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When you’re invisible to the world

Does it matter if you choose to leave?

Who would care? Really?

What does it MATTER??? Jesus cares, that's who, and I care, your grandmother cares, your family members care and others who love you. Tell me how you would feel, if you walked into your granddaughter's bedroom or wherever, and found her dead. How would you feel? How would you ever get over such a thing? How would your family get over losing such a precious person in their lives? This is nothing to take lightly. I am so sorry you're having a hard time, but it does not call for killing yourself.

I will talk to you like I would if I was your grandmother and be really frank and honest with you. I doubt you will want to hear this but I hope and pray you will listen to what I'm telling you because what I'm telling you is what Jesus would tell you, and does in fact, in His Word, the Bible. In your state of mind, you're not really realizing the severe consequences of leaving this world without having your sins forgiven....just as we [b]all[/b] must do, not just you, if we want to get to heaven. If you leave this world without having prepared your soul for the afterlife, Satan knows that anyone who tries this, will not end up in heaven and that's exactly what he wants. If you think escaping this world will solve your problems, you are severely, tragically mistaken. Where you end up, after you leave this world, if you have not allowed Jesus to save your soul, will be that your soul, which never dies, will [b]stay[/b] eternally separated from Christ [b]forever[/b] and that's why it matters so much and is such a big deal, because none of us want to go to hell.

The scariest and worst thing you could do, is to take your own life, which God gave you and is so precious, take that so lightly that you would dismiss caring for your own soul, and [c=BF0000]not be able to reverse your decision, once you cross over into eternity![/c] There's no reason to take your own life. Not when Jesus can help you, save you, and give you a brand new life! You're so young, there's [b]nothing[/b] that God cannot [b]fix[/b] in your life! You don't have to go to the extreme of killing yourself to straighten your life out. Don't do that!!! To lose your own soul will be the worst mistake you ever made in your entire life and you have so much more of your life to live. You're only seeing a glimpse of it. You don't know what life is all about yet and I assure you, there's a lot more to look forward to, and do! If we want life to be miserable, then yes, it will be miserable. But this life is too precious to waste. Nothing says we ever have to stay stuck. If we need professional help then we can get it. But there's nothing so bad that it calls for taking our own lives. Problems are only temporary. We Were Meant To Learn and Grow from our mistakes, not take our own lives. Eternity is such a long, long time compared to our time here. We don't want to get it wrong. God didn't make us, for us to throw our lives away. Life is a series of learning and growing. That's the way we mature. You are too young to just throw your life away. Life is much more precious than that. Wouldn't you like to see your own children grow up and enjoy them? Enjoy a lovely life with your husband and all that love going around? You are living very dangerously right now, gambling with your own soul. Leaving it to chance. This life is not a game. God takes it very seriously and so should we. Our soul is nothing to gamble with because once you cross over there's no changing your mind and then you'll be stuck and then what will you do? There won't be anything you [b]can[/b] do.

There are people far worse off than you and I are. People that would really love to have your life and here you're wanting to end it. There's a minister that has no arms and legs and has not had them all his life. How do you think he feels about life? He doesn't even blink twice about it. He is married, joyful, just as happy as he could be and has children, and all because he has Christ in his life who changed his life completely and helped him to see how wonderful and precious life is. There's nothing the man cannot do. He swims and faces every challenge with joy because of Christ in his life. Watch this, please. Problems are not permanent! They are there to actually help us see that's something is not working in our lives and we need to change things; not to mean we take our own lives. ❤🙏💖🌹 Please watch this video NOW. DON'T PUT IT OFF:

DeadSophie · F
@LadyGrace I caused the death of my parents, that’s as permanent as it gets and it’s unforgivable
@DeadSophie Honey, maybe you didn't. But I want to tell you that there is nothing that God will not forgive. Absolutely nothing! I'm sure you didn't do it on purpose. Come on now, don't blame yourself for that. Please. I'm so sorry. 😭😭😭 Sophie your parents would not want you to stay unhappy and suffer like this. Jesus said in His Word that He forgives ALL things. It is us, who have the problem of forgiving ourselves. Please, please do. Jesus Promised in his word that anyone can be saved. No matter who they are or what they have done. God never never never saves us based on our performance! He always saves us according to his promises to do so and he never breaks a promise so that means you can start a brand new life in Christ and let God take away the burdens that you carry in your heart. He wants to do that for you and if you allow him to he will definitely do that. He's not angry with you, but he loves you more than words could ever say. He doesn't hold blame. He did not ever come to this world to condemn people but to save them. You have done nothing that God cannot forgive you for, trust Him on that. If he can forgive me for my sins, and all those in prison who murdered people, then He can forgive you. I want you to understand this one thing and I pray then you will see what I mean. Listen to me Sophie. Please. God NEVER categorizes sin, like humans do. [b][c=BF0000]One sin is no greater than another in God's eyes[/c][/b] and it says that in His Word! [c=BF0000]So no matter what you have done in life, God does not look at that to be any worse than any other sin [/c]because all sin separates from God until we repent and ask for his forgiveness. When God forgives us of our sins, he not only forgives every one of them but he erases them permanently from our life and then we start a brand new Wonderful Life In Christ, [b][c=BF0000]AND HE REMEMBERS OUR SINS NO MORE!!![/c][/b] wouldn't it feel great to start life all over again, brand new without any past sins on your shoulders or in your heart? That is exactly what God does for you when you give it all to Him. That is what God's grace and mercy does for us. It erases our sins as if we had never sinned before. God transforms our spirit by the Holy Spirit and that's why it's called being born again. Just as if we were newborn babies and never had sinned in our life! This is what you need Sophie in order to be free from the guilt of anything you have done in your life and that's exactly what your parents would want you to do, but most of all, Jesus, because he loves you and he wants to set you free from your past and from heartache, once and for all, if you will allow him to do that. All you have to do is pray to him and ask him and not go by feelings but by the promises of God to do what he says he will do and I can vouch to you that he does exactly what he says he will do! I have followed him for 50 years and he has never once gone back on his word! And you're no different. He will do this for anyone that comes to him but you are the one that has to allow him to and I pray you will because that's the only thing that will set you free in this life. Guaranteed!!
Matt85 · 36-40, M
Sometimes, even automatic doors don't open for me.

I hope you'll be okay. We all care about you here...
LifeOnHardMode · 26-30, M
@Matt85 When I wasn't okay and vented people on here pile drived me before. Still have the same medical issue and it is getting worse. I wake up in crisis everyday and vent to my mom about doctors not helping me/wanting to be homeless and go on hard drugs.

Only one person on this website cares about me which I appreciate.

Fuck everybody else, double standards zombies to the scene when it is an attractive woman.

Looks like a scam to me it all is SCAM SCAM SCAM New Year FRAUD LIE CRONY CAPITALISM.
Matt85 · 36-40, M
@LifeOnHardMode I'm sorry to hear that. Had I seen your post, I wouldn't have done that.
@LifeOnHardMode What medical condition do you have that is getting worse? I am truly sorry you're going through a hard time. Had I seen your post, I would have responded.
One question. Do you know exactly where you will spend eternity? If you're not sure, then don't be making life and death decisions. Once you cross over, there's no coming back or changing your mind. There's only one way to be sure and that is to give your heart and Life to Jesus and let him heal you and your pain. You scare me, because I can see that you don't realize the seriousness and consequences of your decision to leave, when I know you're not sure where you end up. In your state of mind, you cannot reason that well, and could make the wrong decision... the worst decision of your whole life... and then what would you do, stuck in eternity with no way out? And you will not have friends around you. You will be alone. Alone and scared. YOU may not care about yourself, the God does, and so do we. Oh, and one other person cares desperately about you. His name is Satan and he wants you to live with him, instead of giving your life to Christ. I know that may not seem true now but I guarantee you it is in the Bible. Surely you love yourself more than to just throw your life away. You are of infinite value to the Lord. But he won't be able to rescue you if you won't let him. The most important decision all of us will ever make in our life is to decide where we'll spend eternity, because we'll be there forever so we want to make sure we'll go to the right place.
TexChik · F
Your existence is not defined by popularity. Its defined by what you do with your life. At the moment yours is not pleasant for you, I get it, been there. Don't get in a rush, that only increases anxiety. Since I know of you and have off and on for years...I would care.
Notanymore · 36-40, M
This place isn't the world.
DeadSophie · F
@Notanymore neither
Notanymore · 36-40, M
@DeadSophie okay. What, if anything is the problem?
@DeadSophie [quote] SENSITIVE
@Notanymore doesn’t matter where I go[/quote]

Sweetie, you are definitely going the wrong places then. 🤗
Sanatio · F
Hugs to you darling girl’ please remember your worth, I’ve seen your beauty… your art is incredible and you have so many wonderful attributes.

Big warm hugs to you

Keep going 🌹
Ontheroad · M
It does matter, you matter. Even though I don't know you, if I knew you were gone, it would be another piece of me chipped away, AND there are many here and elsewhere who feel the same.
GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
I think like that sometimes. Life gets hard as fuck sometimes but you gotta just take it day by day. Iv been dwelling on things i shouldbt be. But it is what it is.
You may not care about yourself but we do and God does, definitely. Life is not going to always be like it is now. You've got tons of years left to find that out. Don't cut your life short. God would not want you to because he loves you and he cares about you and he created you. To him you are very precious.

Cyxtia · 18-21, F
There is always someone who cares. Don’t sell yourself short. Be fierce girl!
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
Isn’t your other profile very popular?
DeadSophie · F
@StevetheSleeve no and it’s not about popularity
This message was deleted by its author.
pdockal · 56-60, M
It Always matters
Maybe a few would miss anyone that left. But I don’t think missing anyone is common thought here at SW. I hope I’m wrong.
@NoGamesTolerated It didn't use to be that way, but I guess people are drifting away and dealing with their own personal issues.
Only you can answer if you want to leave or not
But I hope you stay
@DeadSophie well im sure people would like for you to stay including me but ultimately it is your decision
DeadSophie · F
@ExperienceDLT you know I’m not talking about leaving the site right?
@DeadSophie you not allowed to leave in any other way 😕
i've still only been seeing posts from christmas on my home page and that was 4 days ago, i wouldn't take it personally tbh
Never let this place determine your worth. You are way better than that. It happens to me too though. It’s their loss.
Just by reading your posts, you've made me care. So, I care. FWIW
There may be other options. Can you hang on for a while?

[b][i]I[/i][/b] care. 🫂
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
Please don't the timeline as a reflection of people not caring.

I didn't even see your other post in the screenshot, my feed is still on 3 days ago.
CestManan · 46-50, F
We each have to care about ourselves enough to want to go on.

Most of us are invisible to the world. Everyone is so tied up in their own business.

The good news is we can do mostly what we want.
DeadSophie · F
@CestManan I don’t care about myself
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
True story right there but ask yourself, are you here for others entertainment or your own 🤔
DeadSophie · F
@Nunlover neither
Life is not just a show for others. Take what you can from it, it belongs to you.
Midlifemale · 61-69, M
We need to chat. Please message me
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
@Midlifemale leave her alone
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
You would be missed, no doubt about that.’
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
@DeadSophie I am sorry I didn’t contact you. I really thought you didn’t want me too and I didn’t want to add any stress to you because you don’t need any of that.
DeadSophie · F
@iamonfire696 don’t apologise, if you wanted to contact me you would have. And don’t pass the blame to me, the last conversation we had I said you could keep in touch and I never stopped being your friend. It was your choice not to, which is fine. But don’t pretend you’d miss me if I went because that’s clearly not true since you chose to not have anything to do with me for months anyway.
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
@DeadSophie it is my fault 100%
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DeadSophie · F
@LifeOnHardMode that’s really helpful, thank you

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