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Trump or Desantis for 2024,?

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Just read Trump's interview where he called Desantis "gutless" for refusing to disclose if he got the booster shot

Why is it any one's business what someone's vaccination status is?

I swear, Trump is losing it.

First he promotes the vaccine and lies saying the vax has saved people's lives

Now he's shaming people over the vaccine

This is exactly what Democrats and libs are doing.

Desantis 2024 馃嚭馃嚫
Stereoguy56-60, M
I think Trump would do the better job, but I think Desantis would have a easier time getting elected.
I am not voting (here), because I think ONLY Trump's policies can pull us out of the mess Biden's cabinet has created. However, I worry that his "mouth" will continue to cause him problems. He is NOT a diplomat, and he NEEDS to be more diplomatic.

I might give DeSantis some serious consideration in 2028, but right now he needs to be right where he is. Florida is one of the last free states.
Trump for speaker.. revenge impeachments 馃榿
Anyone think teddy Cruz has been over compensating in senate hearings after calling his entire vote base terrorists? Lolz

Too late teddy. Go sit with mittons and Chaney
[@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout] Ted Cruz is a total sell out

He needs to be replaced. A true rino
graphite61-69, M
I'm OK with either of them - Trump will be kind of old so that might be a problem. We just have to get rid of the divisive, senile fiasco in the White House now.
hippyjoe195561-69, M
Sadly the nefarious ones wanted to get rid of Trump and like a pro wrestler used Trump against Trump. Trump tends to 'over react' He saw the virus as a very real threat and rather than urge calm and restraint he went madly off in all directions including vaxes. His response allowed panic and the vaxes have been shown to be more deadly than the virus. He can't seem to admit his error.
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] very big error. And he's just going to double down

Apparently he's going to campaign in 24, if he runs, using his 'achievement' of the vax. It's sickening
DavidT889918-21, M
I choose DeSantis.He seems to have most or all of Trumps strengths will little to none of his weaknesses.
ron12241-45, M
DeSantis has distanced himself from Trump. Smart move for him.
[@20437,ron122] the more Trump talks, the more this party sinks

This dude has very good cartoons and is pro maga and even he turned on Trump. Times are changing

Lover837736-40, M
Desantis has express he will not be running , with this article that was brought up I doubt it is true . So many nieve people will belive anything that is negative about trump . Wither it is true or not , peoole are convinced trump is mad . Twist the words and they think he is bad .
DavidT889918-21, M
[@1178853,Lover8377] I agree that Trump was treated horribly;nonetheless,I still say DeSantis is the better candidate.
Lover837736-40, M
[@1079947,DavidT8899] Hes to busy right now
DavidT889918-21, M
[@1178853,Lover8377] I wouldn't be too sure of that.
JohnnyO36-40, M
Trump would be 78 if he's still healthy and active enough his age shouldn't be a problem
Confined51-55, M
Yeah what you said.
[@6853,Confined] it saddens me that big pharma seems to have bought out Trump

There really is no excuse for Trump to do this stuff
Confined51-55, M
[@792263,Stargazer89] agreed
Graylight46-50, F
Oh, I only wish you were genuinely upset about Trump's fluidity of ethical compulsion.

Everyone who paints themselves into a corner trying to please everyone will sooner or late become a hypocrite before being left behind for the next messiah.
almostinvisible56-60, M
Never trump.
Never a trump enabler.
Surely there has to be a decent conservative with decent values out there still. But seeing this new crop of so called repubs, I'm a bit skeptical.
All 8 people voted Desantis. 2024 will be interesting

Time for new republican leadership

9 now
[quote]I swear, Trump [b][i][u]is[/u][/i][/b] losing it.


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