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Have you ever been blanked?

It is a nasty psychological weapon, certainly not an act of love.

The best response is to give that person space, then move on.

I’ve been blanked three times in my life.

Once on a school holiday at eighteen. A girl blanked me for two weeks, as if I not exist. I just thought her odd, ignored her and moved on.

A second was at work. This time the person ignored me at lunch, I asked a friend why. She said she had issues. I just got on with my work. It did not affect me, too much to do. I moved on.

Once on here. Blocked then talked about as if I did not exist and never have interacted. That tells me a lot about the other person, more than words on a screen ever did. The response as always, make new friends, don’t look back and move on.
I've blanked my ex.

Things were going downhill and it got to a point where it felt like no matter how compromised I was or how much I sacrificed it felt worthless. The emotional 'home' I had in her became something more like a prison and I felt like I couldn't speak in fear that I would just annoy her or get in trouble again.. though whether I spoke or not I still ended up on the bad end.

When eventually it got to the point where I didn't feel safe around her and I couldn't say anything, I blanked her - it was like a paralysis whenever I saw her messages. Then with the help of some friends and family, I sent her a long break up message and wished her the best, blocked her right after as to not hear her response.

She's tried to come into contact with me 3 times since this happened and I've ignored each one. I tried to make it clear in my message that I need time away from her to heal and it wasn't respected.
Houdini · 56-60, M
Yes Iv had that a few times but I just don’t let it bother me anymore. I just move on and think how childish and I’m being than that.
Primnproper · 56-60, F
I had it once here, the person concerned did not have the balls to tell me to my face so to speak so I faced them off over it. I much prefer people to be direct. I can take anything if they’re being honest with me.
As it happens they were no loss and I didn’t give them a second thought after that. My attitude was good riddance.
It can be a very cowardly act though.
@Primnproper Yes, good riddance. There is more to life.
Auggie · M
And now you post about it years later. Sounds like you have not moved on.
Plasticbag · 100+, M
My ex did it daily. That’s why I talk to myself.
blanked? is this a new term? lol
i better keep up then
looping · 18-21
yeah my friend blanks me pretty often.
Quimliqer · 70-79, M
Excellent advice!
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
ghosted* i think you mean
"Blanked" ? Is that like being "ghosted” ? 🤔
I was thinking the same. Or silent treatment?
@mindstruggle Yes, it’s a cold response.

The other is reinventing the truth. I’ve had that one before too.
Ah, yea :/ I get it.

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