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The Gender Debate


Mary? Is that you? Getty
It’s become an “article of trans faith” that there are “exactly 73 genders”, says Mary Wakefield in The Spectator. The fastest-growing subset is said to be “xenogender” – people who feel “more akin to animals or plants or foods than humans”. There’s a girl on TikTok who explains very seriously that her gender is “bird” – specifically a cardinal, with “ey/em” pronouns. There’s a horse child who is taken out by school staff for gallops; “a boy dinosaur who is fed on strips of meat”. I’ve also found several people who “identify as cake”. There is some disagreement in the community about how it feels to be cake, but in general I gather it’s a sort of “sweet, fluffy feeling; a lightness”. “No one who’s cake-gender can have tasted a cake I’ve baked.”
FragileHeart · 22-25, M
This is either satire or a person with too much time and lots of fantasy.

The gender debate is unnecessary if people could just accept and love each other the way they are.
If you happen to know or meet someone who goes by certain pronouns and a gender identity you may not know, how about just being decent and accepting them. No harm comes from that.
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@specman A man with a brute physique at that!
specman · 46-50, M
FragileHeart · 22-25, M
@Memph31 Yes there is
[quote] The data-driven bottom line is that “man/woman” and “masculine/feminine” are neither biological terms nor rooted exclusively in biology. The lack of an explicit binary is especially evident in humans given the complex neurobiologies, life histories, and morphological dynamics in our species. There are many successful, biologically diverse ways to be human, and millions of people embody this diversity. Growing up human means growing up in a world of varying gender expectations, body types, reproductive options, family structures, and sexual orientations. [/quote]
BlueVeins · 22-25
It's hilarious how we bicker about the definition of words and the philosophy of gender when one side's motivation is ultimately just a trans genocide.
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
@MalteseFalconPunch [quote] I’m not really sure why people like to pretend it isn’t going to just get ratcheted up more and more until there’s even more blood in the streets.[/quote]

For all of South Park's controversies, the worst thing they did was popularize Enlightened Centrism.
Torsten · 36-40, M
@MalteseFalconPunch you cared enough to reply to it. Dont like it, shut the fuck up and ignore it
specman · 46-50, M
I identify as the president of the United States! But they don’t acknowledge me as the president in dc. Gee! I wonder why? I guess because I really ain’t the president! I just keep telling myself that!
LordShadowfire · 46-50, MVIP
@specman Nope.
Torsten · 36-40, M
@specman speech that people hate is not the same thing as hate speech. I dont know who you're talking with but can see you are being accused of hate speech due to what you have wrote and just thought i would pop in and say nothing you have just said is hate speech
Torsten · 36-40, M
sounds like a joke but sad that there are people that actually believe and support this type of thing.
Mental illness is running wild today
Torsten · 36-40, M
@SilkenMist its nice to see you joke around
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@Torsten We do not always cross paths in the same threads but yeah I joke around a lot more than you might think :D
Iforgotit · 56-60
@SilkenMist he was diatomic??..
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
[quote] “exactly 73 genders”, says Mary Wakefield[/quote]

If that isn't supposed to be satire then Ms. Wakefield is a very strange or perhaps merely exceedingly gullible writer. There are a number of people here on SW who call themselves trans and more, like me, who use the T label in in our profiles because it is the nearest that SW has; I very much doubt that any of us think that “exactly 73 genders” has any meaning whatsoever.
Funlov · M
Boy /girl two not anymore I don’t care what anyone says
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@Funlov now don't hurt your brain too much
Funlov · M
@SilkenMist try not to but thanks
Funlov · M
@SilkenMist you just couldn’t help yourself lol 👍
yes all these people are online, in real life they are just humans, nothing more, very dull most pronably
Since when did sentience get assigned to inanimate objects?... 🤔

I mean objectophile love, that's different.
I met a very nice gentleman (on EP) who was a fan of cursive L, and Latvian women, so, he was a BIG fan of me.
It was entirely platonic though and that's exactly what I needed, a respectful person.
He was respectful to everyone, as I recall.
Can one individual identify as multiple genders at the same time?
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
@TheManHimself That would probably be non-binary.
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@TheManHimself if they have multiple personality disorder than yes
Weeeee heeeee, sounds like the fvcken land of make believe. Get a grip people!
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
Just to put people's mind at ease, this type of thing does not happen in real life.
Probably not even on the web much.
CorvusBlackthorne · 46-50, MVIP
Please tell me you do not agree with Ms. Wakefield...

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