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When will SW accept video uploads?


well..it could happen馃槅
@bookerdana Are you trying to say that the price of bacon has gone up?
@ArtieKat To the sky!馃槵
Matt8536-40, M
just upload a video on YouTube then use the video link function here.
What people don't know is that it costs a lot of money to have videos

1. A 2 minutes video could be gigabytes in size because of quality and number of individual pictures to scroll through
2. All the videos will cost money because of the need to put them in a database that the website can access
3. The next thing would be a smooth withdrawal system because if people go crazy on the videos, you'll have this website storing maybe hundreds of thousands of videos. Then you need to have the thousands of active users online all able to access a specific video at any time without slowness, delay, a long loading time, etc.

Companies like YouTube work with their full team of computer scientists to optimize just simply that. Videos being put somewhere, having enough space for any and all videos, having a fast video finding system. Having a speedy video loading time. And being able to switch between it all

SW does NOT have a team like YouTube 馃槄
It would be easiest to upload any videos to YouTube and then simply link it. That's the avenue that this site took

Hope that clarifies it
Flywhiaker70-79, M
Never. No one wants to see SW users with power to upload dick videos.
@Renaci 馃槀
Ohh helll naw
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
just what sw needs a bunch of videos of old dudes jacking it all over the site 馃槀馃槀
@GeorgeTBH Perfect answer 馃ぃ
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I'm grateful they don't
The photos are enough
deadgerbil22-25, M
@Chernobylplaygrounds you want to see gentiles in motion
@deadgerbil no thank you
If that did happen, SW would lose many users who do get away with cat fishing, so forget that, although maybe a video chat would be a cool add-on.
@Camelia video chat will just result in everyone masturbating together 馃ぃ
Flywhiaker70-79, M
@Venturist already have chaturbate for that@
OverTheHill56-60, M
You could post something to YouTube and then upload it here.
caPnAhab26-30, M
@OverTheHill I have a feeling that'll be against YT's terms of service
@MsSwan Worried about the contents of said video aren't you 馃ぃ
Knowing what it would be used for, probably never.
caPnAhab26-30, M
That sounds like a recipe for disaster
familyfunguy56-60, M
These are the SW questions I like to answer at the nursing home I work at.

SW would increase their server costs by hosting their own videos. By embedding from elsewhere (sites that don't like like YouTube) it probably saves them $$$.
Eloach26-30, M
I hope mever
I don't know why they would. As it is now places like youtube are providing the server space and moderation for the video content posted here.
pride4926-30, M
Thats too much data storage.. you can just load stuff on youtube and imbed it here via the links
Ceinwyn22-25, F
If people can鈥檛 be trusted with photos, like all the grim nudes here, we aren鈥檛 going to get videos.
pikminboy26-30, M
Oh no.... we will be spammed by nudists
deadgerbil22-25, M
Probably never
allygator1822-25, F
Monarahimi8636-40, F
The only way you can upload videos if you put them on YouTube and then you can upload them
Synyster51-55, M
@Monarahimi86 You can upload via TikTok
No need to, you can easily upload something to YouTube and then embed it here

And if it would get you in trouble on YouTube, then thankfully that stuff has been filtered out before it ever gets here

Hosting video takes A LOT of resources
Flywhiaker70-79, M
@BlueGreenGrey Have you done it?

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