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There seems to be very few Asian presence in this site

Asificair · M
I'm not convinced, I have my suspicions they tend to hide their ethnicity. SW is not proactively inclusive, the few white facist trolls with multiple accounts make it so.
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@854658,Asificair] Well I hope so. It will be great if this site is a little diverse, though it is not advertised enough here
Asificair · M
[@802311,TessDun] couldnt agree more.
I'm Asian 👀
[@6602,helenS] because it's under my answer
helenS · 31-35, F
[@412438,ExtremeNext] Sometimes threads just develop into unexpected directions... 😏
Aussie69 · 51-55, M
[@412438,ExtremeNext] you going ching-chong on me? (I can say this as my wife and kids are Chinese).
SW User
The west has more internet users.

China has a many, but I am not sure they are allowed to come here. That leaves only India, which still has relatively lower internet penetration
[@6602,helenS] Yes, that was the name he chose as an actor. And it was definitely easier to find work with an anglicized name back then.
helenS · 31-35, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] "Gregory O'Hanian" would sound Irish 😏
[@6602,helenS] True, although “Connors” did, too. 😄
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
I really wouldn't recommend anyone satisfy [@839852,BigGuy2]'s fetish to publicly humiliate himself. As you sit there correcting him, he's literally sitting with a tub of lube.
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] ... i've discounted you long ago, it's bedtime, off you go 🤪🤪🤪
[@839852,BigGuy2] Hey, you used "it's" correctly! I'll ignore the capitalization problem.

Of course readers and thinkers bother you, but all you are asked to do, to join an adult conversation, is to provide evidence. You never do, you just shift, evade, personally attack.

I see you just asked [@23671,basilfawlty89]--great name, btw, excellent show!--to provide references, when he is talking about conversations where you participated. Not worth his trouble, and you'd deny, ignore, evade, attack, claim victory...

Again...not worth it.
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
And where do you place those of us that are Eurasian 😂😂
quietfighter · 26-30, M
[@324037,Dlrannie] preach lol
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
[@884135,quietfighter] Sorry but I haven’t a clue as to what you mean by your response
quietfighter · 26-30, M
[@324037,Dlrannie] I guess I could say the same, because this thread is confusing to follow lol
I'm a little bit Asian, does that count? 😌
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@1216015,MJoker] Yes👍
quietfighter · 26-30, M
[@1216015,MJoker] I believe so
helenS · 31-35, F
This site is dominated by Westerners, Western topics, culture, music, politics, conflicts, everything.
I'm not sure if I felt at home here if I were from Asia.
If [b]you[/b] are from Asia: welcome to the site, and bring some Asian culture! 🌷
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@6602,helenS] Thank you 😘. I am actually entertained by some of these posts, and knowing even just tiny bits of western current issues is also a good diversion, though I can't totally relate😆
Jm31xxx · 41-45, M
A lot of people (trump supporters, stupid people who like guns, think they understand the concept of freedom, do not like the concept of education) will block Asian users on first contact.

Sad but true. They're not worth hating, just worthy of pity.
[@572847,Jm31xxx] Very sad.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
They tend to kept their ethnicity to themselves. I actually know quite a few of them. Many would be surprised who comes from Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia or India. Could even name them yet I respect their privacy.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] not really. I know too many well known users from all over Asia.
[@412417,DeWayfarer] I was reasonably sure there were several I’d encountered, as well. I guess the OP may not have been here long enough to have spoken with them. But they’re definitely here.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] probably true about the OP.
nedkelly · M
I am an Aussie
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
[@5946,nedkelly] you think being a liverpool fan is bad ned 😆 you have my deepest sympathy there ned
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
Please don't say anything as crass as "because this site has very few Asians, this site is racist"
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] ...oh, but you did AND you're losing this one
helenS · 31-35, F
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] [@839852,BigGuy2] Gentlemen please!! 🌷
[@6602,helenS] lol Yes, I have lint to get out of my bellybutton or some other better use of my time. lol
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
...but please DON'T make the assumption that this site is racist because of it
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] 🤔 ... well, it certainly wasn't you, as you got it wrong 🤣🤣🤣
[@839852,BigGuy2] As did you...
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] ... but i wasn't stupid enough as you obviously are, in pointing out such a pedantic thing as missing out an 's' - like i said, in the grand scheme of things, or this comment thread, did you actually point that out ... yep, you did, then you went straight ahead and got it wrong yourself 🤪🤪🤪
There are some, but China's control of its own internal networks, and its attempt to bifurcate the Internet, as a whole, is probably at work here.
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] ... backtracking on an idiotic line of argument, why do i need to verbally 'corner you' when you're doing such a grand job yourself
[@839852,BigGuy2] LMAO

You really can't read...

Well ask your elementary school for your money back.
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] ...🤪🤪🤪
GirlPower · 22-25, F
Are there still a lot of Indian guys hot to trot? I remember that problem from years ago.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
There is actually quite a few. They are here. 🙂
rowena · F
[c=4C0073]there are many :p[/c]
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
I do apologise 'TessDun' ... they will recapture him AGAIN ... soon
Kcmzeph · 31-35, F
[@802311,TessDun] hahaha yummmmy
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@740591,Kcmzeph] You want too? I still have 5 😜
Kcmzeph · 31-35, F
[@802311,TessDun] I love BALUT!!!
I saw many Asian people on here over time. I haven't heard about Russians though...considering how big that country is.
[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] I’ve seen a few Russians here. One is Russian-American, and a longtime poster.
Sorry for getting your username wrong, [@802311,TessDun].
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] After seeing it & googling it, I will pass. Please have mine.

Not racist, just not at all interested in eating a developed embryo. I have definite food preferences, based in part upon how & where *I* was raised, and my own values.

I guess I am a food-ist! lol
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] It’s okay☺️ understandable :)
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] "...Not rascist ..."

🤔 ...provide the proof ...🤪

🤔 ... let me see, is it 'rascist' OR 'racist' ... 🤪🤪🤪
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
There are Asians on the site, mostly Asian Americans, you should see a few here. Mostly though it is Europeans and European Americans.
Lover8377 · 36-40, M
It seems that is the reason , we must be nice to all of you , yes hold your hands because we have to have peace , love , and bullshit .
It lowers the "asian" presence because there is an extremely high "fake profile" presence
Muthafukajones · 41-45, M
Culture should exist because it is chosen not because a place is made for it.
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@105699,JohnnyO] I have never been asked that question, okay let me think.. I'm not sure
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
[@802311,TessDun] ok take your time
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
[@802311,TessDun] So what do you think of Jason Momoa & Would You Do Him
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
[@802311,TessDun] So what do you think of The Rock & Would You Do Him
Are you an Asian?
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@643614,Babylon] Just edited my post ,haha yes and looking for neighbors but seems none
Muthafukajones · 41-45, M
Maybe they just have good spelling
Arorin · 31-35, M
They are the smart ones then
Jim5p · 56-60, M
Yes sadly I think you are right
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
'SomeMichGuy' has this idiotic concept that i'm a 'Chinese Bot', even though i'm a critique of China ... yep, he has escaped from the basement AGAIN - that's Leftist logic for you
[@839852,BigGuy2] It would just be better to consider you a bot than an actual English speaker who is soooo stupid.
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M
[@733785,SomeMichGuy] ... is it finally dawning on you our last conversation, has the mouse that scurries around on the wheel inside your head - that goes for your brain - woken up, you must be eating cheese
Theyitis · 31-35, MVIP
That’s true, especially given that over half the world’s population is in Asia; however, what I find at least equally remarkable is the lack of African presence here. Can you think of anytime you ever saw a user from Africa here?
mrlopez · 26-30, M
Naw there's alot of them
ScarletWitch · 26-30, F
We need more Anime. 😎
Kcmzeph · 31-35, F
Slade · 51-55, M
They must be working on the railroads again. Or since FDR is supposedly Bidet's hero, maybe they are all in internment camps
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@1195324,Slade] You think all Asians work in railroads? Are you trying to be racist here?
Slade · 51-55, M
[@802311,TessDun] Bidet's CCP has them all in gulags
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@1195324,Slade] Okay just checked your profile. You are waste of space in this post.
Heyyya82 · 36-40, M
Lover8377 · 36-40, M
Who cares , why does this matter ?
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@1178853,Lover8377] Just want to see if there is variety, plain is you know...
[@1178853,Lover8377] The OP obviously cares, and it matters to [b]her[/b]. 😳
[@1178853,Lover8377] I care. I'd like to hear what the life is like in other cultures, what problems they deal with etc.
Lover8377 · 36-40, M
To many white poeople scarying you all
TessDun · 36-40, F
[@1178853,Lover8377] White is scary?
Lover8377 · 36-40, M
Just continue with labeling
Just the Chinese bots.

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