago they wouldn't be far off the mark for average life expectancy.
I have a cane and left work, so I'd say they're 50% right.
Pretty accurate. For me at least. Lol
iamonfire69641-45, F
That鈥檚 hilarious 馃槀
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