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Why do people have to be so argumentative?
There are better hobbies out there, you know
+ 4 9 replies 21 views 8 hrs ago |
I Hate Arguing And Fighting
A racist Mexican guy on Facebook called me a colonizer and a cracker
That's interesting considering I'm Native American and he seems to forget that unless he's indigenous himself (I doubt it) Mexicans are a product of Spanish colonization, so who's he calling a colonizer? 😂 After I schooled him and...
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+ 6 30 replies 40 views 9 hrs ago |
I Hate Racist People
Do you have a love-hate relationship with Summer?
I do. I love how sunny and beautiful it looks, but at the same time, I get tired of the heat. 🥵
+ 2 8 replies 15 views 1 day ago |
I Love Summer
Someone on here once told me I can't identify as Native American
Their reasoning for that was that because my ancient ancestors migrated here from Asia, so that means I'm no more native than the European settlers who came here. I told them by their own logic, no one can say they're native to any continen...
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+ 4 14 replies 34 views 1 day ago |
I Can't Stand Racist People
What do you do when you have recurring dreams that keep waking you up at night?
If anyone has any tips on getting rid of them, they would be much appreciated.
+ 0 3 replies 8 views 1 day ago |
I Have Been Having Recurring Dreams
I used to resent my mom for not knowing I was being molested
When I was 13, I told my mom that the babysitter she had hired for more than a year had been molesting me nearly that whole time. She was completely shocked, she had absolutely no idea that was going on, but I felt she should have. She did see thing...
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+ 4 7 replies 38 views Jul 28, 2020 |
I Had To Let Go Of My Resentment
I had a really bizarre relationship with my babysitter
Like I said in my last post, she was really good to me whenever she wasn’t molesting me. That might sound strange - and it is - but it’s true. We were close, even. Sometimes when she would watch over me, everything would be perfectly normal. Some day...
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+ 8 15 replies 53 views Jul 28, 2020 |
I Was Molested By My Babysitter
I found an early bloomer in a blackberry bush
Or an early riper, rather. A lone fully ripened blackberry among all the others which still have a long way to go until they're ripe. Blackberries usually don't start fully ripening until late August or early September, so that thing is way...
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+ 4 7 replies 25 views Jul 27, 2020 |
I Love Blackberries
Every time I mention my dad who abandoned me in a post, there's always old men commenting who sympathize with HIM
That's right, they sympathize with my dad. Not me, the girl he ditched upon learning my mom was pregnant with me. I don't ever look for sympathy on here, but the amount of people here who have sided with my dad just amazes me. What's c...
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+ 4 9 replies 26 views Jul 27, 2020 |
I Hate My Dad
Don’t you hate it when people tell you you’re going to have regrets over something?
I do! I don’t have any relationship with my dad and I don’t care to because he abandoned my mom after learning she was pregnant with me. Still, I have always been told that I will regret not reaching out to him, but I’m a grown woman now and I‘ve nev...
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+ 3 54 replies 52 views Jul 27, 2020 |
I Have Regrets
Karen attack in the wild caught on tape
Adopting a rare intimidation posture too. 🤭
+ 3 5 replies 33 views Jul 24, 2020 |
I Hate Racist People
Here’s a little project my mom’s boyfriend has been working on
He has two of these plants he might make a lot of money off. 🤑 Thank god for it being legal in my state. With people losing their jobs during the lockdown, being able to grow your own marijuana from home has given people another way to generate incom...
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+ 7 2 replies 25 views Jul 24, 2020 |
I Say Legalize Marijuana
Caught a little family of Canadian geese
I’m on a roll today!
+ 7 5 replies 32 views Jul 21, 2020 |
I Love Wildlife
And here’s that flower
Just a lone pink flower blooming among all the brush. Looks kinda like this emoji: 🌸
+ 4 2 replies 12 views Jul 21, 2020 |
I Love Wild Flowers
I was going to take a picture of a flower when this little guy hopped out of nowhere
Startled me, but I’m glad I saw it because now I have two things to take pictures of. 🤭
+ 6 3 replies 30 views Jul 21, 2020 |
I Love Wildlife
Nice shot of a nearby river 🙂
+ 15 4 replies 37 views Jul 21, 2020 |
I Like to Take Pictures
Who even says “Indian” to describe Native Americans anymore?
One of my friends who is also native used that word to describe someone from a neighboring tribe and I genuinely thought he was talking about an Indian as in from India. No one says that for Native Americans anymore, at least not around here! It’s n...
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+ 12 132 replies 147 views Jul 17, 2020 |
I Am American Indian
I don't see how anyone could spend hours upon hours playing video games
My roommate once showed me the amount of time her computer keeps track of her playing her video games and many of the games she's played had over 100 hours put into them! 😱 I don't judge, I just don't get it. Thank god I'm not a b...
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+ 5 10 replies 26 views Jul 17, 2020 |
I Don't Like Video Games
Going on my first camping trip of the Summer this weekend
Now that we're finally getting Summer weather over here, it's about time I went out camping with friends. I can't wait! I'm going to spend all day preparing because it's going to be all weekend long with a lot of hiking in th...
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+ 6 5 replies 12 views Jul 17, 2020 |
I Am Going Camping
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