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Why is this place like highschool?馃檮

I never usually post personal stuff here but this just needed to be said.. IF I BLOCK YOU i usually have a valid reason to do so..creating a hate campaign against me just makes you look bad,it also proves that blocking you was the right decision.. so please move on get over it! ..Why you feel the need to warn others about me and make up lies just shows how insecure you are blocking you does not make me a bad person it is my right as a SW member
Harriet0341-45, F
Kindergarten more like!
Harriet0341-45, F
LadyJ41-45, F
[@763897,Harriet03] lol i know hun
Harriet0341-45, F
[@1086727,LadyJ] 馃ぃ
BreezeyBree56-60, F
I don't know if anyone says anything to others about me nor do I care.
I don't have time to talk about others to people I like either.
I don't like games and taking sides. If I block anyone, it's for reasons that matter to me. If someone blocks me, it's for reasons that matter to them. I don't have much of a care about the whole mess.
I was hoping this site wouldn't have all these public fights and upsets...that it would be different from all I've seen.
Lacemaker41-45, F
Blocking is one be respected, as you say. The way these people conduct themselves afterwards is the problem. A handful are sickly sweet and nicey-nicey for all to see, then stab you in the back, oh so insidiously 馃槵
LadyJ41-45, F
[@329653,RubySoo] yes it happens..this is the second time a user here has resorted to gossip xnd rumour tactics to make me look bad just because i blocked them..its sad that others listen to them instead of thinking for themselves
RubySoo51-55, F
[@1086727,LadyJ] i havent seen any of it hunni.
But yes...others listen instead of making their own judgements.
When i read posts like yours, i wonder if its the same perps who did it to me....but if course..i cant see their posts coz they have me blocked. It might well be the same 'girl gang' trying to dis those of ys who dont tow their line....
LadyJ41-45, F
[@329653,RubySoo] yes could be the same ones...they must lead very sad lives
It's awful. The biggest turn off for me here is the name calling and bickering. The calling out others and then the band wagon fills up. The emotional maturity level of many is not past about 13.

ETA: Disclaimer.. I have no idea if this post is about someone specific. My comments are strictly [i]in general[/i].
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1173,Magenta] yes i agree..nobody should be labelled bad for feeling the need to block
High School?
You are elevating it to a high degree as sometimes it's like pre-school ;)
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1313,Nimbus] yes highschool is giving too much credit here
jackj56-60, M
That鈥檚 an insult to most high schools 馃槅
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1158,jackj] 馃ぃ
Well said. Just reminds me daily that upon a forum perhaps designed to connect others with... To those whom have no such desire it becomes the perfect platform upon which to anonymously express their hate for those who do.
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1212957,Trippin] Yes sometimes theres just too much hate here
Budwick70-79, M
I like your spunk!
I'm sorry, we've never met here, but I can understand your issue and fully support your plan.
LadyJ41-45, F
[@841775,Budwick] Thankyou and you have a nice day too 馃槉
cortney18-21, F
I don't understand people getting all high and mighty about being blocked. If I was blocked, I'd be embarrassed that I've caused so much mayhem that I couldn't even just be ignored, I had to be blocked 馃槀
[@1223321,somnia] Naughty girl dont do it again :)
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1223321,somnia] Some women just love the whole schoolgirl gossip and drama thing here..馃槾
I got this sort of shit in the early days here i managed to block em all it was like a witch hunt and well done for posting this dont take shit of anyone ok 馃
LadyJ41-45, F
[@4176,TheBlindProphet]Enough is enough, i feel like a big girl playing in a little kids childish and thankyou hun 馃
[@1086727,LadyJ] It's the internet some people are brainwashed rise above it block and report the stupid pricks you are and always will be better than them :)
LadyJ41-45, F
[@4176,TheBlindProphet] Thankyou darling..i do try to rise above it all most of the time
Dainbramadge51-55, M

Don't let what jerks say here get under your skin.
Just like playground politics so is the likes of S.W. .

When Sally talks about you behind your back it is because she is envious in some way and is trying to make herself feel better than she actually feels.

I had a buddy here that doesn't come around anymore because some of these kind of ass hats started to spread rumors that he was a pedophile. He let it get under his skin and doesn't come anymore because of that.

Damn... I would kill to have people treat me like that. :-(
LadyJ41-45, F
[@116327,Dainbramadge] oh i don't let them get under my skin i just needed to highlight their behaviour ..if someone blocks me i respect their decision
Wtf. Ugh some people need to be kicked out of here. They don't understand that letting go helps them first before it helps their opponents. It's not even highschool it's kindergarten seriously. If they are brave and seeing this they can try and warn me against you.
You have a lot of people by your side and a lot of them are mutual friends 鉂
LadyJ41-45, F
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] thankyou so much i really appreciate your support 馃鉂..i just wish more people would think for themselves and ignore gossip
[@1086727,LadyJ] You're very welcome 鉂ゐ煒
LadyJ41-45, F
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] 馃
Lilymoon46-50, F
I had to write a post along the same lines as this a while back.

I've had mean rude ass shit said about me simply because I chose to block them.

Why they can't move on with their pitiful life is beyond me.

Sucks to be them. Haha;)
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1141547,Lilymoon] It's sad really that they feel the need to go to such lengths 馃檮
Lilymoon46-50, F
[@1086727,LadyJ] I must have ruined their whole day 馃ぃ
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1141547,Lilymoon] now that's a plus 馃榿馃槀馃ぃ
smexy22-25, F
And a whole bunch of know-it-alls, lol.
This happens to me all the time. When some SWhoe gets angry and scorned, they send out an all points bulletin and red flags to all of their friends as to what an awful meanie I am. 馃ぃ
Hell hath no fury...
LadyJ41-45, F
[@609293,RogueLoner] Yes i agree! theres a group of people here who run their own little SW media outlet feeding others propaganda to suit themselves and make others look bad..very sad indeed
[@1086727,LadyJ] There are [b]several[/b] "groups" of people here like that, and on every social site. It's like the Chicago Gangster mobs of the 1930's. And they all have a "boss" who orders the hit. 馃槅
LadyJ41-45, F
[@609293,RogueLoner]So true..there's a few fighting to be top dog here 馃檮馃ぃ
Iamonfire66631-35, F
Some people just never grow up and move on from it.
Iamonfire66631-35, F
[@1086727,LadyJ] I have been out of school for quiet awhile and don鈥檛 miss that garbage.
LadyJ41-45, F
[@10165,Iamonfire666] neither do i..but it has an habit of popping up here 馃檮..thank the lord for the block button
Iamonfire66631-35, F
[@1086727,LadyJ] yes that button is so useful. Sorry you have experienced this.
Bri8931-35, M
A lot of people may have "grown-up" but never matured past the age of fifteen.
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1201485,Bri89] yes it certainly looks that way
Keep blocking hun I have a gun 馃か if you need to borrow it OK 馃か馃か
LadyJ41-45, F
[@412438,ExtremeNext] 馃ぃ馃ぃ..haha thankyou for the kind offer
RubySoo51-55, F
Oh no! I have gad this happen to me too...not nice.
I hope yr ok. X
LadyJ41-45, F
[@329653,RubySoo] I'm fine hun thank you x
Leggs46-50, F
That is why I say it is better to focus more on the conversations rather than who is who.

I think about half the main clique on here has me blocked anyways which is fine because I do not like walking on egg shells for anyone.

For you though, I have never heard nor seen anything negative being said.
JohnnyO36-40, M
[@1073121,Leggs] sometimes people hear from someone telling them people have said something negative in PMS
Leggs46-50, F
[@105699,JohnnyO] I have heard (or read really) gossip in PMs but normally it is about people who are genuine ass-wipes.

Even so, I still like to form my own opinion of others.
Well like we have one lady here who does have a shaky grasp on reality and people make fun of her but I try to be nice to her simply because she catches enough hell as it is.
I hope you are the school principal, as I have been naughty again 馃榿
TurtlePink22-25, F
Girl!!! AMEN!!! I know the feeling
RoxClymer36-40, M
all social media can be, I usually stay far away from it, but there was some thing about yesterday 2 guys replied to 2different comments of mine and Both guys seemed to be going throu some Major Man-o-pause
Must be somebody I also have blocked

Sorry to hear you are getting that blow back
LadyJ41-45, F
[@6757,questionWeaver] Thanks hun..馃
JimboSaturn51-55, M
The people who are more adult here don't bock everyone on a whim.
Leggs46-50, F
[@339269,JimboSaturn] Keep in mind that if someone blocks you, they are usually doing you a favor.
JimboSaturn51-55, M
[@1073121,Leggs] Yep doesn't bother me in the slightest
Calliope18-21, F
You have always been good to me I don鈥檛 know you well I just like everyone who is nice to me
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1224119,Calliope] Thankyou 馃 i try to be nice to most can't go wrong if you treat people as they treat you
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
People must miss it evidently 馃槀
jackj56-60, M
Good idea. Where do you think would be a good place in my house to have a locker installed? Do you wear pig tails? [@25801,DeluxedEdition]
Did that really happen?
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1148565,Signals] yes hun it did
romper6951-55, M
I took it on the chin. ;)
LadyJ41-45, F
[@90685,romper69] i didn't block you 馃檮
Really you have to ask 馃槻
I can appreciate the challenge of having haters that block you and then beginning their campaign of untruths. Forbid that there is an appreciation post where they persist in their mudslinging!
SaturdayhasTURDinit41-45, M
Jenny123451-55, F
these people have absolutely nothing to do with their lives
JohnnyO36-40, M
Haters are gonna hate my Friend these people must be Jealous of You
Bklynbadboy1231-35, M
[@1220692,Jenny1234] So true
LadyJ41-45, F
[@1170695,Bklynbadboy12] Thankyou 馃槉
Bklynbadboy1231-35, M
[@1086727,LadyJ] your welcome

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