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Trump is so smart he let someone film him committing crimes

well lets see it then?.

whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
Trump isnt stupid in the way most are. He has simply led a life where he never had to learn consequences and responsibility. So he has always been right, because he never had to pay for it.. Now he just might.😷
@Thinkerbell The fact that your understanding of politics is dependent entirely on whatever your argument is in the moment that leaves 2 possibilities.

1. you are dishonest (my guess is it is this one)

2. or you are the first person I have ever heard of with a rapidly fluctuating IQ.
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow @LeopoldBloom

Dodge, dodge, dodge (as usual)... 🤣 🤣 🤣

OK, once again, Picsie:
Have you, or have you not, described yourself as a communist?

And for Leo's benefit, what is your definition of a communist?
@Thinkerbell Gee, thanks. For the record, I don't think you're a Nazi, either.
DunningKruger · 56-60, M
The man is an idiot. I was reading some stuff the other day about how Trump and the whole Trump criminal family genuinely believes that they can do anything they like, no matter how illegal, as long as there's a lawyer in the room. They have no concept of the crime-fraud exclusion.
@NatureGuy77 You believe everything Tucker Carlson says about him?
@DunningKruger That's REALLY pathetic.
[quote]Is it like the Clinton and the Biden families or the Soros family???[/quote]

WJC was slippery on the witness stand in a fashion not worthy of a Rhodes scholar.

However, I don't think any of those people/families actually believes that the presence of a lawyer somehow "blesses" whatever happens, legally to transform the illegal into the legal.
monte3 · 70-79, M
You can’t make this stuff up 🤷‍♂️
Milkshake · F
its really scary that someone a little smarter then trump could have easily succeeded with that plan and the usa would have been in a full out civil war by now
monte3 · 70-79, M
@Milkshake it is scary that people a lot smarter than trump were willing to go along with it.
Milkshake · F
@monte3 yeah... he is just an idiot that we can easily control.... german conservatives in 1933
monte3 · 70-79, M
@Milkshake Bingo!!
Trump uncovered the dark soul of the American right and encouraged it.
Shame he was not still in office the Russian army would not have gone into the Ukraine and thousands of lives would not have been lost
@Vin53 Do me a favour please try to be the best person you can every day and take care.
Milkshake · F
@TheStarsareout the trump supporters are all putin and russia fans.. they love russia more then america
jackjjackson · 61-69, M
Hey Vin ….. you’re a douchebag. @Vin53
ravenhillofKrull · 41-45, MVIP
i am really angry at all you losers trying to undermine Trump, Trump is a legend and i hope he becomes president once again.
dale74 · M
@dale74 Okay. I see footage of a police officer telling them to be calm and peaceful, which they weren't after they went in. Doesn't actually change much.
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic Some of the Capitol police were clearly in on it.
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
It's amazing how the Trumpists are so corrupt but also so dumb. How many times is one of these guys going to get recorded committing treason?
dale74 · M
@BohemianBoo and you're telling me that Biden was more popular than Obama I'm sorry you will never convince me of this you will never convince me that Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama did Obama was an intelligent very articulate well educated politician Biden is not and you can't tell me he got that many more votes than Obama.
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
@dale74 No, he was involved in holding Ukrainian state officials to account, because the American government was giving Ukraine money. This inadvertently made things harder for Hunter's company, but Biden did the right thing anyway.
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
@dale74 Biden wasn't more popular than Obama. The reason he got so many votes is because, due to covid, state officials made it extra easy to vote from home. The 2020 election had more mail-in votes than any other recent election, which is why both Trump and Biden got more votes than any two candidates in history. It's not because they're super popular, it's just because of how the 2020 election was run.
MrGoodVibes · 36-40, M
@dale74 Why are you unable to figure out how to embed a YouTube video on SW?

Fine, he's corrupt. I never said he was perfect. But he never incited an insurrection after losing an election.
dale74 · M
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic never looked it up[media=]
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic He is deflecting because the republicans are being raided as we speak.
Budwick · 70-79, M
The videos are all over the place. Trump was at his rally.

Good work Columbo.
Oster1 · M
I can't wait, to see this ground breaking, never seen before video! I trust Adam, with my life!
Oster1 · M
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow I did, and your name, came up! Is it possible, your schemes and propaganda, no longer work? 🙂
@Oster1 🤦‍♂️ Thanks for proving me correct.
Oster1 · M
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow If my comment, makes you feel better, I'm all for it, OK?
ron122 · 41-45, M
Trump Trump Trump🤣🤣🤣
CBS News obtains images from documentary film footage given to Jan. 6 panel

About the best I can do. Probably the video will be shown tomorrow, and then everybody and their fucking cat will have it.
dale74 · M
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic correct this was just two pictures of the video but none of the video which is nothing more than what they kept saying about the Russian hoax the entire time where Trump was colluding with Russia and I guarantee you when it actually comes out it's not going to be anything. If any of these reporters have actually seen a video or had a copy of the video that condemned Trump and proved he was guilty of something it would be plastered on every News Network right now. If they're able to leak all types of classified information with our military then I guarantee you they wouldn't have any problems leaking footage from a British film documentary.
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
5th graders are smarter than Trump
This and other blatant violations of beginner level OpSec and trade craft to me doesn't show stupidity but a belief that they did not care if they left evidence lying around because they believe themselves to be above the law.
dale74 · M
If you haven't seen it don't believe it exist remember the Russian narrative head of the Intel committee kept saying he had seen solid evidence that Trump was guilty later he said oh well he just thought that the newspapers were reporting truthful stuff and he never actually saw it even though he testified he had and that's Adam shift one of the same people leading the January 6th committee now anybody that unlawfully violated and entered the Capitol building illegally should be prosecuted.
@dale74 They're going to show the video to the committee, and it's going to be on Discovery+.
dale74 · M
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic then until they air it and we see it it didn't happen. Once it's been aired and once we've seen it it will be widely available if it is true if it is not true they will say oh well this is what it meant no go based on his words Trump was a simple man he had no filter he said what he was thinking
@dale74 Yeah didn't happen. Police are totally not raiding people's homes right now. LOL
This is going to be entertaining...
At least we'll have crystal clear footage of us doing absolutely f*cking nothing about it.
Nanoose · 61-69, M
Yeah the world will see the delighted look on his face as he watched the riot rage on for hours. Cheers!
It’s [b]arrogance[/b] and that sense of entitlement he has, why should he hide what he keeps getting away with ?
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
Hes So Corrupt
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
[if this is true and damming evidencelet justice be served on trump [spunkylama]
MarkS · 51-55, M
He’s going away for sure.
@MarkS 5th times a charm 🤞
nudistsueaz · 56-60, F
@MarkS Like Hillary did?
MarkS · 51-55, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout he’s never gunna do time.
nudistsueaz · 56-60, F
and who cares?
@nudistsueaz You do or you wouldn't have commented.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
Azlotto · M
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic If you say so.
Have you seen how many dead people voted in 2020?

Zero. That's how many.

Azlotto · M
@Vin53 Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.
This message was deleted.
windinhishair · 61-69, M
[@bongblow] I didn't post the racist anti-semitic trope. You did. The hate speech is all yours. It is your identity. You own it.

I didn't think someone could be dumber than Trump, but you clearly are. Congratulations of sinking to the low of lows.
windinhishair · 61-69, M
[@bongblow] That's just projection on your part. Too bad your reptilian brain stem governs your minimal brain function.

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