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Do you believe you deserve goodness or love?

To those that DO:
What are some ways why you believe goodness can be for you , or IS something you may deserve?
I am still wracking my mind and I can't find reasons that I believe. 馃槥
thinkingoutloudF Best Comment
Yes I believe I do.
Simply because I exist.

When a child is born, it doesn't question whether it deserves or simply takes.
We have all these beliefs imposed upon us and it is these beliefs that need to go.
Coralmist41-45, F
@thinkingoutloud I love that. I do believe people deserve love (for myself is another story..based on toxic beliefs like you said). I am reading a book that says just as you stated..we all are worthy of love simply because we exist. We do not need to EARN love..then its not love is it?? And as a baby we wouldn't say oh that baby doesn't deserve why do we believe we do not because we are older? Very toxic beliefs I would say. I was raised by an evil mom..(narcissist x 100). It is VERYYY hard now believing I am worth anything.
@Coralmist there was a time I held a lot of such beliefs. It's taken a lot of inner work and energy healing for me.
If you're reading a book like that, then you must be looking for answers too. I sincerely hope you get them.
Thank you for BC. 馃檹馃徑

robertsnj56-60, M
I know you are going through a lot and I hope your therapy sessions help you with your emotional trauma.

I think deserve ins't a really a thing in society on an emotional level. We will as a commmunity (where ever you live / your community) tend to spend more time and invest more into people we feel are kind giving and nuturing.

I feel it is natural to invest more in people who are kind to you . But deserver is a tough word if I can knitpick. It am not srue in terms emotinal support we inheriently deserve anything.

if you want to recieve goodness and kindness and you buy into (and big if you don't have to ) my idea that people in general gravitate towards people that are kind and giving that makes the next step to be a kind giving nurturing person.

The step after that would be to that you want this in return and make a strong effort to invest time and emotional energy in those that give you the same while minimizing interaction with those that do not.

It is process like anything else in socialization . You interact witth those around you, form the bonds with those you feel good about spending time with and hope they make the same time investmment in you. However at the end of the day it is their choice to do that or not do that. Deserve isn't part of their evaluation (or yours of others) on whom to interact with and how to treat them.
AccursedAlexander331-35, M
I believe I do, as everyone does. Obviously there are many ways of showing love, so one may not respond the way you might think or hope. Some people like homemade things or gifts, others want to go out or spend some quality time. I think everyone deserves at least someone to talk to, and share with or whatever quality time means to them. A good question, you ask.
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
No, I do not think anybody really deserves anything, good or bad, as a starting point. Rather, people act, and respond to behavior. Now, I do feel certain reactions are owed to others, to reward or punish. Yet many people will still do whatever they want: return love with hate, and hate with love.

As for love, one must work for it. One way is to give love. Of course, there is no guarantee it will be returned. When this happens, one must see the love given as charity.

In my case, I am pretty neutral. I do not love freely, or go out of my way to help others, but show reasonable courtesy, and respect and gratitude when it is earned. Oh, I fall for women, but less the more I age.
Wolffy56-60, M
I hav goodness in my heart im unlovable ...wish a doc could cut luv out of my heart all its ever done for me is hurt me ...!
@Wolffy Same here. It seems the more love you have in your own heart, the more it鈥檚 trampled on.
Justmeraeagain56-60, F
We all deserve some respect.
Not hung up on everyone liking me anymore nor do I believe that I am the only one who matters.
It's a balancing act for me.
We (at least those of us who are fairly decent human beings) deserve not to be treated cruelly and with malice. After that, I鈥檓 not sure we deserve anything above common decency, courtesy, and a general respect, unless we prove ourselves unworthy of respect. A child may deserve the love of its parents, a pet also of its owners, but other than this, I don鈥檛 think we can say we deserve something.
That鈥檚 a tough question. I suppose in the abstract I deserve love and good things as much as anyone, but in terms of specifics, no one "deserves" another person鈥檚 love or interest unless [b]they[/b] want to give it.
I deserve everything I get鈥

鈥..wait a minute 馃
I don't think about it as something that is deserved. Love is lottery and some are lucky to get it and some are not. Also, you have to be able to accept it if it's presented to you. In other words, you're not going to win in lottery if you never buy a ticket.
LilPrincess41-45, F
I battle with this a lot because I have dealt more with the opposite over the years.

I'm at the point where maybe I don't deserve it 馃様
Coralmist41-45, F
@LilPrincess You DO deserve it 馃珎
LilPrincess41-45, F
@Coralmist so do you 馃珎
Primnproper56-60, F
Goodness I believe comes from within and shines out of you鈥
Love, I always try and keep love in my heart and that opens me to receiving it too.
Musicman61-69, M
Both actually. Goodness is easy. Be kind to me and don't lie to me. Spend time with me because you actually like me. 馃檪 Fortunately I have both. 馃馃挐馃挐馃挐馃
Jeephikelove46-50, F
If you鈥檙e a good person you absolutely deserve goodness and we all deserve love.
HumanEarth56-60, F
Why can't we have both, I'm full of good and full of love.
If you'd thought u didn't you wouldn't be sad about it
You deserve both.
Coralmist41-45, F
@Iwillwait I really appreciate that馃尲
@Coralmist You're welcome
UnlikeableAndy36-40, M
Im not sure if I do
Coralmist41-45, F
@UnlikeableAndy You do. 馃崁
Ducky31-35, F
No, I don鈥檛.
Coralmist41-45, F
@Ducky I will disagree do friend 馃尭
Tastyfrzz61-69, M
As for me....

FreestyleArt31-35, M
uncalled456-60, M
Just observe all the people who have volunteered to be in your corner and realize that they can't all be wrong.
uncalled456-60, M
@Coralmist Did I finally knock down a wall?
Coralmist41-45, F
@uncalled4 Definitely shattered a closed window....thank you for your positivity馃悶
uncalled456-60, M
@Coralmist Good, I will keep hacking away.
travelguy0141-45, M
How鈥檚 the meetup group coming?
Coralmist41-45, F
@travelguy01 No meetups set up yet but I check periodically
iamonfire69641-45, F
I haven鈥檛 felt like I do for a long time but I am slowly realizing that I do deserve good things.
antonioioio70-79, M
@iamonfire696 you deserve good things 鈾ワ笍
iamonfire69641-45, F
@Coralmist Thank you, so do you 馃┓
iamonfire69641-45, F
@antonioioio Thank you 馃┓

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