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Suicide is a permanent solution to your temporary problems.

Today I found out that a student at the high school I teach at committed suicide. She was a senior, a good student, and a very intelligent young lady.
It saddens me that many young people should feel that ending their life is the best way to solve any problem.
SlaveEt · 36-40, F
I lost a friend last week to suicide. She was 35, married and a nurse. No note and it was a shock to everyone.
SlaveEt · 36-40, F
Yep. My biggest social outlet is the auxiliary of a veterans organization. The "young" ones are mid-60's lol
sladejr · 56-60, M
@SlaveEt Those dudes must spring the dust off their schlongs when they see you 💥
SlaveEt · 36-40, F
Thanks, I think, lol
I'm sorry to hear that. My family was devastated by suicide last year
I'm so sorry to hear this. Suicide is never the answer. I wish people would understand that. They think they're getting rid of their pain, but they're only making things a million times worse, if they're not prepared for eternity. This is truly heartbreaking. Satan tells us there's no hope, but Jesus has given us hope for a better tomorrow. He is our only hope and our only safe place in a world that is confused and needs Him. When one feels there's no other place to look for help, I hope that they will remember there's one place they haven't yet looked, and that is up, to God. He is our Savior, Rescuer, and Redeemer, if we will allow him to be.
@LadyGrace thank you for that.Been there many times over the last couple of years
@tornado58 I'm sorry to hear that hun. Jesus loves you more than you will ever know. More than words could ever say and he always wants to come to our rescue. He turns no one away. Hugs ❤️
Thing is..... those that really plan to do it, dont tell anyone.

And what help do you propose to get them ?

Ive called suicide lines, help lines, gone to womens aid, .... and its pointless - these people have no idea of your pain, or helping sort your inner chaos, or how to help you .

All they do is listen and then think they've done their job and forget about you once youve hung up.

The only way to help these people is to step into their pain with them and commit to guiding them out, by day, by day .

.... and no ones gonna do that .

Im sorry,
....but its the truth .🤷😓
Umile · 41-45, F
@OogieBoogie #TRUTH
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
We're failing youngsters shockingly in terms of mental health care.
I see it everyday.

Practitioners have ever lengthening waiting lists and ever diminishing budgetary restraints.

Some Therapists i know constantly cite 14 hour workdays; delays in funding for the work they're already doing; shortages in 'safe spaces' to send those deemed most at risk; and because of an unwillingness to even acknowledge a problem, unsupportive family.

The marginization of family life over the last thirty years or so (it's now an imperative that both parents work. Some away from home for lengthy periods) means that youngsters feel ever more isolated from all the stuff they should be doing in developing into 'reasonable thinking adults'.

Personally I find it disgraceful that we're enabling this to happen.
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
@Picklebobble2 The solution has to be found at home. Parents may be working, but grandparents have unprecedented leisure time and resources. We cannot afford to medicalise every modern ill.
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
@SunshineGirl better make house buying and renting cheaper then.
Why do you think people move away from home in the first place ?

Annoys me when people think there are no answers. Just people's faults.

None of which is relevant to this post and the possibly preventable loss of a young life.
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
It is so sad to think that any child could be plunged into unbearable despair.
ArtieKat · M
@SunshineGirl Not only children - it's impossibly sad that adults can be without a support network.
Sidewinder · 36-40, M
@SunshineGirl I can't argue with that.
ArtieKat · M
There is a very good book called "The Savage God: A study of Suicide" by Al Alvarez which explores the actions of those who use attempted suicide as a desperate cry for help and those who mean to succeed. In my lifetime I have had dead friends who fitted into each category.
Using the untimely death of the poet and friend, Sylvia Plath, as a point of departure, Al Alvarez confronts the controversial and often taboo area of human behaviour: suicide. "The Savage God" explores the cultural attitudes, theories, truths and fallacies surrounding suicide and refracts them through the windows of philosophy, art and literature: following the black thread leading from Dante, through Donne, Chatterton and the Romantic Agony, to Dada and Pavese. Entwined within this sensitive study is the author's deeply personal account of his own unsuccessful suicide attempt, and together they form the most fascinating and compelling meditation on the "Savage God" at the heart of human existence.
Louis54 · 61-69, M
@OliRos Exactly!
ArtieKat · M
It would be like reading her diary. One doesn't know what one would find there.
Before I started my Sociology Degree I read someone's claim that to be an effective sociologist one must not be coy about snooping lol. 🤪
OliRos · 18-21, F
@ArtieKat A profession designed for a man of your bent.
kodiac · 22-25, M
It's so hard to understand, Chester Bennington wrote and performed this song ,then later committed suicide[media=]
@kodiac for the record I listened to part of it yes and I thought it was very sad and I felt personally that it would make others depressed and that's the only thing I was talking about. That's all I'll say.
@kodiac Dry up. I'm tired of your insults and nasty spirit. Goodbye. I didn't come here to attack you. Then you got all hateful about things. I'm going to block you and I'm sorry about that because I do love you and I have tried my best to get along with you but you keep accusing me of things I have not done or said. You seem to have a terrible chip on your shoulder.
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Years ago, I lost a close friend to suicide. The signs were there, but I didn't understand them at the time. I wish I had known, and possibly have talked my friend into seeking help.
JPWhoo · 36-40, MVIP
Sorry for your loss.
justanothername · 51-55, M
Are there any suicide prevention hotlines at the school that you teach at?
IM5688 · 61-69, M
@justanothername Not that I know of, but will check into it and/or suggest it.
IM5688 · 61-69, M
@IM5688 Found out today that yes, they have grief counselors and other professionals making themselves available to all the students should they need it or want it.
IM5688 · 61-69, M
@justanothername Found out today that yes, they have grief counselors and other professionals making themselves available to all the students should they need it or want it.
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Umile · 41-45, F
Sorry for your loss.

They're hard to spot.

There are the obvious ones, then there are the happy and busy ones.

We can't really tell.

But, yeah, no judgement.
OliRos · 18-21, F
To be brutally frank, it's not a solution, it's a running away.
Umile · 41-45, F
@OliRos True.

The thing is though, we can't ever walk in their shoes.

I mean, to be in so much pain that you just want to end it all ...

That's something.
OliRos · 18-21, F
@Umile I agree, we can never be inside someone else's suffering. My point is not unsympathetic to the suicide. It's about how the origins post is phrased.
Convivial · 26-30, F
Sad... Such a waste of potential...
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
It is so tragic!
calicuz · 51-55, M
Yes, let's get them help.
Ambroseguy80 · 56-60, M
Tragic! 😩
Sleepysheep · 26-30, M
I don't see a lot of people well into adulthood saying "I wish I killed myself when I was a teen". Maybe it would be constructive to call attention to that 🤷‍♂️
uncalled4 · 56-60, M
Decades ago a woman I worked with was fired for justifying and supporting Kevorkian, but never really explained why, she was very active with Oregon's Death with Dignity ballot petition drive to legalize doctor assisted end of life in the 90's, it passed. Apparently one of her own close family members got sick years and wanted to go down that road and she tried to get a court injunction to stop it, the judge supposedly told her that it was alright for other families but not her own and dismissed it. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but that's what I heard from former coworkers still in the Portland area that knew her before she got fired.
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