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Where is your heart taking you?

Desertteddesert · 26-30, M
I am just sitting here going nowhere. My heart doesn't exist
Desertteddesert · 26-30, M
@thinkingoutloud That's sexy yo. Can I ask what ur name is? Real fights not so much just ppl with disabilities talking shit a lot usually
@Desertteddesert you can give me a name. What do I sound like?😂

Ah well it sounds crazy there.

Desertteddesert · 26-30, M
Back here. Right to you. I have missed you so much. Welcome back, love. ❤️
@PoetryNEmotion So good to see you. I have missed you too. ❤️
bugeye · 26-30, F
to KFC.... the mind says no but the heart want what it wants.
@bugeye Hearts are the smart Jus' sayin'.
AlienFox · 36-40, F
The Sonoran. I found life in the desert.
Camelia · F
@AlienFox I've missed you. Welcome back. 🤗
AlienFox · 36-40, F
@Camelia for a lil bit. Missed you.too. hard to stay away from the good people here 🤗
This message was deleted by its author.
PrestonJ · 36-40
Back to people, I have been in a job where my relationships were very strained due to the toxic work environment, it made me push everyone away and hold on until it was over, now that we shut down I can see that people were not the problem, those people were the problem.
@PrestonJ I hope the people are understanding and accept you back.
PrestonJ · 36-40
@thinkingoutloud thank you, it’s not so much that I’m going back to people I knew, I’m just not blocking people from coming in
Umile · 41-45, F
To my deathbed.

It's been acting up.
@Umile I'm sorry to hear that. Do you wish to share what's been acting up?
Raaii · 22-25, F
may be soon I'll be dead
Kstrong · 56-60, F
To my love ..
@Kstrong Aww!
My heart always takes me to the dead ends set up by my brain. Ultimately, my brain knows best.
It tends to take me back to my family whenever it strays away
@BiasForAction that's amazing, right?
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
To my boyfriend's arms. Especially now when even I'm cold, our heaters are not working.
Simpleboy1 · 26-30, M
To watch I don't have anyone to eat her private parts
Hopefully not to my grave nor to the ER
@BridgeOvertroubledWaters Yes, hopefully. Take care of your heart.
Convivial · 26-30, F
Numerous places... Exploring
@Convivial Sounds exciting.
Reject · 26-30, M
To somewhere I belong.
@Reject belonging is always a welcome feeling.
Reject · 26-30, M
@thinkingoutloud Yes, I didn’t explain why because I didn’t feel that was needed.
Bed - I wunna go home and sleep lol
@mindstruggle I should be doing that..sigh.
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
Nowhere as always.
@CrazyMusicLover Sometimes that is okay too.
MyNameIsHurl · 41-45, F
To outer space
@MyNameIsHurl like an interest in cosmic knowledge?
MyNameIsHurl · 41-45, F
@thinkingoutloud I guess so
Somewhere the fuck else .. ;-)
@Stillwaiting else from SW or your general location?
Camelia · F
In the end, in a casket.
@Camelia I really hope not. I am so sorry you're hurting.
@Chernobylplaygrounds Always a good choice.
LemonWorld · 36-40, F
To hot dads
@LemonWorld What/who is that?
My heart is taking me ever closer to the God within. When the gap between my persona and my authentic self widens, it's too uncomfortable. My journey is about closing that gap and enjoying the God-given gifts which are my True Self.

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