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give me a reason you are still alive and grateful for life ?馃槈馃樆

Raaii18-21, F
It's really a hard life
It was never easy and I know it'll never be easy
Death is the best escape though I've no control
But then now if I seriously think tht one thing which keeps me going is I've my grandparents
I've a ma
I can feel their love in every situation even when it's th worst
They keep going on so I've to too for them until it's time no matter what
last time when I tried self harm I saw how much pain it caused them
my grandma/ aai is old
I can't let her listen something lik tht again
just mad on the road
I can't
I will not like to see tht even as ghosts after I'm dead
exita26-30, F
@Raaii Awww my dear 馃馃馃尫馃尫馃尫 you are always welcome 馃挋馃挋馃挋
and iam speechless for such a beautiful words of you 馃尫馃尫馃尫thank you for being an amazing friend of me 馃
Raaii18-21, F
@exita you deserve every good thing 馃拵 such a sweet and genuine soul you're 馃尭 happy friendship forever馃嵐馃嵐
exita26-30, F
@Raaii That means alot to me 馃馃樆馃尫馃尫馃尫
thank you so much my dear 馃挋
Happy friendship forever sweetie 馃樆
Matt8536-40, M
hunkalove61-69, M
Curiosity is all that keeps me going. You never know what will happen next. I'll be grateful when this horrible life is over. I hope the next one is better and I'm not born in America again.
Applepiedom56-60, M
@exita your pictures are crisp,clean lines,well detailed,and of a part of the world I've never seen. And yet looking at your pictures feel like I'm right there beside you looking as you take the picture.
Whether they're world class I don't know but I like them
Applepiedom56-60, M
@exita @exita look at mouth on reply 鈽癸笍frown
Missed you today. Busy for you?
exita26-30, F
@Applepiedom excuse me , i really didnt know
exita26-30, F
@Applepiedom i was busy yes , thanks for information , i thought this is care heart ,so its good..
ok my friend ,thanks again 馃槉馃樆
Amylynne26-30, F
well,, Kittens and horses

my Fun tImes
My academic life..
My family
My Wee Sailboat
exita26-30, F
@Amylynne perfect 馃樆馃樆馃God bless u and all your loved ones ,kittens and horses ,Amen 馃尫馃尫馃尫
My children and my grandson to be
exita26-30, F
@SomeoneIusedToKnow God bless yo'all 馃尫馃尫
JestAJester31-35, M
Good question. I dont have an answer. Im not dealing with trauma or disaster, i deal with the mundane day in and day out. Not grateful . . . Yet. But im hoping there will come a time i am grateful and happy to be alive
exita26-30, F
@JestAJester it is coming ,believe it then you really get it 馃樆馃槉
Queendragonfly31-35, F
Because death, that shit doesn't seem fun.
GlitterEater36-40, F
This goofball

exita26-30, F
@GlitterEater Awww so cute God bless you both 馃馃尫
GlitterEater36-40, F
@exita Thank you!
exita26-30, F
@GlitterEater you are welcome 馃尫馃尫
Dont really know nowadays
Applepiedom56-60, M
Exitas pictures.
exita26-30, F
@Applepiedom Awww 馃ズ that means alot to me ,really 馃挋馃挋馃挋thank you 馃馃尫馃尫馃尫馃樆
my dear friend 馃樆
My 2 year old daughter
exita26-30, F
@blissless wow so beautiful 馃樆 God bless you both ,Amen 馃げ馃槉
May God give you both happy healthy and long life together 馃樆馃樆
AngelKrish26-30, M
That's cute 馃ズ馃グ
exita26-30, F
@AngelKrish thank you 馃槉
Lots of therapy
馃ズi don't have one
Vaccinations 馃拤. 馃榾

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