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Do you like old actors like Chaplin , Laurel and Hardy ?

They are part of my childhood 馃槉
While some may not find Chaplin's comedy to their liking, you cannot question the greatness of The Great Dictator, especially the closing speech. It was released on Oct. 31, 1940 in the US. It's anti war message was clear, and it was obvious what dictator at the time was being targeted. Because of the nature of the film, many cities across the US, banned the film for fear of upsetting their German citizens. Remember, at this point the US was not part of the war and many companies were doing business with the Nazis. That changed of course, on Dec. 7, 1941 and Hitler's declaration of war on the US days later.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy became popular during the silent era and their popularity continued into the addition of sound. Their comedy was visual, not always verbal, and having begun in silent films, the visual aspect was a dominant necessity. Their fans flocked to the theater anxiously wanting to see 'what nice mess' Mr. Laurel had gotten Mr. Hardy into.
shinyplasticlove51-55, M
I've watched Laurel and Hardy since I was a kid and to this day they still crack me up.
Statesman202461-69, M
Well two outa three aint bad as ENGLISH actors lol
@sam1992 laurel and hardy i found funny craplin i never
Longpatrol31-35, M
Chaplin was a great actor.
Buster Keaton was brilliant.

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