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I Love Marvel And Dc Comics

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I just watched Avengers: Infinity War trailer and I am so hyped for it even through I’m a big DC comics fan but I can still enjoy the movie. Who’s looking forward watching the film?
22-25, M
3 replies
Nov 29, 2017
I might start reading DC comics. I learned that Marvel and DC has a pretty big following and I'm curious to see how good the stories are. I usually read manga, have been since grade school, but I wouldn't mind reading something different fo...
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22-25, F
0 replies
Jul 9, 2017
damn homecoming was awesome movie just amazing and yeah iron man 😁 his name is enough, nice movie total entertaning and credit scenes were pretty cool
26-30, M
3 replies
Jul 6, 2017
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I Love Marvel And Dc Comics
For people who would like to talk about Marvel & DC comic characters
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