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We got more people who don't know PEMDAS (or BODMAS). 馃ぃ

It's really 104, but apparently someone thought it's 96. 馃ぃ
TurtleDreams22-25, F
the answer is Dora
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@TurtleDreams Dora? 馃ぃ
Dethmoore31-35, M
It鈥檚 104. The +4 in the end isn鈥檛 affected by the negative of the parenthesis. Someone clearly failed middle school algebra.
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@Dethmoore See? 馃槅
Dethmoore31-35, M
@xSiFiGamer2016x it鈥檚 not even a matter of pemdas. You can even go through it straight from left to right and it鈥檒l still be right as long as it is understood that the 4 doesn鈥檛 become a minus since it鈥檚 not part of the negative parenthesis. Straightforward math 100 - 0 + 4, not 100 - ( 0 + 4 )
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@Dethmoore Yeah, I've done the operations that way when I was a lot younger. And yeah, it would've been 96 if the parentheses we're involved at the last minute.
Rolexeo26-30, M
Why is the order of operations the way it is?
Rolexeo26-30, M
@ViciDraco so it's basically just agreed upon?
ViciDraco36-40, M
@Rolexeo Yes. You have to remember that the math we write is a representative description of what is happening. The formulas describe the physical math that is happening. Just like we use our words to describe objects, events, and concepts.

I had ten dollars. I doubled it and then Jimmy took two. I have eighteen dollars.

10 X 2 - 2 = 18

I had ten dollars. Jimmy took two of my dollars and then I doubled the rest. I have sixteen dollars

(10 - 2) X 2 = 16

I had ten dollars. I told Jimmy I would double what he takes. Jimmy took 2 dollars. I have six dollars.

10 - 2 X 2 = 6

What is happening is happening. The numbers we choose to represent what is happening have to be agreed upon so that we can communicate. Just as we agree on what the word tree means.
@Rolexeo no, it is based on how it relates to real world physics

If you use a smaller number vs a larger one, you can see uf you got the right impact or not

Math isn't originally based in theory. Math is meant to be a representation of the real world, be it having its faults and limits
Bleak36-40, F
So what鈥檚 the real mathematics?
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@Bleak It goes by the order of operations.

[b]P[/b] is "parentheses" or [b]B[/b] is "brackets". You gotta solve the problem in there first.


[b]E[/b] is "exponents", like 2虏 (small number being the exponent). The [b]O[/b] meaning "order".

The next step

[b]M[/b] and [b]D[/b] means to multiply or divide. This is sort of a confusing part for many, but it's supposed to be in order.


[b]A[/b] and [b]S[/b] is to add or subtract. That's the easy part.
Bleak36-40, F
@xSiFiGamer2016x Thankyou. And it seems very simple.
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@Bleak Oh, it is. Trust me. And you're welcome. 馃槑鉁岋笍
One of my former bosses, who might be the smartest man I've ever known, didn't twig to it when looking at some C++ code
ViciDraco36-40, M
PEMDAS does a huge disservice to people. The acronym doesn't make clear that multiply and divide are at same order and that add and subtract are at same order.
xSiFiGamer2016x22-25, M
@ViciDraco I've noticed that for a while. It's confusing to many, even I had a problem back in grade school. Especially elementary.

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