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Bedtime comfort

Bare feet
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Do you feel more comfortable in bed with bare feet or socks on?
Bare bottom. Oh, bare feet.馃榿
scooogy31-35, MVIP
@GunFinger 馃槒
Hayleywg46-50, F
Always bare feet in bed!
SunshineGirl36-40, F
Bare feet and bare everything else recently, it's too humid to wear clothes in bed 馃槙
@eyeno Too CUTE!!!! LOL
Elessar26-30, M
I couldn't sleep with socks even in winter
Hayleywg46-50, F
@Elessar same here!
Strictmichael7561-69, M
Even walk bare foot on stone floors in winter
RebeccaG46-50, F
@LadyGrace Always bare feet here too x!
Repete61-69, M
Never socks in bed.
Ross1931-35, M
Always bare feet, even if im having a mid day nap i have to be barefoot
RebeccaG46-50, F
@Ross19 I鈥檓 the same as you!
nevergiveup61-69, M
bare feet for me
RebeccaG46-50, F
@nevergiveup best way x
Bare never use a sock
RaceFan8831-35, M
Honestly, I go back and forth between socks and no socks but definitely like the feeling of bare feet better
Barebum6161-69, M
Why wear clothes to bed
@Barebum61 so you dont fart shit particles into your sheets 馃槀
Barebum6161-69, M
@OogieBoogie is that what you do
馃槀@Barebum61 everybody does .
Its just a weird little fact i read about recently: what is contained in a fart. Its mostly gasses , a bit of moisture and a tiny half a percent or something of fecal particles .

And i didnt know that , i assumed it was all gas.
Confined51-55, M
Usually barefoot unless its a really cold winter night.
MarineBob56-60, M
Bare feet but the hard part is putting socks on in the morning
Barefooter2546-50, M
Totally in bare feet!!! Wouldn't have it any other way.
natureboy318-21, M
Bare, not just my feet either lol
VirginMatchmaker46-50, M
I love bare feet on a bare woman!
jerMIguy36-40, M
Definitely bare feet!
SweetMae61-69, F
basilfawlty8931-35, M
Bare, usually. Unless it's a Friday night and I'm inebriated.
FeetAreFantastic41-45, MVIP
Bare feet and uncovered. Always.
CM44056-60, C
I have seen similar posts before, and I never would have thought people wear socks in bed. It makes no sense to me.
Sometimes I have chills and have a hard time warming myself up so I will sometimes put on socks when feeling like that.
smiler201256-60, M
depending on the season really if i wear them or not [rebeccag]
Slade56-60, M
Bare everything

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