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What ya all wearing today??

I just want you to know, I am wearing my push up wonder bra and Bridget Jones knickers(with stripes) today.. With some clothes thrown on top and using my woven basket bag as a purse...
onewithshoes22-25, F
Nothing. 馃槒
Hugmeplease51-55, M
@onewithshoes show me x
Red satin bra
Red lace knickers
Black skinny jeans
Oversized tshirt
GabbySA818-21, F
@XKayRoseX my queen 馃槝
Boyshort panties and a t-shirt. It's night time here.
@midnightrose Actually tried Literotica but same result . Like the sound of boy-short panties.
@alan20 What sound do they make? 馃槈
@midnightrose Its what's in them that makes the sound, when I'm lucky. A kind of moaning leading to a kind of screaming.
Hugmeplease51-55, M
@sally1981 sensational x
@GabbySA8 that's what they were there for. 馃
GabbySA818-21, F
@WonderGirl will they come back馃ズ
@GabbySA8 maybe.
Convivial26-30, F
I'm just
Putting on my top hat
Straightening up my white tie
Brushing off my tails 馃ぃ
Light home wear. It's so hot anyway.
WillaKissing56-60, T
@Katwoman Same with me here as well, the heat is stupidly hot and humid.
It's a beautiful day and I'm spending it outdoors in just a sheer gown, panties and bra. Feeling so girly and feminine.
Don't know yet. I've only gotten as far as putting on my panties and bra.
StevexStephie70-79, M
@silkydrawers But so nice to even just be wearing pretty panties and a lovely bra!
Punxi26-30, F
Tee shirt. Panties. Just woke up hair. Coffee breath. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
ninalanyon61-69, T
Silk blouse, short grey skirt, metallic finish scarf, anklets, necklace, 40B bra, purple knickers, crystal earrings.
Hugmeplease51-55, M
naked, its the best way x
Bhs12336-40, F
Nothing now
Hugmeplease51-55, M
@Bhs123 show me x
Barny5256-60, M
Got my clean pants on, always change them on a Sunday if they are dirty or not.
Mrod7841-45, F
@Barny52 That's good!!!
ReneeT61-69, M
T-shirt and shorts.
Red panties and matching lace bra!
turbineman4080-89, M
@ReneeT So sexy Renee
ninalanyon61-69, T
@ReneeT Lucky girl. Visiting family, no bra for a while.
winter's pjs
no slippers , my feet are frozen
Mrod7841-45, F
@Ingwe put on some socks?
@Mrod78 it's a lovely feeling lol besides I need to give myself a pedi
RosaMarie41-45, F
I'm still lazing in bed in my nightie. Trying to gather the energy to shower.
rrraksamam31-35, M
Blue t-shirt, blue boxers, blue track pants, white socks, blue sneakers, white bandana.
@rrraksamam I get the feeling you like the color blue
rrraksamam31-35, M
@midnightrose It is a nice color
Ooh nice.. Just wondering how do you get that bra over your horns?

(Perhaps it clips around the front)
Mrod7841-45, F
@Majorlatency Ya you have clips around the front.. to keep the udder
@Mrod78 Mmm.. Don't mention udders and front clipping push up bra's. You're the sort of tease my Mum warned me about..
atm, I'm wearing what I call a square sack dress
Mrod7841-45, F
@Ingwe that sounds interesting..
Not sack cloth no
Convivial26-30, F
@Ingwe ok... Terribly itchy anyway
Wayne9131-35, M
I don鈥檛 believe you, I鈥檓 afraid I need proof lol 馃槀
Mrod7841-45, F
@Wayne91 Just a sec.. I'll show ya....Did you see??
Wayne9131-35, M
@Mrod78 lol where? 馃
Mrod7841-45, F
@Wayne91 sorry cameras broken...darn it!!
Ravens8041-45, F
White cotton panties, tan linen pants, white satin bra and a patterned kaftan silk blouse. Oh wedge sandals.
WillaKissing56-60, T
Nylon breathable T-Shirt panties and yoga shorts. it is to hot and humid for anything else.
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
backwards baseball cap
kiss tour t shirt
grey underwear
maturedragon22-25, M
just shorts and t-shirt with black underwear... nothing special
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
I'm home, have no where to be and it is hot. No need for clothing.
tallpowerhouseblonde31-35, F
Short shorts and a cropped halter neck at work then at home nothing.
Sam1718-21, M
Tee shirt black shorts and beige boxers
antonioioio61-69, M
I've nothing to match your push up wonder bra 馃
200t0046-50, M
shorts and tee shirt as always
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
Slippers, so far.
Harmonium192351-55, M
LOL on Bridget Jones.

antonioioio61-69, M
Just my work clothes 馃槉
Old Spice and a smile 馃榿
Socks and boxers
romell46-50, M
Jeans T shirt..
Rhode5756-60, M
DunningKruger56-60, M
ninalanyon61-69, T
Black stretchy shorts, black t-shirt, black thong.
FeetAreFantastic41-45, MVIP
And how much wonders does that bra do exactly? 馃槒

I'm only wearing shorts and a shirt. No underwear.

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