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What is the most dangerous wild animal you have come in contact with in real life?

BreadAndCircuses Best Comment
In the actual wild with no barriers between me and them:
- multiple alligators, some probably about 13 feet long or so, but they [i]generally[/i] leave humans alone (although that is not guaranteed, and we've had more than one human fatality in recent years ... so it's not of much comfort to know how they usually act, when you come into an area where a large one is not that far away and can easily get to you)
- a pair of venomous copperhead snakes that were coiled up under a gutter downspout splash guard I picked up to move so I could mow the yard in that area ... needless to say I backed the fuck up and threw the splash guard down 馃ぃ
- a black bear cub that charged toward me for a moment to spook me, but my main concern was where was the [i]mother[/i] bear
- wild elk that could've gotten mean if I had gotten any closer
- numerous black widow spiders over the years

In other settings:
- numerous sharks in a cheesy tourist attraction captivity tank that had a ridiculous catwalk over the water, from the entrance door to the exit door, with a pathetic guard rail that was only a couple of feet high ... I was a kid and had no idea what I was about to walk into, and I was not happy with it at all
- bison in a cheesy drive-through-and-feed-the-critters wildlife park ... I can't remember for sure but I think some dipshit drove through there on motorcycle
thank you for BC @OzymandiasLives

QueenOfTheNerds41-45, F
[i]Children. [/i]

@QueenOfTheNerds evil little critters arent they
@Elessar I like how it's just waiting for someone to come out that door 馃槀馃ぃ
@Elessar They have a watch-goose ! 馃槂
Queendragonfly31-35, F
A sinister hedgehog
Great White. Fascinating! Amazing! Humbling experience! And I was NOT in the water.
FloorGenAdm46-50, M
Snapping turtle 馃悽
TurtleDreams22-25, F
@FloorGenAdm I sent one out just for you
DrewLooking4U41-45, M
Rattle snake! Heard the rattle before seeing it while hiking alone years ago. I froze and watched it slither over my hiking boot and waited 5 minutes until it was out of sight before moving on. Won鈥檛 ever forget that experience. I was 6 miles deep in the woods and alone. It was a mature fully grown rattle snake. Every bit over 6 feet long. If it bit the venom would have killed me for sure. I鈥檇 never make it to my SUV and would die of cardiac arrest for sure as the poison attacks the nervous system.
DrewLooking4U41-45, M
@Ynotisay I鈥檒l always remember that experience. Yes I鈥檝e heard of same statistics if dry bites, venom/ non venom, but when you are alone and in the thick of it, you don鈥檛 think of anything but 鈥淚f this bites me I鈥檓 a dead man.鈥. I was very very lucky for sure 馃榿馃憤
@DrewLooking4U I hear ya. I hike and long distance backpack so "What if" is always at the top of my mind. :)
I'm actually more cautious around snakes than I am bears. You can see bears and have a good idea of how they'll behave. Rattlesnakes are a little different. You need to be aware of where not to step. And even then they can behave randomly. It is good to know they can only strike from about half their body distance away. And they usually give a warning. But not always. That's where it gets tricky. You've got a good story out of it though. Sometimes that's the big payoff. Sure beats getting bit.
DrewLooking4U41-45, M
@Ynotisay that鈥檚 awesome you hike and long distance backpack. I used to little while back but work hours have kept me from the trek. PM sometime and we exchange gear pics. I like my setup when I go out.
Degbeme70-79, MVIP
brown recluse spiders - bitten once, black widow spiders (they love mailboxes) - never bitten
With only a tent fly between us, a grouchy black bear feasting on table scraps at 2 AM.


OvERSIZED Bull moose.10 ft away.

@Pitchblue Exactly, they're a relentless and cunning predator like the wolf. Not easly discouraged.
They've been sighted in our area. Friend of mine found a cat track a cereal bowl diameter in his yard one morning.

Friends of ours managed a summer camp. The wife cross country skied the trails there regularly.
One evening she past a clearing with 7 snow covered mounds. She thought nothing of it, skied on.
On her return leg past the clearing, all 7 mounds had vanished.
A wolfpack, hunkering down till night fall.

Any time I was up there, I stayed close to the lodge. Watching stars alone at 3 AM, the dinner bell rope would flap and scare the heck out of me. I was within 10 ft of the door, but still it was a reminder to stay sharp.
The woods beyond, at the end of the road, blacker than night.
@SethGreene531 That moose was HUGE. Awesome. But nothing to worry about with coyotes. I'm around them a lot and trust them way more than a large stray dog as far as an attack goes. For sure. Coyotes are very predictable. And as far leaving food out, bears will be bears. They WILL find food. :)
@Ynotisay Yeah the moose was the biggest I've seen. A truly beautiful experience, one that I won't soon forget.
He'd wandered into a vacant campsite, I took a service road behind the site to see it. Meanwhile a large crowd had gathered on the front side, including small children who were tossing pebbles at him.

Coyotes do have their patterns, but they're hunter-predators at the end if the day. With the cross breeding with wolves now, they are a little more unpredictable.
I've not had any issues out walking when seen, and always prepared.

In all seen about 6 during my travels in the city.

Bears will be bears, lol, everything is an easy meal. But thankfully they're nowhere around here.
Adogslife61-69, M
My ex and her lawyer during the divorce.
HannibalAteMeOut22-25, F
Idk if it counts but in the mountains I've seen some wolves, they were kinda far away but could easily come if they wanted to lol and my friends were making sounds to "call" them
Elessar26-30, M
@HannibalAteMeOut I've experienced that too: single animal, 100 meters or so in my case I think, not sure if that's what you mean with kinda far but also here it didn't feel far enough. 馃槵
Nearly any animal can be dangerous in some circumstances - including humans.

Rattlesnakes & copperheads, scorpions and spiders, black bears and coyotes, wolves. They didn't want to interact any more than I did, though.

Oh, and an unrestrained tiger who was also not interested.
Putting aside animals that were in captivity, because that's not really contact as such, then it would have been the little critters in the middle east such as scorpions. Maybe the barracuda that came into the shallows in the Caribbean, or the reef shark in Mauritius.
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
Sounds crazy, but a huge buck (deer). 馃
I was hanging laundry and he was standing at the edge of my yard, huffing and snorting. He definitely was not liking that laundry!!! I was afraid he would charge at me so I dropped my laundry basket and ran into the house! Lol
Shit idk... Rattlesnakes a few times 馃し got chased by a mean ass dog once but I hopped a fence.
Ran into a small pack of coyotes once too but they didn't bother us.

Guess I haven't really seen many wild animals
Mountain Lion
Degbeme70-79, MVIP
@Chernobylplaygrounds Yeah they scare me too. 馃槄
Mosquitoes. Deadliest animal on the planet. I have had a lot of interactions with rattlesnakes and black bears though. No biggie. All that takes is a little knowledge and respect.
samueltyler280-89, M
we went on a safari to East Africa, so were not far from the animals in their natural habitat, lions, leopards, rhinos, hippos. In zoos, others as well.
Skunks. Luckily only from a distance, but they occasionally come down higher areas and get hit by cars. 馃檨
exexec61-69, C
alligators, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, cottonmouths, and copperheads
I startled some boars, wouldn't say we truly were in contact though.
PhluorescentLeech36-40, M
Rattlesnakes, alligators or bull sharks
TurtleDreams22-25, F
Idk, I guess a skunk
@TurtleDreams Did it run away from your bad breath?
TurtleDreams22-25, F
@TheManHimself no, it actually came up to me and asked if i was one of its relatives
Copperhead snake,brown bear,spiders,cougar
Mooed7841-45, F
A spider in South America
Icedsky46-50, M
Grizzly bears up in northern Canada
Quimliqer61-69, MVIP
Ticks. Oh yeah, a few bears as well!!
Rabid skunks and democrats.
Indy7446-50, F
A black bear
@Indy74 Aw! Did you give it a big bear hug?
Prison120356-60, M
The modern day woman
istillhaveanameitsrick56-60, M
coral snake in Florida
A small snake
Entwistle51-55, M
The Cockney.
PepsiColaP22-25, F
Snake I think
Havesomefun256-60, M
My x wife
Xalvadora18-21, F
antonioioio61-69, M
My kid when I say no
Mountain lion

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