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How do i deal with social anxiety

Does anyone know what may help me with my social anxiety? I can't take any meds because my mom doesn't wanna take me to a doctor or let me go myself, but i really struggle with my social anxiety. I try to tell my mom but she just tells me 'stop acting like this just Change yourself'. She's making things kinda worst for me tbh like i can't change I'm a introverted, awkward, overthinking person with anxiety,it's literally ruining my life! My grades are getting worst because i can't ask for help im scared people will think im dumb and stuff like that! Or as another example i can't talk with my friends it's just hard for me to talk with then sometimes because im just so scared they'll hate me and I'll have no friends and everyone will think im a weirdo! Which some people probably already think like the moment i talk more then 3 sentences people start asking 'omg! Why don't you never talk?' it's just annoying like do yall think i get bad grades, have bad relationships with my friends, cry myself to sleep every night because im scared to go school and talk to people? Like i just hate everybody there i wish i could just be home schooled. (sorry if my grammers bad English isn't my first language l)
act like a boss!馃暫
everyone is 99% preoccupied with their own insecurities.
trust me. unless you fall over or something. nobody will pay too much attention..
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout I thought that but one boy i know told me that people pay more attention to me because i don't talk but I'm not sure if that's the truth or if he was just lying.
@LittleMissImSoSad he likes you...
Exposure and response prevention is used in anxiety disorders but for many people it's only temporary relief and medication will be needed.
You need to explain to your mom that you are going to end up suffering because of her beliefs. A parent should want the best for their child but she is literally hurting you and getting in the way of not just your ability to socialize but your education as well. She could even cause you to fail classes.
Ask her if that is what she wants. Ask her if she is afraid of something can she just stop. If she is sad can she just not be. Ask her if she can stop any emotion.
She may not want you on medication because of a stigma but remind her the only person that is stigmatizing you is her. The only people that would even know is you two and a doctor so who is there to stigmatize you other than her or the doctor. And the doctor is there to help you.
Even if a doctor doesn't give you medication they aren't just going to do nothing. They will at least offer an alternative even if it's just therapy.
Ask her in the end what exactly it is she is afraid of. Because it is most likely a fear of her own. And like I said ask her if she can just turn that fear off. She should say no. Then you can say why does she expect you to turn off your fear if she can't turn off hers.
First, your English is excellent. And those things you mentioned struggling with actually can change. But your Mom is right to a point. YOU have to change them. But that's what therapy is for. Therapists give you the tools and exercises and then it's up to you to work on them.

I have a close friend who has a big therapy practice and what she's said is that Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) can be very effective with people struggling with anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is another. Those are about finding solutions to problems and changing how you approach issues.

My suggestion is to look in to the types of therapies that are available to you. Depending on where you live there might be some no-cost options. You DON'T want to take drugs.

But just putting in to motion the idea of getting some help can make a big difference for people. It's because they are taking control of the situation. It can be empowering. Good luck!
Penny46-50, F
try thinking positive. act like they already like you and maybe they will. as far as getting help, dont be afraid. just assert yourself and your needs.
@Penny i did try to think positive and it worked for a awhile until now that's actually why i wrote this, and because of the help thing i can't really because people are telling me I'm just making it up if i tell them about my social anxiety and about how medicine would maybe help me and make my life easier. It's just hard to get help for me since in the country i life mental health isn't 'important' and no one there cares.
hello! I read your comment and i would like to help with saying this if it's possible, i suffer with alot mental problems myself so i know how bad it can be, i know how social anxiety works and how bad it is, it's easier to talk online with your online friends if you have them, you can talk to me if you want to, i will listen to your problems with anxiety or whatever problems you have, when you feel like this it's easier to talk to someone online, so you know it really helps, or you can try to talk to your other family members that you trust or with people online!
We can understand what your thoughts and questions are... So Your English is fine.

Your profile says you are 18-21, so.... the only thing keeping you from seeing a doctor is $$$$. Is there a way to work around that?

I have a close relative that has/had major social anxiety issues. A doctor prescribed him a certain (non-narcotic) medication that has worked wonders for both his anxiety and his occasional depressive states.
Morrowind26-30, M
If you鈥檙e 18, it鈥檚 your choice to go to a doctor. I鈥檓 on meds for anxiety.
dannyppaul61-69, M

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