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Have you come out of your shell?

I feel as I get older I am more eager to meet new people. I am still very shy but time goes along and I have changed a lot through the years and I am lonely too. I hope I can become more sociable with time.
I came out of my shell a long time ago. 馃
Bri8931-35, M
Shortly after my mom died in 2016, I slowly started coming out of my shell after being cooped up in my house for ten years after graduating high school. I met new people, and I can honestly say that every interaction I have had with people in the past five years has been hollow. People have done nothing but try and take advantage of me, trying to get me to buy them things, and only pretending to be my friend in order to use me.

I am now deciding to return back into my shell like a turtle that has said screw this, I'm done.
CestManan46-50, F
@Bri89 That really is how people are though. I wish the reality were better.
Bri8931-35, M
@CestManan You are right. It is sad.
Cydas12346-50, M
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Coralmist41-45, F
Not really. I still feel inadequate, I dont currently have a job, partner/bf, or my own home. I believe one of my friends of 27 years ditched me because I couldnt invite her back to my own place for dinner ( she had me over hers many times). But besides that I listen to her, we would meet up at diners, I watched her child, and was always kind. Yet she cut me off cold turkey, because Im not where she is. So I fear meeting up an old friend from my childhood..What if she also thinks less of me? I feel Im in a shell because I dont have what others my age do. 馃ズ
I'm the same way. Just now really trying to break my social anxiety and introduce myself and get to know new people. Still hard, I always feel like I'm a burden and people talk to me just to be nice.
SinlessOnslaught26-30, M
I have PTSD and I have a hard time getting into the groove of socializing. There's a hard shell to break, every day. But once I manage to break that shell, for the rest of the day, I'm the life of the damn party. 馃槅
Yep kind of
CestManan46-50, F
I am less eager to meet new people. The only time they are nice is when they want something.
The last thing I want at this point in life is to be burdened by someone else's problems.
It's that we can see it's not so important for everyone to accept us - and also that we grow into being interested in others - so we reach out a little more...
No... I don't do people.

I would much rather be with my man and a close circle of friends than be out there with people.
Convivial26-30, F
Surprisingly most people are friendly... It's just making that initial contact... So, what do you have to lose?
Jenna7641-45, F
That's interesting, I;m finding the older I get the more withdrawn I am getting.
Sidewinder36-40, M
I came out of mine, long ago... Only to crawl back into it again.
Barny5256-60, M
Yep in my early 20s as i got self confidence, terribly shy in teens
reubles41-45, M
No, I'm actually building up my shell, I'm getting pretty fat
Frankie1346-50, M
I鈥檓 not meeting any people. But I wish I was
i've tried and got knocked back into it
SissySecrets41-45, T
Goodness yes. I broke the shell I think.
Buzzznut51-55, M
I hope things are working out for you
PinkRose2322-25, F
It took time but yes
Half in
Half out
Convivial26-30, F
And how that going?
REMsleep41-45, F
As you become older things fall into perspective. You realize that nothing is the end of the world so fear becomes less. Practice makes perfect.
lumberjackslam41-45, M
No, I'm like one of those duck embryos people eat
DDonde31-35, M
I have started to, very slowly
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