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Perhaps this is controversial

I think Marvel has 100% fell off since End Game, last I saw was multiverse of madness and the was mid. NWH was good but lets be honest it was only fan service.
DunningKruger · 56-60, M
Well, none of the Marvel movies were all that good. I mean, I enjoyed them, but they are Extruded Entertainment Product ®, not art.

I really enjoy the shows on Disney+ rather more than the movies, and I'm looking forward to the shows that are coming out.
JohnOlinger · 41-45, M
@DunningKruger I love The TV Show Loki & Moon Knight
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
yes but unlike you I loved Scarlet Witch killing all those stupid characters way too much just like Thanos decking Marvel made Endgame worth it
Magnolia21 · 18-21, F
I'd say that's as controversial as saying water is wet.

In all seriousness, they ended the primary franchise. They used all the fun characters, the memorable ones, the interesting ones, and then wrapped up the story. Now Marvel is throwing everything at the wall, trying to re-capture the lightning in the bottle.
ComeOverMyKnee · 26-30
I agree with u it did fall off
ComeOverMyKnee · 26-30
Feel like they are trying to hard now
Benjago · 41-45, M
I see it more factual than controversial. It just all feels so convoluted to me now. They just keep throwing more stuff out there and it's hard to see it actually coming together because it's all over the place. But I don't know...maybe they'll surprise. My expectations are low though.
Emosaur · 22-25, M
Not controversial at all. They do occasionally still produce good stuff though (the new Spider-Man trilogy, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Moon Knight).
Torsten · 36-40, M
its now Disney pretending to be Marvel. Its not Marvel anymore.
More about identity politics instead of the actual stories
TAReturns · M
Trying to continue the franchise without Downey, Evans, Boseman etc has been extremely difficult so far. She Hulk was great.
IWasCallingYaLarry · 26-30, M
Last Marvel movie I saw was NWH. I didn't care for anything after that. And my movie experience seeing it sucked anyway lol.
eventtemple123 · 18-21, M
I thought everything before endgame was good but not great. Yes, it has gotten worse from there.
JohnOlinger · 41-45, M
@KylaB So what do you think of Jason Momoa & Would You Do Him
Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
I may see the new Ant Man movie sometime soon.

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