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I Hate Domestic Violence
So today I decided to sign up for one of those dating sites. The man that I decided to let go won't leave. He says, he will never let go of the relationship, no matter what. That I am stuck to him. FYI, I haven't slept for over 3 days think...
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36-40, F
7 replies
Jan 5, 2019
I Feel Like My Husband Doesn't Love Me
So, the guy I have complaining about all these years finally did it! I finally gave up and told him it was over. He tried making me feel guilty, but I just let him go on. So when that didn't work, he brought up the tears. Not working this time s...
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36-40, F
9 replies
Dec 25, 2018
I Am Sometimes Clueless
These past couple weeks I have had so much go through my mind. So many questions, so many feelings. I find myself lost, not knowing what to think. I think back in the past, wishing that I was still there. Remembering good times and bad. I feel alone....
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36-40, F
1 reply
Dec 19, 2018
I Lost My Mother to Cancer
My mother is dying. My sisters are in denial. I feel like I am the only one fighting for her life. Even my mother doesn't want to listen to what the doctors tell her and prefers to listen to fairy trails about her treatment. She has stage four u...
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36-40, F
12 replies
May 20, 2018
I Am Unhappy In My Marriage
I don't know what to do. I have been having feelings that something has been going on, with out any proof. I let it be. I went on with life. Then as I used his phone to call my mother, I saw it. The conversation that would show me the truth. The...
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36-40, F
13 replies
Apr 22, 2018
I Am Confused About My Feelings
I find myself not being able to grasp reality. The reality that I have husband who takes time off of work to take care of my parents. A man that cleans and cooks for our family. He may not make enough but pulls the extra weight around the house. I ma...
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36-40, F
11 replies
Feb 25, 2018
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