Reddit is a social network website where you can share news, articles, images, stories and ask questions.

Reddit first began its operations in the year 2005, founded by Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz and Alexis Ohanian.

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Some Features of Reddit

The main features of reddit are the Posts and Communities (called Subreddits).

You can join Subreddits that you are interested on, and you will be receiving posts of those communities in your home feed.

Every post and comment can be upvoted and downvoted. Every vote counts towards your Karma points, which is public and equivales to your reputation on the site.

Each Subreddit has moderators and different rules. In reddit, you must follow read Subreddit's terms individually before you post, to ensure your post stays active and that you don't get downvoted.

There are a number of different types of Posts. These can be Text posts, an Image or Video, a Link or a Poll. You can mark your posts as "Original Content" (OC), Spoiler, NSFW and, depending on the Subreddit, you can add a Flair to your post.

Problems of Reddit

The most frequent complaints about reddit relate to its moderation. Every Subreddit has different moderators and rules, and many times the rules are not clear. Users usually complain of their posts being deleted by the moderators, even when those posts don't have anything wrong, and were even getting several upvotes; but the moderators didn't like or found the post of 'low effort'.

Because of the point above, users may create their own Subreddit community for the same topic/subject, allowing for more flexibility and freedom, but the problem with this is that it causes fragmentation, as the audience is split between numerous different Subreddits. You, as a user, can join your favorite Subreddit, or join all of them, if you want to be subscribed to all posts. However, the downside of this is that if users 'cross-post' to all those Subreddits (to ensure they maximize their audience), the users subscribed to all related communities will get several duplicates in their home feed.

Many users complain about the downvote feature. Unfortunately, downvote is abused by many, so people find themselves getting downvoted for absolutely no reason, or unfairly. This is many times the reason why users avoid socializing, commenting or posting on reddit.

reddit has been for years working on a redesign, and users can choose whether to use the old or the new design. A very significant percentage of the users is very attached to the old design, persuading reddit to keep their old site, and threatening to leave if they remove the old version. Due to the evolution of features, Subreddit features and post rendering, many times a user doesn't know whether their Post or Comment are formatted well on both versions, as users of the old site may see it different than the users on the new site.

Reddit Alternative

SimilarWorlds (SW) is considered a very good alternative to reddit, by many users of SW.

SimilarWorlds does not have most of the problems mentioned above.

Communities/Categories on SW are controlled by the admins, which means that there is no fragmentation, since there is only one Category for a specific topic. Categories are also broad, permanent, and not specific to time-dependent topics. However, there are also Groups for specific topics, but those are linked to the broader Categories, which helps in the organization/categorization of the site. A user subscribing to "Martial Arts", for example, is automatically subscribing to "Karate" and "Judo". However, they can just subscribe to "Karate" independently, if that's the only martial art that the user is interested on.

SimilarWorlds has a very unique feature, besides Categories, where each post has a 'Mood/Type'. So, even though a user is subscribed to "Politics", they can easily identify whether a post is an 'Update', a 'Positive' post, or an 'Upset' post (or many other types). This is a great way to let users focus on the right mood, and avoid looking at 'Sad'/'Upset' posts, if they want to.

Another very important advantage of SimilarWorlds is that there is huge flexibility on the Posts, Comments and Messages. You don't have to explicitly choose whether your post is Text, Image/Video, Link or Poll, and be limited to that. Instead, on SW, every post/comment/message can contain text, images, videos, links and polls, without any limitations. This allows users to express themselves in a much better, relaxed way, and enjoy the definition of Social with much more fun.

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