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If you won $80 million - What would you do with the money ?

Okay... You hit the Jackpot! You won $80 million. Let's be real now -- What's the first thing you'd do ?😃 ☺
Disposal · 36-40, M
Not tell a soul
Invest obviously
Secretly buy a house and refurbished it.
Make out that I'm being evicted and that no one will offer support in my time of need and fade away into obscurity leaving the bastards feeling terrible enough for when they find out I'm rich. They be too guilty to approach me
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DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
1. Pay off all my debt.
2. Buy a house in Tennessee and one in Minnesota.
3. Be generous with certain fam and friends.
4. Help fiance start a business.
5. Build animal sanctuaries all over the world.
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
@quitwhendone he has talked about so many, Idk which one he would settle on. Lol
@DearAmbellina2113 But what kind of business does Ambellina want?
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
@quitwhendone if I was gonna start a business, it would be something sensible that would always be useful. Like rentable storage units.
meat18 · 56-60, M
NOt tell a soul!!
Ferric67 · M
@meat18 exactomondo
PatKirby · M
This is probably the best thing to do right here.
Tiusflow · 61-69, M
Hire a good accountant and find a way to give half of it to family so they would not bug me for money. I would live in the same house but take vacations to the beach whenever I felt like it.
take about 15million and set it aside for investment, about 2 million to play with, 10 million is a nice round number for that, and prepare for a barrage of taxes.
Ferric67 · M
Make a pact to not tell a soul. I would then pay off all my bills and set up a yearly trustfund to sustain my current lifestyle. I would keep my job too.
TexChik · F
After they take the taxes off the top , you’ll have around 56 M . I would invest of shore , things are too uncertain here with the disaster in Washington .
PatKirby · M
Probably buy a nice car and house then buy homes and rent them out. Live on the interest from investing the principal. That way the money grows, not decreases.
Bonnie · 41-45, F
Buy my own house and land give some to friends and family, put some in savings account and invest the rest
Pay off debts.
Buy some land and build a house on it.
Invest some
Save the rest to live on
Vogue007 · 41-45, F
@PrivateHell Where would you buy your land? And what kind of house would you build? ☺
Had the same thoughts on what to do with $80m ☺
Pay off all my parents debt and buy them a bigger house and then run away 😜
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Pay 60% tax on it probably 😖
Pretty sure you would in the UK anyway.

Well I think I’d spend some time looking for a place to be.
Maybe with a view of the sea; maybe somewhere warmer. Mediterranean maybe.

Design and build a home.
Equip it with every stupidity you could imagine
Swimming pool; Snooker table; classic arcade games room; room with a glass ceiling to view the stars at night (see how daft you start thinking ?)
Pinto · 61-69, M
Retire. Sleep for a wek. Then figure things out.
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
Pay off my debt and my parents'debt. Set aside two million to live off of and play with, and then put the rest into investments to live off the returns
reflectingmonkey · 51-55, M
I would use half to set up a non-profit organization and once it is set up, working and helping people, I would travel everywhere, even go to the only hotel in antarctica (insanely expensive), maybe even go to space with the newly developed space tourism industry.
Shift to Greece or Spain
Pretzel · 61-69, M
get a new phone number
get a po box
hire and attorney
hire an accountant
collect the money
quit my job
sell my house
find a nice rental place
buy a new car
give some money to selected family members
set up a trust for my daughter

not that I've thought about it
Honestly thats a very good amount of money. So I will start a small business, buy small properties and invest to save tax and also plan activities or fun and enjoyment each year. I will also help poor people.
We could gamble it all over a game of pool? 🤔 if you win, the money is all yours! Just give me a job as your maid though because ill be poor otherwise! 😁😊👍
gregloa · 61-69, M
Help the poor. Seek out struggling single parents buy them a new car. Make sure they have a secure home. Help fund homeless shelters etc. etc. etc.
gdon39 · 41-45, M
Get an attorney, pay off my family’s homes and debt.

Go from there
ProfessorPlum77 · 70-79, MVIP
Pay off my car.
Buy a new home.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
Contact a financial advisor.
1. Contact my accountant to settle whatever taxes would be owed.
2. Make sure that my parents have absolutely everything they need.
3. Add to a trust that already exists for my niece.
4. Gift some funds to my two closest friends.
5. Buy the Victorian where I used to live, and invite my brother to share it, if he were willing to commute.
6. Donate to some charities I support, including the shelter where I volunteered.
7. Deposit the rest.

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