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Will AI ever develop the ability to evolve?

I dunno, seeing what AI can do these days with machine learning n all... I kinda think that one day it might 馃

I mean, never say never, right?
FreestyleArt31-35, M
They're Garbage. Not the same what it use to be years years years years ago. I'm not talking about their improvements all I care. It's their Intelligence taking over to fuck up Culture. Divisional influence of many categories as in pouring too much salt on Religion. Posting some meaningless terms especially in Wikipedia. Getting too Political. Targeting any platforms that doesn't meet their policy standers that are Bunkers.

They got rid of most of the websites while North Korea only have 31 websites to search.

I think Google will continue that path which North Korea Accomplished.
Nah, AI is not like that
DeWayfarer61-69, M
Have you seen the Sophia AI robot? She actually has Saudi citizenship.

For real.

Even addressed the U.N.
Fishy31-35, F
@DeWayfarer wow 馃憖
DunningKruger61-69, M
AI already evolves. That's how they train AI with machine learning.
Fishy31-35, F
@DunningKruger Yeah I know about machine learning 馃槄

but what I meant was will it ever get to the stage where AI makes other AIs that are new and improved?
Like programs that are programming other programs?
(if it hasn't already)?
DunningKruger61-69, M
@Fishy I imagine it's already happening.
Mikeawesome198636-40, M
Depends if you consider every update an evolution. 馃槄
Fishy31-35, F
@Mikeawesome1986 only if the ai creates and programs its own updates 馃槄
Mikeawesome198636-40, M
@Fishy give it time.
"Future humans will have deformed bodies and a 'second eyelid' due to overuse of tech."*

Here鈥檚 the full list of afflictions we can expect to come our way: Hunched back, Text claw, 90-degree elbow, Second eyelid, Thicker skull, Smaller brain, and Tech neck. Let Mindy familiarize you with your future...

* https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/future-humans-will-have-deformed-bodies-and-a-second-eyelid-due-to-overuse-of-tech/ar-AA13HfHW?li=BBnbfcL
Skynet will become sentient.
It hasnt changed much since I played around with it 20 years ago.
pianoplayingsteve26-30, M
It depends what you mean by evolve
pianoplayingsteve26-30, M
@Fishy evolution requires three things. A means by which to replicate itself, variation in that replication and an evolutionary pressure
Fishy31-35, F
@pianoplayingsteve but if AI could write new AI systems of itself that are better than the original, would that be considered a type of evolution?

I dunno if I have the terminology wrong, and it might not actually be considered evolution,
But, I just get curious if AI will get to a stage where it doesn't need any human input to anymore in order to advance 馃槄
pianoplayingsteve26-30, M
@Fishy it would be like a technological version of artificial selection, but instead of farmers breeding new farm animals theyd be selecting themselves. Hmm they would be eugenacists i guess :)

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