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Greeting me with “How” ✋ doesn’t offend me

Saying “how” with your hand up as a so-called Native American greeting? Me and other indigenous people I know do that with each other all the time as a joke. Even if someone who isn’t indigenous does that with us, we don’t find it offensive because we just assume they’re joking. But if they’re being serious, then we do find it offensive, because it’s incredibly ignorant for them to think that’s a legit Native American greeting and we should be well past that. Luckily, that’s never happened with me personally. Ever. But I’m sure there are still plenty of people like that around these days. Mainly older generations or those who just weren’t raised right to keep up with the times. I just hope that’s a sign that most people are being properly educated on what’s legit offensive and what isn’t.
My friend says he still occasionally gets that from older people when they’re either trying to be funny or don’t know what to say. He says on the rare occasion that it happens he nods and says, "I [b]know[/b] how !”
@bijouxbroussard That last time I interacted with you, you were arguing that protesting against mascots was legit. I hope this means you’ve matured and have understood that that is exactly what you said: not changing anything. In which case, great! Slacktivism is far more offense to us than any politically incorrect mascots.
@PerchingDove You changed your userid or are using an alt ? And clearly [b]you[/b] misunderstood what I was saying. I remember the conversation. I have no problem with the small gestures, except when people think that’s all there is to it, and then we’re done and everything’s great. I said that at the time, but you were so angry you couldn’t hear me. I’ve had the experience of protesting those real issues, was born into our country during [b]legal[/b] racial segregation. So for you to question my "maturity" is rather presumptuous, not to mention condescending. Yes, I remember you well.
@bijouxbroussard You’ve blocked me, so it’s pointless to respond, but to those that will read this, your doing so speaks volumes.
CorvusBlackthorne · 46-50, M
That reminds me of a rather old joke.

A cowboy encountered a Native American one day who boasted of having an eidetic memory.
"Ask me anything," he said. "Anything I've ever done in my life. I'll remember it, no matter how long ago it was. In fact, I'll bet you $100 you can't stump me."

"All right," replied the cowboy. "What did you have for breakfast three days after your 12th birthday?"

"Bacon and eggs," replied the Native American.

Duly impressed, the cowboy gave the Native American five wrinkled $20 bills, and rode off into the sunset.

Three years later, the same cowboy encountered the same Native American. Not recognizing him, he raised his arm and said, "How."

The Native American replied, "I had the eggs scrambled, and the bacon cooked nice and crispy."
I try to avoid racial humor in person, because you just never know when somebody's going to assume you're serious.
@ShadowfireTheSarcastic In this case, it’s so widespread, it’s like, how can you still take serious? Unless they are serious. 😂
Adstar · 56-60, M
This is the first time anyone has revealed this How thing to me and i am 56 years old... No having ever met a native of north America i have never had the opportunity to offer any greeting to one in my life.. But even if i did use the "how" greeting seriously .. My intent would be an attempt to NOT Offend the person.. It would not be based on any Arrogance but simply on the only information i have ever received.. And if the said native American reacted with anger and offense at my "How" then i would be VERY angry at them for inflicting that injustice upon me.. and it would be an injustice for sure because my intent would never have been to offend the native American..

After such a unjust experience with a native American ( the first experience i would had had with a native American ) i would avoid all further contact with native Americans and would have a very negative opinion of them..

Inflecting injustices upon good intentioned people who have made an honest mistake will not advance good relations between peoples.. It will only work to build division and resentment and hate between peoples..
Tracos · 51-55, M
how do you do :)
@Tracos That’s what we do. Start with “How” then with “do you do” or “are you” 😂
I just see it as a multicultural thing .

Like using a word from another language .

I have a friend that always says 'howdy'. This is a very american thing, but it suits her .

I often say "tschüß" when leaving.

I think its good to include ideas and language from other cultures. We should be inclusive rather than exclusive. 🤷‍♀️
@PerchingDove so the [quote]
multiple different faces [/quote] they use aren't mulitfaceted ?😏

That's funnyily ironic to read .

But, all good . We are different, and that's not a bad thing 🙏
@OogieBoogie That’s not what I said and I know that you know that. But it’s okay. Others that read this will
Make what they will of this.
@PerchingDove they will.👍

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