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Do you talk to pets/animals in baby voice?

Or normal?

I always end up talking baby voice, I can't help it. 馃ズEspecially to pups and dogs lol.
They're probably like, wth bitch? 馃ぃ
Creyvin1morehead100+, M
I did,,,,,,, but Christmas time was tuff & we all need to eat

YoungPoet34522-25, F
[@1203332,Creyvin1morehead] omg 馃槀馃槀
Poppies61-69, F
I talk to my cats in a cat voice.
Degbeme61-69, M
Poppies61-69, F
[@72117,Degbeme] 馃悎
SageWanderer70-79, M
[@557324,Poppies] I can鈥檛 speak cat but understand the difference between food, water and open the window blind for sunshine.
MarkPaul22-25, M
No, I treat them like a fully thinking adult deserving of respect.
YoungPoet34522-25, F
[@8638,MarkPaul] they are fully functioning human adults after all
SageWanderer70-79, M
No baby talk but our cat likes to be sung to especially during thunderstorms.
Coralmist36-40, F
[@516380,SageWanderer] awwww馃尒锔
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
Baby voice.

I spoke that way to sparrows yesterday, as I fed them the rest of my cheesesteak.

(It was a footlong and I could not finish the last few bites).
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
[@562099,Coralmist] The day before that, I went to see the duckies and gooseies.

They came to me because they wanted food, but I had none. Those begging, hopeful eyes!
Coralmist36-40, F
[@68716,JoyfulSilence] I love duckies lol awww. Geese can be mean muthaf##$ers lol. Excuse my French
JoyfulSilence46-50, M

Yes, ducks are too small to be scary. But some of those young geese who have not yet learned to fear people can get pretty close, with those beaks! When they are little, I do not worry, but they grow quickly and still act like little geese, and get really close. They want the food they think I have! I had to wave my feet at them to make them back off.

Here they were about a week ago:

The young ones are quite large now and have learned to stay back a little more.
chris62ca56-60, M
No, but I speak to him like one of my children.
Coralmist36-40, F
[@376657,chris62ca] 馃檪
theperplexedpanda31-35, M
I usually talk to mine in a normal voice; sometimes it gets angrier than normal. 馃槀
theperplexedpanda31-35, M
[@562099,Coralmist] They like to all gang up on me in the morning when it's time for food and I have to let them know in no uncertain terms that I will get to them once my coffee is ready and NOT BEFORE. 馃槀
Coralmist36-40, F
[@1218,theperplexedpanda] many, cats, dogs?
theperplexedpanda31-35, M
[@562099,Coralmist] Two dogs, three cats. A menagerie. 馃槵
Yep, it's impossible to talk to them in a normal voice.
Coralmist36-40, F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] ikr? Haha
OverTheHill56-60, M
To my petty kitty girl? Or course, because she is so precious.
Zaphod4246-50, M
Haha! Yes I do 馃槀
My puppy seems to respond well to it though, sooo鈥 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
ImRileyTheDog18-21, F
Usually normal unless I want them to listen to me馃槄
Hi Mittens how was your day?
Iamonfire66631-35, F
I do this and have no idea why 馃槀
Kingfish131-35, M
I treat them as equals.
Always baby voice
cherokeepatti61-69, F
A higher pitch voice, it鈥檚 funny when Boo-Boo my parakeet talks, I always know when he鈥檚 imitating me cause he changes his voice to a higher pitch.
fun4us2b61-69, M
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

So, no...馃槀
BlueVeins18-21, M
I do, I think it's just our natural response to toddlers going haywire lol.
Pretzel61-69, M
of course I do- they understand you then
kentex3561-69, M
I talk to them as an adult till they show me I can't
[@800649,kentex35] Then it becomes Shit On The Carpet and that's not acceptable.
kentex3561-69, M
[@619287,Jwalker] I know and then I beat them. Not really
[@800649,kentex35] They don't want to disappoint. The look on their face says it all. Some time out is good enough. Then it's back to, Hey Buddy.

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