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Ugh…getting my first pair of bifocals a month after my 50th birthday is just a little on the nose 😅😣

Matt85 · 36-40, M
Thats a win

but so is not shitting your pants!
I need a pair. I have regular prescription glasses but I have to take them off to see up close
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
@Spoiledbrat That’s exactly why I got mine…tired of taking off the distance glasses and squinting to read anything
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
😆 Welcome to the old folks club.
Upside is you now get to moan about everything ! 😜
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
@Picklebobble2 Kids these days! And the prices of things, my god! And why are cars so complicated?! 🤣
ravenwind43 · 51-55, F
You made it longer than I did 😆😁
Carissimi · 61-69, F
Gird your loins. It gets worse, a lot worse. Lol 😂 I don’t know why I’m laughing because it’s not funny. 😢
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
@Carissimi The way I see it, it’s laugh or cry. I like laughing 😉
Carissimi · 61-69, F
I vacillate between the two. @Zaphod42
Gangstress · 41-45, F
Oh god this is happening to me
Im like why cant i see up close things with my glasses on
Shh tho..avoidance
BarbossasHusband · 36-40, M
I was only 8 when I had to get my first pair..
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
Yes, that's generally where people wear them. 😆😆😆
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
@LordShadowfire Ba dum, tis 😂
I got my first pair at 45
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
@NativePortlander1970 If I’m really honest with myself, I could have used them then, I just refused to be old yet 😂

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