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“Shut up, conservative”

From now on, whenever I get a conservative coming on my posts with their usual dumbassery, I'm just going to start saying that to them. No point in arguing, they're ignorant and will remain so to the bitter end. 🙄
BlueVeins · 22-25
I like to toy with them
val70 · 51-55
@BlueVeins Down toyboy. Wrong sex
BlueVeins · 22-25
@val70 Right sex 💋
val70 · 51-55
@BlueVeins Wrong age nevertheless :-) sorry!
So far most of the people you've responded with that to I already blocked 😒
@SW-User I find it more amusing to make them block me.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
It would seem to me that posting something like this would have the exact opposite effect you would prefer...that is, not to have arguments with those you find "ignorant"...

This seems like the typical partisan provocation. Making a bunch of noise about what you [i]don't[/i] want assuming that people here will honor your wishes...I'm not sure you are sincere.
Alfarrobas · 31-35, M
Not all of them.
You need to understand what ones are like that
@Alfarrobas I’ll be okay.
Alfarrobas · 31-35, M
@PerchingDove never Said you werent
@Alfarrobas And I never said you did say that. 😏
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@MalteseFalconPunch More like a whole subspecies.
val70 · 51-55
@LordShadowfire Yes, another one. It indeed says a lot about the person who actually voices that
familyfunguy · 56-60, M
It might be good way to avoid debates that you can't win.
@familyfunguy It's impossible to win a debate against somebody who doesn't debate honestly.
@familyfunguy Not winning a debate against a conservative? 😂
revenant · F
What is ignorance according to you ?
val70 · 51-55
@LordShadowfire Oh gosh, there's you again. What's the meaning of a certain term first used in 1990 again? You really need to start reading more than just these posts on SW
revenant · F
@val70 they love to argue for the sake of arguing, it gives them some meaning. They could not care less about reaching some truth of any kind.
val70 · 51-55
@revenant They're all over the place here. Can't understand what America is changing into
pdockal · 56-60, M
So your always right ?????
Baremine · 70-79, C
@PerchingDove you don't even know who called you out.liberals screw up everything they touch.
Baremine · 70-79, C
@PerchingDove spoken because you can't handle the truth and your no smart enough to give any intelligent answer.
[quote]and your no smart enough to give any intelligent answer.[/quote]
I no smart enough, lol. Who asked you anyway, you old pervert?
JestAJester · 31-35, M
Posts about what exactly
JestAJester · 31-35, M
@PerchingDove wow ok. Here i am trying to be civil and you berate me. Weren't you just complaining about such things from others? May i suggest if you want respect from others, you must give it first. Maybe its not the content you post but your attitude that needs adjustment
@JestAJester You don’t get it, my dude! I’ll just repeat what I said: [quote]that was an ignorant thing you asked and there’s just no excuse for it[/quote]
That’s not being uncivil, that’s just telling it like it is. I’m sorry I don’t sugarcoat it, but someone has to say it. And you don’t get to talk about being respectful when you yourself lack empathy, it just doesn’t work that way. Think about what you’d said carefully and start taking your own advice.

My attitude could be better, yes, but so could yours. Guess we’re as bad each other because you’re really not any better. I wish you could see. So once again: be better.
"Im a right wing conservative"
Well there is your problem.
Before you even start: shut up. 🙄
Adstar · 56-60, M
It is good that people come right out and reveal themselves to others.. A lot of wasted time can be avoided when people do this..
@Adstar It seems I can’t make a single post about pride month without getting at least two of them! 😂 They just can’t help themselves and then they say I’m the one who can’t live and let live.
Adstar · 56-60, M
@PerchingDove Glad you read my post so quickly.. Now i can block you.. As others should do to hate filled narrow minded bigots..
@Adstar Boo hoo
I hope I'm not that crazy but I can admit my ideas aren't normal.
I just attack them immediately.
Human1000 · M
Good policy.
You might as well. They do it.
Now that I think of it, isn't that why the phrase "Ok boomer" got started?
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