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United Kingdom
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I Have a Scar
Fell during the summer and faceplanted into a wall, splitting open my chin which needed stitches - 2" long scar now
51-55, M
1 reply
Nov 25, 2016
I Love Girls Who Wear Thong's
I have a friend - let's call her Helen - and she wears thongs a lot. It's great walking behind her to watch her bum wiggle but it's even better watching her as she bends to pick something up and the 'whale tail' appears Lov...
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51-55, M
6 replies
Nov 25, 2016
I Love the Smell of Coffee While Its Brewing
I have a Tassimo machine and I drink coffee made from the Tassimo coffee pods. I also have a grinder and I grind my own beans. Sometimes, I'll grind beans and not make coffee just to get the aroma
51-55, M
3 replies
Nov 25, 2016
I Am Not Who They Think I Am
I have 2 lives - my everyday work and family life and my online life. I have a stressful management job and so I need a release when I'm not in work. My online persona helps with that and I keep the 2 strictly seperate
51-55, M
8 replies
Nov 25, 2016
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